Fan Fiction

The Best of Times and Worst of Times, Part 4
By Kriebs

Hello again! "Once more unto the breech dear friends." Here is Part 4, and it concerns more memories and details to fill in on Fry and Leela's growing relationship. This will take awhile because I'm laying my groundwork, and there is much to fill in between 3004 and 3007. There are a lot of good memories for my two favorite characters, but there will also be much more on the hardships and tragedies they have endured and will endure to come. Again, I must restate my disclaimer! I do not own Futrama or its characters. The other Science Fiction, Anime, Cartoons, and Fantasy I borrowed elements out of do not belong to me. I make no claim on them. Well, that's out of the way now. So I give you Part 4, and I hope you enjoy.

(Leela had walked back to the hanger to do her exterior inspection of Express 1.

Once that was completed she goes over the engine checklist, and asks Amy to do an internal inspection of the vital systems. Leela then does an interior inspection and opens up the main cargo bay for Fry to load today's delivery. Now, with most of her work completed Leela heads for the bridge to do the count down check until blast off. She's in no real hurry and relaxes in the comfortable captain's chair. Leela's thoughts can now point in the direction of her concern over her husband.)

Leela: (to herself) "What could be bothering him? I'm pretty sure he's worried about me, and what I said this morning at breakfast. Well, I should put his concerns to rest and talk about it with him in the open." (sigh) "I'm sure it has to be a lot of other things as well. He has so many heavy responsibilities now. This company, his employees who are his closet friends, the promises he's made, myself, and the direction our lives are headed, but there are a lot of other things under the surface as well. Things we haven't even spoken about yet. Bender aside, The Great Galactic War left the worst scars on him. On his body and his soul. I haven't even told him my whole story during those months when we were separated. Ever since we became a couple he and I have had so many ups and downs. 3005 and 3006 was one hell of a roller coaster ride for us both. It wasn't until the dawn of 3007 that our lives began to make sense again." (groan) "Ok! That's enough. Now, lets think of something happy. A good day. Hmmm……Mmmm….…Of course!"

(Leela's thinks back to the time when she and Fry were starting to get serious together as a couple. It was after the Opera that Leela finally realized that Fry really loved her and he was the one for her. They worked together better than ever. Fry was happy to give her a 110% for a kind word and a little appreciation. Yes, please and thank you go a very long way for someone that loves you. Outside of work they enjoyed the time they spent together even more. This would soon become paramount between the two of them on Fry's birthday. Leela had thought long and hard on her gifts because she wanted them to be special. One gift was quite complicated and only the Professor with his cloning wizardry could make it possible. Leela wanted to clone and reanimate Fry's beloved long lost dog Seymour. Fry's pet dog had been quickly fossilized into Dolomite and was nearly brought to him back sometime ago, but Fry ultimately decided against it saying that he lived a full and happy life back in the 21st century without him. Leela had a strong feeling that the real truth was far more tragic. Leela would be gambling on this one because she wasn't entirely sure how he would react to this. However, she did believe he would understand its meaning in wanting to give him back something precious that he loved and lost from his own time, and this would be perfect. This birthday was also a milestone for Fry because he was now going to be 1,030 years old, but he preferred just 30. The other thing Leela had in mind wasn't necessarily a gift, but it would be special nonetheless. Leela had decided she was ready and wanting to go steady with Fry.)

(She had two good reasons for timing this on his birthday. One, Leela wanted it to always be memorable, and two was that she had him, wanted him, and didn't want any other woman or anything else trying to take him away from her now. She knew that he felt the same way but decided to be a bit more impulsive and ask him first. It was going to be fun to see his reaction. The day of Fry's birthday had been subdued and that was because of the surprise party the PE staff had put together. The morning delivery had gone off without a hitch except for Bender's usual bitching and moaning, and Fry had stopped to play old style video games at an arcade on the way back to the ship. Leela had become more tolerant of Fry's distractions and nonsense because it wasn't worth throwing a fit over. She even joined in with him now to show him that she wasn't always serious and liked to have fun too, and Fry had finally figured out when he could or couldn't fool around and press his luck with her temper. It was simply best to stick to what he said about doing better at work and not being as lazy. He had. On the way back to Earth Fry had asked Leela if she would like to get a bite to eat and catch a movie together after work. She had to be evasive in answering him and was pretending to annoyed with his fooling around after the delivery. Her intention was to stall for time until they were ready to surprise him. She soon got the signal after landing that they were ready, and it was now time to maneuver Fry to the lounge. She could hardly wait.)

Leela: (insistent) "Come on Phil! There's one more thing that I need you to do."

Fry: (exasperated) "Oh! What could be so important? And why won't you answer my question about going out tonight? Are you still mad at me or something?"

(Leela grabs his hand and pulls him along.)

Leela: "Come on! Or I will be."

Fry: "Ok!…Sheesh!"

(Leela and Fry enter the darkened employee lounge.)

Fry: (curious) "What's all this?"

(The lights come on and the entire crew yells "Surprise! Happy Birthday Fry!")

(Fry nearly falls over from the shock. His friends had decorated the entire lounge and have a beautiful cake saying Happy 1,030th Birthday Fry! He's a bit overwhelmed by all this.)

Fry: (amazed) "Wow! What did I do to deserve all this?"

Leela: (tender) "Oh. For just being you."

Fry: (amused) "What? You mean being a klutzy moron from the Stupid Ages?"

Leela: "Stop it! Now come over here to make a wish and blow out the candles."

Fry: "Ok! Wow…this is the first real birthday party I've had since I was six years old."

Leela: "What do you mean?"

Fry: "Well, Mom and Dad said to me: 'Philip. From this point on in your life your expectations will have to lower.'"

Leela: (sympathetic) "Aww. I'm sorry. I didn't know that."

Fry: (happy) "Don't be sorry Leels! This party more than makes up for that. I mean I have job I like to do, my best friends, and above all I have you Leela. I feel like I've found my niche again, and that I really belong. It's a lot more than I could ask for."

Amy: (cheerful) "Come on Fry! Blow out these candles before the cake explodes!"

Dr. Zoidberg: (insistent) "Yes! Hurry up already! I'm starving!"

(The rest of his friends urge him so they can celebrate. Fry closes his eyes. Takes a deep breath. Makes his wish and blows out the candles. He now turns 30 years old or 1,030 years chronologically, and that is something to celebrate.)

Fry: "Heh. I can't believe I turned the big three – O."

Professor: (mocking) "Ohh! He's thirty now. Yes, everyone kowtow to my dear old Uncle." (angry) "Just remember I'm well over 160." (confused) "Uhh at least the last time I checked."

Fry: (amused) "Sorry Nephew. I'm afraid I got you beat by 900 years or something like that." (shrugs) "I don't know. I've always been bad at math and junk."

Professor: (totally confused) "Who…Waa?"

Leela: "Alright! Enough with the family bonding you two."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Yes. Fry get over here and open up your gifts!"

(Fry comes over to the coffee table and sits down on the couch next to Dr. Zoidberg. Leela joins him and the rest of them gather around.)

Fry: (excited) "Ho boy!…which one shall I open first?"

Dr. Zoidberg: (excited) "Open mine! Open mine!"

Leela: "Ok…but I want to go last."

Fry: (curious) "Why?"

Leela: (smiling) "You'll see."

(Fry opens Dr. Zoidberg's gift.)

Fry: (excited) "No way! Two original DVDs from my time! Back to the Future and

The 13th Warrior. Doc…how did you manage to get these?"

Dr. Zoidberg: (evasive) "Ask me no questions, and I won't have to gouge out your eyes."

Fry: "Umm…got it. Thanks Doc! I love these movies."

Bender: (obnoxious) "Meat bag, meat bag, meat bag…The greatest gift I or anyone else can give is to let you be old Bender's pal, blood bank, and lackey."

Fry: (creped out) "Uhh…yeah…right…thanks Bender."

Bender: "There…beat that chumps! Ha ha ha ha Ah ha ha ha! Fry, after this crap is over I'm going to let you treat your best pal Bender to a saucy puppet show with all the free booze he can drink." (sly) "And then after that. A midnight robbery out on the town. Just because that's the kind of robot I am."

Fry: "I know. I hate to have to tell you this buddy, but I kind of have other plans tonight, and they don't involve boozing, robbery, losing all my money, and going to jail for a change."

(Leela smiles smugly at Bender as if to say "In your face tin can!" Bender walks off grumbling to himself "Stupid meat bag. Ever since that one eyed floozy got her hooks into him he's been no fun at all.")

Professor: (annoyed) "Who's next? I'm not getting any younger damn it!"

Scruffy: (gruff) "This is my gift to someone called Fry. It's my prized addition of Zero – G jugs."

(Scruffy hands it to Fry. He opens the magazine up to the centerfold and holds it up to examine it more closely.)

Fry: (enticed) "Ooooo…naughty!"

(Fry suddenly notices Leela's less than amused expression and her low growl.)

Fry: (nervous) "Uhh…heh heh heh…thanks Scruffy. It's the thought that counts."

(He quickly hands it back to janitor and his life is spared.)

Scruffy: (gruff) "Scruffy understands. He's been there before."

Professor: (loud) "Shut up friends! It's time for my dear old Uncle to open up my gift now!"

Leela: (to herself) "Oh lord…please don't let it be a doomsday device."

(Fry opens up the Professors gift. It's a highly polished metallic cylinder consisting of a power cell, functional handgrip with control buttons, and an emitter matrix at the other end.)

Fry: (fascinated) "Hmm…this looks just like a…"

(Fry holds the handle up right and presses an activation button. The emitter makes a loud

Snap Hiss! And a luminous blue blade comes to life. It extends a little over a meter and pulses, as if it's a living thing.)

Fry: (amazed) "Oh ho ho ho ho…Cool! A real laser sword!"

Professor: "Yes, In the Jedi realm: "along time ago and in a galaxy far…far…away…" It was called a light saber."

Fry: (confused) "Wait a minute. I thought that was all science fiction created by George Lucas way back when I was just a kid. Granted, it's still a favorite of mine."

Professor: "Oh my yes! However most science fiction has some basis of fact or truth. Now even though the Jedi may be long gone now, but the Galadians had taken their place as the galactic guardians of peace and justice in our universe."

Fry: "The who?"

Amy: "Guh! We've all grew up hearing stories about them, but they're a very secretive race, and they do extraordinary things. Fry, you should read more History and junk."

Fry: "Come on Amy give me a break! It's not like I grew up in this time."

Leela: "It's ok Phil. I'll tell you more about them and what they've done in our time later. Ok."

Fry: (smiles) "Sure…I love a good story. Oh,…and thanks a lot Professor! I've always dreamed of having one these for real."

(Fry starts to test the sword and with a single downward trust he cleaves the coffee table clean in two. Everyone cringes as the lethal blade comes back up.)

Fry: (astonished) "Holy!…sorry about that everyone."

(Fry closes down the laser sword to prevent any further damage and hands it to Leela.)

Fry: (nervous) "Heh heh…I'll get back to that later."

Hermes: (mad) "That's coming out of your paycheck yah pointy haired loony!"

Fry: "Relax Hermes! I'll take care of it."

(Everyone breathes a collected sigh of relief and Fry picks up his next gift.)

Amy: "That's my gift! I think you'll like it."

Fry: "Hey! It's a one free hour gift pass for Rocket Skating at Rocket Feller Center. For myself and one other person. Thanks a lot Amy! I know a certain someone who loves to

rocket skate."

(Leela smiles at Fry and whispers "Thank you" to Amy.)

Amy: "You're welcome." (sad) "Kif and I would have gone, but he was suddenly called away on another one of Zap's stupid escapades."

Fry: (sympathetic) "I'm sorry Amy…that's not fair to you guys. It seems like Zap always finds a way to ruin your plans."

Amy: "It's alright. Kif and I agreed, and we didn't want it to go to waste."

Leela: (reassuring) "Well, I'm sure Kif is going to make it up to you."

Amy: (smiling) "He always does. Hey! Who's next?"

