Fan Fiction

The Best of Times and Worst of Times, Part 3
By Kriebs

What up everyone? Well, here's Part 3. It's not as long Part 2, but I can finally appreciate all the hard work that other writers have to do in making a Fan Fiction. It's a lot of work! I guess it depends on how much you want to put into it. Anyway, here's my third chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Leela had set off in the direction of the PE offices to show her discovery to Fry. Meanwhile, Hermes and Fry are busy discussing operations and how to bring more money in for the company and the growing needs of its employees.

Hermes: (serious) "So, you're now well aware of your employee's needs which are our growing families including myself. We have to increase the company's income and we need to be more competitive."

Fry: (reluctant) "Yes. . .I know, but. . ."

Hermes: (firm) "I'm sorry Fry, but to stay in business we have to expand our operations and be willing to increase the number of daily deliveries. More freight, more destinations and more out reach to possible clients! This is just for starters."

Fry: (groans) "Great!. . .triple the work load!"

Hermes: (angry) "Commander!. . .These aren't the good old days when the Professor was alive! Slacking and watching TV half the day is a thing of the past! The Professor entrusted to you the future of this company, and being his only surviving relative he asked you to carry on! Breaking a promise to a dying family member is despicable and the ultimate disrespect!"

(Hermes Conrad had unfortunately hit a very sensitive nerve. Philip J. Fry rarely lost his temper on a close friend, but this time he was justifiably pissed off.)

Fry: (dangerous growl) "Excuse me. . .but I know damn well what. . .I. . . Promised him! I know what needs to be done around here! And your criticism isn't helping. Do you understand me?"

(Hermes wisely chooses to back down. He realizes that he went too far in making his case of point to the Boss. Belittling him and using the Professors loss to get his concerns taken seriously wasn't such a good idea. After a few moments of pacing and taking deep breaths Fry had sufficiently calmed himself to discuss the matter rationally.)

Fry: (calm) "Listen to me Hermes. We're not in the red, and we're not going to be! I was thinking we could incorporate your ideas into something that could work and still be reasonable for the rest of us."

Hermes: "Ok Commander. . .you have my attention."

Fry: (enthusiastic) "Well. . .I was thinking about this for a while, and ...I think it's about time we purchased another ship. Not to replace Express 1, but to have Express 2. That would double our efficiency and finding the key personnel shouldn't be too difficult. Amy and Kif are at the top of my list and we can fill in from there. As far as new cliental is concerned we can start right here on Earth and expand out. Expanding our current delivery routes wouldn't be unreasonable and I guess hitting a few more planets on the way back home to Earth would be the best way to do it. With two ships working in tandem we should be able to double our efficiency and increase the company's income, but still make it home in time dinner."

(Hermes is impressed with Fry's initiative and his open mindedness to the ideas he had presented. He was also impressed with the ideas that Fry came up with on his own.)

Hermes: (positive) "The ideas are good Mon, but still a little rough around the edges."

Fry: "Don't worry! We'll work out the details and smooth out the edges in our up coming meetings. Just be sure to have Leela's final approval because she's a lot better at formulating and working out details than I am." (deep breath) "Well, that should about do it! I've got to get ready and load today's shipment."

Hermes: (grateful) "Thank you Commander. . .and I'm sorry about what I said earlier."

Fry: (amused) "Forget it, Hermes. . .You and Leela both know that you have to light under my ass sometimes or nothing would get done around here."

Hermes: (laughs) "Well, Mon. . .sometimes I forget just how far you've come." (sighs) "There are times I get a little worked up with a wife and two kids to worry about."

Fry: (reflective) "I know. . .It's hard to believe your little Dana is going to be two years old this April."

Hermes: (sighs) "Yeah, Mon. It feels like only yesterday she was put into my arms for the very first time. Now look at her. She's walking and talking. It goes by so fast and you'll see soon enough!"

Fry: (amused) "Yeah. . .Hey! You, Labarbra, Dwight, and Dana are coming tonight right? For Leela's surprise party?"

Hermes: (surprised) "Of course, Mon! You know we wouldn't miss it! So you reserved the Hip Joint for the whole evening?"

Fry: "Yup! First I'm taking Leela out for a nice intimate dinner at Elzart's and then if I can get her to play along. . .surprise her! However she's already on to me. Then it's going to be a full evening with all our best friends. The whole nine yards. The big surprise, music, dancing, games, food, and then my gifts to Leela. Something for everyone!"

