Character Bio

Philip J. Fry

Age: 25

Species: Human

Occupation: Delivery Boy at Planet Express Delivery Company.

Demeanor: Naive; Kind; Nervous; Curious; Thoughtful.

Unrequited Love: Turanga Leela.

Family: Father Yancy Fry Sr. and mother, Brother Yancy Fry Jr. and unnamed sister-in-law, Nephew Philip J. Fry, Grandfather himself, Grandson himself, Great, great, great etc Grandfather "Minute Man" Yancy Fry, Great, great, great etc nephew Professor Hubert Farnsworth and his clone, Cubert Farnsworth.

Former Pet: Dog named Seymour.

Former Jobs: Pizza Delivery Boy at Panucci's Pizza (20th Century); Cryogenic Assignment Officer; Earth Army Cadet; Poppler Salesman.

Former Girlfriends/Women/Things: Michelle, Amy Wong, Umbriel, a 21st Century woman, Morgan Proctor, a radiator, several Amazon women, a robotic Lucy Liu, his own Grandmother Mildred, Leela (during a time-skipping period), Colleen, and Yivo.

Doesn't Have: A delta brain wave.

Social Security Number: 03280810

Stool type: P-negative

Mother's maiden name: Gliesner

Fry is voiced by Billy West