Fan Fiction

The Best of Times and Worst of Times, Part 2
By Kriebs

I'm Baaaaaack! Yeah…I know what your thinking… "Oh Lord! Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Nah! I'm here to give you Part 2. I decided to wait until February. You know, Valentines Day and junk. I can't help it…. I'm Shipper, and proud of it damn it! So you might laugh, cry, or just plain throw up! Well, here it is, and I hope you enjoy!

Leela and Fry arrive about twenty minutes after the drive and proceed into the PE building. The whole staff has assembled around the conference table and begins the discussion of the day's assignments and delivery. They listen as Hermes drones on how they need to step up on the number of deliveries and how to increase efficiency. It was followed the usual chorus of groans and blahs! Then the morning staff meeting wraps up, and they started to scatter and get busy with their individual assignments.

(Leela stops to greet Kif, Amy, and their baby girl Annie.)

Leela: (up beat) "Hey guys! (to Annie) Good morning Sweetie! And how are you?"

Amy and Kif: "Morning Leela!"

Amy: "The preparations are almost complete. Fry just needs to load the cargo, and you'll be set."

Leela: "Good! The sooner we blast off the sooner we get back home."

(Leela comes up to Amy who is holding her baby girl. Leela smiles and tickles Annie under her chin and makes some coochie coochie sounds to her. Annie smiles back and coos at her.)

Leela: "Ooh!….you are sooo cute!"

(Amy smiles down at her baby girl. Annie is uniquely Amy and Kif's daughter. She has her Fathers eyes and skin tone, and her Mothers hair and physical make up. She's very adorable.)

Amy: (proud) "That's because of Kif and yours truly."

Leela: (sighs) "Yeah….I envy you."

Amy: (sympathetic) "Leela….I don't think your going to have to wait much longer, but making it happen will also help. If you know what I mean."

Leela: (smiling) "I was thinking along the same lines this morning and your right! One thing my life has taught me is to make a plan and take action!"

Amy: "Good…Now cheer up! Your in for a wonderful time tonight."

Leela: (slyly) "Umm…about that."

Amy: (pissed) "Forget it!…Fry said he put me on double duty with reduced pay if I gave away anything else."

Leela: (laughs) "Ok!….Ok!…I'll make sure Phil doesn't put you on double duty with reduced pay."

Amy: (relieved) "Phew!….Good…now I've got a few more maintenance details on the engines to finish up, but I'll see you before take off."

Leela: "Oh!…Amy have you seen that spare parts box for the bridge instruments?"

(Amy turns back to Leela.)

Amy: "Hmm….I think I last saw it in the maintenance supply locker across the hanger."

Leela: "Got it….Thanks."

(Leela proceeds across the hanger to the locker.)

Leela: (to herself) "There it is."

(She gets the spare parts and is about to close up the locker, but then something catches her eye. She sees something she never noticed before.)

Leela: "What is that?"

(She starts to unbury the object of interest from all the other parts and equipment on top of it in a refuse pile. Leela gasps when she frees the object.)

Leela: (shocked) "I'll be damned!….It's Phil's Holophonor….. He's been looking for this for god knows how long."

(Leela sits down on a nearby create and clutches the instrument close as the memories come flooding back.)

(Flash back to the events of mid 3004.)

(The Metropolitan House of Opera and the "Greatest Opera of all time Sucks!" is over.)

(Fry had just taken the Holophonor from his lips to gage Leela's reaction to his ending. Leela was still seated center row, and she is looking down at her lap wearing a very sad expression.)

Fry: (to himself) "Oh boy….That can't be good. She's not even looking at me."

(Fry leaves center stage and goes down the isle to where Leela is and takes a seat next to her.)

Fry: (sad) "Leela?…..Listen I know the ending was lousy, and I can't play anymore but…."

Leela: "Fry!….What are you saying?….I loved your opera! Especially the end. It was a true expression of your feelings. Dr. Zoidberg's right. The beauty is in your heart….not your hands."

(Fry looks sadly at his imperfect human hands.)

Fry: (distraught) "Well now I'm stuck with these stupid things and they're as useless as I am."

Leela: (softly) "Fry didn't you hear me? I loved you opera….nobody's done anything like that for me before."

Fry: "Well if that's true then why did you look so sad when I finished?"

Leela: "Do you want to know the truth? Because I'm hoping you'll understand."

Fry: "Yes…..Please tell me."

Leela: (deep sigh) "Fry…do you remember the time when you had the worms, and how they made you….well…..stronger and more articulate in thought?"

Fry: "Yes……ummm? Articu…what?"

Leela: "Smarter!"

