Fan Fiction

Amy's Wedding
By Tim

Morning at Planet Express. August 4, 3005.

Fry: Good news, everyone! You'll be making a delivery to-

Amy (interrupting Fry): No way, forget it. I refuse to do any work today. Today is my twenty - fifth birthday and I feel that I need a day off.

Fry: Well I guess that ends business for today. We have a birthday and we need to celebrate it.

Later, after Amy's apartment has been decorated.

Amy: Leela, I thought you were supposed to make me a simple cake.

Leela: I did. But it got burned, so I had Tim get you one.

Amy: Is that what made you mad enough to send my boyfriend to get one?

Leela: Yes, but I want to forget about that.

The doorbell rings. Amy answers it and a man who looks like Fry is there.

Amy: Timmy? Is that you?

Tim Kramer is twenty - five. He has hair like Fry's except it is brown. He's wearing blue jeans, white T - shirt, black jacket, and black boots.

Tim: Yes, it's me. It's been a long time since we saw each other. Here's your cake, sweetie.

On the cake, there is the number 25, lit up. Amy takes the cake to the dining room. Everyone sang happy birthday. She blew out the candle.

Tim: Happy birthday, Miss Wong.

Amy: Thanks, cute stuff.

Tim and Amy both kiss for the first time in two years. A happy reunion.

Amy: Mmmm.

Leela: Aww, they sure are a cute couple.

After everyone eats the cake, Tim presents his gift to Amy.

Tim: Here's your present, honey. Hope you like it.

Amy takes the wrapping off the package and opens it. Inside is a beautiful music box. She opens the lid of the music box. It plays "When You Wish Upon A Star".

Amy: That's sweet of you, darling. I love it.

Tim: It's from the twentith - century. I restored it.

Amy: Everytime when I'm lonely, I'll listen to it and think of you. Now to see what Leela gave me.

She takes the next package from Leela and opens it. A new wedding dress.

Leela: It's for your wedding. When Tim proposes to marry you.

Amy: It's beautiful. Thanks Leela.

Fry: (giving her his gift) This one's for you.

She opens the next one. A movie poster of "All My Circuits".

Amy: Thanks Fry.

Bender: Here, Amy. It's the best that I can do.

She opens the last one. A book about the making of the film "All My Circuits".

Bender: It's autographed by Calculon.

Amy: Aw, thanks Bender.

Moments later. Amy's living room. Everyone is on the couch watching TV.

Fry: I was very worried about you since you ran away from Planet Express two years ago. Why didn't you call me?

Tim: I saw the tape of the sex scandal of Amy and myself. I felt so bad, that I had to depart. I left before I told you anything. I got a new job as chief engineer of the Queen Mary. I'm currently living on the ship at Los Angeles Island. And I restore stuff from the twentith - cenutury.

Fry: I'm very proud of you Tim. You got a job and a new life. I'm married to Leela.

Tim: I didn't know. How was the wedding?

Leela: Oh, it was fun. We've been married for almost a year now. We didn't have sex yet. Fry and I are both thirty - years - old.
Amy: I'll bring you up to date, Tim. I graduated from Mars University a year ago. Fry premoted me to chief engineer at Planet Express. He owned the company since Professor Farnsworth died in his sleep two years ago. Kif and I broke up three years ago. Our relationship wasn't going anywhere. Fry's ex - girlfriend, Michelle is his girlfriend now. I really do miss talking about junk and stuff with you, cutie.

Tim: Wow. I'm real sorry that I left. I never knew that you still love me.

Amy: We both share the same interests.

Tim: Can I spend the night with you?

Amy: (excited) Of course you can!

After the party, Amy and Tim are naked in bed. Her body is curled up against his.

Amy: So, while you're visiting me, you wanna do it?

Tim: Yeah, I guess so. It's been two years now since we last did it.

Amy is on top of him. They began kissing.

Amy: Mmmm.

