Fan Fiction

Broken Hearts Can Lead To Better Things
By Mz Kroker

PART 1 - Broken Hearts

Up aboard the Nimbus, Kif was looking at his pictures of Amy. It had been 2 months since he saw her. He sighed and wondered when he was ever going to see her again.

"Kif! pack your bags were going to the Gerain Hotel!" Zapp boomed into Kif's room.

"Yes Captain," Kif said. With that Zapp walked out.

Kif packed his only three sets of clothes, His everyday, dreadful, red and yellow uniform, His blue shirt with tie and brown jacket, and his PJs. When it suddenly occured to him.

"The Gerain Hotel is in New New York! I could go see Amy!" Kif finished packing his clothes and went to bed.

Kif was sleeping peacefully when somthing woke him up.


Kif rubbed his eyes and saw Zapp glaring at him. Zapp began to shake Kif.

"WAKE UP WE GOTTA GO!" Zapp sounded urgent.

Kif looked at his alarm clock, it 5:00 am. "Why do we have to go?" Kif asked.

"I have a meeting in 4 hours at the Gerain!" was Zapp's answer. "Hurry or we'll be late!"

Kif got up and changed into his uniform. He went out of his room and down the hallway, and into the cockpit, where Zapp was sitting in the "Captain's" chair.

"Kif my boy! You're finally up," Zapp commented. "We're leaving in....well now." Zapp started up the engines and steered his way to Earth.

About an hour later, the Nimbus landed beside the Gerain. Zapp and Kif walked out of it and into the Gerain Lobby.

"Hello what can i do for you?" the lady at the desk asked. She had long blonde hair, which Zapp was admiring.

"Well, I was hoping for a hotel room but, maybe I could stay with you instead," Zapp cooed.

The girl laughed, Kif rolled his eyes; Zapp and his corney lines.

"Acually Im married but thanks anyway," the girl replied.

"That's a shame, we can still be friends right," Zapp read the girls name tag, "Summer?"

Summer started to blush.

"Maybe," Summer said. "But you can have room 423, it's on the 7th floor."

"Is that close to your house, because," Zapp started.

"Thanks we'll take the room," Kif interrupted at about the right time, because Summer looked about ready to call the manager.

"Yes that's good," Zapp put his credit card on the desk. Summer rang it through the machine and gave a room card to both Kif and Zapp. "Thanks," Zapp replied, then added, "I'll be seeing you later, Summer!"

Later at the room, Kif looked at the clock, it was 7:00 am. Zapp got out of the shower and was laying in bed watching TV , of course, naked.

"I hate to interrup you, sir, but, dont you have a meeting at 9:00?" Kif reminded Zapp.

"Damn you're right." Zapp looked at the clock. "Kif, bring me my suit."

Kif went to Zapp's suit case and took out Zapp's uniform, then took it to Zapp.

Zapp got into it with a bit of difficulty. Then when he finally got dressed, he headed out the door. Kif followed him.

"No, Kif, You stay behind. This is just a meeting for me and, ummm.... Just you can't come." Zapp roared, "Invite a friend over or something, just make sure to get my mail."

"Yes, Captain," Kif sighed. Then Zapp left.

Since Kif was alone, he decided to call up Amy. He walked up to the video phone and punched in Amy's number.

"Hello?" Amy's face appeared on the screen.

"Hi, Amy," Kif answered.

Amy looked surprised. "Oh! Hi! Where are you?"

"I'm at the Gerain Hotel want to come over?"

"Of course! I haven't seen you in ages!"

"Okay, I'm in room 423, floor 7."

"Thanks! Be over in a Flash!" Then there was a click and the video phone turned off.

Kif smiled. He was finally going to see Amy. He wondered what he should do. He looked at himself in the mirror.

"First thing is to change out of this!" he said to himself. He walked up to his suitcase and took out his blue shirt and borrowed some pants from Zapp's suitcase. The pants were way too big on him, since the weight difference between him and Zapp, but, so was the shirt baggy on him to, so he didnt think much of it, he just put a belt on.

A little while later, there was a knock at the door. Kif walked over and opened it. And there was Amy, just standing there. Kif immediatley wrapped his arms around her and started hugging her. Amy returned the hug.

"Come in!" Kif greeted. Amy walked in.

"So what have you been up to?" Amy asked.

