Futurama Fan Art

Rich Nichols
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"Keeping the censor off the beach" This is the volleyball scene done right. I found a number of errors in the original which I corrected. "Leela quotes"  Just some defining quotes from the sexist alien/mutant/orphan ever. "X-mas Leela"  This one is an old piece I was hanging onto. I cant remember when I drew it, maybe the work will speak for itself.  Yeah I want that. Is it wrong? Probably. What'chya gonna do? I can dream a little can't I. "Surfing the Interstellar Waves" This picture is based on painting of Noni from Lilo and Stitch, the Disney movie. I don't really care for the film but Noni was a well designed character. This pictular picture of her was a great stand alone piece. I like Leela in it even better though. I took pains to make her own scene with her own design. "Futurama/Lebowski"  The gang as the cast of "The Big Lebowski", my favorite movie, ever. A banner for the Futurama Spa and Salon.   I don't know but I put Leela on it so there you go. "A drug induced dream"  This last one was a quicky but I kind of like it that way. It is from the hallucinatory dream The Dude from The Big Lebowski had toward the end of the movie. I made it more life oriented. You know if the Dude were high he would be more likely to grope Maude than teach her to bowl. And putting Fry in the Dude's place makes it funnier to me. Especially since both Maude and Leela share an attitude about their respective relationship partners (or at least Leela did until WGY