Futurama Fan Art

Canadian Carl
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I was playing Duke Nukem and I heard him say what he says to the final boss and it made me think of who would win in a fight, Duke or Leela? I couldn't decide so I'l leave it up to your imagination. Fry meeting a Marine Corps Drill Instructer. Knowing Fry, this will probably end in disaster. Zapp, about to get sniped by Trevin using his uncle's Barret 50.cal sniper rifle. Fry and Lisa Simpson play a tribute to the Simpsons character "Bleeding Gums" Murphy who is reputed to be the "wandering saxophonist" Fry refers to in Jurassic Bark. The PE ship dropping off Bender and some Navy SEALS. Apparently they need to make another delivery to Chapek 9 and I guess they aren't taking any chances. Inspired by Duke Nukem's catch phrase Based on the cover art for the video game Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay. For those of you that don't know what Butcher Bay is, it is a triple max security prison and with leela's temper it's not suprising that she ended up there. And for the Riddick fans wondering why she doesn't have goggles on, she hasn't gotten the eyeshine yet. A submission to MissusPatches' character countdown (see the March 25, 2010 news update) Another reference to the Riddick Series, this is a pic I made of Leela sneeking up on Zap Brannigan with a pair of Ulaks. It doesn't look like she approves of what he puts on his website. Some marines recieving a supply drop from Planet Express Leela twirling a butterfly knife. Those who have seen the artist's youtube channel will know that he enjoys this hobby a lot. New and Improved - now with Color!