Morning at Amy's apartment. August 5, 3005. Tim and Amy are in bed. Her body is curled up against his.

Amy: Good morning, handsome. Last night was the best night of my life.

Tim: Morning, beautiful. Did we...?

Amy: (giggles) I don't think so. Seriously now, did we?

Amy looks under the sheets.

Amy: Umm...

A beat as they look in. They both breath a sigh of relief.

Amy: We didn't do it.

Tim: Cool.

Planet Express. Moments later.

Amy is wearing her usual pink sweat shirt and pants with wrist communicator. Tim Kramer was wearing the same clothes from the other night. They enter the cargo bay, holding hands.

Amy: Tim, this is where we first met three years ago.

Tim: Yeah. This spot sure brought back good memories of us working together.

Amy: You wanna be roommates?

Tim: Yes I do. It's the only way I can survive the living conditions I went through. I really want to get back together with you. You're cuter than Leela. I love you, Amy.

Amy simply took in everything he said, then embraced him.

Amy: Timmy... I love you, too.

She releases him, and the two shared a singular, emotional , passionate kiss that sealed their feelings on the spot. Leela and Fry was watching close by.

Tim: Amy? I've got something I want to ask you.

Amy: What is it, Timmy?

Amy was surprised to see Tim get down on one knee and pull a small box out of his jacket pocket. He opens it, revealing an engagement ring. Tears are coming out of her eyes.

Tim: Miss Wong, will you marry me?

Amy: (in tears) Yes... I will marry you.

Tim: Thanks. That means a lot to me. It's going to take me awhile to readjust my life when I move in with you.

Amy: (sniffs) You'll have to get a job someplace else.

Tim: I gotta get to the mayor of Long Beach to tell him that I'm resigning from the Queen Mary.

Amy and Tim walks over to Fry and Leela. She was crying and smiling like crazy.

Amy: Guys... you won't believe it... me and Tim... we're engaged!

Leela and Fry stared at the engagement ring on Amy's finger.

Amy: We're gonna get married!

Leela: Congratulations, Amy!

Amy and Leela both huged. Fry and Bender hi-fived.

Amy: I gotta call Mom and Dad!

She runs to the nearest videophone.

Later, at the meeting room. Everyone is sitting at the meeting table.

Leela: I knew he can do it sooner or later.

Bender: Yeah> My money's on Tim.

Fry: We got a wedding to plan, Bender.

Bender: I have to tell my girlfriend, Lucy, the good news.

Fry: When our delivery is done Bender. Then you can tell her.

Amy walks in, pushing a package on a cart.

Fry: Good news everyone! We have to make a special delivery to planet Dinotopia.

Amy: What's Dinotopia?

Leela: It's a planet where dinosaurs and humans have been living together peacefully. Humans have cloned these animals with dinosaur DNA.

Tim: Uhhh... isn't that how Jurassic Park got started? I've had nightmares about being chased by a pack of raptors.

Amy: That's impossible. There's no way dinosaurs can exist now.

Tim: Dinosaurs have been extinct for sixty-five million years ago. Who is responsible for this?

Fry: The Kramers. Tim's ancestors started this whole thing back in the twenty-first century.

Tim: (shocked) My family history started this? That's unbelieveable! I'm gonna be famous.

Fry: Your sister is the owner of Dinopia. She's already famous.

Tim: D'oh! So what type of planet is this?

Fry: (looking at a map of Galaxy of Paradise) A small tropical planet in the Dinotopia System, on the other side of the universe.

Tim: A tropical planet, huh?

Leela: Yes. Fry and I got married there. We plan to go back on our wedding anniversary.

Amy: Timmy and I can have our wedding there.

Leela: That's a wonderful idea, Amy.

Tim: What is my sister's name?

Fry: Sylvia. Don't you remember her?

Tim: No. I've forgotten her name. It's been a long time since the famous Kramer vs. Kramer trial. I really do miss her.