Hermes: "Me Mon, here's my gift."

(Fry opens up Hermes simple looking gift.)

Leela: (curious) "What is it?"

Fry: (surprised) "It's a certificate for a free dinner for two at Elzart's. Hermes, how did you manage this? I mean Elzart never gives anything away for free except to politicians and the Robot Mafia."

Hermes: (proud) "And to a certain bureaucrat who holds the sword of Damocles over his head for certain health violations." (admission) "Oh, and we also got sick one night from eating bad jambalaya."

Fry: (grateful) "Thank you, Hermes. It was very generous for you to round out the evening for me and Leela."

Hermes: "You should really thank Labarbra. She twisted my arm." (Rubs his arm.) "Literally! Anyways, we're heading out of town and we thought you and Leela would enjoy a nice meal on your birthday, Mon. Don't worry, I made all the arrangements. Just call ahead tonight to get a reservation time."

Fry: "Will do."

Leela: (warm) "Phil! It's time for you to receive my gift."

Fry: (excited) "Ok!"

(Leela gets up to retrieves her gift, and comes back into the lounge a few moments later with a carrier case.)

Fry: (curious) "Wow! What do you have there?"

(Leela opens up the carrier and gently coaxes the animal to come out. "Come on little guy. It's alright." A moment later a small mongrel dog runs out to greet the crew. He's thin built and has brown fur with darker brown patches. He also has a very expressive face and looks like he's wearing a thick mustache.)

(Fry could hardly believe his eyes) (to himself): "It can't be him. I'm sure I'm seeing a ghost, and I know he'll disappear as soon as I call his name."

Fry: "Seymour?…" (loud) "Oh my God!…Seymour!"

(The dog's ears immediately perk up when he hears his name and he recognizes that voice. It's the voice of his best friend who disappeared out of his life a very long ago. He vaguely remembers his best friend reaching down to pat him on the head and telling him "I won't be gone long Seymour. Just wait right here until I get back." Then Fry took off on his bike to make the delivery. There was this terrible feeling Seymour had. Something was going to happen to his best friend, but he couldn't stop him from going. Seymour waited for Fry to come back, and when he didn't he had sent off to find him, and that was the end of it. He went to those who were closest to his best friend for help first, but it was next to impossible in trying to get those near sighted lazy three to follow him. So, he set off on his own to search. He followed his nose to all their favorite haunts, and he knew he was close to finding Fry when a janitor suddenly tossed a familiar pizza box into the back alley from an unfamiliar building. He quickly snuck in and eventually found his way into a weird room that was filled with what looked like human pop sickles all around. He found and focused his attention on just one freezer tube. He spent the better part of the day driving the humans that worked there crazy, and when Fry's family finally got the call and showed up get him, Seymour tried hard to point them in the right direction, but it was futile. He had come that close to finding his best friend.)

(They dragged him away not listening and then just abandoned him. Disheartened, he went back to Mr. Penuche's pizzeria and waited. "I won't be gone long Seymour. Just wait right here until I get back." That's all he could do and would do. Wait. Seymour waited. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Until twelve long years had passed. He waited until Old Mr. Penuche and his pizzeria were long gone. Seymour waited even as his tired old body finally gave out. He lay down. Worn out and exhausted from life. Loyal to the last. Loyal to the only person who ever loved and took care of him. Then sleep claimed him, and it was such a long sleep. Seymour awoke to a very strange world. Just how long did he sleep? And who were these strange people around him all of a sudden? A wrinkled old human man ranting and muttering gibberish. Then there was this strange human woman with purple fur and one eye. He was a bit apprehensive at first over her appearance, but she somehow knew his name and extended her hand in friendship to him. Then Seymour noticed something very odd. He felt great! For the first time in years he could see, hear, and smell things again keenly. Most remarkable of all was that he could move again like when he was a pup, and take a deep breath without stabbing pain. It was too good to be true.)

(The days passed and soon Seymour became used to the strange woman who knew his name, and he came to know her as Leela. She was gentle and kind, and took care of him for some reason. Soon, a level of friendship and trust had developed between the two of them, but when she left him alone at night he thought of his best friend Fry. He couldn't quite understand why she wouldn't let him go outside yet. It wasn't like he was going to run away. Leela was the only friend he had. It was if she was hiding him reason and getting him ready for something big to happen. This must be it! Leela had somehow managed to find and reunited him with his long lost best friend Fry. But was it really him?)

Fry: (shocked) "Oh my God! Leela, you brought Seymour back!…Why?"

Leela: (pensive) "I…I…just wanted to give you something special. I never forgot that day. How sad you were when you decided not to clone him and bring him back. So, I… went and did it with the Professors help. I thought if I brought him back for the right reasons you would……I mean… all I wanted to do is give you something back that you loved and lost." (sad) "I hope you're not too angry with me. Oh, I knew I shouldn't have done this, but I can't take him back now. He's really a sweet little guy. I mean he grew on me pretty fast."

Fry: (smiling) "Like me?"

Leela: (amused) "Well…not quite that fast, but yes! Like you in that regard.

(unsure) "So, you're not really mad at me?"

Fry: (happy) "Of course not! He's here now. So, we'll make the best of it! Do you think he remembers me, though? I mean twelve years is sure a long time."

Leela: (gentle) "Call to him and find out."

Fry: (enthusiastic) "Ok. Seymour!…Come here boy!" (claps his hands) "Come on! Come here fella!"

(Seymour's ears perk up again at the sound of his name being called. He comes over to the man calling his name. He finally gets a good look at this familiar person. "Funny, he looks, sounds, and smells just like my long lost best friend." Seymour still wasn't entirely convinced. Fry realizes this and tries another approach. Taste.)

Fry: "Alright. Seymour…do you remember our favorite food?"

(Fry offers him a piece of pizza and Seymour eagerly gobbles it down.)

Fry: (enthusiastic) "That's right! Remember? You and I used to deliver pizzas all the time together."

(Seymour grumbles curiously at Fry trying to remember.)

Fry: "Ok…do you remember our favorite song boy? I taught you to sing it with me. It goes like this. I'm walking on sunshine ooh! I'm walking on sunshine ooh! I'm walking on sunshine!…Hmmm… hmm… hmmm!"

(For Seymour that clicked! It really was him! Only his best friend Fry could sing that badly off key. Seymour started to bark back and sing along with him.)

Fry: (happy) "Seymour! You do remember me!"

(Seymour barked happily at him and wagged. Finally, at long last they were reunited. Fry picked up Seymour and hugged him tightly.)

Fry: (happy) "I got my puppy back. Don't worry buddy. I'm never going to leave you behind again! I promise." (smiling at Leela) "Thank you Leels. Thank you very much for this."

(Leela sits back down next to Fry and kisses him on the cheek.)

Leela: (tender) "Happy Birthday, Philip."

(Fry puts his arm around Leela and kisses her back.)

Fry: (happy) "It's the best Birthday I ever had."

(Fry's Birthday party finishes up after a while and soon everyone else is busy off doing something on their own. It's now late afternoon and Leela had just finished up her last tasks of the day. It was now time to looking for Fry, and to discuss their plans for the evening. Leela then just happens to bump into Amy who was heading back to the lounge.)

Leela: (curious) "Amy, have you seen Phil around here lately by any chance?"

Amy: "The last time I saw him he was busy discussing something about his new laser sword with the Professor, and where the best place to practice would be or something like that. He sure looked pretty geared up."

Leela: "Come on Amy! Let's find the Professor."

Amy: "Why? Is something wrong?"

Leela: "Lets just say my woman's intuition is acting up."

Amy: "Really? Mine are like clock work!"

Leela: (shocked) "What? No, not that! It's my…" (groans) "Oh, never mind!"

(Leela and Amy find the Professor busy in his lab working on one of his new inventions.)

Leela: (curious) "What are you working on Professor?"

Professor: (startled) "Oh!…this here is going to be my latest invention. I'm calling it the

"What Was Machine" It will be similar to the "What If Machine", but will work on an entirely different premise."

Amy: "What will that be?"

Professor: (spacing out) "Who...Waa?"

Leela: "The premise, Professor! What does it do?"

Professor: (snaps back) "Oh!…oh yes! It will be able to show us past events. Not full blown historical events mind you, but something on a more narrow focus. This device will be able to show you something that happened to yourself or someone you know. The event can be shown in a broad spectrum such as in an hour, day, month, or even a year. However, I'm unable to make the temporal setting any further than ten years back into an individuals past."

Amy: "Why's that?"

Professor: (annoyed) "I don't know! It has something to do with the delicate fabric of space and time or something like that. It did come to me in a dream after all."

Amy: (whispers to Leela) "Or in his usual delirium."

Leela: (skeptical) "Umm, the whole concept is intriguing Professor, but what exactly are you going to use it for? Studying your own past like this is one thing, but to look into another persons past like this without their permission would be rather unethical."

Amy: "Not to mention sneaky!"

Professor: (outraged) "What is this? A Mars faculty inquisition? Leave me alone damn it!"

Leela: "Alright! Alright!…Professor, could you please tell me where Philip is?"

Professor: "Fry?…Oh yes! I set him up on the Holo Shed an hour ago to practice with his new laser sword. If he survives this afternoons training exercise he'll be skilled enough to crush his enemy's with ease, and be feared just like me. However, I wonder if I should have set him to spar against one of the most feared holographic images ever brought to life. Now that I think about it that was crazy even by my standards."

Leela: (concerned) "So, just who is he sparing against?"

Professor: (confused again) "Who's sparing waa?"

Leela: (mad) "Damn it, old man! Just who do you have sparing against my Fry?!"

Professor: (indifferent) "Oh…The evil Abe Lincoln." (hurt) "There's no need to get angry and shout Leela."

Amy: (concerned) "Oh my God…Leela!"

Leela: (determined) "Yes I know! Come on Amy. We've better hurry! I don't want him to get himself killed!" (to herself) "He better be alright, or there's going to be hell to pay."

(Leela and Amy rush to the Holo Shed and find Fry locked in furious combat with the holographic version of the evil Abe Lincoln. The hum and crashing of the two opponents energy blades is deafening, and the flash of brilliant blue against phosphorescent red is mesmerizing. Fry notices that someone else has stepped on to the Holo Shed, and he's pleased to see he has an audience. He smiles when he sees Amy and Leela are watching him in action for a change. Now, is his chance to really show off in front of Leela and give her something to whoop about.)

Fry: (excited) "Shed! Increase difficulty to level 5!"

Evil Lincoln: (amused) "Your going to regret that, sonny boy!"

Fry: (panting) "Oh yeah?…we'll see."

(The combat suddenly becomes more intense as the level of difficulty increases. The speed and strength of the evil Abe Lincoln's blows are at such intensity now that Fry is on the defensive and being drive back into a corner. Fry knows if he gets caught with no way to maneuver out. He's finish. Really finished!)

Evil Lincoln: (mocking) "Come on, boy! If you had any real skill at all. Would this contest not already be over?"

Fry: (irritated) "Err aah! You talk too much."

(The evil Abe Lincoln suddenly lands a sharp blow across Fry's upper right arm. Fry cries out and slashes back a split second later. The counter attack fails and with his blade still pressed against the evil Abe Lincoln's, he is able to pivot around and push off trying to break contact. The evil Abe Lincoln lands a cheap shot and punches Fry in the jaw. The blow sends him back pedaling to the middle of the shed where he could get a breath and inspect the damage. Fry dabs at the blood from the bleeding left corner of his mouth and he also inspects the deep burn laceration on his upper right arm. It's about 4 ½ inches long and is cut about an ½ an inch deep into his flesh. There is also a deep stinging numbness coming from the wound and that could be from nerve damage. Fry tries flexing his arm and fingers to get some of the feeling back.)

Amy: (surprised) "Oh my God! Fry's really hurt? That's not right!"

Leela: (scared) "Shed! End program now!"

Holo Shed: "Unable to comply."

Leela: "What?!…Shed, identify the malfunction!"

Holo Shed: "There is no current malfunction within the system."

