Character Bio

Amy Wong

Species: Human

Nationality: Martian

Age: 22 .. ish (estimated)

Everyday clothes: Pink sweatsuit, boots

Family: Father Leo Wong, and mother Inez Wong.

Boyfriend: Lt Kif Kroker, XO of the DOOP ship Nimbus

Occupation: Engineering student at Mars University, currently doing her internship at the Planet Express Interstellar Delivery Company, New New York

Fraternity: Kappa Kappa Wong

Personality: Amy is friendly and very sociable, always ready to show up for her friends. She enjoys going out to have a good time, and find it easy to talk to people, particular men. Some would a say a bit too easy. Even though she has a reputation for being easy and a tendency for one-night boyfriends with good bodies but bad personalities, Amy is also a hopeless romantic. What she was really looking for in a boyfriend was sensitivty, sweetness and honesty. Amy is very down-to-Mars, but also vain, shallow, naive and somewhat rude. She's easily upset when criticised or insulted, but doesn't think twice about giving fashion "advice" herself. Amy is very clumsy, generally described as "a klutsch from Mars", on the other hand she knows she's way cuter than anyone else (even after cutness reduction surgery).

Pet Peeves: Pink nailpolish, spleazeballs, her parents nagging her about grand children, jerks making her gender look bad, being called evil, looking French

Interests: Stuff, junk, party boarding, clubbing, the practical uses of hemp, rabid fan of "All My Circuits", bisque

Leisures: Amy like playing ping-pong and virtual virtual games, going for rides in her Beta-Romero (until Zoidberg damaged it), hanging out in filthy chatrooms (but not filthy, flithy chatromms, no siree!), playing blernsball and athletics (she throws javelin for the Mars University Team), skiing

Past Achievements: Have eaten cow, had Fry's head attached to her shoulder,

Tatoos: You bet! Including a cute and obscene one on her left arm.

Pets: Betsy, the buggalo and lots and lots of ponies.

Bloodtype: Same as Farnsworth, although Amy doesn't know this

Financial Situation: Her parents are rich and own the entire Western Hemisphere of Mars so Amy is well off, though she usually use up all her allowances before the end of the year

Often seen wearing: Classy dresses and gowns

Favorite sayings: Splu'h, spleazeball, guh, spleckh, Chinese-Martian curse words,

Amy is voiced by Lauren Tom