Futurama Fan Art

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Pose 2 Pose 3 Pose 4 Bender drawn by blue pen Bender is banana again Bender is carrot again This time Flexo Is a carrot Two Benders and two bricks Rabbit wants carrot Bender Stop it Rush! Four Benders stuck together Armless And Legless Bender's body gone rogue Bendrer horse thing Brick Ammo Universe Jumping Bender was here Bender wears his mexican hat Bender's Shelbourne football club Bender's Show Brick Grenade Brick Machine Gun Cheese it Clamps for cuffs and hands Flexo is Death-Star Flexo is submarine Bender is a flipchart marker Hill Bender Heads Sort of Bender painting TNT brick Too big of a cigar Bender has got a bigger beard than Flexo Bendlar Knight Bendonic Knight Berserker Bender Brick Ammo Types Brick Bar Brick Bomb Type 1 Brick Dagger Brick Fighter Jet Brick Flail Brick Mace Brick on a stick weapon Brick Pistol--Hand Gun Brick Spear