Futurama Fan Art

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The professor, wearing a dumb hat and his reading glasses. The Professor wearing very thick sunglasses. I'm no universe jumping Bender Rush says "Bender's battle plan: a brick to throw at you and my head to hit you with." Bender Bending Rodriguez The Tank engine. Universe Jumping Bender, falling down a mountain side (see Rush's fan fic by the same name) Farsnworth as the Space Pope. A "badly drawn, lame ass fan comic"  (it says so)  ;) The "Crap Art" uploader was broken Roberto - "Don't tell nobody I killed you" Give me a hand, Bender. Viking Bending units It's named "Mount Boned" in the Futuramaverse. Bender is boat Bender is bomb Bender is box Bender is carrot Bender is cigar Bender is circle Bender is cyclops Bender is fish Bender is flower Bender is flying Bender is Kirov Bender is letter B Bender is trashcan Bender is what? I love my brick Zoidberg is in trashcan Bender is rectangle Bender is sphere Bender is constellation Bender is trapezoid Bender is triangle Bender is water tower Bender - brick gunner Find Flexo Find Bender The Nightmare of Number 2 Bender's ass is on fire sending him flying into the air Bender is cube Bender is cylinder