The videophone rings. Tim answers it, and then comes back into the meeting room.

Tim: The person on the phone wants to see all of us. Kif says he has something really important to tell us.

Tim and the crew enters the room, where they see Kif on the video monitor.

Kif: You must come to Kramer Memorial Hospital immediatly! Michelle tried to call me and fainted. I think she is sick, They're doing tests on her right now.

Fry: Okay.

Kif: I'm in the emergency section at the south entrance, room number thirteen.

Leela: Got it. We'll be there soon.

Tim: Leela, can you drop Amy and I off at Long Beach, California.

Leela: Sure.

Long Beach city hall, moments later. The Planet Express ship lands in front. Tim and Amy walks down the stairs.

Leela is holding Nibbler.

Leela: See you guys later. We'll be at the hospital at Dinotopia.

Tim and Amy are at the bottom of the stairs.

Amy: Come on, darling. Let's get this over with.

The ship takes off. Tim and Amy walks into city hall.

Long Beach city hall. Morning. August 5.

Amy and Tim walked out of city hall.

Tim: The mayor was dead serious about not seeing me again. I'm glad I resigned from my job.

Amy: G'uh. He's a jerk. Come on, let's go get your stuff.

Tim: I'm glad that I got a new home to go to.

Amy: At least you don't have to live in a smelly place.

The Queen Mary is still there. In the bowels of the ship, Tim and Amy are in a narrow corridor in front of Tim's former room. Tim uses a key to open the door. They walk in. His room is like a janitor's closet with a cot for a bed.

Amy: (after smelling the interior) Ewww. How can you live in a place like this. It's so cramped.

He got the suitcase with his stuff inside.

Tim: It's a disgusting place to live. I got used to the cramped interior. I was lazy and I just wanted to get out of here.

Amy: (grabbing his arm) Let's get out of here before I throw up.

They exit the Queen Mary and head for the taxi. Tim and Amy gets in and the cab takes off.

Amy's apartment. Afternoon.

Amy opens the door and is surprised to see her parents in the living room.

Amy: Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?

Leo: We came to see that boyfriend of yours.

Amy: He's right here with me. He proposed to marry me.

Tim and Amy is standing arm in arm. He is carring his suitcase.

Inez: Congratulations, Amy. You're going to give us grandchildren!

Leo: Why did you come back for my daughter?

Tim: My living conditions wasn't perfect. So I had to re-unite with Amy on her birthday. I quit my job because I wanted to be roommates with her.

Amy: He's poverty-striken. Like Dr. Zoidberg. I saw his living condition. It was gross.

Inez: Oh, my God.

Leo: I'm shocked.

Inez: Everything's going to be alright, Tim. Your sister is here. (calling to the kitchen) Silvia, your brother is here.

Silvia Kramer walks out of the kitchen wearing a black jumpsuit with a blue belt around her waist. Her boots is like Leela's. She has long, blonde hair and has blue goggles on her head. She is 25 years-old. Invention is her career.

Tim: Silvia? My God. You're beautiful.

Silvia hugs her long, lost brother. Another happy reunion.

Silvia: Yes, it's me. It's been a long time. I knew you were alive, Tim. I knew it.

Tim: I miss you, Silvia. I'm glad we're back together after so many years.

August 5. Evening at planet Dinotopia. Silvia's battleship, the Falcon, is flying in the night sky.

Silvia: (at the controls) There's the island, guys. The new dinosaur theme park is going to open next year. That is, if the lawers don't kill me first.

Tim: Wow. It looks like the one I've seen in the Jurassic Park movies.

Amy: It looks like Oahu from Hawaii.

Leo:The famous battleship row is at the harbor.

Inez: Yeah. There are twelve battleships. I like to see them all.

The battleship lands in the harbor at Emerald Island.

Kramer Memorial hospital. Room 13. Moments later.

