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A bunch of stuff came from alt.tv.futurama, some was rescued from The Futurama Chronicles, and some more was compiled by us. Following the Give Credit Where Credit Is Due directive, here's a list:

1ACV-2ACV episode summaries: The Futurama Chronicles
Other episode summaries: TV Guide / Leandro / Don Del Grande
4ACV episode titles, writers, directors and one-liners: huge thanks to Patric Verrone!
Character Posessions: Courtesy of What Else? Futurama.
Transcripts: 1acv-4acv Courtesy of The Neutral Planet, 5acv01-04 by Red_Line and NeoSmith92, 5acv05-08 by Red_Line.
List of writers: Leandro / Willie.
List of directors: The Futurama Chronicles / Leandro / Mike Zaite.
Pics: Good Boy Graham