Character Bio


Species: Human

Age: 140+

Occupation: Head of MOMcorp, manufacturers of Robots & Robot accessories.

Viewed to public as: The world's most huggable industrialist; rocker-jockey

Former Love: Professor Hubert Farnsworth

Sons: 3

Their Names: Walt, Larry, and Igner

Public Demeanor: Kind, huggable, lovable, generous

Private Demeanor: Evil, Ordering, Villain, lonely

Wears: A Fat-suit

Often: Slaps her underlings

Respects: Nobody

Common Utterance: BASTARD!, common old-granny utterances when making a public appearance.

Likes: Cream-soda, taking over the world, money.

Is: Rich... VERY rich

Past achievements: Founded MOMcorp, ALMOST took over the world with "hard-drive"washed Robots,