Michelle: I'm glad that you guys can make it. I have wonderful news. I'm pregnant! I'm gonna have a daughter in eight months.

Silvia: That's great. Who's the father?

Michelle: Kif.

Fry: Where is he?

Michelle: He's on board the Nimbus with Zapp. The battleship is at the harbor.

Amy: Timmy, I want to spend some time with Silvia before we get married.

Tim: Is this a good idea, Silvia?

Silvia: Of course it is. Amy can help me with the preperations and Leela can spend some time with you.

Tim: (sighs) I don't have a choice. I hope this is okay with you Leela.

Leela: No problem. I'll be spending the night with you.

Michelle: Gosh, I hope Kif proposes to marry me.

Silvia: Don't worry. I'm sure he will. He's just nervous.

Michelle: Congratulations Amy. I'll be out of here tomorrow. I should be able to help you and Silvia.

Amy: Thanks Michelle.

The Visitor's Center looks like the one in the Jurassic Park movie. Inside there are dinosaur skeletons of a T-rex and a stegosaurus on display.

The group walks up the stairs to the guest rooms.

Silvia: The tour of the park begins at sunrise. You guys ready?

Tim: Yeah, we're ready. Is the would-be-theme park safe?

Silvia: I'm making extreme safety precautions and checking the fences for weaknesses.

Fry and Leela's guest room. Moments later.

Fry: What do you want to do on our wedding anniversary.

Leela: (in her pajamas) We can have sex.

Fry: Okay.

Leela: I'm going to see Tim, darling.

Fry: Okay. See you later.

Tim's guest room. There's a knock on the door.

Tim: Come in.

Leela walks in wearing her pajamas. Tim is in bed.

Tim: (shocked) Wow, you look beautiful.

Leela: I'm ready to spend some time with you.

Tim: Oh.

Leela: Is there room in that bed for two?

Tim: Yeah.

Leela climbs in. She snuggles against him.

Leela: I'm just going to protect you in case something bad happens.

Tim: Thanks Leela.

There is lightning and thunder. It is pouring with rain outside. Thunderstorms makes him nervous. He never felt this safe and secure since the first night he spent with Amy. Leela is now sleeping.

August 6. Morning. Tim's guest room. Tim and Leela are sharing memories he and Amy had together when he was with Planet Express. They are sitting on the bed with their regular clothes.

Tim: ...And then I kissed her. She loved me because I looked like Fry.

Leela: Yeah, I remember that day. She had a crush on you. Is that why you left?

Tim: That's the main reason. I left in the middle of the night after spending a year with her.

Leela: Amy cried the next morning. Everybody found out and Fry got mad at her.

Tim: So Miss Wong really do love me while I was gone.

Leela: I tried to get you and Amy back together again. After Fry and I got married, I talked to Amy and she really missed you. Amy suggested that on her 25th birthday, I should call you and make the reunion happen.

Tim: I met Amy on my birthday.

Tim and Leela both kissed on the lips. She got off the bed and walked out.

Leela: I will come back. I promise.

August 6. Morning. Still the crack of dawn. Tim's room. Leela walks in with a seductive look on her face. She closes the door behind her.

Leela: So, are you ready.

Tim: Ready for what?

Leela: To be your friend.

Tim: I'm ready for anything.

She sits down on the bed and takes his hand. She puts his hand on her heart.

This makes Tim feel nervous. His hand is on her left breast.

Leela: (eye closed) The only way I can have friendly relationship with you is to know your past.

They began kissing. She dosen't mind.

Tim: Leela, are you doing this to impress me?

Leela: Yes.

He kisses her again. She begans taking off her clothes.

Tim: I never saw you nude before.

Leela: No he dosen't. I talked to him and he dosen't mind.

A few hours later, Leela had known Tim's past. They're both on the bed. His clothes are still on.

Tim: You look like my mother.

Leela: What's your mother's name?

Tim: Amanda.

