Fan Fiction

Anthology Of Interest Unknown Number
By Rush

Scene:Planet Express: Farnsworth's Lab. The staff are gather around a table which Farnsworth lies on with a sheet covering his right foot.

Farnsworth: 'Good news, everybody! I've invented a device that allows you to kick objects to great distances...Behold!

He pulls away the sheet revealing him wearing a shoe that resembles his foot with long toes.

Fry: 'Ooh!

Amy: 'Wow!

Zoidberg: 'Ah!

Leela: 'What's are you naming it, Professor?

Farnsworth: [stands up with his finger pointing straight up into the air] 'I'm calling it "The Toe-Longer". Observe. [He pulls out a rest and aims the toe-longer at a football on the floor] And, here we go.

He misses the ball a few times but eventually succeeds. Kicking it far into the air across the room out of sight, and then there is the sounds of breaking glass and a car alarm going off.

Farnsworth: 'It's whopper goal! And the crowed goes wide(imitating a cheering crowed) Pretty long, eh?

Man: (shouting from outside) 'My Car!

Fry: 'Yes, it's really long. But didn't you already invented something like that before like the "The Fing-Longer"?

Farnsworth: 'Wha? Shut up!

He kicks Fry in the crotch making him fall to the floor sideways. He gasps in pain eyes tightly shut holding his crotch.

Farnsworth: 'Incidentally, I feel like giving the What-If machine anther whirl! So anyhoo anyone have a what-if question?.....No? But I have one.

Turns it on giving it a bang.

Farnsworth: 'Oh, great machine, we beseech thee. My what if question is--Ohh--

Farnsworth falls asleep standing up while Fry gets up off the floor.

Fry: 'I got one ,what if Yivo was killed by a black hole making bomb, the same thing that destroyed my love not......nebula in the sky.

Everyone stares at Fry and Farnsworth wakes up.

Farnsworth: 'That question is less stupid then you're usually ones, though you asked it in a profoundly stupid way. [He turns to the What-If machine.] What if Yivo was killed by An implosion bomb, like the one I used to fix the Time Skips.

What-If scenario. In space three days after the appearance of the anomaly. The planet ship flies towards the anomaly.

Cut to: Ship's Cockpit. Leela sits on the driver seat driving the ship while Fry sits on his seat to the right of Leela.

Leela: 'Good plan Fry. We'll kill whatever inside there.

Fry: 'Yes.

Cut to: Space. The ship fires giant harpoons into the anomaly and pulls out Yivo.

Yivo: 'What the?!

The ship flies over Yivo, drops a doomsday device on him and flies away.

Yivo: [Grabbing it] 'What's this?

The doomsday device implodes forming a black-hole which sucks Yivo in and the anomaly closes up.

Cut to: Ship's Cockpit.

Fry: 'Hi-five!

Fry and Leela hi-five.

Fry: 'So Leela, wanna go on date?

Leela: 'Sure.

Bender: (voice over) 'And that's what happened in this parallel universe. It is now 3040, Fry and Leela are happily married and have a few minimeatbags, who have minimeatbags of their own too and also we birded off the Brain Spawn, when they returned, by giving them a What-Know Machine.

The What-If scenario ends. Farnsworth has been watching the whole thing on the What-If machine in bed.

Farnsworth: 'So that's what things would be like if I'd invented "The Toe-Longer". [He sighs.] A man can dream though. A man can dream.(yawns,falls asleep and sleep-talks) A man can indeed dream.