"You don't want to know," Kif answered.

Amy gave him a look. "That just makes me want to know more."

"Well," Kif started, " to put it plain and simple, I've basically have been following Zapp's orders."

"That's new," Amy replied, sarcastically.

"Do you want to go to the restaurant downstairs and grab a bite to eat?" Kif asked.

"Sure, why not?" Amy answered.

Kif and Amy went down and entered the Gerain Diner and waited to be seated. Finally a waitress with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes came along.

"Two in your party?" she asked.

"Yes," Kif replied. "Non-Smoking, please."

"Okay, right this way." The girl led them to a table. "Im Ericka and I'll be your server for today, is there anything I can get you?"

"Water is good for me," said Kif.

"Me too," Amy agreed.

Ericka passed out the red menus.

Amy opened hers up. "Lobster sounds good about now."

"You know, Amy, I didnt bring all that much money along, and lobster is," Kif looked under the seafood and found lobster, "110 DOLLARS?!"

"I guess you're right," Amy gave a little sigh.

"Oh, all right, I guess I'll have one, too," Kif gave in.

Ericka came back with the water. "Have you decided what you would like to order?"

"Yes, we have," Kif started. "Two lobsters."

Ericka gave Kif a smile and went into the back.

"So, Um, Amy, what have you been doing latley?" Kif asked.

"Well...." Amy started a life long story. Then 2 hours later, Ericka came back with the lobsters.

"Here ya go." Ericka set the lobsters on the table.

"Thank you," Amy said.

Kif looked at the lobster. Zapp hadn't let him eat for quite a while. Amy started opening her lobster tail. Then she looked at Kif, then at his plate, then at hers. "Kif, aren't you going to eat?" Amy suddenly asked.

"I guess I should, shouldn't I," Kif answered.

Amy finished her lobster. Kif was finishing his when Ericka came back with the bill. Kif picked it up and looked at it. The total came to $220.00.

"Umm. Put it on Zapp Brannigan's account," Kif said.

"Are you Zapp Brannigan?" Ericka asked. Kif knew that if he said no that she would make him pay for it by himself.

"Yes?" Kif hoped she would believe him. She didn't.

"You're not Zapp," Ericka said, "you're Kif Kroker."

"How'd you know?" Amy asked. Ericka looked at her.

"I have my ways, anyway, since I know you work with him, I'll put it on his account," Ericka finished.

"Thank you very much!" Kif said. Ericka picked up the bill and walked off.

"She was strange, don't you think?" Amy asked. Kif and Amy were know sitting on a bench in the lobby.

"Ya, she was," Kif answered. "What I wonder is how she knew who I was."

Amy shrugged. "Maybe she heard us talking."

"Maybe, but I doubt it. Want to go back to the room?"

Kif was about to say yes, but then he saw a mail truck out the window.

"You go, I have to pick up Zapp's mail," Kif answered.

Amy giggled. "Why can't he get it himself?"

"I don't know, but I'll be right back. I'll try not to take to long," Kif replied. Then he rushed through the door.

Since the mail office was only a couple blocks away, Kif decided to walk. He started mumbling somthing about Zapp and the stupid mail, but before he knew it, he was there.

"Ah dang," Kif stated, "I forgot the keys." He rolled his eyes, sighed and went to the mail person.

"I forgot my mail keys, could you get my mail out for me?" kif asked the mail guy.

"What number?" The guy snorted.

"651," Kif answered.

"I'll be back," the guy said, then he walked into the back. He came out with a million letters.

"Would ya like the junk-mail?" he asked. Kif had to think on that one. He wasn't sure if Zapp wanted it or not.

"Put the junk mail back into the box and give me the rest," Kif answered. The guy gave Kif two letters and turned around and walked back into the back.

Kif sorted through the mail on the way back. It was one bill and one business letter about meeting Zapp went to today.

Kfi got back to the hotel and headed back to the hotel room. he was about to turn the corner that lead to his room when he heard Zapp's and another familliar voice. It sounded like they were kissing. Kif assumed that Zapp some how seduced that Summer girl. Kif pretened like he didn't have a clue Zapp was there, much like he always did. Then he turned the corner and gasped. He could recongize that pink sweat suit anywhere.

"AMY HOW COULD YOU?!" Kif yelled.