Leela got her clothes back on. Tim is standing next to her. There is a knock on the door. Tim opens it and Silvia enters.

Silvia: You guys ready for the walking tour?

Tim: Yes.

The walking tour lasted for one day. The group saw two brachiosauruses, a T-rex, triceratops, and two raptors which highlights the tour.

Silvia: So what do you think of the theme park now, Tim.

Tim: It was very good. I'm glad that it is safe and nothing can go wrong. We have the military for back-up in case something happens. What do you think, Leela?

Leela: It's a wonderful place.

Fry: Tim, do you mind. She's my wife.

Tim takes his arm off Leela.

Tim: Sorry, Fry. She's been protecting me from those raptors.

Inez: Glad to see you in a good mood Timmy.

Tim: Yeah. I can't wait for the wedding.

Leo: Well, what are you waiting for? We still have to send out the invitations.

Silvia: And we have to decorate the wedding chapel.

One week later. During the week, Leela had taught Tim the martial arts, and slept with him without getting pregnant.

August 16. Night. The wedding preparations are done. Everyone had eaten dinner. Bender and Lucy is walking hand in hand. Lucy looks like the Countess from "A Flight To Remember".

Tim: I'm glad that I got through the wedding rehersal.

Amy: Me too. I'll be going to Silvia's suite. See you tomorrow. We have a big day ahead of us.

Amy kisses Tim on the lips.

Tim: Lucy, you look like Bender's first girlfriend.

Lucy: Uh, huh. I do look like her. But I'm not related to the Countess.

Bender: I've been having nightmares about my first love.

Fry: Come on honey. It's our first wedding anniversary.

Leela: Oh, right. Tim, it's been nice hanging out with you. Right now I need to spend some time with my husband.

Tim: Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

Fry and Leela had sex in their guest room.

August 17. Morning. Visitor's Center.

The first alien bomb was dropped at 7:55 a.m. on the spaceport. Minutes later bombs and torpedoes were striking ships anchored in Emerald Harbor.

Leela: Oh, my God! It's the same alien race that destroyed my own kind!

The enemy attackers are destroying the battleship row.

Tim: They're bombing Emerald Harbor. They have three eyes!

Amy: Spluh! It's a surprise attack!

A bomb fell and exploded were Tim was standing.

Amy and Leela: TIMMY!!

Leela picked up his body.

Leela: (carrying Tim's lifeless body) Everyone take cover!

Leela ran to the nearest hosptal ship and placed him there.

Leela fired one big laser gun from the battleship, Arizona. She shot down twelve enemy star fighters. Leela became the unexpectad war hero.

The attack was sudden and devastating. The U.S. battleships, twelve in a neat row in the center of the harbor were the primary targets. Four had sunk including the Arizona and the Oklahoma. The rest were damaged including the Nimbus. Almost two hundred spacecraft were destroyed at the spaceport. The Planet Express ship escaped damaged. Fry was able to save it. More than twenty-four hundred people were killed. Zapp and Kif managed to survive. Michelle is a nurse at Kramer Memorial hospital. She is in her uniform treating the injured sailors and soldiers. There are images of the wounded. Michelle is unprepared because there was hundreds of injuries.

President Roosevelt is in his wheelchair in the Oval office, addressing the nation.

Roosevelt: August 17, a day that will live in infamy. The enemy had hit us hard and we will fight back. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American and Dinotopian people... will win through to absolute victory.

Everyone is on the Avenger, a hospital ship. Tim is in a hospital bed recovering from his injuries. Amy is at his side.

Silvia: We are now at war with a vicious alien race. The wedding chapel is destroyed in the attack.

Amy: I'm glad that you made it, Timmy. You and I will have to get married here.

Tim: I thought I was dead. What planet are we going to now?

Sylvia: Cyclopia. Leela's home planet. The aliens won't bother us there. They're from the planet Darwin.

Leela: (holding Nibbler) Back to where I was born.

