Fan Fiction

The Best of Times and Worst of Times
By Kriebs

Greetings! This is my first fan fiction. I do not own Futurama or any of its original characters. This is my own take on what happened after "The Devils Hands are Idle Play Things." This story takes place nearly three years after Fry's dramatic and traumatic opera, and Fry and Leela have been married nearly two years since then. Many things have come to pass. Some wonderful. Some tragic. It's now Leela's 31st birthday and Fry is planning a special surprise party for her. What she really wants is special and only Fry can give it to her. It is greater than any material gift. I'll try to keep it light hearted where it needs to be. So I hope you enjoy!

(Year 3007)

The first rays of sunlight illuminate a suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of New New York. It is 7 am on a cold March morning. One of many electronic alarms sound the beginning of a new day, and in the master bedroom of this particularly nice home the Frys are just beginning to stir. Leela looks over at the slumbering form of her husband and gently shakes him.

Leela: (gently) "Phil….time to get up."

(Leela shakes Fry a little harder.)

Fry: "(snort)…Huh!…What?!"

Leela: "Phil…it's time to get up and get going."

Fry: "Oh!..(groan)..What time is it?"

Leela: "7am…and we have a big delivery to make today. Remember?"

Fry: "Oh…yeah…(Yawn!)…Aww…come on Leels just a few more minutes....(snooze)."

Leela: (playful) "Phil!….Wake up or I'll wake you up!"

Fry: "Ok!…Ok!…I'm up!…I'm up!"

Leela: (disappointed) "Aww…Phil!…You don't like it when I wake you up?"

Fry: "I didn't say that! (Purrs) In fact I'd like to wake you up right now!"

Leela: (giggles) "Maybe later, but for now let's get going."

Fry: (whines) "Aww!…You're no fun."

(Leela knows just how to remedy that.)

Leela: "Come on let's get a shower."

(She smiles at Fry and points at him.)

Leela: (seductive) "You and me."

Fry: (excited) "Now you're talking."

(Twenty lazy minutes roll by and a very happy and awake Fry walks out of the master bathroom followed by an amused Leela.)

Leela: (chuckles) "Men." (And regards Fry with a smile.)

(Fry returns that smile and walks over to his wife and tenderly embraces her.)

Fry: "Happy birthday Leels. I love you."

Leela: (tender) "Thank you….I love you too."

Fry: "You know what!….I have something special planned for you, and it's a surprise!"

Leela: (excited) "Really!……I can't wait. What is it?"

Fry: (playful) "I'm not telling…you'll just have to wait and see."

Leela: "Aww!…..Come on…just a little hint…please!"

Fry: (rolls his eyes) "Well…."

Leela: (excited) "Yes!"

Fry: "A nice dinner at Elzart's …sky's the limit, and…."

Leela: (excited) "And?"

Fry: (smiling) "And that's for starters. Ok! No more asking or prodding. You'll like it."

Leela: (faking disappointment) "Ok…"

Fry: "I'll get breakfast started. Hungry?"

Leela: "Yeah …starving! You know what I like so I'll be down in a few minutes. I just need to make a quick call."

(Fry finishes getting dressed, and is putting on his durable all purpose boots. They're similar to Leela's.)

Fry: "I'll start you off with some coffee. You want the usual?"

Leela: (Impatient) "Yes!…Yes!….just get started!"

Fry: (slightly annoyed) "Alright your worship! I'm going…I'm going!"

Leela: (amused) "Smart Ass!"

(Fry heads down stairs to the kitchen and starts banging around. Shortly after there is a lot of barking and some insane jabbering is heard.)

Fry: "Whoa!….Back off wild beasts! You'll get feed!…Just give me a minute!….Hey! That's my leg! It's not a chew toy!….No!….Bad Dog!….Bad Nibbler!…… (cracks a whip)….Back!"

Leela: "Phew!….Finally."

(Leela makes her call.)

Leela: "Hi Kif! Is Amy there?"

Kif: "Hello Leela! Yes…I'll get her for you."

Amy: "Hi Leela!….Happy Birthday!….It's the big three-one huh!"

Leela: (sarcastic) "Yeah!….Thanks for reminding me."

Amy: "Well I'm sure Fry has something special planned for you."

Leela: (curious) "About that….do you know anything?"

Amy: (defensive) "Of course not! Why would I?"

Leela: (Serious) "Amy!……Spill it."

Amy: "Ok!…Yeesh!….Just some small hints. Dinner, dancing, and something's that will take your breath away."

Leela: "Damn!….Now I really can't wait. This is the kind of thing that drives me crazy!"

Amy: "I think Fry's trying to make up for your birthday last year. In fact I'm sure of it. After all he promised he would."