Fry: "Oh!…….Yeah…. I remember."

Leela: "Well…..when you got rid of the worms and went back to being normal as it were I was confused and then angry. You had become everything I wanted in a man, but then it was gone and all that was left was you."

(Fry could feel his heart breaking into pieces when she said the last part.)

Fry: (crushed) "Oh……I see."

(At this point Fry couldn't look at Leela or listen any further. The truth was hurting too much. Leela cursed herself because it was doing more harm than good. She had to make him listen, and understand about how she really felt. It was the only way to make it better now.)

(Leela gently touched his arm to get his attention.)

Leela: (softly) "Fry……please look at me. I need you to listen."

Fry: (resigned) "Why?…..You never listened to me. Even when I told you why I got rid of the worms! What difference does it make now."

Leela: (sad and angry) "Fry! That's my whole point! I never listened because I never realized until recently what's most important. You see….the vision of my perfect man has been all wrong, and time and time again I nearly fell for the wrong guy."

(Leela now has Fry's full attention because she is answering the questions he's always wanted to ask but couldn't.)

Fry: (curious) "So……when did you realize that?"

Leela: (sad) "When I had my big date with Chaz the Mayor's aid. Well I thought he was great but then his true self came out. He tried to impress me with his clout, but in the end he turned into a pompous jerk and a total pig. All he wanted was to get me into bed."

Fry: (sad) "I remember I tried something like that during the time slips, and I got a black eye. I just want you to know I'm sorry about that."

Leela: "I remember…..but I forgave you for that along time ago, and you more than made up for it since then."

Fry: (confused) "You did?…….I did?"

Leela: "Yes!….Now getting back to the truth. I never thought about what you said after you got rid of the worms until recently, and tonight made it all the more clear."

Fry: "What do you mean?"

Leela: (softly) "About who I love…..the real you. Not what the worms turned you into. All along I knew. I just didn't let myself see it or listen to what my heart was telling me."

Fry: "Leela please!….It's not your fault! I mean I'm an Idiot and a Jerk! I say and do dumb things all the time with no regards to others. It's not a wonder you can't stand me or give me……."

(What Leela said next surprised Fry to no end.)

Leela: (annoyed) "That's Enough!……Just stop it right now ok! I can't stand to hear you tear yourself down like that…..Especially when it's not true."

Fry: "But Leela….."

Leela: "I said be Quiet!…….Please! I'm not finished."

Fry: "Ok……I'm sorry."

(Leela takes a few minutes to calm down and get a hold of her emotions.)

Leela: (softly) "Fry….I know the one who wrote me that beautiful sonnet was you….. not the worms. The same man who gave me his oxygen when mine was gone and I never thanked him. The man who gave me a simple but beautiful flower after a terrible date, and I was really glad to see him and I didn't care if he wasn't the most important person in the universe. The man who selflessly and courageously put his own body in front of mine trying to protect me from an enraged space bee. Now tonight…Tonight he has shown me something truly beautiful. A little glimpse into his heart and soul, and how wonderful it is to be loved and wanted so much. He's never given up on me and now I'm glad he never did."

(Fry was completely at a loss for words and he was glad because words would just screw it up. Was he dreaming? Leela had just told him in her own way that she really cares about him, and means more to her than just a friend.)

Fry: (lost for words) "Leela….I….I…"

(Leela hushes him by placing a finger on his lips indicating she had more to tell him.)

Leela: (happy) "It's ok……You understand…..I'm glad. Everything's going to be alright. You'll see."

Fry: (confused) "What do you mean?"

Leela: "No more rejections and no more lame excuses……because I have none."

Fry: "Oh!…..Then that means….."

Leela: (very sure) "Yes."

Fry: "Leela?"

Leela: (gently) "Yes Fry?"

Fry: (hopeful) "Leela……Will you please let me take you out on a date?…..A real date."

Leela: (happy) "Yes!…..I accept…..I'd love to go out with you on a real date."

Fry: (gently) "And after that….."

Leela: (concerned) "And after?"

Fry: (smiles) "A kiss good night."

Leela: (softly) "That sounds nice."

(Fry can't help but show a big smile. The one Leela has become very fond of. They get up together and Fry looks around one last time.)

Fry: "It was all worth it."

(Leela smiles at him for what that meant and she going to prove to him just how right he was. Hand in hand they walk out together to greet their friends who are waiting for them.)

(Outside the Professor, Hermes, Amy, Bender, and Dr. Zoidberg are waiting for the two stragglers to come out and conclude the evening. When Leela and Fry finally come out

it's Bender who's first to speak up.)