Tim: I gotta talk to Kif about my relationship with Amy. Michelle, is he still around?

Michelle is now assigned to work on the Avenger.

Michelle: He's still here. I'll go get him. (to Leela) The President will be here tomorrow to give you a medal of honor, Leela. Congratulations on being a war hero.

August 18 3005.

The American President boarded the Avenger on his wheelchair from his own ship. The Avenger is a hospital ship and also a battleship. It looks like the Titanic.

President Roosevelt: (puting the medal on Leela's captain uniform. Leela, you have the heart of a heroine. Your love and spirit will live on.

Leela was given a medal of honer by President Roosevelt.

Leela: Thank you, Mr. President.

Fry: Congratulations Leela.

Fry and Leela both kiss.

Inside the hospital room, Kif walks in and stands by Tim. Kif is in his tuxedo.

Kif: Hi, Tim. I heard that you and Amy are going to get married. How did you get Amy?

Tim: We both did the math. Amy added it all up and she wanted to stay with me forever. Me, I was never getting off the Queen Mary. I was going to get sick, injured, I was going to die there. Totally alone. So I made a rope and went to hang myself. But I had to test it first. The log broke the tree limb! I couldn't even kill myself the way I wanted to. And that's when this feeling came over me--like a warm blanket.

Tim sat up on his hospital bed.

Tim: In some deep part of me, I just knew, I had to stay alive. Even if I had no reason to hope. Even if my logic told me I'd never see her again. That's all I did. Just stayed alive. And you know what? Leela found me and had me re-unite with Amy, and all my logic was wrong.

He means a miracle.

Tim: And now here I am on the Avenger, sitting with you.

He and Kif share a long look.

Tim: But I'm grateful, I am so grateful, Amy's picture was with me on the Queen Mary.

There's a sense of hope here, a hard-won knowledge at the core of life.

Kif looks at the old picuture of Amy when she was 20 in the gold pocket watch.

Kif: So, if Leela hadn't found you, you won't be here.

Tim: Yeah.

Kif: I wish you lots of luck with her.

Tim: Thanks Kif.

Kif walks out of the room.

Dr. Zoidberg and Silvia walks in.

Dr. Zoidberg: Good afternoon, Tim. The operation was a complete success! It's been a long six hours of surgery, but you'll be out of here by today.

Tim: Thanks Zoidberg. So where's the wedding going to be now?

Silvia: (in a blue dress) Okay, here's the drill. There is a wedding chapel on the Avenger. I've already decorated the church with the help of the Planet Express crew. President Roosevelt will be the host. The wedding starts at six. An hour from now. Here's your tux.

She hands him the tux.

Silvia: You better get ready. I'll see you at six.

The wedding started at six on the Avenger. The guests are in their seats and Zapp and the soldiers are lined up in the center aisle, with Zapp nearest the podium. Soon, Tim comes from a side door in his tuxedo on a wheelchair and crosses the platform to the podium where the President is standing. Organ music starts, and the crowd hushes.

Leela and Fry comes down the aisle. Leela is holding Nibbler. Hermes the ring bearer walk down the aisle with Dr. Zoidberg and Kif. All are in their tuxedos. They stand next to Tim. Silvia, Michelle, and Inez in their blue dresses walk down the aisle and stands next to Leela and Fry.

Zapp: Okay soldiers, use your light sabers.

The soldiers used their light sabers and held them above the aisle.

The music swells, the guests stand, and Amy in her beautiful white wedding dress and her father walks down the aisle in his tuxedo under the light sabers. She reaches the podium by Tim. All sit.

The soldiers put their light sabers away.

President Roosevelt: We have gatherd here today to unite this man and woman in holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections to their union, speak now or forever hold your peace.

A moment of silence had passed.

