Futurama Fan Art

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Rush Slow Heavy Cavalry Bending Unit Bender Is Banjo Bender Is Bus Stop (that's what Bus Stop signs look like where Rush is from) Bender Is Plank Of Wood Bender Is Suicide Booth Bender is a bag of chips Bender is a computer case Bender's got no body Dressed up as a dark spawn bending unit Face rotation 1 Face rotation 2 Face rotation 3 Face rotation 4 Face rotation 5 Face rotation 6 Bender's face up side down Bender with foot cup hands Have a pint Love the brickacle or is it love the magnetacle? mouth above eyes mouth facing upwards mouth facing upwards again along with eyes Arm for antenna Bender drawn by black crayon Bender is castle tower Bender is map compass Leg Bender Arm for head Bender is axe Bender is crab bot Bender is wind turbine Bender is worm Bending Unit Anomaly Brick Head Brick_ hands, antenna, foot-cuffs clamp for antenna Clamps on top of my head Foot-cuff on top of my head Hand on top of my head Handcuffs Head Hands and foot-cuffs I got clamp hands Leg for antenna Leg for body Leg for head Leg Stand Neck and ass whiplashing No body again Pose 1