Evil Lincoln: (mocking) "What's the matter, sonny boy? Are we going to finish this or are you just going to stand there and whistle Dixie?"

Fry: "I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you. I left my mark as well."

Evil Lincoln: (smug) "You never even touched me."

Fry: "Really? Then look down."

(The evil Abe Lincoln cautiously looks down to see what his opponent is suggesting and at that moment the top half of his stovepipe hat falls to the deck of the Holo Shed. He immediately removes the remainder of his hat to see just how close the counter attack had come.)

Evil Lincoln: (appalled) "You ruined my stovepipe hat."…(Outraged) "You ruined my stovepipe hat! For that, I'm going to widdle you down…slowly! A little piece at a time!"

Fry: (annoyed) "I was aiming for your head! And this is dragging out way too long! Let's make it interesting. One charge. One strike. Winner takes all. Anyways, I have a date tonight."

Evil Lincoln: (growling) "It's your funeral, boy!"

(The two opponents square off at opposite ends of the Holo Shed and get in position to charged and make one last decisive strike.)

Amy: "Fry's serious? Leela, stop this!"

Leela: (firm) "Shed! Over ride and shut the program down…now!"

Holo Shed: "Unable to comply. Program parameters are under voice authorization only."

(At that same moment Fry and the evil Abe Lincoln sound off a battle cry and charge at one another with blades poised to strike. The movement is almost a blur as the two opponents meet each other in the middle of Holo Shed. They make contact ever so briefly and then pass one another. The evil Abe Lincoln turns around at the opposite end of the Shed and laughs triumphantly. Fry is at the other opposite end of the Shed and immediately collapses to his knees.)

Fry: (grunts) "Damn!…slight…miscalculation."

Evil Lincoln: (triumphant) "Don't move, sonny boy! I'll be right back over to put you out of your misery."

(Fry gets to his feet and turns to face his opponent.)

Fry: (smiles) "That won't be necessary thank you. This contest is over. Oh…and speak now or forever hold your peace!"

Evil Lincoln: (infuriated) "You arrogant little shit! Don't you tell me…..!"

(The evil Abe Lincoln's words fall short when he realizes that he is dissolving back into basic light particles. He hadn't noticed that his opponents strike had gone completely through his mid section. Yep, game over.)

Evil Lincoln: (out raged) "You cheated! I demand a rematch!"

Fry: (shaking his head) "Afraid not."

Evil Lincoln: (ranting) "You haven't seen the last of me damn it! I'll get Youuuuuu…."

(The last of the evil Abe Lincoln quickly explodes into light particles that rapidly dissipate.)

Fry: (waving) "Bye…Bye!" (turns to Amy and Leela) "Sheesh…what a sore loser."

(Fry makes a quick finish salute with his laser sword and closes it down.)

Fry: "Shed!…end program Fry spar 1, and restore safety parameters to normal."

Holo Shed: "Acknowledged. Program is ended. Returning parameters to normal."

(Fry smiles when he sees Leela rushing over to him, but the look on her face makes his smile quickly fade away.)

Leela: (furious) "Alright! Just what the hell did you think were doing?!"

Fry: (uncertain) "Umm…uuh…" (shrugs) "Practicing?"

Leela: (non amused) "Oh really…so turning off the safety parameters is a good idea?!…And on top of that, setting the level too high for your skills is your idea of safe combat practice?"

Fry: (shrugs) "It didn't seem like a bad idea or that big a deal at the time."

Leela: (explodes) "You Crouton! Do you have any idea just how dangerous that was?! Not even I practice with the safeties off! You could have been killed!"

Fry: (smiles smugly) "Could have, but wasn't."

Leela: (serious) "Phil. I mean this very seriously. Don't ever do something like this again. With no safety and no command override there wouldn't have been much I could have done to save you." (sad) "You could have been killed. Plain and simple. Do you have any idea how that would make me feel? To stand by helplessly and watch you be cut down."

(The realization finally sets in for Fry. What he had done was incredibly foolish and thoughtless. To put his life at extreme risk for his own amusement, and then to try and show off in front of Leela. All that he had really accomplished was to scare her badly and receive some painful injuries that might finally teach him a little lesson about his own invincibility and luck. The burn lacerations he could live with, but not with how he made Leela feel with his latest stunt. If he had any real luck at all then the woman he loves hadn't lost all respect for him, and she would be able to forgive his latest idiocy.)

Fry: (gently) "Leela…..Leela please look at me. You're absolutely right. What I did was thoughtless and idiotic. I never bothered to think out what the consequences could have been. Yeah, impulsive me. Heh, what's what the worse that would happen? Well, you made it very clear to me. I was trying to show off in front of you. That's why I set the level too high for my current skills, and turning off the safety parameters was for that element of real danger. Well, I'm feeling it now, but what your feeling now is far worse and for that I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry Leels and I hope you can forgive me."

Leela: (sad) "I can. I can forgive you, but you have to promise me you won't ever do something like this again. I hate being scared like that, and I hate it even more when you get hurt. It's happen before. So pleeease…."

Fry: (sincere) "Yes I promise!…I'm sorry I scared you."

Leela: (gentle) "Alright, I forgive you. Now come here."

(Fry comes close to Leela and she tightly embraces him. Fry can feel just how scared she was because she's still trembling. The image of that last charge was still playing over in her mind and how differently it could have ended. Fry holds Leela close and reassures her that he's fine.)

Fry: (reassuring) "Sssh…It's ok now. I'm all right. I'm sorry I scared you…Please stop trembling."

Amy: (tentative) "Umm…guys? I hate to have to break this up, but I really think we should go see Doctor Zoidberg. Fry, those burn lacerations look pretty bad. Especially the one on your back and adrenalin doesn't last forever."

(Leela quickly let's go of Fry and turns him around to inspect the damage.)

Leela: "Phil! Take off your T – shirt."

Fry: "Is it that really that bad? It feels kind of numb to me."

Leela: "Just do it!"

(Fry complies and pulls off his T-shirt. Leela gets a good look at what Amy's talking about. The one on his arm was bad enough, but this burn laceration runs at an angle from his left shoulder down across his back to his right side above the waist. It was almost a quarter of an inch deep, but fortunately a laser blade cauterizes as it cuts. Fry had been truly lucky. If it had been any deeper his spine would have been cut in two. The consequences then would have been far too horrible to think about.)

Leela: (appalled) "Oh my God!"

Fry: "What? I can't see it."

(Fry holds up his T-shirt and sees the long burn cut through the fabric.)

Fry: "Aww man! Now I'm going to have to change shirts, but that's one heck of a scratch though. It should leave a pretty cool scar!"

Leela: (livid) "A scratch?! If you could see it you would say other wise! Now come on! We're going to see Doctor Zoidberg, and there will be no cool scars…got it!"

Fry: (sighs) "Ok…but he better stay away from me with that damn laser hack saw of his!"

Leela: "I'll protect you. Now come on, and you better stay away from lasers yourself!"

Fry: "Hey Leels…Amy check this out!"

(Fry reignites his laser sword and starts to spin and twirl it in some pretty cool and professional maneuvers. Once again he's showing off, and unfortunately he slightly miscalculates the last maneuver as he's bringing the blade back upright. Fry smacks himself dead center on the nose. He screams like a little girl and immediately drops the laser sword as he falls to his knees.)

Fry: "GAAAAAAAAH!…Oooooooooh!…Son of a *****…..Oooh man that gurts! Ohhh…my god…my gnose!"

Amy: (annoyed) "You doof!"

Leela: (really annoyed) "Damn it Phil!" (gets down on her knees and sighs) "Oh for the love of Benji. Come on. And let me see. Now…now…move your hands, and let…me…see."

(Leela pries Fry's hands away from his face a little bit and recoils at the sight of his split and burned nose.)

Fry: (sobbing) "Is…is it bad?"

Amy: "Guh! Let's just say you'd give the Phantom of the Space Opera a run for his money!"

Fry: "Ohh gno….gnot again! Waaaaaaaah! Ahhh ha ha ha hoo…(sob!)"

Leela: (annoyed) "Amy! Your not helping!"

Amy: "Sorry."

Leela: (groans) "My hero. Come on you big baby. Doctor Zoidberg is going to have to put some overtime into you!"

(Leela helps Fry to his feet and starts to lead him out of the Holo Shed with her arm around his waist. Fry is still balling, and Leela can't help laugh a little at his predicament.)

Leela: (amused) "Ha ha ha ha…oh dear. Come on now. It's going to be alright."

Fry: (annoyed) "It's gnot funny! I feel like a dumbass!"

Leela: "Good! That's normal. Maybe now you've learned your lesson?"

Fry: "Yes ma'am….gno more fooling around."

Amy: (amused) "Spleesh!…and they call me a klutz? I can't wait to tell Kif about this one. I'm sure he'll get a laugh out of it."

(Amy picks up Fry's deactivated laser sword and follows them out of the Holo Shed. The three of them arrive in Doctor Zoidberg's office a short time later.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Well…well, my favorite hypochondriac is back! And what is it this time?"

Fry: (desperate) "Oh Doc! Can you please help me? I really did it to myself good!"

(Doctor Zoidberg examines Fry's lacerated arm and back.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Hmmm…this is going to cost you, Fry."

Leela: (annoyed) "How about I let you live, and we'll call it even."

Dr. Zoidberg: "An offer I can't refuse? I get that from all my patients."

(Fry lies face down on the examination table so Doctor Zoidberg can work on his right arm and back.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "First, I have to work on your back Fry. It's a simple matter of healing and sealing up the burned and damaged muscle and skin tissue. However, you were extremely lucky this time Fry. Any deeper and your spine would have been cut in two, and then what? Bupkiss I tell you!"

Fry: "I gknow. Someone smart and caring already drove that point home for me."

(Doctor Zoidberg finishes work on and sealing the wound on Fry's back. Next on the repair list is his upper right arm.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Ok!…now for the arm. Say?! Isn't this the very same arm I lopped off in our Claw Plaque match Fry?" (laughs) "Oh…ho ho ho, what a day that was."

Leela: (annoyed) "Yes it is, and this time heal it. Don't chop it off! Or I'll tear you a new cloaca!"

Dr. Zoidberg: "Alright already! Calm down, Leela. Why all the violence?"

Leela: (calmer) "I'm sorry Doctor Zoidberg. Bad memories I guess. Please, just help him, and do it right."

Dr. Zoidberg: "I'm a Doctor! Trust me I know what I'm doing. Fry, this is going to sting a little because I have to reattach some nerve fibers in your arm, but from there it's going to be easy street."

Fry: (nervous) "Please don't say sting!"

(Doctor Zoidberg carefully repairs the damaged nerve fibers, and then he heals and seals the damaged muscle and skin tissue.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "There now! All finished. You may feel a little tender in those spots for a day or two, but that will go away. So take it easy. Well, how does it feel already? Leela, what do you think of my handy work?"

Fry: "Feels good, Doc! Thank you, but could you please do something about my gnose as well?"

Leela: "You did just great Doctor Zoidberg. Not even a hint of scarring, but like Phil said, what about his nose?"

Dr. Zoidberg: (annoyed) "It's normal. Next patient!"

(Leela smacks Doctor Zoidberg upside the back of his head hard, and he squeals.)

Dr. Zoidberg: (rubbing the back of his head) "Alright already! Everyone's a critic!"

(Fry lies back down on the examination table, and Doctor Zoidberg brings a high-powered magnification device down close to what's left of Fry's nose to see exactly how to rebuild and repair the damage.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Hmm. I'm going to have to completely rebuild your nasal bone and along with all of the cartilage, Fry." (surprised) "What?!…What is this?"

Leela: (curious) "What is what?"

Dr. Zoidberg: "This!…this flat round metallic object embedded in Fry's nasal bone."

Leela: "Phil. Can you please explain this?"

Fry: (sighs) "Yeah…I know. It's a gnickel."

Leela: (astonished) "A nickel! And why exactly do you have a…?" (shakes her head) "Wait. Never mind. I don't want to know."