(Leela was suddenly taken back to the events of last March. The rear fatal crash of Express 1, their last fight with Bender over the incident, and Fry ending up in the hospital on a life support unit, a mere fraction away from eternity. She had nearly lost him forever. She quickly shook off the memories for the moment. Amy was still on the line with her.)

Amy: "Leela!….Are you still there?"

(Leela suddenly snaps out of her muse.)

Leela: "Oh!….Sorry Amy!…I was just thinking about something's."

Amy: "Well…Me, Kif, and Annie will see you guys at the PE building for the nine o'clock meeting. We'll get the ship ready."

Leela: "Great!….We'll see you there….bye!"

(Leela's thoughts are again on last years events.)

Leela: (to herself) "I came too close to losing him forever. Never again! I'm never going to let anyone or anything hurt him….not if I can help it!"

(It was a solemn promise. A promise Turanga Leela Fry, a loving, loyal, and fearsomely protective wife was going to keep.)

Leela: (to herself) "I promised to protect and make him happy….he's done that for me. There have been difficult times for us….Times of terrible sadness, anger, even fear,….but we got through it and we did it together."

(Leela then smiled as she thought of the good times and the best of things. The times of laughter, joy, and the love they shared together.)

Leela: (to herself) "That's what I need to focus on…..The Future! There are great times ahead for us."

(Leela's thoughts then turn to the one thing she had been desiring for sometime now. A tiny bundle that would be part of her and Fry. The best parts of them both.)

Leela: (to herself) "A family!….That's what I want….More than anything material. That's the greatest gift he can give me. The truest expression of our love and commitment to each other. Our future."

(Leela then smiled with reassurance.)

Leela: (to herself) "I know he'll come through for me…..He always does."

(She then shakes off her reverie and starts to get dressed and ready for the busy day ahead.)

(Mean while Fry is down stairs in the kitchen feeding the two bottomless pits Nibbler and Seymour.)

Fry: "Jeese!…Where do you guys put it all?"

(Contented belches were their responses.)

Fry: "Eww!….Whatever!…..And you're welcome."

Fry: (to himself) "Hmm…..Better hurry up. Leela is going to be down soon."

(Shortly there after Leela walks into the spacious kitchen to join her husband for breakfast.)

Leela: "What up?….I'm starved!"

(Fry hands a plate full of breakfast to his wife.)

Fry: "Here you go…..You know were lucky those two hogs left any for us."

(Fry gestures over to Nibbler and Seymour.)

Leela: (chuckles) "How are mommy's little angels this morning?"

Nibbler and Seymour: (more belches) "Urrp!….Burp!…..Urrrrrp!"

Leela: "Ewww!…..Content I guess!"

(Leela sits down with Fry at the kitchen table and starts to enjoy breakfast.)

Leela: "Mmmm!….I have to admit you're getting a lot better at this."

Fry: (smiles) "Thanks."

Leela: (curious) "So…."

Fry: "Yes dear?"

Leela: "You have something special planned?"

Fry: (laughing) "Yes!…I told you it's a surprise!"

Leela: "I love surprises!……So what is it?"

Fry (Groans) "You are bad……You're just going to have to wait and see!….I swear you're like a kid on X-Mas morning….You know…after Santa's rampage."

Leela: (sarcastic) "Oh!….and this is coming from you!….Hardy…Har...Har!"

Fry: (amused) "Well….What can I say….We've rubbed off on one another."

Leela: (impatient) "Yeah well I wish delivery was over already!….I mean we've been so busy and on the go that it seems we've hardly have any time for ourselves."

Fry: (reflective) "I know….I think were going to have to take your Mom's advice to slow things down, and make the time."

(Leela's expression turns very sad and Fry curses himself for bringing up such a painful subject.)

Leela: (sighs) "I miss them….I thought we had all the time in the world, and that we would have them around to see…."

Fry: (sympathetic) "I know….Me too….I could always turn to them for support and advice…..They were always kind to me."

Leela: "Yeah!…..Mom and Dad loved you….you know."

Fry: (up beat) "Well I intend to slow things down a bit and make more time for us."

Leela (excited): "And!….Make sometime for….you know….things we've talked about."

Fry: (reluctant) "Yeah that….Let's talk about that tonight….I mean were going to be busy until then ok?"

Leela: (disappointed) "Ok…."

Fry: (to himself) "God!…She's persistent, but that's one many thing's I love about her."

Leela: (to herself) "I know he's willing….but it looks like I'm going to have to take the Buggalo by the fellers and make it happen! Heh…heh…he's never turned me down before."