Bender: "Well skin tube! You've managed to make and break yourself again in one night, and on top that Leela still thinks you're a total loser! Ha ha ha ha Ah ha ha ha!"

(Fry stares down sadly and feels hurt by his so called best friends banter.)

Leela: (annoyed) "For your information Bender! Fry's opera was wonderful. (smiling at Fry) Especially the end. Oh!…and by the way he's hardly a loser……In fact far from it. Now if you'll excuse us we have a date tonight!"

Fry: (surprised) "We do?"

(Leela takes his hand and smiles.)

Leela: (softly) "That's right."

(Bender walks off grumbling to himself. He hated being shown up. The rest of the crew is surprised, but start to respond in their own manner and congratulate them.)

Professor: "Well, you two have a nice time so off you go! (laughs manically) I'm already plotting my next doomsday device!"

Hermes: "You have anything in mind?"

Leela: "We'll think of something."

Dr. Zoidberg: "My good friends!" (Pulls them into a big hug.)

(Leela and Fry start to gag.)

Dr. Zoidberg: "What?"

Leela and Fry: (Gasp) "Air!"

Dr. Zoidberg: (touched) "Aww! You noticed my stink gland."

Amy: "Well….I'm happy for you guys. I mean it's about time."

Leela: "Thanks Amy….I guess."

Amy: (whispers to Fry) "Well done. I was rooting for you the whole time."

Fry: "Thanks Amy."

(They all bid goodnight to one another and head their own ways.)

Leela: "Come on Fry."

Fry: "Ok! Where to?"

Leela: "Well the night is still young…..how about a nice sit down dinner at Elzart's? We can talk and relax in a nice cozy atmosphere."

Fry: "That sounds like a plan. I mean we are certainly dressed for the occasion."

Leela: "Oh! And I insist on splitting the check so we can both enjoy a good meal."

Fry: "Thanks Leels!…..Umm I mean Leela."

Leela: (smiles) "It's alright Fry. You can call me that."

Fry: (smiling)(to himself) "She's so great. No wonder I never gave up on her."

(Leela notices him smiling at her and takes his hand and smiles back.)

Leela: (curious) "What?"

Fry: "Did I mention how beautiful you look tonight?"

Leela: (smiling) "Really?"

Fry: (softly) "Yes."

(A short time later they arrive at Elzart's for dinner. Leela "gently" persuaded Elzart for a table for two. They sat down to enjoy a meal together for the first time as more than just friends. Leela noticed throughout dinner Fry was different. He was more relaxed and not nervous in his eagerness to please her. He didn't even spew crumbs at her during coffee and desert.)

Leela: "Fry?"

Fry: "Yes Leels?"

Leela: "You seem very relaxed. I mean we've had a nice dinner and your conversation skills tonight have been good. What's changed?"

Fry: "Well….you've opened up to me tonight and gave me a chance. You haven't been well…..I mean you've been really…..nice. You even stood up for me when Bender cut me down. It makes a difference. Please don't take that wrong way!"

(Leela thinks about that and she knows he's right. Being even a little nicer to him has had an effect, and it also made her feel good too. She wonders what the possibilities are on them continuing. Fry at the same moment was concerned by her silence. For all he knew he could have effectively ruined everything he had worked so hard to achieve this evening.)

Fry: (desperate) "Leela!…I'm sorry!…Please don't be angry."

Leela: (gently) "No Fry! It's ok because you're right. I'm not always very nice or supportive of you. I'm the one who should be sorry."

Fry: (happy) "Leela! Don't be….it's okay now. We've come to an understanding. So what's important now…..is……where we go from here."

(Fry was taking a gamble and hoped she understood his meaning. He knew exactly how badly men had treated her in the past, and he didn't want her to be scared off by him now.)

Leela: "Fry…..your absolutely right. I promise I'll be more considerate of your feelings, and more understanding. (smiling) "We'll go from there."

Fry: "Hey!…..You know there are something's I'm going to work on myself. I'm going to do better at work for starters. Especially when you ask me to do things and stop being so damn lazy all the time."

Leela: (laughs) "Well…..It's a step in the right direction for both of us."

(Fry smiles at Leela in a certain way.)

Leela: "What?"

Fry: "Have I ever told you how great you are?"

Leela: (blushing) "Yes…. On more than one occasion, and I think you're pretty wonderful too. I'll be sure to tell you more often."

Fry: "Well…..to conclude this wonderful meal and date I've asked Elzart to bring us a little something special."

(Fry signals their waiter and a few moments later he comes back to their table with a bottle of champagne.)

