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Fry's crush A parody of the section from Sin City  "That Yellow Bastard" A parody of James Cameron's Avatar A parody of Quarantine Based on a scene from Futurama Comics #43 A generic drawing of Leela on her knees. Another Avatar parody. Leela in bed A Futurama/Family Guy crossover drawing featuring Brian Griffin drunkenly hitting on Leela at a bar (much to her discomfort). Leela as Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series Universe 1 Leela as Superwoman as she appears in the DC Comics crossover event "Forever Evil". I Dated A Robot Leela as Donna Troy (w  Original Donna Troy Drawing by Fred Benes) Leela as Donna Troy Lucy Liu's Head in a jar Pamela Anderson's Head in a jar Leela as Lana Kane from the FX series Archer Leela as Princess Purpleberry from the Saturday Morning Fun Pit episode. Wonder Woman interpreted as a Futurama-styled fembot Leela using her scrunchie as a catapult from the episode “Free Will Hunting” Based on Leela's intro in Space Pilot 3000 Leela dealing with insomnia inspired by a gag from an episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Based on Anthology of Interest I Leela enjoying a warm, relaxing shower. Inspired by an old wallpaper by The Voices from way back when. Based on Anthology of Interest I An experimental drawing combining hand-drawn and digital art set to the lyrics of "Rain" by Creed.