(Fry is concerned about his wife's whimsical expression. When she looked at him like that it either meant she was happy with him or it was time to run for the hills.)

Fry: (concerned) "What?"

Leela: "Oh….nothing….just looking at you."

Fry: "Ok….Is that good news or bad news?"

Leela: (giggles) "Well….You can never be sure….but it's good news."

Fry: (relieved) "Phew!…..Well that's my favorite kind of news."

(Leela smiles and gives him a little kiss.)

Fry: (smiling) "What was that for?"

Leela: (tender) "Oh….lots of things."

(They finish up breakfast and make sure Nibbler and Seymour are taken care of for the rest of the day.)

Fry: "Well!….Let's roll….That delivery is not going to get there on its own."

Leela: "It's just the two of us on this one right?"

Fry: "Yup!….Just the two of us, and it's going to take some time getting to and back from Hyperon 4."

Leela: "That sounds nice…..Do you think we'll still get back in time for the Supri…..Opps!"

Fry: (groans) "Loose lips sinks ships!…..And when we get to work I'm going to sink Someone's ship and Hard!"

Leela: (scolding) "Now!….Now!……Don't get roiled. It's my fault…..Mostly."

Fry: (disappointed) "Ok…..but I want you to be surprised. So no more probing or interrogating."

Leela: (giggles) "Yes dear…..but you can be just as bad."

(Fry thinks of all the times he's driven her crazy and enjoyed every minute of it.)

Fry: (laughs) "Well….I guess I can't argue with that."

(Fry and Leela both proceed to gather what they need to leave for work.)

(Fry puts on his jacket. It's red like the old one but with a few improvements. This one has futuristic shoulder hoops for starters. It also has five white reflective bands. One large band around the center of the jacket. One positioned above each elbow, and one small pin band, one-inch below each cuff. Below each shoulder on the upper arm is an insignia patch of the Planet Express logo. The final touches are his name patch on the upper right chest, and on the left is an honorary Doop commanders star pin.)

Fry: (to himself) "It's definitely an improvement over the old."

Leela: (regarding Fry) "I like that jacket…..It has style….I'd like to get my green one personalized like yours."

Fry: (smiling) "Hmmm….I'll have to look into that, and by the way. My sense of style. That comes from what you've taught me."

Leela: "Well I'm glad your wearing boots now…..They provide better protection. Especially in this line of work."

Fry: (putting on a pair of brown thinsilate gloves) "Yeah…..among other things."

(Leela knew Fry was referring to the three weapons he carries on all deliveries. It was something she had to force herself to accept. Not being the only on armed. They made it a general rule to have only one laser pistol in the house and it would be hers. That was the decided compromise. Fry had their backs covered on deliveries, and his weapons stayed locked up at Planet Express. It worked well, and with Nibbler and Seymour guarding their home while they were away any would be intruders who tried to break in the house met with a horrible demise. Clean up wasn't pretty.)

(They proceeded through the entrance hall into the foyer and Leela stops to reflect on the pictures that are hanging on the wall. They are pictures of loved ones. Fry's parents, his brother and nephew, the Professor with Cubert. Leela's mother and father have a center place of honor, and last but not least is Dr. Zoidberg.)

(Leela just stares for a few moments and then focuses on her Mom and Dad.)

Leela: (to herself) "Mom….Dad….Where ever you are…..My thoughts and feelings are with you."

(Fry stands next to his wife and contemplates something that would comfort her. The greatest comfort is the truth.)

Fry: (gently) "Don't worry Leels…..they're thinking of you too."

Leela: (sad) "You think so?"

Fry: (gently) "Leels…… I know so….Please believe me."

Leela: (smiling) "I do……Because I still have you."

Fry: (laughs) "And you will….For a very….very….long time. You and I have a lot of things ahead of us. There are some important promises I have to keep."

(Leela knows to what he is referring and feels better because of that. Fry always does know how to make her feel better. Especially when she needs it the most.)

Leela: (gently) "I know…..you've been very good at keeping you're promises. Especially to me. I just want you to know….I'm happy."

Fry: (touched) "I'm glad….You know there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

Leela: (reassuring) "I know that…..Come on they're waiting for us at Planet Express."

(Leela and Fry walk outside and are greeted by a sunny winter morning.)

Fry: "Hmm….Looks like a beautiful day….I wonder where it will take us?"

(Leela smiles at Fry.)

Leela (up beat): "Well see….."


To Be Continued

Phew!….That's Part 1. I'm finished with the rough draft of Part 2. It will start up with some fond memories. Mainly what happened after Fry's opera, and I'll go from there. Do you like it? Should I flush it? Please give me some feed back! I'd appreciate it. My email is Jjkriebel@aol.com