Hermes: (impressed) "Well, Mon. . .It sounds like you've come up with a real winner! So what are you going to give her?"

Fry: "Oh. . .a few things I think she'll like. Above all I want it to be her night. I want it be a birthday my Leels will always remember." (sad) "A happy one. Not like last years."

Hermes: (reassuring) "I'm sure it will be. Listen to me, Mon. You've always tried hard to right by her, especially after you're opera. I know you two have had more than your fair share of rough times, but don't dwell on the past so much. It only gets in the way of the good things."

Fry: (doubtful) "I know." (sighs) "There are times when she's sad and I know why. I wish I knew what I could do to make her truly happy."

Hermes: (amused) "Come on, Mon! Don't play dumb on me. You know what it is. I'm just a little surprised that as much as you two love each other we don't have a little Fry or Leela running around here already!"

Fry: (shrugs) "I don't know. Maybe we weren't ready. I've had a hard time seeing myself as a parent. Don't get me wrong! I like kids, but I just don't want to screw one up."

(Hermes raises his hand to get Fry's attention.)

Hermes: "Phil. . .take it from me. There is no guide book, no manual, no filing system that tells how to be a parent. You and your wife do the best you can and everything you can for them. The key. . .is to make sure that they know you love them, you're there for them and you're always willing to listen."

Fry: (amused) "You know what! You should bottle and sell that advice. You could make a fortune off of guys like me. Yeah! The Idiots Guide to Parenting byHermes Conrad written especially for Frys and lower primates! Heh heh heh."

Hermes: (firm) "Fry! You're a good man and a great friend. Stop kicking yourself and finding things to hold yourself back. Nobody's perfect and you do the best you can!" (reassuring) "You're going to be a great Dad, Mon! I know how you are with Dwight, Dana, and Annie. My Dwight looks up to you too! My Dana, and little Annie both know you as Uncle Phil!"

Fry: (touched) "Aww. . .That's nice. Thanks Hermes. You're right! I'm just being negative and stupid."

Hermes: (surprised) "Of course I'm right! I'm a bureaucrat and a father. I know these things, Mon."

Fry: (warm) "Well, you're a damn good one and you're a great friend. Thanks Hermes. I needed a vote of confidence.


Hermes: (reassuring) "Just trust me Phil. . .It will all work out. You two have each other and that what counts. When the moments right she'll tell you. Just like when she asked you to marry her! Heh! Never saw that one coming did you, Mon?"

Fry: (amused) "Nope!. . .That was supposed to be my line. One life's little surprises I guess and they're the best. She's the best."

Hermes: (reflective) "There will be many more. Trust me on that."

Fry: "I do. . .At least I know who to come to for fatherly advice."

Hermes: (warm) "Well, Mon. . .my door is always open. Feel free to come in."

Fry: (happy) "I'll do that. And Hermes. . .Thanks."

Hermes: (happy) "Anytime, Mon. . .I've been there myself."

(Fry leaves Hermes office and is making his way to the PE locker room, but at this point Leela finally catches up to Fry to show him her discovery.)

Leela: (excited) "Phil! I've got to show you this! You're not going to believe it."

Fry: (curious) "What is it Leels?"

Leela: (smiling) "Well. . .Do you remember our first real date?"

Fry: (confused) "Yes. . .Umm? What does that have to do with what you want to show me?"

Leela: "Will you do something for me? A little something special for your wife on her birthday?"

Fry: (warm) "Of course!. . .Anything. . .Just name it!


(Smiling brightly Leela presents his long lost Holophoner and Fry's jaw drops.)

Fry: (disbelief) "Ohoooo!. . .Well, I'll be damned. . .I never thought I'd see it again.


Leela: (hopeful) "Will you play for me again?"

Fry: (surprised) "What?. . .Now?. . .I mean it wouldn't be any good since its been so long. Heh. . .I would probably make rust look good!"

Leela: (disappointed) "Oh. . .ok. . .forget it."

Fry: (desperate) "What?. . .No please!. . .Leels, I didn't mean it like that!. . .I'd love to play for you again and just you! I just need a little time to reacquaint myself and practice. Then I'll come up with something new."

Leela: (weak smile) "Ok. . .I can wait a bit."

Fry: (reassuring) "Please Turanga?. . .I promise I'll play for you again and this time I'm going to so good it will take your breath away. I'll have a surprise for you on the return trip home from today's delivery."

