Futurama Fan Art

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The classic image of Leela with her laser gun. Leela in a golden outfit ready to sing. Promo pic for DSS' fan fiction "Pool Party Shock" Promo pic for DSS' fan fiction "A Shy Fry" Promo pic for DSS' fan fiction "Summer Of Two Blondes" sequel pics to the Leela Singing pic sequel pics to the Leela Singing pic A parody of the History Channel show Jurassic Fight Club A typical image of Bender with a cigar Another parody, this one of Matt Groening's famous comic strip Life In Hell. DSS and Leela celebrating his 14th birthday on 7/17/2009 A "Simpsonised" Leela DSS and Leela cracking up watching The Simpsons. Being nonchalant ... Promo pic for DSS' "Terminator Mutant" fan fics. Parody of Cartoon Network's popular cartoon "Ed, Edd n Eddy" with Fry as Ed, Leela as Edd(aka Double D)and Bender as Eddy. Parody of Cartoon Network's popular cartoon "Ed, Edd n Eddy" with Fry as Ed, Leela as Edd(aka Double D)and Bender as Eddy. Promo pic for DSS' fan fic "Nickelback-A-Rama" Another Jurassic Fight Club parody, only with the result of the battle between B-Rex and Turangaraptor. Another promo pic for DSS' fan fiction Nickelback-A-Rama. Leela and DSS hanging out in his room A tribute to the 100th episode (from about a year and half before it will exist) Leela, wearing the PJs from Futurama Comics #21, snoozing at a sleepover at DSS' Your basic Leela, Fry, and Bender pic. "Teen Leela's New Look" featuring DSS and a teenage Leela.  And he's just shy enough to make her giggle. DSS, in a blazer, dancing with the adult Leela. Leela as Marge Simpson from The Simpsons Leela as Lois Griffin from Family Guy Leela riding a hover-scooter through the air and having the time of her life! Fry and Leela as hippies and encouraging us to protect the Earth and everything/everyone on it. Leela at Planet Express in a good mood (also the pic somewhat resembles the Mona Lisa for some reason that I, the drawer, don't quite understand). Leela as P!nk as she appeared in the "Get This Party Started" music video Based on the scene from "Beast with a Billion Backs" 'cause I liked how casual and cool she looked blowing out the flame. DSS, Leela, Fry and my 3 most favorite fan artists at FMTLZ: Futurama_Freak1, FemJesse, and Leelaholic. This pic is my way of saying "You 3 have the best of the best fan arts I've ever seen! You rock!" DSS and Leela starting at .... something Leela running into Brian Griffin who "somehow"got into the future. Leela in the spotlight being somewhat of a show-off. Fry and Leela in their best outfits thinking how good each other look tonight Me finishing another generic drawing of Leela and she comes to life and yells at me for not putting in a background. Leela and Brian from Family Guy.  A  parody of the promo pic for the Family Guy episode "We Love You, Conrad". The Futurama form of The Simpsons: The Frysons. Promo pic for his fan fic "Futuramasaur" A picture of a beat up (and dead) Turangaraptor based on his fan fiction "Jurassic Fight Club". Leela and DSS' head in a jar. Leela with a shockcollar induced bad hair day. A real life Leela "Futurama Guy"