Fry: "How it got there wasn't weird. If that's what you mean?"

Leela: (uncertain) "Ok then."

Fry: "Well, I was about two maybe almost three years old, and everything went up my gnose or in my mouth. If I'm right, then that ones out of my Dad's old coin collection."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Now Fry, I'm going to have to remove it and be as delicately as I can. I promise I'll try and make it as painless as possible."

(Doctor Zoidberg pulls out a large pair of industrial strength pliers, and clacks them together. Fry squeals and immediately passes out.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Good. My anesthetic has taken affect. Now, to the nasty business at hand.

Ladies, if you don't have strong stomachs you might want to leave the room."

Leela: (firm) "No. I'm staying right here."

Amy: (shrugs) "It doesn't bother me."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Ok. But, don't say I didn't warn you."

(Doctor Zoidberg brings out a mini laser, chisel, hammer, and needlepoint tweezers. He burns through the bone and cartilage surrounding the nickel with the laser, and then he loosen it by using the mini chisel and hammer. The burning smell was nauseating enough, but the cracking, popping, and crunching sound was a little too much for poor Amy and she faints. Leela too was looking pale as she brought her had to her mouth to stop herself from retching. Then Doctor Zoidberg delicately uses the needlepoint tweezers to make a clean and safe extraction. It was less difficult because the surrounding tissue had been cauterized. No blood, and less risk of infection. He holds the nickel up for Leela to see.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "Pay dirt! There now…it's time for the cosmetic work."

Leela: (groans) "Great. Ohh…I need to sit down."

(In a short time Doctor Zoidberg finishes rebuilding Fry's nasal bone and cartilage. He then makes sure all the delicate nerves, capillaries, and sinuses are fully restored. The last touch was to sealing the surrounding skin tissue for a completely unblemished look. Then, Doctor Zoidberg administers a stimulant to Fry and Amy, and Leela gets a little something to help settle her stomach.)

Fry: (coming around) "Ooooooh. Is it over? How did it go?"

(Leela smiles at Fry and hands him a mirror. Fry's thrilled when he sees that his nose is completely restored, but minus the little bump that was on the bridge of his nose.)

Fry: (happy) "Wow…it looks great! I can even smell things better now. Thanks a lot Doc! I really appreciate it, and I'm sorry about doubting and insulting your medical skills all the time. What do you think Leels?"

Leela: "Hmmm…It looks good. Doctor Zoidberg did a great job, but I'm kind of going to miss that cute little bump on your nose."

Fry: "Oh…well that's no problem!" (Fry starts to rummage through his pockets for loose change, but Leela stops him.)

Leela: (laughs) "No! That won't be necessary, but this is."

(Leela kisses him and he smiles. Fry tries to kiss her back but recoils in pain.)

Fry: "Ouch!…" (touches the left corner of his mouth) "Oh yeah. The left corner of my mouth is still cut pretty deep."

Leela: "Umm…Doctor Zoidberg. I hate to ask, but could you…?"

Dr. Zoidberg: (sighs) "An M.D.'s work is never done."

(Doctor Zoidberg heals up the left corner of Fry's mouth in less than a couple of minutes so he can properly return Leela's kiss.)

Fry: (as he finally kisses Leela back) "There. That's a lot better."

Leela: (tender) "Mmm Hmm… much better."

Amy: (coming around) "Ohhh…What happened? Is Fry ok?"

(Fry and Leela help Amy up.)

Fry: "Yep! Thanks to good old Doctor Zoidberg."

Dr. Zoidberg: (happy) "Hooray! Respect and admiration from my good friends. So, Leela…Fry…where shall we be going to dinner tonight?"

Leela: "Umm…let's not spoil the moment Doctor Zoidberg. Fry and myself are going out for a special dinner tonight. I'm sorry."

Dr. Zoidberg: (disappointed) "Awwww…I see. No food or fun for poor Zoidberg."

Fry: "Well…how about we all go picnicking tomorrow in Central Park? After the morning delivery? We can all bring some food along and play some games. What do say Leels? It would be a nice way to thank Doctor Zoidberg."

Leela: "Oh why not? He's eared it, but I'll have to convince the Professor and Hermes, though."

Amy: "Just make another promise not to sue him for nearly killing you guys in the deliveries, and tell Hermes we'll be willing to lose a day's pay for a free afternoon."

Fry and Leela: (shrug) "That works."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Fry, I don't have a lolley pop for you, but I can give you this little souvenir."

(Doctor Zoidberg hands a sample container to Fry that holds the nickel that was extracted from his nose. The coin is still surrounded by some bone and cartilage.)

Fry: (grossed out) "Ugh…Thanks Doc."

Dr. Zoidberg: "I wouldn't be so hasty in throwing that away, Fry. Ancient 20th century coins from your time are highly sought after by collectors."

Leela: "Phil. How about we have the Professor examine it? He'll know how to clean and identify it."

Fry: "Ok!…sure. Who knows? I could have a real treasure on my hands here."

(Fry, Leela, and Amy head back to Professor Farnsworth's lab to get his help and expertise on examining the coin.)

Professor: (curious) "Ah Fry! I see you survived the training exercise. Do you enjoy your new laser sword? And how was the sparring match between you and the evil Abe Lincoln?"

Fry: "Umm…I found it to be….quite simulating, and I'm going to have to make your gift here a permanent part of my attire."

Leela: "We'll talk about that later Phil. Professor. Can you please restore this antique coin, and help us identify it?"

(Fry hands the sample container to the Professor.)

Professor: "Certainly! Hmm…what's all this junk surrounding it?"

Fry: "Well…Doctor Zoidberg had to extract it from my nose. It's still surrounded by some bone and cartilage." (sighs) "Please, just don't ask how it happened."

Professor: "Oh, very well. And yes. I can definitely restore this coin. A very mild solvent solution will remove the organic material without damaging the coins alloy. It will take only a few moments."

(The Professor places the nickel in a beaker with the solvent solution and works on getting his analyzer ready. About ten minutes pass and the group is speculating just what the ancient coin could be.)

Leela: "Phil. Do you have any memory of what kind of nickel it could be? You said it was from your Dad's old coin collection."

Fry: (sighs) "No. I was only two going on three, and I didn't have any clue about what it was or its value. Heh…but Dad sure layed into me good though. I couldn't sit down for a week."

Leela: (appalled) "That's terrible! You never told me he hit you."

Fry: (sad) "There are something's….I've tried hard to forget. Being hardcore ex-military didn't make him the most understanding person in the world, but he was pretty fair about most things. So, it wasn't always bad."

Leela: (sad) "I see…so what did your Mom do about it?"

Fry: (sighs) "She ignored it until it interrupted what sporting event she was watching."

Leela: (shocked) "She ignored it?!"…(sad) "Meaning she also ignored you."

Fry: (irritated) "Yes!…Can we please just drop it already?!"

Leela: (sad) "I'm sorry Philip."

Fry: (sighs) "It's ok. I'm sorry I snapped at you Leels, but I just don't like to talk about it, and it doesn't matter any more."

(Leela thought otherwise. Sooner or later they would have to talk about it. It would be the only way for her to understand it, and help him get passed it. Repressed pain was among the hardest things to deal with, and Leela knew it all to well. There were a lot of things that she was still discovering about the man she had finally fallen in love with. She had learned that there were so many other sides to him as well, and that Fry had been a very decent actor in putting such a up a good front for so long. Until now he always seem so upbeat, thoughtless, and carefree about everything. That perception had changed when she really began to get to know him, and spend time with him on a personal basis. Now, she wanted to know everything, and giving him the kindness and patients he so badly needed was where she had started. It astonished her to no end when she finally realized that the two of them actually did have so much in common after all, and that she was ready to….)

Fry: (excited) "Leels?….Hey Leels! The Professor says it's ready now!"

Leela: (startled) "Oh!…Sorry. I was just thinking to myself."

Fry: (smiling) "About what?"

Leela: (tender) "I'll tell you later tonight." (curious) "So, what do we have?"

(The Professor had just finished rinsing the coin clean of any foreign matter, and then he gently buffs it dry.)

Professor: "Alright everyone. This is the moment of truth. Now, let's place this coin on the analyzer and see what we have here."

(The analyzer shows the front and reverse of the coin.)

Professor: (analyzing) "Hmmm…the front side of this coin shows the profile of a native Indian from ancient America, and the reverse shows an ancient extinct species of plains animal called a Buffalo, and it is standing prominently in the center."

Leela: (intrigued) "Interesting! The date on the front by the Indians shoulder is 1937."

Amy: "Wow…that's a lot older than I expected."

Professor: "Oh my yes. Quiet please. The analysis on the historical database is not yet complete, but according to what we have so far. This is an American five-cent piece and it's in excellent condition."

Fry: (curious) "Is there anything else Professor? I do vaguely remember my Dad ranting there was something special about this one. Can you please tell me if there is anything out of the ordinary?"

(The analyzer just happens to complete its full analysis and is listing the data for them to see.)

Professor: "I can now. Hmm…according to the completed data this an American Buffalo nickel. This series was minted from 1913-1938, and it was the immediate predecessor to the fabled Jefferson nickel. This particular Buffalo nickel was as you stated earlier, Leela, minted in 1937. If you look on the reverse under the Buffalo, and in between and under the five-cents mark, you will observe the tiny letter D. That indicates it was minted in old Denver, Colorado."

(Just then the analyzer starts making a noise that indicates something significant.)

Fry: (excited) "What is it, Professor?"

Professor: (astonished) "Good Lord! You were right Fry! This isn't just an ordinary Buffalo nickel. According to the data it just happens to be a very rare one even back in the 20th century! It was highly sought after by all serious collectors."

Leela: (excited) "Well…don't keep us in suspense! Tell us already!"

Professor: "Look again at the reverse, and look very closely at the Buffalo standing in the center. Do you notice anything unusual? Perhaps how many legs the Buffalo is standing on?"

Fry: (intrigued) "Hmmm…I see. That's weird. He looks like he's only standing on three."

Professor: (excited) "Precisely! This 1937 Denver Buffalo nickel just happens to be a very rare miss strike. In the process of minting, a mistake or miss strike as it were was made in the coin. Instead of having four legs this one just has three."

Leela: "I see…so there was only a limited number of them minted before the mistake was corrected. It makes them very rare and valued by collectors?"

Professor: "Exactly!…So Fry, let's find out how many are left, and just much your coin is worth today."

Fry: (excited) "Oh…this just keeps getting better and better!"

Leela: (curious) "Phil. If it is worth a lot of money. Then just what are you going to do with it?"

Fry: "I haven't exactly thought that far ahead yet."

(Just then the Professor breaks the big news.)

Professor: (disbelief) "Hoooooh!….according to the data base on antique coins there are only five genuine Buffalo nickels like this particular one left in existence today!"

Amy: (curious) "So, just how valuable is it, Professor?"

Professor: (serious) "Fry…I hope you don' t have a weak heart."

( Professor Farnsworth displays the data on just how much Fry's coin is worth in the year 3004. The amount worth for this particularly rare Buffalo nickel, and in this condition is astronomically huge. It's worth even more than when Fry was a billionaire the first time. Fry stand there stunned, slacked jawed and eyes popping out of their sockets stunned. He immediately starts to hyperventilate and drool.)

Leela: (annoyed) "Phil, calm down! It's only worth…"

(Then the realization finally sets in for Leela as well. She goes wide-eyed and her pupil shrinks to tiny. Like Fry, Leela starts to hyperventilate and droll. A few seconds later Fry and Leela both pass out from the excitement. Amy quickly catches Fry and Leela, and then lowers them to the floor.)

Amy: (amused) "They both passed out! Heh heh …you couldn't tell these two are going together."

Professor: "Yes. I know how they feel." (groans) "I'm suffering a mild heart attack as we speak."

Amy: (shouts from the lab) "Uh oh. Doctor Zoidberg! Get in here fast!"

Dr. Zoidberg: (distant) "Screw you!"

