Character Bio

Kif Kroker

Rank: Lieutenant

Species: Amphibiosian

Occupation: First Officer of the ship Nimbus in the D.O.O.P. (Democratic Order of Planets); Zapp Brannigan's Assistant and Second in Command.

Demeanor: Shy; Nervous; Quiet; Patient; Kind; Sweet.

True Love and Smizmar: Amy Wong.

Father of: About 40 tadpoles that he himself gave birth to as a result of Leela impregnating him by skin contact.

Consists of: A series of fluid filled bladders.

Common Utterances: Sighs and groans.

Opinion of Zapp: Thinks he is an idot and a jackass.

Various Chores: Taking Zapp's Captain's Logs; Showing off Zapp's medals; Grating cheese on Zapp's food; Laying out Zapp's formal shorts; Informing the other men when Zapp has made it with a woman; Giving Zapp back rubs; Holding up and waving the D.O.O.P. flag behind Zapp when he makes patriotic speeches; Shaving Zapp's armpits while he bathes; Styling Zapp's hair; Washing Zapp's back while he showers; Timing new recruits running the Earth military obstacle course; Serving Zapp drinks; Taking the blame for Zapp's mistakes; Unclogging the drain when things come off Zapp after his shower; Bringing Zapp Earth's global defense codes; Assisting with Zapp's court-martials.

Skills: Hair Styling; Singing; Flying Buggalo; Fighting with a double-swatted spider swatter.

Special Abilities: Can climb on walls and ceilings; Can inflate his head; Can stretch his arms.

Has Written: Several programs for the Holo-Shed amounting to over 4,000,000 lines of BASIC.

Believes: He has the most humiliating job ever.

Attends: Almost anything and everything that Zapp attends.

Has: A very small room; Many pictures of Amy; A private washroom (that Zapp uses anyway).

Gifts to Amy include: Dozens of Lovey Bears; A watch that shows them the time where they both are; A previous watch that Zoidberg ate; Some ambergris so that Amy can make perfume.

Other Escapades: Briefly Captain of the ship Titanic; Dishonourably discharged unfairly when Zapp blew up the new D.O.O.P. HQ; Was Leela's Second in Command until returning to D.O.O.P.; Got stranded on planet Amazonia; Helped Amy's parents get their Buggalo, and then daughter, back from native Martians; Gave birth to offsping on home planet of Amphibios 9; Was briefly arrested for unknowingly stealing Ambergris.