Ask Dr. Zoidberg

Ask Dr. Zoidberg

Hello, my good friends!

Doctor Zoidberg here, your friendly Planet Express doctor. I was perusing though my electronic mail facility the other day and realised I don't get any that many of you may have many, many questions that you want answered, but are unsure as to where to turn. Well, seeing as that I am a professional and highly respected doctor with many surviving patients and no pending lawsuits or malpractice suits, I might as well donate a few moments of my time in helping answer those things that others may not be willing to answer. So if you're curious about anything medical, or even things that aren't (such as food!) please simply send your old pal Zoidberg an electronic mail letter by clacking (Hehehehe... Zoidberg! Master of the pun!) my name below. I will try to answer anything you ask and will post the responses here for all to benefit from my vast experience and wisdom.

Thank you, and feel free to send any food or, failing that, pictures of food you can as well. Look forward to hearing from you.

- Dr. John Zoidberg, M.D.

P.S. Please send something! I'm so lonely... *sniffle*

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