(Later on. Leela walks into the lounge to find Fry, and finally discuss their plans for the evening. Fry is lying on the couch with a napping Seymour on his chest. He is being gently petting by his best friend. Leela stands over the two of them smiling warmly, and then Fry looks ups and smiles back.)

Fry: (smiling) "Oh!…Hey there!"

(Fry sits up and makes room for Leela, but still holds Seymour on his lap. Seymour wakes up now, and he wags is tail and grumbles happily at Leela in welcoming her to join them. Leela smiles sits down and pats him too.)

Leela: (warm) "So, it's your night Phil. What would you like to do?"

Fry: (happy) "Spending it with you, Leels. Doing anything and everything! Just remember, I want you to have fun too. So throw some ideas in as well."

Leela: "Sure…why don't you call in a reservation time for dinner at Elzart's."

Fry: (excited) "Ok. Then, how about we can go Rocket Skating together! Then what?"

Leela: "Rocket skating sounds like fun after dinner. Hmm…let's see. How about we go back to my place afterwards, and watch those movies Doctor Zoidberg gave you for your birthday?"

Fry: "That sounds like my kind of evening! Oh yeah. Can we stop by my bank?" (pulls the rare Buffalo from his pocket to show Leela) "I want to put this little fortune of ours away for safe keeping."

Leela: (surprised) "You want to save it?! Well...I'm impressed! The first thing I thought

you would do is…"

Fry: (laughs) "Blow it! The first chance I got?" (shakes his head) "No. Not this time. I blew it all before, and in the process I was being a completely selfish jerk. I nearly lost all my best friends. I was really lucky I didn't, and believe it or not, it did teach me a very valuable lesson."

(Fry holds the rare Buffalo nickel out in the palm of his hand. They both regard it for sometime. He then puts it in a protective plastic case, and then a small security box that would only recognize his thumb and voiceprints. The Professor had been kind enough to provide them for him.)

Fry: (holding the security box) "There's a lot of history in this little coin and it's quite valuable. For me it also holds quite a bit of sentimental value as well. That's why I want to save it, and hold on to it as long as I can."

Leela: "Well, I think your doing the right thing by saving it, and I'm proud of you for that."

Fry: (smiles) "Thank you. You never know. We might need it someday."

Leela: "Yeah. You never know. However I do recommend we keep it to ourselves though. The less people that know about this. The better."

Fry: (amused) "Especially Bender?"

Leela: "Especially Bender! You'll never have a moments peace if he finds out about it."

Fry: (sighs) "Yeah. I know. He as been my best friend and all, but lately I've been beginning to wonder. It's seems like he's only out for number one now, and he's our friend only when it's convenient or when it will benefit him. It's becoming harder to live with him, and now that I have Seymour again…oh boy."

Leela: "I know what you mean. And I'm glad you've finally realized for yourself that Bender's not always so great. He's nearly gotten us killed more times than I can count even though he has saved us on occasions. I'm not sure he'd do it now though. Plus he made us his personal slaves once, he steals your blood, robs us blind. He's always argumentative, lazy, rude, crude, sexist, a horrible cook, and plus….!"

Fry: "Alright! Aright!…I know! Believe me, I have to live and work with that! Why do you think I spend as much of my time now with you as I possibly can?!"

Leela: (amused) "Hmm. Perhaps because I'm nice to you and I truly care about you. I don't lie, cheat, and rob you blind all the time, and I don't nearly get you killed day in and out! Oh, and there's the little fact that I'm your girl friend, and that she loves you."

Fry: (smiles) "Hmm...Bingo!"

Leela: "Phil, seriously. The time may come when you're going to make some hard decisions on what's right between you and Bender. I just want you to know I'm here and I'll support you."

Fry: "I'm glad, Leels. Because I'm going to need it."

Leela: (up beat) "Well, let's not spoil the evening. Come on, let's stop by your bank to make that deposit like you said, and then we can get dressed and make the dinner reservations."

Fry: "Great! Can we drop Seymour off at your place? I'd feel better if he was some place where he felt welcomed. I mean we're going to be spending the rest of the evening together back at your place anyways. So, is it ok?"

Leela: "Sure. That makes sense. Nibbler will keep him company while we're out, and don't worry Nibbler knows him personally. So he won't eat him. Heh heh…Nibbler knows that I'll put him on a strict diet forever if he does."

(Fry and Leela get up and grab what they need from their lockers. They bid goodnight to their friends who wish them well, and then leave the P.E. building with Seymour in tow.)

Fry: "Hey, Leels. Thanks for buying all that doggie stuff already. I would have hardly known where to begin."

Leela: (warm) "You're welcome, hon. Seymour will keep you company when I'm not around. However, you'll need to get him a license and registration. We can do that tomorrow, and have you thought about a full name for him yet?"

Fry: "Yeah. I have good one in mind!" (gesturing) "His new name is going to be Seymour…Butts…Fry."

(Leela does a double take at Fry and busts up laughing.)

(Leela and Fry soon arrive at the Big Apple Bank so he can deposit his rare Buffalo nickel in an anonymous and proper safety deposit box. Fry was also planning on a decent with drawl so they could enjoy the evening together. Fry goes up to the teller while Leela and Seymour wait for him in the lobby.)

Fry: (pleasant) "Good afternoon, Miss. I'd like to set up a safety deposit box for myself and make a slight cash with drawl from my account."

Teller: (pleasant) "Certainly, sir! Your full name and account number please?"

(A few moments pass and Fry deposits the Buffalo nickel for safekeeping and make his with drawl.)

Leela: "Phil! Are you almost done? Seymour is getting antsy for some reason."

(Leela was suddenly grabbed from behind by a freaky red and quite familiar robot who puts a knife to her throat.)

Roberto: (spastic) "Everyone on the ground now! This is a hold up!"

Teller: (ducking down along with everyone else) "Oh no! Not him again!"

Fry: (stands firm) "Roberto! Let her go! It will make it easier on your self in the long run if you surrender to the cops now."

Roberto: "Hey, Red! Been along time. You're going to help me clean this place out. Then I'm to going to give you and freaky here a little something for your trouble. I haven't forgotten about last time!" (presses the knife against Leela's throat)

(Seymour barks and snaps at Roberto's leg. He gives Fry's dog a mean kick that makes him yip and back down.)

Fry: "Roberto! I'm not going easy on you this time! That woman you're threatening is my girl friend, and she hates being the damsel in distress! And, you just kicked my dog. Now, I'm going to kick your twisted metal ass! Once, and for all."

(Roberto pushes Leela away and she falls to the ground hard.)

Roberto: (twisting his knife) "You want to go one on one with me, sucka? That's just fine!"

(Fry pulls out his HRT folding knife and holds it in his right hand, but he holds his trump card out of view in his left.)

(Roberto screams like a crazy bot and charges with his knife extended at Fry's head. It was over even before it got started. Roberto swipes with his knife. Fry ducks at the last second close enough to have some of his bangs shaved off. His laser sword came to life, and in a blinding flash he cuts Roberto in two at the chest and through his arms. The remainder of the insane bot is now left flailing on the Bank's floor.)

Roberto: (stuggling) "Ahhhhh…Mommy! I don't deserve this! I don't deserve this! It's not fair!"

Fry: (cold) "Deserve, has everything to do with it. Adios, Roberto!"

Roberto: (contempt) "That's how it is huh? Bender's right! You do have the heart of a robot…I'll see you in robot hell, Red!"

Fry: (laughs) "Not likely! Give the Robot Devil my regards."

(Fry plunges the tip of his laser sword through Roberto's brain case and puts an end his terrorizing once and for all. Fry then closes down his laser sword and helps Leela up. He gently checks her throat to see if she had been harmed. Leela was still shaken by what had just occurred.)

Fry: (gentle) "Leels? Are you alright? Please tell me you're alright!"

Leela: (shaky) "Yes. I'm fine. Are you?"

Fry: "Never better. Come on, let's get out of here. Seymour?"

(Seymour limps over to Fry.)

Fry: "Aww…I'm sorry. Come on little buddy. I'll carry you."

(They were just about to leave when Officer Smitty and URL bot come busting in.)

URL: "Where's the perp? We'll take him this time baby."

Smitty: "Yeah, I want to get 24th century on his ass!"

Leela: (annoyed) "Better late than never."

(Leela and Fry spent the next half hour giving their statements along with everyone else involved. When that fiasco was finally over they were heading to Fry's apartment to get a couple of things. Fry was still worried about Leela's reaction to him and what he did.)

Fry: (concerned) "Leels? I'm sorry alright. I know I did it again, but he was going to hurt you and I couldn't stand by and let…"

Leela: (warm) "Phil… it's alright. I've thought about it, and if I had been in your position. I would have done exactly the same thing. Right to the end." (Leela puts her arm around him.) "I'm glad to know I'm safe with you, and I know you don't have the heart of a robot. So we can let it go. Ok?"

Fry: (relieved) "Ok. Well, were all set for the evening. I've got us covered!"

Leela: (happy) "I'm glad you're saving up your money instead of blowing it all every time you get a paycheck."

Fry: (smiles) "Another bad habit I forced myself to kick."

Leela: "You'll be glad you did."

(They arrive at the Robot Arms building and go to Fry's apartment. Fry was relieved that Bender wasn't around to give him a hard for wanting to spend his birthday with Leela. In a short time Fry was in his Tux and ready.)

Leela: (pleased) "Hmm…you look sharp. Now, I'm going to have to find something that will match it."

Fry: (smiles) "You always look great, Leels."

Leela: (amused) "Again with the flattering?…Don't stop. Just be sure to bring a comfortable change of clothes for later. We'll be watching your movies back at my place."

Fry: "Are sweats and socks alright?"

Leela: "Sure. I have something like that, too."

(They head over to Leela's apartment, and now it's Fry's turn to wait for her. Fry greets Nibbler and reintroduces him to Seymour.)

Fry: "Hey Nibbler! I hope you remember Seymour? You guys are going to be hanging out together tonight."

Leela: (calls from her bedroom) "Don't worry I just feed him an economy size can of Kibbles and Snouts, and I also put some food out for Seymour as well. They should be good for the evening."

Fry: "I just made reservations for dinner at 6:30 pm. Leels, are you just about ready?"

Leela: "Don't rush me! I want to look nice. Just watch some TV until I come out."

Fry: "Ok…take your time and hurry up!"

Leela: "What?!"

Fry: "Nothing! Old 20th century joke."

Leela: "Oh."

(Fry sits down and starts to watch a repeat of All My Circuits, and Nibbler and Seymour join him on Leela's couch. Twenty minutes have rolled by and Fry is bored out of his mind.)

Fry: (annoyed) "I tell ya, boys. It may a whole new millennium and all, but it's still the same old crap they always put on TV. Heh heh…Especially FOX! Right boys? Boys?"

(Fry looks down to see Nibbler and Seymour had passed out from the boredom and are now snoring away.)

Fry: (surprised) "Wow! That bad huh?"

Leela: (seductive) "Oh Phil…what do you think?"

(Fry stands up when he sees Leela, and once again she leaves him breathless. Leela is wearing a lovely silvery dress that seems to glint and shimmer with every movement she makes. She is also wearing formal evening gloves, and has her done up in a very attractive style.)

Fry: (low whistle) "Hoooo…Wow!…You look so…I mean your so…."

Leela: (happy) "I'm glad you like it. I did it for you. So, was it worth the wait?"

Fry: (smiling) "Oh yeah. Lucky me. You look… absolutely…stunningly…beautiful. Sorry about being lost for words. You caught me off guard."

Leela: (amused) "Well…that's the reaction I was hoping for. You're cute when you're falling all over your grammar like that." (Leela adjusts Fry's bow tie and kisses him.)

Fry: (offers Leela his arm) "Shall we?"

Leela: (takes Fry's arm) "Let's go have some fun." (To Nibbler and Seymour) "You two boys be good until we get back."

Fry: "Yeah, help yourselves to some beers, but no wild parties unless we're invited!"

