Character Bio


Species: Human Clone

Host and Father: Professor Hubert Farnsworth

Age: 13

Known Family: professor Hubert Farnsworth, Fry (incredibly distant)

Nose: got squished against the side of a test tube.

Is either: Dumb or Ugly

Friends: Dwight, and Tiny Tim

Demeanor: Know-it-all, snarky, rude

Opinion of:

Bender: "Useless Bending Robot who is utterly useless"

Leela: "has yet to meet my friend Depth Perception"

Hermes: "the closest thing to a competent employee in this entire town"

Amy: "Clumsy flirt"

Hubert: "I am his only half-decent invention"

Past Achievements: Bought out Planet Express, turning it into Awesome Express; fixed the dark matter engine on the Planet Express ship

Has spats with: Horrible Gelatinous Blob Junior

Respects: Himself

Commonly seen wearing: a tie.