Futurama Fan Art

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A classic parody of Star Wars. Maybe they are having fun. Remember Summer Leela, back in the game. Merry Xmas 2012 The New Justice Team begins again, despite the fact that the professor has forbidden the use of his his stuff, so they have to try to make a go of it wiht a crowbar, a gravity gun, and a shotgun. Awalex, Leela, and a time sphere. A parody of the game “Portal”. The Planet Express team is having fun with a new invention of the Professor's while Bender tries to seduce turret and “borrow” Fry’s wallet. To avoid eating dangerous food made by Bender, the PlanEx team made the decision - teach Bender how to cook. And who on the team is able to cook? Leela, of course! I don’t know when Futurama will come back but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Maybe it will happen in a thousand years, when on a rainy evening Leela and Fry will rush for the premiere of the next season. Happy Freedom Day! Fry's fruit salad tree is all grown up, and he, Leela, and Bender each enjoy it in their own special way. Future witches - Happy Halloween 2013 Zapp and Bender taking advantage of the situation in "When Aliens Attack" The crew plays the board game Snakes and Ladders, an ancient Indian game, sometimes called Leela. It's difficult to control your car if someone is covering your eye(s), playing with the shifter, and waving a finglonger in front of your nose. Happy 15 years Futurama - March 28, 2014 What was in the birthday gift in "Leela's Homeworld"? A Bender / Terminator 2 Judgement Day crossover