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Scene from 'Into The Wild Green Yonder' "I just felt like drawing Fry and Leela smooching!" Fry dressed like The Warden from the TV series 'SuperJail' "the human body is art" I always wanted to draw the Robot Devil. This was my first try and I like how it came out. Regular Fry and the Queen Fry... this was one of my 7 "gift" drawings for Fry's birthday, which was the 13th of July. I prefer to send you this drawing because it was the one I liked the most (I took a long time to make it) and, why had I made 7 drawings? It's because July is the 7th month of the year. "Queen Fry": this came out of a conversation I had with some friends a while ago, a Friday. We called it the "Fry Day" for the name of the day in English and they said Fry is the "King" of the day... but I said, "Noo, the King is Bender or Zapp, so Fry would be... THE QUEEN!" Alright that was pretty crazy... So here's the image of Queen Fry. He's not an original character because it's still Fry, it's just a tribute to Fry Days, the best day of the week. Zapp as a woman (though it looks more like a transvestite... but it's a woman) because I was inspired by the drawings of Graham Dawson, I like his version of Fry as a woman and Leela as a man and I went "Why not? Only Zapp is missing" and so here's my version. A little parody of one episode of Spongebob Sqarepants where Squidward is handsome xD, And I always I think on Zapp when I see that episode...and here you have Handsome! Zapp lol Fry x Bender = Fender Zapp and Kiff! Leela in the dress that she wears in the episode "The Mutants are Revolting" ZappxFry..or how I call them FRAPPUCHINO! XD... Inspired from the episode "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" where we can see that Fry likes draw. Drawn for MissusPatches' countdown project - a human Yivo