Leela: (surprised) "Moderately priced non-vintage domestic champagne! You remembered that?"

Fry: (amused) "Hey!….My memory may have the consistency of Swiss cheese most of the time, but I can come through when it counts."

(Leela laughs at that and Fry raises his glass and she does the same.)

Fry: (toasts) "Well!….Here's to a wonderful evening with a wonderful woman."

Leela: (softly) "And…..Here's to us and the good times ahead."

Fry: "To us."

(They touch glasses and drink. Leela takes Fry's hands and smiles. Fry smiles back and

feels the connection and warmth. It was there the first time when they met four years ago. It was down in the decaying ruins of old New York he had felt the connection to her. Now it was real and tonight something very special had happened for the two of them.

Unfortunately time doesn't stand still, and the evening had grown very late. It was almost

midnight and Elzart had come to their table to give them the old heave-ho.)

Elzart: "Ok folks!…I'm sorry but the ball is over and the fairy god mother has spoken….Bam!"

Leela: "Ok!…Ok! Were going!"

Elzart: "So, who gets the bad news?"

Fry: "That would be me!"

Leela: (surprised) "Fry!…..I said I'm paying for half!"

Fry: "Leela…..It's on me."

Leela: "Fry……"

Fry: "Leela….Please I've got it."

(Leela relents but is impressed by his determination to make her happy and take care of the financial matter.)

Leela: (smiles) "Ok…."

(They depart Elzarts together and walk off into the night.)

Fry: (hopeful) "Leels?…..Can I please escort you home?"

Leela: "Fry…..You don't have to do that….It's not far."

Fry: "Please Leela!……I just want to walk you home…..That's all."

Leela: (softly) "Alright….I'd like that, and I know that's what you meant."

Fry: (smiles) "Good…..Come on."

(Fry notices Leela rubbing her arms and bare shoulders in the chill of the night air.)

Fry: (gently) "Here."

(Fry places his tuxedo jacket around her bare shoulders.)

Leela: (gently) "Thank you…..It's just like that time in my dreams. It was when I was in that two week coma from the bee sting!….Remember?"

Fry: "Really?"

Leela: "Yes!…You were there for me. Even though everyone else kept saying you were dead and I thought was going crazy. You kept reaching out to me, and you convinced me to fight it and not give up….No matter what."

Fry: "I didn't let you give up?……Oh yeah!….I rambled on for two weeks by your bedside. (Imitates Dr. Zoidberg): "Like a parrot of the sea I was!"

Leela: (laughs) "Well, I'm glad you did because it helped me find my way back home."

Fry: "Because of me?"

Leela: (softly) "Yes."

(Leela puts her arm around Fry's waist and he in turn puts his arm around her shoulders.)

Fry: "You don't mind?"

Leela: "As long as it's you."

(Leela leans in closer to Fry and looks up.)

Leela: (amazed) "Oh!…..Look at all the stars tonight."

Fry: "Yeah…..It's almost if you could reach out and touch them. I love to look at the stars…..Ever since I was little."

Leela: "Me too…..It was something that they couldn't take away from me when I was growing up at Cookieville."

(They soon arrive outside Leela's apartment door 1 I, and are reluctant to part company.)

Leela: (happy) "I had a wonderful time tonight. It was magical."

Fry: (touched) "Really?…..Because it was everything I hoped it would be and more."

Leela: (softly) "Fry."

Fry: (softly) "Leela."

(They lean in for that good night kiss, but all the sudden Leela stops abruptly and looks at Fry.)

Fry: (confused) "What's wrong?"

Leela: "I have a question…..It my sound a little bit silly, but I was kind of wondering about this for a while."

Fry: (fearful) "What is it?……Did I do something wrong?"

Leela: "No!….Fry…Relax!"

Fry: "I'm sorry……What did you want to ask me?"

Leela: "Well…..What does the J. stand for?"

Fry: (confused) "Pardon me?"

Leela: "Your middle name. What does the J. stand for?"

Fry: (surprised) "Oh!….Now that's something that hasn't been asked of me in a very long time."

Leela: (curious) "So…..What is it?….Please!….You can tell me."

Fry: (sighs) "Ok…..Just between you and me."

Leela: (leans close) "Yes."

Fry: (whispers) "It's Jonathan."

(Leela pulls back. Looks him in the eyes and smiles.)

Leela: "Jonathan….Philip Jonathan Fry…..I like that."

Fry: (curious) "Really?…..You don't think it's stupid?"

(Leela just shakes her head and smiles.)

Fry: (smiles) "So why did you want to know?"

(Leela still smiling leans close to Fry again and speaks softly.)

