Character Bio

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

Species: Human

Age: 160+

Occupations: manager and CEO of Planet Express Delivery Company; Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields Lecturer at Mars University.

Demeanor: Senile; forgetful; angry; lost; dazzled; amazed.

Family: Great, great, great, etc uncle Fry and clone/son Cubert Farnsworth.

Former Job: Robot builder and inventor at MomCorp.

Former Love Interests: Mom, Hattie.

Common Utterance: "Good News, Everyone!"

Arch Enemy: Dr. Ogden Wernstrom

Inventions: The Dark-Matter engine, Smelloscope; Death Clock; What-If? Machine; Several Doomsday Devices; Albino shouting gorilla; Atomic Mutant Supermen Basketball Team; The Finglonger; The F-ray; Anti-pressure pill; Universal Translator; Unworking Time Machine; Clonomat; The Maternifuge.

Prof. Farnsworth is voiced by Billy West