Futurama Fan Art

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Leela, Bender, and Fry as Mages Milton, Fry's pet from Vytas_Wolf's fan fiction "I keeping it" Leina and her co-workers Wolfgan and Engar. Leina is Leela's sister in my fan fic 'Ghost From The Past'. FutureHammer "Fry's Sacrifice" - Fry and Leela in Himalays again. A Futurama/Warhammer 40 k crossover; Hermes as a Chaos space marine and Kiff as a Tau fire warrior. Bender's got a list, and you're on it. Leela as is pixie Why Fry likes Xmas. Santabot and Bender's sack of horrors Fry as the Termanator. Fry's Avatar Fry and Milton when Milton was one day old.  See Vytas_Wolf's fan fic "I Keeping It" Fry with his inner angel and devil Fryatar Bender the Necron lord Blood Leela