Futurama Fan Art

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Brick Sword Brick Warhammer Viking Benders with beards Even More Viking Themed Benders WIth Beards Hoplite Bender Legionary Bender More Viking Benders WIth Beards Viking Reberto with a beard Net filled with bricks to be fired from a catapult Scratchboard of Bender The Land Of Morbend Wrong heads A shocking time Bender as a smoke detector Bender pillars Big arms and leg Big foot cuff head Big hand head Danger, High Voltage! Flexo is a fire extinguisher Die Flying Avocado! Flexo is snail Head line up Leg and arm weapon Pipe Cigarette Cigar The ... I don't what to call it Throne Of Bhaabend - a parody of "Baldur's Gate's" game cover "Throne of Bhaal". Bender Mask Bendinsc And Boo - a parody of Minsc from the Baldur's Gate series Big Hands And Foot-Cuffs Drawn By Crayons Bender Flexo is jack in the box Flexo is lighter Flexo is sword Head zone I just don't know anymore Line Mouth Eyes O R2D2 Themed Bender Roundish Bender Run Around Some Thing Something New Here Stop bitting my shiny metal ass Thing Just might be the last of the Bender Is series. Me as the artist feels the same way as Bender Legs Agnew template