Leela: (laughs) "Come on. We're going to be late!"

(Leela and Fry leave Nibbler and Seymour on the couch and head out for the evening. In a short time they arrive for Fry's birthday dinner at Elzart's and are seated. Leela had a few things on her mind about what had happened throughout the day and just what had gotten into her boyfriend.)

Leela: "Phil. Can I axe you question? Actually, quite a few questions."

Fry: "Sure! Anything. What's on your mind, Leels?"

Leela: (hesitant) "Well…it concerns what happened on the Holo Shed this afternoon, and at the bank."

Fry: "Oh no. Please don't tell me you're still mad at me for that? And the bank…?"

Leela: "No no…I'm not. However, I'd like to know how you suddenly developed such good coordination, fighting skills, and speed. It seems a bit unnatural for…"

Fry: (amused) "Me?…Heh heh. I know. I was going to tell you when I was ready, but now is as good a time as any. Just keep your voice down."

Leela: "Ok…."

Fry: "My speed. I can thank 100 cups of coffee for that. My coordination and increase in cognitive clarity I can thank the Professor for. My fight skills had been improved when I was in DOOP basic training. I may have sucked at everything else, but I was the best at fencing! I just keep that to myself."

Leela: (disbelief) "Do mind elaborating just a little bit more on each? And your improved vocabulary is also freaking me out!"

Fry: "Alright. Calm down. It's still me you know. Just a little bit better. Let's see. Where to start? Hmm. Ok…about my speed. Do you remember that time when we all got that three hundred dollar tax refund? Well, I spent mine on one hundred cups of coffee and downed them all!" (sincere) "I don't recommend you trying it, Leels."

Leela: (shocked) "No kidding! That much caffeine should have killed you."

Fry: "Heh.Well, it didn't. However, it did result in an unusual side affect. It can come in quite handy actually when I need it, but I have to use it in moderation because it poops me out."

Leela: "Phil! Get to the point."

Fry: "Ok! That over dose of caffeine has permanently charged my adrenal gland, and when the super charged adrenalin gets pumped into my system I can make the Olympic Track team look like their standing still. Do remember the Zap Brannigan's gala and the fire?"

Leela: "How could I forget! We were all saved by a mysterious orange bl…. Wait a minute! That was you? Why didn't you ever tell me?!"

Fry: "That's the first time it happened, but would have believed me if I had told you afterwards?"

Leela: (uncertain) "I don't know."

Fry: "Of course you don't! But I'll prove it to you tomorrow. Now, about my coordination and better cognitive skills. That goes way back to the incident when I had the stomach worms."

Leela: (sad) "Phil. I thought that we had…"

Fry: (raises his hand) "Leels, please. I need to tell you this, and all of it because it was my fault."

(Fry launches into the long and painful story about the worms had made him so much better, but how it ultimately left him in doubt.)

Fry: "It was when you hugged me and said to me "I love what you've become." I had to know then whom you loved. Me, or what the worms turned me into. That's why I when back to Planet Express, and I made a micro droid of myself to confront the worms Lord Mayor, and I told him I wanted them to leave because of the wonderful girl I was in love with, and I had to know who she really loves. The Emperor refused and an all out sword battle between he and I ensued."

Leela: (curious) "Then what happened?"

Fry: "Well, our duel went all way up into my brain. I proved to them my sincerity and irrationality when I started cutting nerves, ganglia, and then my own hand eye coordination lobe. My brain was a mess and they soon had me surrounded, but I made one last desperate threat. I was going to cut my Medulla Oblongata if they didn't leave."

Leela: (horrified) "You were going to kill yourself just to find out who I loved?"

Fry: "Leela. Please let me finish! Yes. I was quite sincere, and the Lord Mayor knew it. So he the entire population left my body." (sad) "This is the part you know. When I came back to your apartment and you were so glad to see me, I was relieved, but I still had to know. So, I started to play for you again and I got nervous, and then it ended disastrously. I had gone back to my old idiotic, immature, inconsiderate, and uncoordinated self. I broke your vase with the flowers that I gave you and thought it was cool. I stumbled over my own stupid words trying to prove my sincerity, and worst of all….I…I…referred back to a former relationship, and I was oblivious to your feelings and doubts. (mocking himself) "I've got a baggie of massage oil, and I'm to give you my super back rub. Just like I used to give Amy when I was going out with her, and she always seemed to…." (swallows hard) "You have no idea how much I hate myself for saying that and how stupid I am. You were one hundred percent right and justified in throwing my sorry ass out. I deserved it, and I knew I didn't deserve you or your love." (sincere) "I'm sorry Leela. I'm so sorry about what I said and did, and…I wish I could go back and change it."

Leela: (gentle) "But you can't. You have to forgive yourself now, Phil. I do. I forgive you. Now, more than ever. And don't ever do anything to hurt your self! Please. I do know who I love. He's in front of me right now. (takes Fry's hands) "He's the most wonderful guy I know, and I love him."

Fry: (deeply touched) "I love you, too, Leels. You have no idea how much you mean to me."(smiles) "I still don't deserve you."

Leela: (sincere) "That's enough of that kind of talk now. Remember, I've made plenty of mistakes myself, but you earned my love. You're very gentle, honest, kind, and sincere. You've also matured a great deal. That's what I love…you. And you're not going to lose me or get ride of me easily!"

Fry: (smiling) "I'm never going to try, and I don't want ever lose you. Not ever."

Leela: (warm) "You won't. Just be who you are."

(Fry and Leela take their time in enjoying dinner and each other's company. Towards the end Leela had decided it was time to axe him her last couple of questions.)

Leela: "Phil. Just what did the Professor do to help you this afternoon?"

Fry: "Oh, that? Well, it was when I when to him to discuss my new laser sword, and ask him where I could practice with it. The Professor took his time in explaining, it and then suggested the Holo Shed. Then, he asked me how my hand eye coordination was. I told him everything about how I had damaged my brain. Heh, he was both amused and annoyed. So, he offered me an experimental treatment that could repair all the damage, and improve on some of my mental deficiencies, mainly my dyslexia. I agreed it was worth the risk and during the procedure he introduced a series of micro repair droids into my brain. The real danger was that they were only proto types, and they ran on an unstable antimatter source. The worst-case scenarios were, they could have gone haywire and torn my brain apart or they could have just gone Boom! As you can see, I'm still here and it was a complete success. The odd thing I learned is that my brain doesn't produce a delta wave, but it's ok because my other brain waves have compensated for it. Isn't that funny?"

Leela: (serious) "I don't think it's funny at all, Phil. That was extremely risky putting your brain in the hands of the Professor! I know he's your Nephew and all, but still…."

Fry: "Leela, some risks are worth taking. Especially when it can make us better, and I'm much better now. I finally have an attention span, better clarity of thought, and now a little bit better judgment and common sense."

Leela: "I can't argue with worth while risks, but your common sense is still a little off. The Holo Shed incident this afternoon scared the hell out of me." (sighs) "I know! I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound and be nag all the time, but I love you and I care about what happens to you. Just promise me that you won't leave me out of something like that again. Ok?"

Fry: (amused) "Ok, Leels. I promise I let you know next time when I decide to scramble my brains."

Leela: "Phil, please! And if you're going to practice on the Holo Shed, then let's do it together from now on. It will be a lot more fun together, and we can watch each other's backs. I could teach you quite a bit in self defense, and you could teach me a thing or two about fencing."

Fry: "Sure Leels! I'd love too. Then I guess you wouldn't mind I come and work out with you from now on? I promise to only use the men's sauna room from now on."

Leela: "You're serious?!"

Fry: "Yeah. It's high time I loose this flab and build some muscle."

Leela: (surprised) "I'd never thought I'd hear the day you would say that! I've been trying to get you to go with me for quite sometime now."

Fry: (amused) "If there's one thing you should know about me by now is that I do thing's when I'm good and ready."

Leela: (laughs) "That's for sure!"

(Their dinner carries on for a while longer until about 7:30 pm, and Leela surprises Fry again with a birthday cake, and embarrasses the heck of him when she, Elzart, and his restaurant staff sing him happy birthday.)

Elzart: (to Leela) "Of course you know this is going to cost you extra?"

Leela: (annoyed) "Shut up. You're ruining the moment, and do I have to talk to my good friend Mr. Conrad about your…?"

Elzart: (nervous) "Ssssshh! Alright lady keep it down. It's covered…bam."

(Leela and Fry finish up desert and thank Elzart for the wonderful dinner and the surprise cake at the end. They depart Ezart's and are bound for their next stop for the evening.)

Fry: "Come on, Leels. Let's go rocket skating!"

Leela: (content) "Sure. Wasn't that a wonderful dinner? I mean, Elzart certainly out did himself this time, and wasn't it just like our first date after your Opera?"

Fry: (happy) "It sure was. I've been enjoying every minute of it."

Leela: (warm) "Me, too."

(Leela and Fry head over to Rocket Feller center for their one free hour of Rocket Skating. They go up to the ticket both and see a familiar face.)

Leela: (groans) "Oh no not him."

Sal: "So's, what wills it be?"

Fry: "Sal?! You're a ticket seller now? How do you manage to have every odd job in the known galaxy?"

Sal: "Hey! I gets around. Mans got to make a livings. So's, yous two going to buy tickets to skate or what's?"

Fry: (hands Sal the gift pass) "Uhh…yeah. I have a one free hour gift pass for me and my girl friend Leela here."

Sal: (hands him their vouchers) "Oh yeahs, the truck stop chick. Wells, I stills got that minute."

Leela: (disgusted) "Shut up you pig! Come on Phil. Let's not waste any time on giving him an ass kicking."

Fry: (annoyed) "Really! You known Sal, you're going to do that to the wrong woman someday, and then look out!"

Sal: "What evers."

(Fry and Leela get there skates and head over to the common area to change. Fry puts on his skates and then helps Leela with hers.)

Fry: (helping her with her right skate) "What are these, Leels? Size 8's?"

Leela: (sighs) "No. Size 9's."

Fry: "Oh. Well, that's ok. Hmm." (Fry smiles and then playfully tickles the sole of her left foot.)

Leela: (laughing) "Ha ha ha ha ha eep! Ha ha ha, hey cut it out!"

Fry: (amused) "Heh heh. I'll have to remember that." (to himself) "Uh oh,..I.. found.. a ..weakness!"

Leela: (amused) "We can fool around later! For now, let's go skating, alright?"

Fry: "Sure. Ready?"

(Leela steps out into the rink and Fry follows tenitively. Fortunately, there were only a handful of other couples out skating on the rink as well.)

Leela: "Now be careful! There are other people out here as well. Keep in mind that Rocket Skating is a little different, and you remember what happened last time?! Now, take your time and stay with me ok. No fancy stuff until we get warmed up!"

Fry: (annoyed) "Yes, Mother." (starts to adjust the controls.)

Leela: (alarmed) "No Phil! Don't push that….!"

Fry: (oblivious) "What?…(beep!)

(Fry's Rocket Skates suddenly flare out of control. WHOOOOOOOOOOSHHH! They send him flying out of control screaming, and with his arms flailing.)

Fry: (screaming) "Leeeeela! Stoooop theeese craaazy thiiiing's!"

(The Skates send Fry flying into the wall all the way at the opposite end of the rink. Crashing into the wall is the only thing that stops him, and Fry ends up in a very disheveled and undignified heap with his skates still smoking. Leela rushes over quickly to see if he's still alive.)

Leela: (scared) "Oh my God! Are you alright?!"

Fry: (disheveled) "Oh yeah…Ohhhh…my back!…my pride!"

Leela: (disbelief) "I didn't know you could bend your body into that kind of position?!"

(Leela helps Fry out of his twisted state.)

Fry: (groans) "Neither did I! I hope I didn't hit or run anybody over?!"

Leela: (annoyed) "No. You were lucky! And what did I tell you…hmm?"

Fry: (sighs) "I know. I know. I'm sorry. I went off again half-cocked."

Leela: "Alright.You didn't damage anything but yourself. Is anything broken?"