President Roosevelt: (to Tim) Do you, Timothy Kramer, take Amy Wong to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Tim: I do. (he takes the ring from Hermes and puts it on Amy's finger)

President Roosevelt: (to Amy) Do you, Amy Wong, take Timothy Kramer to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Amy: I do. (she takes the other ring from Hermes and puts it on Tim's finger)

Then by the powers invested in me and the state of New NewYork, I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

(Tim and Amy kiss the same way they did at Planet Express)

President Roosevelt: Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Kramer.

Tim and Amy turn and she pushes Tim down the aisle as the crowd applaudes.

(we now see the party for the happy couple at the reception hall)

Leo: I just want to wish my daughter and Tim good luck. We'll miss you, Amy!

Inez: You be good to Tim now, you hear?

Amy: (slightly embarrassed) Yes, mother.

Fry: Best wishes to the happy couple, and I'd like to thank my wife Leela, for finding Tim for her. He's a very wonderful man. (he hugs Leela close, then points the mike at Leela)

Leela: I'd just like to say congradtulations to the happy couple.

Amy: I'm just happy to be married to someone who will be a loving husband.

Tim: This is the happiest day of my life. I don't have to live like Dr. Zoidberg anymore.

Zoidberg laughs.

They kiss, and everybody claps. Tim and Amy then cut the pieces of the wedding cake and fed each other the pieces. Amy and Tim then turn to the presents.


Tim takes the blue package and opens it. When he does, it moves him to tears.

Tim: (taking out a new uniform, wrist communicator and is in tears) Thanks Leela...

Amy comes over and wipes the tears off his face.

Amy: Congratulations, Tim. You are now chief engineer of the Avenger.

Moments later, Amy opens the last present from Hermes.

Hermes: My wife and I got you the bath robe when you become a mother.

Amy: Gosh, thanks Hermes.

On the Avenger, we see Amy pushing Tim who is on his wheelchair in the hallway to the honeymoon suite, then sat on the heart-shaped bed.

Amy: We can have sex if you want to, Timmy.

Tim: We should get started.

They take off their clothes and got in. Amy is curled up against his body, being careful not to make his injuries worse.

Tim: I'm never going to let you go again.

Amy: Hey, as long as we're together you're never going to be alone again.

She is on top of Tim.

Amy: So, you wanna do it for real?

Tim: Yes. For real this time.

A few hours later, Tim and Amy had sex. It's dead quite except the low humming of the engines and Amy's cute snore. There, on the bed, is Tim. The light switches on then off. On. Then off. Tim has the cord switch for the lamp in one hand, the watch with Amy's picture in the other. The light comes on. We see Amy's face. The light goes off. She's gone. On, here. Off, gone. It's the same way he looked at her picture on the Queen Mary. He turns the light back on. We see Amy's head resting on his chest.Tim put his arms around his wife, kisses her forehead and held her for dear life. He turns the light off.

Later that night, in Fry's room on the ship, we see Fry and Leela lying in bed.

Leela: That sure was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?

Fry: Uh -huh. I wish we could have had our wedding ceremony on a battleship.

Leela: Fry, it dosen't matter where we get married. The main point was that we loved each other when we got married. Right now, I'm pregnant with your son.

Fry: And nothing in the universe can seperate us. (they kiss)

He turns off the light.

In another part of the ship, however, the scene is not so pleasent. Bender is tossing and turning in bed.

He wakes up with a start.


Lucy wakes up. Turns on the light.

Lucy: Bender darling, what's wrong?

Bender: (between sobs) I had a bad dream about the Countess from the Titanic again.

Lucy: (putting her arm around him) Oh, Bender, It'll be okay. I still love you.

Bender: You're one of a kind, Lucy!

They both kiss.

Lucy: Do still have her braclet?

Bender: Yes.

Lucy: Would you sleep better if I hang it above your head?

Bender: I guess so. It's in the drawer over there.

Lucy takes the bracelet and hangs it above Bender's bed. Bender falls asleep again.

Lucy: (looking at him) Poor guy.

She turns off the light.

The end.