Futurama Fan Art

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RoboDrug in a dress Leela with a gun Leela portrait Leela posing RoboDrug and Bender - This was a joke my sister and I made about which man each of us would have. She took Fry first so I chose Bender. My crazy sister Lauren Flying Leela Gothic Leela Karate kicking Leela Just plain Leela Leela as Lady Death.  I've never actually heard of her but everyone seems to like drawing her so I've tried my own version. It's done in pen. Leela ready to kick.  Pen drawing. PE crew photo 3007 Turanga Leela - As realistic as I can be bothered to draw her Leela as Lara Croft, because I really like Tomb Raider and they are both unbelievably alike. The Futurama characters with Robodrug and her step-sister. Amy Wong scared (and no, I don't know why) Bender!  Need we say more?