Fry: (groans) "Nooo…"

(He struggles to get up, but fall flat on his butt again. Everyone in the rink is busting up laughing at him.)

Fry: "Owww!…Ohh my ass!…my dignity!"

Leela: (laughing) "Ha ha ha ha…Phil…Ha ha ha…I swear! It's never a dull moment with you."

Fry: (groans) "Ok. I think I'm going to let you lead Leels. Oh man, I'm going to be sore in the morning!"

Leela: (helping Fry up) "Oh, yeah you are. Come on. I'll lead you."

(Leela takes Fry's hand and gently starts to lead him safely around the rink among the other couples.)

Fry: (relieved) "Now this is more like it. Seriously Leels! I don't like nearly getting my neck broken every few minutes."

Leela: "Well, stopping you from doing it is a full-time job, hon."

Fry: "Yeah! Maybe the Professor should give you hazard pay."

Leela: (amused) "Heh. He couldn't afford it."

(Fry had soon gotten the hang of Rocket Skating again, and he and Leela were at last enjoying themselves. The high-fi at the rink starts to play some nice slow and romantic songs for the couples. Leela and Fry hold each other close as they let the world around them phase out. When the last song comes to its finally, Fry gives Leela a very long and tender kiss.)

Leela: (dreamy) "What was that for?"

Fry: (tender) "A thank you…because I love you, and I've had such a wonderful birthday."

Leela: (touched) "You're welcome, hon, and I love you, too."

(Leela kisses Fry back with all the same feeling and warmth he gave her, and they hold each other in savoring the perfect moment. Unfortunately their hour is almost up, and that's how it is in a perfect moment. Savor this one and look forward to the next.)

Leela: (disappointed) "Aww. Our times almost up. Let's do one more lap around the rink before we have to call it quits."

Fry: (happy) "Sure, Leels. Remember that we still have the rest of the evening to enjoy those movies back at your place."

Leela: (upbeat) "That's right. The nights not over yet, and we still have plenty of time."

(They finish up their last lap and are heading back to the common area, but just then Fry notices something unusual. Out side of the rink at the ticket both is an older man with a bunch of kids trying to get tickets to skate.)

Fry: "Hey Leels. Isn't that Mr.Vogel and the orphans from Cookieville?"

Leela: "Why, yes it is."

(They skate on over to where the ticket both is with the large group.)

Leela: (warm) "Hello, Mr.Vogel! How are you and the orphans doing?"

Mr. Vogel: (startled) "Oh!… Hello, Leela. It's been awhile. I'm alright. How have you been doing?"

Leela: "I'm doing just fine thank you. Me and my boyfriend Philip are here celebrating his birthday."

Fry: (pleasant) "Hello, Mr. Vogel. What brings you and the kids out here tonight?"

Mr. Vogel: "Mr…?"

Fry: "Fry, sir."

Mr. Vogel: "Oh yes, I remember now. You and that crazy robot cleaned out the ordurves, and then he cleaned the place out of the kids and came up with that terrible scheme, but we end up renaming the place after him. However, I just had to change it back because he had just helped in ransacking the Orphanarium tonight! The magic show that he put on for the kids was a distraction while the Robot Mafia cleaned the place out!"

Fry: (to himself) "So, that's what he was up that to tonight!? Bender, the Don Bot, Joey Mouse Pad, and Claps?" (disgusted) "Unbelievable."

Leela: (angry) "Phil. We're going to have to have a little talk with that tin can tomorrow."

Mr. Vogel: "We came here tonight to try again, but unfortunately they raised the price of tickets and renting skates again. Now, we're out of luck."

Leela: "What? So the kids won't be able to skate again?!"

Mr. Vogel: (deeply disappointed) "I'm afraid so. Most of our money has gone into repairs for the Orphanarium after the incident tonight. So, we don't have nearly enough to go skating. This is little Sally's birthday, and she and the other kids wanted to go skating so badly tonight that she gladly gave up the birthday party so we could use what little we had left to come here tonight, but now I'm afraid not."

(Fry looks down at all the kids and their sad little faces. Their disappointment is impossible to hide. Especially little Sally's disappointment. Fry kneels down next to Sally and smiles.)

Fry: (warm) "Hello Sally. Do you remember me?"

Sally: (quite) "Yes. You're Daddy Bender's friend. He called you Maw."

Fry: (amused) "Heh heh heh…actually it's Fry, but you can call me Phil. So, I understand it's your birthday. How old are you?"

Sally: (smiling) "I'm seven now!"

Fry: (smiles) "Wow, seven! That's a lucky number you know?"

Sally: (sad) "Not lucky enough. Leela said it's your birthday, too. So, how old are you?"

Fry: (smiles) "I just turned 1,030 years old."

Sally: (surprised) "Wow! You're really old, but you don't look old."

Fry: (laughs) "Why, thank you Sally! That's about the nicest thing anyone ever said to me."

(Fry stands up and looks down at Sally, and the other eleven children and smiles. He knows exactly what he can do. He heads over to Sal at the ticket both.)

Leela: (curious) "Where are you going?"

Fry: (smiles) "You'll see."

Sal: (annoyed) "What is it nows? First those Orphans and nows you?"

Fry: "Yeah. Listen Sal, I'd like purchase tickets and skates for these twelve kids, their chaperon, and also for myself, and my girl friend again. What time do you close?"

Sal: "Elevens o'clock."

Fry: (happy) "Perfect! I'd like to buy fifteen tickets for two hours. Three adults and twelve kids please."

Sal: "That's gonna to costs ya pal!"

Fry: "Money's not an issue. Here!"

Sal: "Hey's! Dis is three hundreds. Can't yous counts or something?"

Fry: (sighs) "Listen. All I want to do is give the kids a couple hours to skate and have some fun. Is that so hard for you to understand, or is that extra hundred bucks I gave you for no arguments and questions asked confusing you?"

Sal: (disbelief) "What are yous? A saint?"

Fry: (annoyed) "No! I just want to do something nice for these poor kids. Haven't you ever wanted to do something nice for someone else?!"

Sal: (caving in) "Alrights! Alrights!…Heres already! Enough with the guilt trips, but buddy! Yous aint normal."

Fry: (sad) "Yeah. I guess you can say that. Thank you."

(Leela, Mr. Vogel, and the kids watch Fry coming back over smiling with the tickets in hand.)

Fry: (excited) "Guess what kids?! We're all going skating for the next two hours!"

(The kids start to cheer and jump up and down like crazy.)

Fry: (laughing) "Ok! Settle down. Leela, myself, and Mr. Vogel will take you over and help you with your skates."

(In a short time the whole group is out on the rink and having a blast. Mr. Vogel skates over to Fry to have a word with him.)

Mr. Vogel: (happy) "Mr. Fry. I don't know what to say, but thank you! That had to be one of the… well, I again I thank you. I'll actually be able to sleep tonight, and so will they."

Fry: (warm) "You're welcome, Mr. Vogel. It was my pleasure."

(Mr.Vogel notices the way Fry is smiling, and looking at Leela as she skates and plays with the kids.)

Mr. Vogel: (smiles) "I see. So, she's the one for you huh? Well, then she's very lucky to have you."

Fry: (amused) "Nah. I'm the lucky one! She brings out the best in me, and you're right. She is the one for me." (sighs) "I hope I am the one for her."

Mr. Vogel: (puts his hand on Fry's shoulder) "Listen to me, young man." (smiles) "You are the one for her. I can guarantee it!"

(At that moment little Sally skates over to Fry and Mr. Vogel.)

Sally: (smiling) "Mr. Phil. Will you please skate with me?"

Fry: (happy) "Sure, Sally. I'd love too."

(Fry and little Sally set off to skate together, and they have a good time. The two hours pass by very quickly because of all the fun everyone was having.)

Sal: "Oks! It's closing time. Times to clears out folks!"

(Leela, Fry, Mr.Vogel, and the kids finish getting changed then head over to the bus.)

Mr. Vogel: "Kids! Be sure to thank Mr. Fry and Miss Leela for the great time we had tonight."

Kids: "Thank You!"

(The kids pile on the bus, but little Sally runs back to Leela and Fry.)

Fry: (curious) "What is it Sally? Did you forget something?"

Sally: (smiling) "Yes."

(She gives Fry a big hug around the waist.)

Sally: (happy) "Thank you, Mr. Phil. It's the best birthday I ever had!"

Fry: (warm) "Aww. You're welcome Sweetie. Happy Birthday."

Mr. Vogel: "It's time to go, Sally."

Sally: "Ok. Bye!"

(Sally gets on the bus with the other kids. Mr. Vogel turns to get on the bus as well.)

Fry: "Mr. Vogel!"

Mr. Vogel: (turns back) "Yes, Mr. Fry?"

Fry: "Here. I want you to use this for a birthday party for the kids tomorrow. Make it a nice one for little Sally."

(Fry slips Mr. Vogel couple extra hundred dollars.)

Mr. Vogel: (shakes his head) "I can't accept this."

Fry: (firm) "Yes! You can! Do it for the kids. Especially little Sally. That will be your way of thanking me."

Mr. Vogel: (smiles) "Alright. I'll do that. Thank you, very much."

(Mr. Vogel is getting on the bus, but has one last thing to say): "Mr Fry!"

Fry: "Yes?"

Mr. Vogel: (smiles) "Remember what I told you. Ok?"

(Leela and Fry watch and wave as the bus departs and heads back to the Cookieville Orphanarium.)

Leela: "It's getting really late. Let's head back to my place now. We're still going to watch those movies right?"

Fry: "Sure. Did you have a good time, Leels?"

Leela: (warm) "What do you think?"

(Fry notices the way she's smiling at him and stops.)

Fry: (curious) "What?"

(Leela gives him a really big hug and tells him.)

Leela: (happy) "That was really something special. What you did for those kids tonight. And me."

Fry: (surprised) "Oh. Is that all?"

Leela: (disappointed) "Don't do that."

Fry: "Do what?"

Leela: (sad) "Belittle something that's really important to me!"

Fry: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come across like that. Now. For me, it seems like people should do things like that for one another. You've taught me a lot, Leels. However, I still don't understand why that jerk Sal said it wasn't normal."

Leela: (firm) "Don't give him another thought, but do you care about what I think?"

Fry: (surprised) "What's that suppose to mean? Of course I care about what you think! I always have."

Leela: (happy) "Good! Because what I think you did tonight was really wonderful. It say's so much about you, and why I love you."

Fry: (amused) "Oh! Why's that?"

Leela: (annoyed) "Aww come on! Don't make me spell it out for you!"

Fry: (laughs) "Ha ha ha…Ok."

Leela: (warm) "Come here, Phil."

(Leela tenderly embraces her boyfriend and gives him a very deep and meaningful kiss. Fry smiles and puts his arm around her, and they start heading back to Leela's apartment.)

Leela: "You know. Nobody ever did something like that for me when I was growing up at Cookieville."

Fry: (sad) "Oh. Well, they should have. I wish I could have."

Leela: (warm) "You just did."

(They arrive back Leela's apartment a short time later.)

Leela: "We're home! Nibbler! Seymoure! Phil. I'm going to get changed. Make yourself comfortable, and then you can change after I'm done."

Fry: (sits on the couch) "Sure. Hmm. Seymour?…Nibbler? Where are you boys?"

Leela: (calls from her bed room) "They're in here with me! The funny thing is they're passed out for some reason."

Fry: "Oh!…hmm…lucky them."

(Leela comes back out in a few moments wearing old comfortable purple nightgown and bedroom slippers.)

Leela: "There. I'm in my comfey's now. It's your turn change. I'm going to pop us up a huge batch of popcorn, and we can have some Slurms to go with it."

Fry: "Great. Be with you in a minute."

(Leela makes up a big batch of popcorn and then set up the couch to be comfy for the two of them.)

Fry: (coming out) "I'm ready. Do you have any Slurms?"

Leela: "Oh, sorry, I forgot. They're in the fridge. Help yourself, and bring me one, too."

