Futurama Fan Art

Jennifer Morton
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Jennifer is a contributor from the very early days with Mark L. You can see more of her pics at her DeviantArt page, where you'll find her Futurama artwork plus more.

Day at the beach Herself, Groening style The penaly for drinking the last can of Slurm. Half of an art trade with superprincesspink, who requested a two headed Fry. This was a bit of a challange, but as Bender would put it, "fun on the bun!" Alice (Fry and Leela's daughter) and Bender.  Alice is a character created by  MissFuturama. Inspired by Disney's “The Little Mermaid.”.  This scene is meant to take place sometime before the events of "The Beast with a Billion Backs" where Fry introduces Colleen to the planet express crew for the first time. This of course becomes a major blow to Jenny, as she and Fry had shared a rather intimate moment the night before. Jenny in the 1950's