Character Bio

Zapp Brannigan

Full Name: Zappariah Brannigan

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain of the ship Nimbus in the D.O.O.P. (Democratic Order of Planets); Twenty-Five Star General of Earth Military Forces; Chief Negotiator for Earth.

Demeanor: Arrogant; Cocky; Sleazy; Sexist; Self-Absorbed.

First Mate: Lt. Kif Kroker.

Unrequited Love: Captain Turanga Leela.

Has Trouble with: Pronouncing words that aren't spelt phoenetically.

Victories: The Rampaging Killbots in the Octillion System; The Retiree People of the Assisted-Living Nebula; The Pacifists of the Ghandi Nebula; Carpet Bombing Eden 7; The Brainballs of Spheron 1; The Spiderians of Turantulon 6

Is Actually Seen in Battle: Never.

Medals: One for his victory in the Octillion System. He rented another briefly for the special reception to display the silk surplus from Turantulon 6.

Likes: Women; Velour; A favourite wicker chair he owns; Spoken-word Karaoke singing.

Pet Peeves: Neutrals; Cowards.

Secret Shames: Wears both a girdle and toupee; was court-martialled for blowing up the new D.O.O.P. HQ in the Neutral Zone.

Believes: In Brannigan's Law; That men should fight and die for their planet; That every mission of his is a suicide mission; The notion that Kif will never make Captain (despite actually making Kif a Captain once.); A learning disability 'Sexlexia' (which he thinks he has.) exists.

Attends: Banquets; Ceremonies; Parades; Ape Fights; Ultimate Robot Fighting; The Oscars; Operas.

Also called: The Velour Fog.

Sexual Escapades: Turanga Leela (once); Several Amazonian women

Other Escapades: Captaining the maiden (and only) voyage of the Titanic; Judging the Miss Universe Pageant; Representing Earth's men, women, and children in uniform during Freedom Day parades.

His Horse: Felicity.

Author of: Zapp Brannigan's Big Book of War.