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gynacaladia from benders game some day .... parody of futurama comic #33 attack of the 50 foot amy preview of next (not really futurama) comic a tribute to fellow fan comic artist erik heltner you are welcome fans Leela's outfit from comic no. 21 Frame grab from Bender's Game 'cause it was really funny. Based on some art by Derek L. Thompson, slightly "tweaked" For fans of Fry & Amy Inspired by the hit video game series Final Fantasy The epic kiss from "Into The Wild Green Yonder" Happy Naked Day - since the Planet Express Crew likes to get naked so often, pehaps it should be a holiday. A slight 'tweak' from Futurama Comics #41. Amy as Gewn Stacey from Spider-Man A deleted scene from A Taste of Freedom my 'new' life (fall of 2009) The famous First Kiss A 'wishful-thinking' preview of Season 6 Another 'wishful-thinking' preview of Season 6 Reunion - from 6ACV01 Adam and Eve - from 6ACV02 The  bet - from 6ACV03 That was great - from 6ACV04 Dummy! - from 6ACV05 What hit 'em - fromt 6ACV06 Our time together - from 6ACV07 I hate that cat - from 6ACV08 It might be a cave - from 6ACV09 Wash bucket love Scruffy - from 6ACV10 Bend it like Bender Fry and Amy Fry and Leela corrected - from Prisioner of Benda It's nut so good You're a human Amy as Nico Collard from Broken Sword 1. Amy in uniform from a storyboard from the new season (2011) A small adaption of Amy, Fry and Leela Sleeping together. The hug from Parasties Lost "Make Love to the Camera" from Neutopia "Planet Express wasted" from Benderama