Futurama Fan Art

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Fry in a hat. Because I can. Inspired by Harry Potter, Leela's a little younger looking (I hope) because presumably she's in Hogwarts Nibbler!  In Color! A silly doodle I did while I was supposed to be doing homework. College Fry! Fry and the Tribbles because my math teacher was awesome and gave us time to draw in class Leela must be wondering what's up with that box. Maybe a sequel to my pic with Fry and the Tribbles? I really don't know. Fry. Pointing at something random. Teen Leela! (Though with weird colors, blue shoes, what's up with that?) This is Fry, and he wants you to help him decorate the Xmas tree. Zoidy in one of his larval stages I drew for a friend. Hey, he never said Zoidy had to be in his adult form! Not Futurama.. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS IS A GIRL WITH SHORT HAIR WHO JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE SMALL BOOBS. NOT A BOY.  Only Maddie will understand it. Leela's just being an attention whore because I picked up a copy of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director's Cut the other day.  Please ignore the cruddy quality of this drawing. I just doodled it. Figure out what this means and why I drew it. Have fun! A doodle of Fry (one of a "crapload") Return from Cannibalon