Futurama Comic Review

Futurama Comics #6

Title: Xmas Time is Fear

Writer: Eric Rogers

Art: James Lloyd, Steve Steere Jr.

It couldn't be further from Christmas for the Australian/New Zealand release of this Xmas-themed issue, though it is winter. I read and review Futurama Comics #6 and see whether it's naughty or nice.

This issue starts off very well, with a nice first page joke involving the robot mafia. And it's good to see it doesn't stop there, and continues to provide a very entertaining and funny story in typical Futurama fashion.

The plot premise involves an alliance between three of the galaxy's most evil villains: The Robot Devil, Santa Claus and Richard Nixon's Head. Basically, the Robot Devil tries to get Bender (amongst other robots) to gather everybody of New New York into Times Square, with the message that Robot Santa has been reprogrammed to be nice. However, the real fact is that Santa hasn't changed at all, and is preparing to slaughter everybody there. To discover the motives for Beelzebot and Nixon, you'll have to read it.

The story fits nicely into the Xmas mood, and has everything a good Futurama Xmas story needs: Robot Santa, violence, crazy customs, and..... uh.... naked Farnsworth *shudder*. So... yeah, it fits in nicely with the Xmas theme that Xmas Story and A Tale of Two Santas have. The story is very interesting, and focusses mostly around Bender. The rest of the crew are all left at the office, except for later on where Fry and Leela join Bender to stop the massacre. While being very funny in places, it definitely focusses more on plot than humour, and is a very action-orientated story. The plot is well-written and interesting, flowing well from one scene to another. Very much like the show.

The characters are excellently portrayed, and there's a lot of them too. The entire crew is there, but Bender is the star here. He acts like you'd expect him to throughout: selfish, uncaring, dishonest, yet still not wanting to see everybody killed. But he's not the only star. Nixon, Beelzebot and Santa are also perfectly characterised, all being their typical nasty selves. Morbo and Linda also get a good look in, particarly the latter, and there are brief appearances from the Robot Mafia, Sal, Fender, Tinny Tim, iZac and others. And none of them are out of character either.

The jokes are all good, although not rampant like in some other issues and episodes. The plot is definitely the focus, but it makes sure there are laughs throughout, from the standard Futurama robot/computer-themed jokes to the wacky Xmas play the crew are performing, it's all good. Most of the jokes are heavily character driven, which is nice.

The art is very impressive, though what do you expect from the same artistic team from the brilliant original issue. Simply flawless, with all the characters looking correctly. Good perspectives, nice colour, and a very busy style that suits the Futurama universe. Backgrounds are nicely filled and detailed, so no frame is sparse. Even better when compared to the recent art in the Simpsons comics, which has gotten terrible lately.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue. There's not much more to say other that, buy it. It's great!

Most Memorable Moment: Bender and Fry talking to the Salvation Army-bot.

Worst Moment: Nothing. Flawless

Story: 4/5
Art: 5/5
Jokes: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Character: 5/5

Overall: A-

- Kenneth White