Leela: (touched) "Really?"

Fry: (smiling) "Yes. . .I'd do anything for my Leels."

Leela: (sad) "I know that. . .I'm sorry. . .I was being selfish."

(Fry smiles then comes very close to his wife and wraps her up in a tender embrace.)

Fry: (whispers) "No. . .I'm the one who should be sorry honey. . .not you. I'm sorry for being such an insensitive jerk."

Leela: (tender) "Your not insensitive...The man I fell in love with and married is no jerk. He's the greatest guy I know." (serious) "He should never doubt that."

Fry: (happy) "I am?"

Leela: (smiling) "Mmm Hmm. . ."(whispers) "I love you."

(Leela tenderly kisses her husband to show him she means it.)

Fry: (tender) "I love you too Leels."

(They eventually break their embrace, but still hold hands.)

Leela: "Well, I need to prep the ship for take off. I have to go over my check list."

Fry: "I know. . .and I have to load that big shipment of Hyper Bird seed. First, I'm going to stop by my locker and get a couple of things. . .including my old Holophoner case."

Leela: (surprised) "You kept the case?"

Fry: (reflective) "Yeah. I did for some reason. I'm glad I did because I always hoped it would turn up." (curious) "By the way, where did you find it? I looked really hard for it."

Leela: "Well. . .I was getting some spare parts from the maintenance locker when all the sudden I noticed something out of the ordinary. I started to dig it out from under an old pile of junk and. . .low and behold it was your Holophoner. I wonder how?. . ."

(The sad expression on Fry's face makes her stop pondering.)

Leela: (concerned) "Phil?. . .What is it?. . .Please tell me."

Fry: (sad) "It must have been Bender."

Leela: (surprised) "You don't think he?. . ."

Fry: (down cast) "Yes. . .After that first big fight and he threw me and Seymour out. The Holophoner disappeared after that. I. . .I just didn't want to point fingers and make things worse."

Leela: (firm) "None of that was your fault! So please! Don't start. That jerk bot did it to himself and he had it coming! You were a better friend to him than he ever deserved. So you have nothing to feel guilty about. O?!"(reassuring) "Well, at least this will give us a bit more closure."

Fry: (sad) "I know. . .It's just. . .I always thought we would be friends no matter what would change. I don't understand why he couldn't accept it and just be happy for us. He was the first friend I made when I thawed out." (sighs) "You think someone's your best friend, and then they. . ."

Leela: (firm) "Just stop right now! That's an order!" (smiles) "From your Captain and your Wife."

Fry: (mock salute) "Yes! Captain dear! Sir!"

Leela: (laughs) "That's better. Now, no more thoughts about the bad times and things that don't matter anymore. Lets just focus on the good. That's us and our future. . .got it?"

Fry: (smiling) "Yes. . .Of course. Speaking of our future. . .Leels?"

Leela: (smiling) "Hmmm?"

Fry: (uncertain) "Umm. . .It's nothing. I've got to get my stuff, so I'll see you in a bit."

Leela: (concerned) "Ok. . .But tell me. What's wrong?"

Fry: (quiet) "Perhaps later. . .It's alright."

(Fry gives her a little smile then turns and walks off in the direction of the locker room. He leaves a very puzzled wife to ponder.)

Leela: (to herself) "What was he going to ask me? It had to be something important. He doesn't clam up like that unless he's really bothered by something on his mind." (sighs) "They still come back. It kills me to see him so sad over those memories. Bender's the worst. Damn that stupid robot! He's lucky I let him walk away functioning at all."

(Leela takes a moment to calm herself and drive the hatred from her being.)

Leela: (smiles) (to herself) "I'll find out what's on his mind and what's bothering him. I've always been good at cheering him up. Don't worry Phil, I'm here. Everything's going to be alright. . .you'll see."

(Leela then turns and starts back in the direction of the hanger. She would have more time to think about this after she finished prepping Express 1 for take off.)

To Be Continued. . .

Well folks, that's Part 3. Part 4 is in the works. It will be about more memories on the past events of Leela and Fry's growing relationship. There will be the action I promised. No! Not kind of action! That's way down the road yet. It will be about a delivery boy's thirtieth birthday and the one closet to him. She'll give him some very special gifts. Enough with the spoiling! Comments and suggestions are welcomed as always. My E-Mail is on Part 1. Thanks!