Fry: (calls from the kitchen) "Hey Leels? Didn't you have a whole case of beer in the fridge?"

Leela: "Yeah.Why?"

(Fry checks in on Nibbler and Seymour.)

Nibbler and Seymour: (goaning) "Ohhhh…BURRRP!… HIC-UP!"

Fry: "Umm…never mind!"

Leela: "Come on, Phil!"

Fry: "I'm coming!" (to Nibbler and Seymour) "Sleep it off, and from now on I'm going to have to watch what I say around you boys."

(Fry comes back out with the Slurms and Leela gets a good look at what he's wearing. A ratty old sweat suite and socks that look as though he pulled them out of a dumpster.)

Fry: "It's alright. They're clean. I know they look like hell, but they're my lazy slob on the weekend clothes."

Leela: (amused) "Then, why don't you wear them all the time?"

Fry: "Hey! Quite picking on me."

Leela: (laughs and pats the seat next to her) "Come on let's roll this flick. I never heard of Back to the Future. Is it any good?"

Fry: (sitting next to her) "Good?! Hell yeah! This movie came out in 1985. I loved the 80's. It was a great decade to grow up in. In fact Back to the Future became a whole trilogy."

Leela: "Umm…let's just do just one tonight, ok? It's getting late, and just how long is this movie?"

Fry: "Hmm…the box say's 1 hour and 56 minutes."

Leela: "What?!…well come on. Let's start this thing already!"

(They kick back together and start to enjoy the movie. It was real treat for Leela because most cinema from the past had been considered too controversial or dangerous for the people of the 30th century, and it was either banned or had been destroyed. Leela, laughs, groans, and hold on to the edge of her seat throughout the movie. For Fry, it was a little bit more somber because he had lived in that time and had a family and friends there. Now, they were gone and left behind in the past. More and more he wonders what became of them. The movie at last comes to its fine ally, leaving it set up for the next sequel.)

Fry: "Did you like the movie Leels?"

Leela: "Yeah, that was great! Maybe we could find the last two and complete the set. However, I don't think we should ever show it to the Professor. Who knows what crazy idea he'll get, and what could come of it!"

Fry: "Heh, knowing him, he would probably destroy all of space and time."

(Leela could sense was something bothering him. She felt it was time to ask him her big question, and the movie had also raised in her mind another series of concerns she wanted to address. The possibility of time travel. Had Fry ever considered it? If it really was possible, would he ever take that chance to go back to his own time in the 20th century to be with his family again, and pick up where he left off? Leela saw how desperate Marty Mc Fly was in wanting to set things right, and get back to his own time where his family and girl friend were. How did Phil feel about that? It concerned her, and there was only one-way to find out.)

Leela: (curious) "Phil…?"

Fry: (warm) "Yes Leels…What is it?"

Leela: (hesitant) "The movie made me think about this, and I was wondering?"

Fry: (curious) "Yes?……Well, go ahead."

Leela: (quiet) "Have you ever thought if you could go back to the 20th Century, would you? I mean to go back to your home and family, and to pick up where you left off?"

Fry: (surprised) "Wow. I really hadn't given it much thought until recently."

Leela: (sad) "So….would you?"

Fry: (certain) "No."

Leela: (curious) "Really!…Why?"

Fry: (sighs) "Three very important reasons. Don't get me wrong! I miss them,

but I wouldn't go back. I can't."

Leela: "Alright. So, what are your reasons?"

Fry: "From what I actually understand about time travel, and going back into the past.

It shouldn't be attempted or messed with. We were luck in that one incident when were thrown back in time to 1947, and ended up at Roswell New Mexico. The movie also demonstrates pretty clearly what could happen. Pull on one thread and the whole woven fabric of time will alter or could completely come apart."

Leela: "That's an excellent reason and good incite. The Professor really did tune up your mind! So, what are your other two reasons?"

Fry: "The others are the most important to me. The thirtieth century is my time now, and New New York is my home. I have job, and good friends that I care about. Most important of all is…I have you."

Leela: (happy) "Me…really?!"

Fry: "Of course…You! I could never up and leave you now. I love you, and I always have."

Leela: (deeply touched) "Oh Phil…There's something I've been wanting to axe you, and I decided to wait until your birthday. It may kind of sound silly at this point, but…"

Fry: (smiling) "Yes…What is it Leels?"

Leela: (certain) "I want to go steady with you. I know sounds silly now because we have been steady together ever since your Opera, but we never made it official." (warm) "I know this for certain. You're the one I want to be with."

Fry: (over whelmed) "Leela…I…I…"

Leela: (happy) "Just say yes, and kiss me!"

Fry: "Yes…you're the most wonderful woman I've ever know!" (warm) "From here, it's you…and me."

Leela: (seductive) "Come here, Phil."

(Leela and Fry snuggle up close to one another and make out for a good long time. Their feelings are very strong for one another, but Fry finally notices what time it is.)

Fry: "Whoa! It's past 1 am. Me and Seymour should get going."

Leela: (disappointed) "You don't have to. You can stay here with me tonight! I was kind of hoping you would."

Fry: "I don't want to impose, Leels. It was already a perfect day."

Leela: (firm) "Phil. It's me. You're not imposing, and I want you to stay."

Fry: "Ok. If don't mind."

Leela: "Stretch out on the couch, and I'll get you a pillow and blanket."

(Fry stretches out on the couch, but he can't get comfortable at all. His back was tender to start with, but now he's really sore after that crash at Rocket Feller center. Leela comes back a few moments later and finds him in great discomfort. Fry hadn't yet noticed her presence because he was busy trying to block out the pain.)

Leela: (concerned) "What's wrong?"

Fry: (surprised) "Oh…it's nothing."

Leela: (firm) "It's not nothing! What's wrong?"

Fry: (groans) "It's my back. It was tender after the laceration wound, but now after that crash at rink. It really smarts!" (sighs) "Stupid me."

Leela: "Oh…hmm. Well, I guess you can sleep on my bed next to me. You'll be a lot more comfortable."

Fry: (surprised) "Really?! You're serious?"

Leela: (firm) "Yes, but don't get any funny ideas."

Fry: (raises his hand and replies mock seriousness) "I promise won't cop a feel."

Leela: (amused) "You already did! Now come on were both tired."

Fry: (hopeful) "Can we sleep in a little tomorrow? I mean it's almost the weekend after all."

Leela: "It's not a regular part of my routine, but why not. Just as long as we're not too late for work tomorrow!"

(Leela and Fry bed down for the first time together. Leela's double bed is just barely big enough for the two of them, but Fry already has a solution in mind for that.)

Fry: (happy) "You're right. This is a lot more comfortable."

Leela: "Why don't you take off that sweat-top? You'll be a lot cooler, and I can give your back a rub."

Fry: (seductive) "Some tender loving Leela? That sounds nice."

(Fry pulls off his sweat top and rolls on his stomach. Leela strattles his back, and begins to massage his sore muscles.)

Leela: "No wonder your back hurts so much! Your muscles are all tensed up. Just relax and let me take care of you."

(Leela's firm and gentle attention soon starts to take affect. Fry back soon begins to feel so much better.)

Fry: (purrs) "Mmmmmm. That feels so great. You're really good at this Leels. You'll have to let me return the favor."

Leela: (warm) "Maybe tomorrow. There now. It's time to get some sleep."

Fry: "Look, Leels. We'll have a lot more room if you come a little closer to me."

Leela: "Oh really? I know what you're up to."

(Fry gently pulls Leela close to him, and they snuggle comfortably together.)

Fry: (happy) "There. See? Now we have plenty of room."

Leela: (amused) "Yeah. You got what wanted!"

Fry: "Heh heh heh. Yup!"

Leela: (gentle) "Phil. What did you wish for? I mean, for you birthday?"

Fry: (happy) "It already came true. A hundred times over. (sighs) "Now I wish we could be together like this all the time."

Leela: (gentle) "Patients, dear…good things can't be rushed…goodnight, Phil."

Fry: (gentle) "I know, hon…goodnight, Leels."

(Leela was suddenly jolted back from the pleasant memory into the present. Someone was shouting her name over and over!)

Amy: "Leela!…Leela! Yo! Earth to Leela!"

Leela: (surprised) "Huh!…Oh Amy!…What's up!"

Amy: (annoyed) "Spleesh! I was just calling you're name for the last ten minutes!"

Leela: "I'm sorry Amy…I was just thinking about some things."

Amy: (concerned) "Like what? It had to pretty deep because you were on another plain of existence!"

Leela: (sighs) "Oh. I was thinking back to the time when we celebrated Phil's thirtieth birthday."

Amy: "I see. Wasn't the day when you guys went steady? Well, I mean officially."

Leela: "Yes. I remember how wonderful and happy that day was. Phil seems so down now, and there's so much he hasn't told me about. Especially what happened to him in that terrible war? I'm worried Amy. And I know he's also worried about me."

Amy: (quite) "Yeah. I guess you could say that?"

Leela: (annoyed) "What's that suppose to mean?"

Amy: "Nothing…nothing. Leela. Could you please help me with aligning the dark matter injectors? It's a two person, and Kif's busy taking care of Annie for the moment."

Leela: "Oh. Sure Amy. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bite your head off."

Amy: "It's ok. I know you're worried about him. Like he's worried about you, but you guys need sometime to yourselves to sit down and talk. I know it's not easy, but you'll feel much better then. I think your time out on the delivery would be perfect for that."

Leela: "Thank you Amy. Your right, and I'll do that." (up beat) "Now, lets take a look at those injectors!"

Amy: "Ok. Now cheer up! And you just keep thinking about tonight!"

Leela: (curious) "So it's really go to be something huh?"

Amy: (enthusiastic) "Yeah! Fry's really out done himself! He's got some really nice….Hey!…don't mess with me like that! You husband already pissed off enough with me as it is because I told you some stuff."

Leela: (amused) "Ha ha ha. Sorry…couldn't resist!"

Amy: "Say! Where is Fry anyways?!"

Leela: "He'll be along. He was just getting his gear."

(Leela and Amy make their way into the engine room to take a look at the dark matter injectors. They open up the access housing and get a nasty surprise as dark matter fuel is sprayed all over them! Splut!… Splat!…Spurt! Unfortunately, the entire injector system was a mess! The lines had cracked and spewed fuel throughout the engine room, and all over Amy and Leela. Amy finally gets to the controls to kill the pressure and stop the fuel from flying everywhere.)

Amy: "Ugh! Spleesh! I can't believe it! Those fuel lines were fine yesterday! Leela, I swear there weren't any cracks or leaks at all!"

Leela: (disgusted) "Eww! Oh, what a mess!"

Amy: "I'm sorry Leela!"

Leela: (annoyed) "It's alright Amy! I'm not pointing fingers! Let's just fix the problem…ok?!"

Amy: "Ok. I'll get the tools, spare lines, and hook up for another load of fuel. I'm sorry. I hope you guys aren't in a big hurry. This is going to take sometime to get cleaned up and repaired properly."

Leela: (groans) "I know. I'm going to get started on clean up in here. Ugh! Where to begin?"

(Amy leaves Leela in the engine room to start with dissembling the fuel lines, and then to get started with clean up.)

Leela: (to herself) "There's always something. It's either a twisted plot, some crazy maniac, or an insane war to destroy the Universe. Phil and I have been through all those nigh mares. Now, I'm covered in dark matter, and I have a huge mess to clean up!" (sighs) "Phil, where are you? I wish you were here because I could use some cheering up and a good laugh right now."

(Meanwhile, Fry was busy getting himself ready for the days big delivery, and there was much on his mind as he was getting his gear from the locker room.)


To Be Continued…

Phew! That's Part 4. I hope you enjoyed it. I already have the draft for Part 5 done, and I'll start on that in the near future. It will be about an uneventful delivery for Leela and Fry, but it end quite dramatically for Planet Express's Doctor Zoidberg, and my two favorite characters will be there all the way to help him. Right to the end! I welcome any comments or suggestions you have. My-Emails on Part 1. Thanks again!