Futurama Fan Art

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A little Freela, inspired by every shippy moment since Space Pilot 3000 Drawn after watching BWABB in celebration of Futurama's birthday.  I know that Fry really should be wearing his pope outfit, but I didn't have a picture to reference nearby at the time, and if I didn't get his clothes drawn completely accurately it would just be awful.  So, for continuity's sake, I threw continuity out the window and drew him in his shirt and jeans. I drew a Futurama/Kim Possible crossover, with Fry as Ron, Leela as Kim, Bender as Rufus, and the Professor as Wade.  Why, you ask?  Well, I got the idea about a week ago, and since both shows are amazing and Fry and Leela and Ron and Kim are parallel in many ways, I decided it would be fun to draw this picture.  And I have to admit, there's nothing quite like drawing Bender as a naked mole rat robot. An impromptu future-nostalgic photo-op One of those elusive moments where Leela smiles. A scene from Raging Bender.