Futurama Comic Review

Futurama Comics #3

Title: The Owner of Mars Attacks!

Writer: Eric Rogers, with Bill Morrison

Art: James Lloyd, Steve Steere Jr.

The third edition of Futurama Comics arrives in my country, and now that I've read it, it's time to review it. Will it live up to the excellent TV series? Read on and find out:

In this issue, the gang head to a flea market where Leela discovers some collectible creatures called 'Needy Newbies' that she finds really cute. Inez Wong apparently also collects them, and she treats Leela to one, as well as inviting her to a weekly collectors meeting at her place. She and Zoidberg both go, but when a selfish Inez doesn't let her or anybody else talk about their collections because she only brags about hers, Leela swears that she will stop Inez from getting the whole collection. The race to get the last two Newbies begins.

Meanwhile, Bender starts stealing things from Planet Express so that he and his new scrap-selling friend can hawk off the merchandise at the flea market.

In the last review, I complained that the script suffered from too much Nibbler. Also, the art wasn't up to the high standard set by the first issue. Thankfully, this issue doesn't have those problems.

First of all, the story is interesting, funny and well written. We also have a well-conceived sub-plot that ties in well with the original story. The main story works well, with some focus on a rarely used character, Inez Wong. The idea of the Newbies is quite original and fits in excellently with the Futurama theme. Add to this some original new characters and the well-portrayed flea market and the whole thing comes together into what could work very well as a TV episode. It seriously could.

Onto the art, which in this issue is fantastic. Pretty much flawless, and in keeping with the original issue's. The characters are well drawn, as are the backgrounds and other objects. The attention to detail and busy artwork keeps in with the feeling of the show, which is good. While Futurama Comics #2 had artwork that was like an average Simpsons Comic, this issue looks almost like shots from the show, it's just that good.

The characterisation is where the comic really excels, as everybody is portrayed perfectly. Inez's arrogant attitude really steals the show (or story), and Leela is also brilliantly angry and vindictive (and rightfully so). Zoidberg is his typical happy self, while virtually nobody likes him. His love for his hideous Newbie is classic stuff. Bender is his typical dishonest and scheming self, while Fry is once again reminiscing about stuff from his past, and the Professor is annoyed by his behaviour. Amy and Hermes also fit the bill, with the latter constantly badmouthing Zoidberg.

Some interesting new characters are introduced in Bender's new friend Randy, Dr. Runefield from Nosferatu 4, and of course, the Newbies themselves. This adds more to the story by having personalities that fit nicely into the type of characters the show would have.

Overall, it's a great issue. It's funny, it's interesting and the characters are all there and at their finest. Even more satisfying than the original comic, and far better than the previous issue. The stories keeps you interested from beginning to end, introducing some excellent new concepts and characters, as well as keeping true to the original formula. Simply put, it's a great issue. Buy it. Buy it now!

Most Memorable Moment: The two advertisements at the back. One for owning your own celebrity head, and the other for a clapping device that claps for you.

Worst Moment: None, it's all good stuff.

Story: 4/5
Art: 5/5
Jokes: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Character: 5/5

Overall: A

- Kenneth White