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Assistant Crone
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Here's a scene based on one of Zoidy's many wonderful lines (this one from the episode ‘Bend Her’). ZOIDBERG: I saw a frilly cake in here you would remember all your life! I know I will. Late at night it taunts me with its frosted beauty…. Order the cake, dammit! -- Assistant Crone, September 2003 A few months ago I was bored and wanted something neat to colour, and Graham lent me his Amazon Leela sketch. Here 'tis. -- Assistant Crone, November 2007 Here's a quick pic of Amy as a sea anemone. I take no responsibility for this. -- Assistant Crone, December 2007 A colouring of Graham Dawson's SeaLeela. This next one is inspired by Graham's Parallel Lives WIP. Since there's a SeaLeela, and I'm predictably fond of these things, I drew a SeaMom (shown here in her jellyfish fatsuit). -- Assistant Crone, December 2007 Just a little smudgy colour sketch based on part of Graham's Parallel Lives. Zoidberg walks along a nice beach to find a snack. -- Assistant Crone, August 2008 The next three are from LTS' most recent competition; we got into two teams and drew Simpsons or Futurama characters as deities. I drew (surprise!) Zoidberg as a seagod trying to make some new friends... - Assistant Crone, September 2008 ...and coloured Graham's brilliant sketch of Morris and Munda as earth gods when his computer mangled his WIP. -- Assisant Crone, September 2008 The last one is Lrrr as the god of love, which I continued from CargoofDarkness/Frank's idea (that's his sketch in the picture frame). Any excuse to draw disturbing Wuvvy Bears. -- Assistant Crone, September 2008 Don't ask for pic ideas in our chatroom. Just... don't. -- Assistant Crone, October 2008 Further proof that visiting our chatroom is a very bad idea: Implant Slugs. They work much the same way as Brain Slugs, but their aim is to turn unwary visitors into stunningly desirable women in order to reproduce. They're slugs, so they're not brilliant at it, but they have one important advantage over their brain-sucking cousins: people actually want to touch them. -- Assisant Crone, February 2009