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crossover with her friend bananablue.deviantart.com, who did Larry and his friends A cute Valentines pic I did for a pair I thought of - Tinny Tim/Sally. They're pretty sweet, yeh? ^^ hehee <3 This is a bday gift I drew for my friend, Sofie, who's also another artist who has work on this site. She's a very cool person, mmyes <3 "He won't share! hmph >8C" this is a little interactive paperdoll - ish cut out I did of the Robot Devil. Very fun~ :} Psh, fangirl-ish urges. They happen. xD This is Morris and Persephone, the lovechildren of Beelz and Leela obviously. From my description on deviantart: "The girl on the left is Persephone and the boy on the right is Morris. If it wasn't obvious, Leela named Morris after her dad and Beelz gave Persephone her name 'cause he loved the "IRONYY~" XD Yepp!" This is Beelz and Leela with a third kid of theirs, whose name I haven't decided yet Bx So yeh, just a cute family thing, yay~ "In which Doug the Ratbot finds out that watching his boss's children is not an easy task. D=" self explanatory x) hee~ just a pic in anticipation for a possible future comic about the Robot Devil turning human and struggling with his newfound humanity and all that fun stuff The Great Wall of Futurama Color version of a pic by Sofia I always found the idea of Kif having a lil crush on Leela when he briefly served on the Planet Express Ship in "Brannigan Begins Again" to be a really cute idea, so that's the reasoning behind this. Fry/Bender. Not much to say, I just think they're adorable An art trade with my friend, Sofia. She wanted something Zapp/Fry and I delivered B: woohoo~ Bender and his turtle buddy from 'Crimes of the Hot' Bender and Robot Devil after a night on the town; Bender's just HOPING that no one he knows walks by. Drawn for a friend. Done in an art trade with a cool dude named flamehead. Y'see, he has this character named Matthias, who is sort of like the caretaker of fiction in that it is his job to jump from story to story and ensure that the tale reaches its proper end.  As you can see here, he's saving Fry from tripping and making a spectacle out of himself when he and Leela are on a date in a restaurant. I guess the date is supposed to go well then. Bender is such a fanboy. Her human (!) Robot Devil felt like practicing sneezing. A bunch of little collabs with my friends, Soffy and DarkChocolateCandy on iscribble. Y'see, every FrYday, our Fryday crew gets together on iscribble.net and draws a futurama collab. Drawn for my friend, Soffy. All Hail Queen Fry! Fry is oblivious to a lot of things... unfortunately, the 'thing' is to Bender's discomfort on this occasion. Just the Robot Devily and his fiddle A sentimental type piece; Fry always falls asleep after their Friday night happy hour and Bender always takes this opportunity to poke into his wallet... his usual activities are interrupted this time when he catches a glimpse of a picture of Fry and Leela together, the third wheel feeling quickly catching up to him. D'aw 100 Days until Season 6 99 Days until Season 6 98 Days until Season 6 97 Days until Season 6