Leela: "Because I never knew what your full name was, and tonight….I wanted to know."

Fry: (smiling) "Oh!…..Well, now you do."

(Leela surprises Fry again when she pulls him into a deep and very passionate kiss. When they stop they're both panting for breath.)

Fry: (whistles) "Wow!……That….Was some kiss!"

Leela: (softly) "You liked that?"

Fry: (smiling) "Mmmm…Hmmm!"

(Leela pulls Fry close again.)

Leela: (seductive) "So did I."

(Leela and Fry kiss again and this time he surprises her with how much passion he puts into it.)

Leela: "Wow!….Now I'm the on who's breathless!"

(Fry laughs and embraces her. All the cares in the world seem to fall away as he holds her close. It's just the two of them. Five minutes go by and Fry is still holding Leela close.)

Leela: (giggles) "Umm…Fry?….Are we going to do this all night?"

Fry: "Oh!….Sorry!…Guess I lost track of the time."

(Leela opens the door to her apartment.)

Leela: "I'll see you at work tomorrow?"

Fry: "Count on it!….Umm…What time do we start in the morning?"

Leela: (laughs) "8 am sharp and I expect to see you there."

Fry: "Yeah….I better set my alarm."

(Fry looks confused and scratches his head.)

Leela: "What is it?"

Fry: "Do I even have an alarm?"

(Leela really starts laughing now.)

Leela: "Ha ha ha ha!….Fry go home…Ha ha ha!…I'll see you..ha ha.. tomorrow."

Fry: "G'night….Leels."

Leela: "G'night….Fry."

(Fry suddenly turns back.)

Fry: "Hey Leela?"

Leela: "Yes?"

Fry: "Could you please call me Phil?…..I mean, if you don't mind."

(Leela is surprised by this because she has always called him Fry.)

Leela: (smiling) "Ok….Phil….I'll see you tomorrow."

Fry: (warmly) "Leels."

(With that they part company. Fry leaves and Leela retreats into her apartment. She leans against her front door and is lost in her thoughts and feelings about the wonderful time she had this evening. A few minutes go by and she suddenly speaks up.)

Leela: "Yes!….Yes!…Yes!…Yes!…..I'll be damned! She was right! That other Leela was right!"

(Nibbler comes out of the bedroom to see what all the commotion is.)

Leela: "Oh!….There you are Nibbler. (She picks him up.) How is mommy's little angel?"

(Nibbler jabbers at her curiously.)

Leela: "I'm fine Sweetie…..Mommy's just had a really wonderful evening."

(She prepares for bed and puts Nibbler beside her pillow on a small one of his own. Leela notices the picture of Fry on her nightstand and picks it up. She caresses the picture as she regards his smiling face. She smiles and places the picture back on the nightstand facing her and turns out the light.)

Leela: (softly) "Goodnight…Phil."

(She soon drifts off into a peaceful sleep and starts to dream of the things in store for her and Fry. They were good dreams.)

(Lord Nibbler contemplated what "the other" had just stated before retiring for the evening.) (to himself) "Was it possible? The Mighty One had finally succeeded in winning her over!" (From the way she looked at his picture it had to be true. The Mighty One's determination and persistence had finally paid off, and he did it on his own.) "He's much more capable than I gave him credit for. I'll not underestimate him again. Finally!…..Finally things are starting to come to pass….My life's work has not been in vain." (Content with that thought Lord Nibbler himself retired for the evening.)

(Back to the Present and the Flash back ends.)

(Leela is still clutching the Holophonor and thinking of her first real date with Fry.)

Leela: (to herself) "It was that night….That night he proved himself and showed me the kind of man he was. I knew then for certain then he was the right one for me." (Leela smiles.) "From that point it was just a matter of time until we would be together."

(Leela snaps out of her reverie and realizes that she had been sitting in the maintenance locker for sometime now.)

Leela: "Oh!….I better show this to Phil!…..He's not going to believe it."

(Leela locks up the locker and proceeds to drop off the spare parts in Express 1.)

Leela: (Smiling at the Holophonor) "He's going to be thrilled to have this back….I know I am. It's been far too long….I know he'll play for me again."

(After dropping off the spare parts she sets off to find Fry and show him her discovery.)


To Be Continued…

Phew! Well folks, that's Part 2. I'll soon start on Part 3. This part was about what I would have liked to see happening after "The Devils Hands." I hope you didn't think it was to unrealistic or sappy. Ehh! Who am I kidding. It was very sappy. Anyways the action will definitely pick up more when I get past Part 3. So stay tuned. Remember if you have any suggestions my E-Mails on Part 1. Thanks!