October 2013
Future Boo!
Posted on October 30, 2013 by Tim
Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, here's two holiday specific and completely unsolicited Fan Arts! The first is from Awalex with this new scary fan art - witches of the future! Now them are my kind of spooks!

And in this one, kaspired says that he was (desperately) looking for an inspiration, so he ended up going back to a very classic horror movie as a base. Can you guess which one?
Oh, to be young again, and also a robot.
Posted on October 21, 2013 by Tim
I'm just gonna let Gulliver63 tell this: “Just when you thought it was safe for someone to act their age, I offer this cautionary tale of how Morgan Proctor got changed into a 12-year old version of herself. After this latest experiment-gone-wrong by the Professor, the young Morgan threatens to have Planet Express shut down for good. What will happen when the dreaded Section 17 meeting comes up at the end of the week? All will be revealed in Oh, to be Young Again.” Did I mention that this Fan Fiction was illustrated? Oh my yes.
More ugly
Posted on October 15, 2013 by Tim
More fun on the Fan Fiction front. Last update we featured a fic based on the premise of “Now he’s ugly, and you’ve hurt his feelings” and that reminded dinkdrinker that he was one of the aforementioned denizens and that he'd written a story. So here it is - it's called Beauty Is Only Carapace Deep and it's the tale of What If the professor tried a DNA altering experiment on a hungry and unsuspecting member of the crew?

And here's someone we haven't heard from in a while - it's Rush, master of the title is longer than the story genre with The Looming Terror: Wrong Universe in which (you aren't going to see this coming) the Looming Terror enters the wrong universe and meets his match. Rush sez “Might as well make fun of my own fan fiction”. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Now he’s ugly, and you’ve hurt his feelings
Posted on October 12, 2013 by Tim
There's a story behind this story. A littler earlier this year (actually it was nearly six months ago now - times sure flies ) a few of the denizens of our Message Board happened to find themselves at similar relative space-time coordinates and they started talking about the art and science of writing Fan Fiction. One of the things they found really, really funny was a line from a Star Wars inspired fic that read “Now he’s ugly, and you’ve hurt his feelings”. After they got over the laughing fits, they all agreed to to write a fic containing that line as a plot element. This one is by MC and it's called The Day Off. In it, Fry and Leela have a day off which they spend fighting a demon bag, a rude chef, and poor mutant hygiene.

And for another Fan Fiction which I did not have the privilege of witnessing the gestation of here's part II of Dwayne Anderson's Space Ace Doofus. This one, you'll recall, has Fry unable to get past the first level in a new video game, and when he tampers with a malfunctioning invention in the prof's lab, he might just have too ... for real!
These will take you back
Posted on October 7, 2013 by Tim
Remember the miniature fruit salad tree that Leela gave Fry way back in I, Roommate? Well that was fourteen years ago - even before this site first went live! And in that time, at least in this new Fan Art from Awalex, that tree is all grown up and, from the looks of things, kinda fills the "closet" at the Robot Arms. Leela doesn't mind though, she just samples what it has to offer. Bender, he kicks it up a notch with wine and flowers. And Fry, he has his own unique approach to things. It's not shown but I bet Amy is still slipping on the banana peels whenever she comes over.

And in the new and improved department, a couple of updates back I mentioned Gulliver63's new Fan Fiction called Futurama Guy. Did I mention that it's Illustrated? I didn't then 'cause it wasn't then, but I've finally got some time to link the pics into the story where they belong so it's illustrated now, so go check it out.
Meanwhile, in other realities ...
Posted on October 1, 2013 by Tim
... we have things like Slapsabers and Zombie James Dean (who looks remarkably like a Fry who hasn't shaven for a few days ). So what's we gots heres is some new Fan Comic action from !iMmOrTaL!. This is, of course, some new pages to Welcome to the World of Sorrow in which Fry has landed in an alternate reality of his once beloved Future where no one knows who he is. Not his best friend, Bender, nor his distant relative, the Professor, not even the woman of his dreams, Leela! Now Fry must not only find away home, but assist his not so familiar friends in an uprising against it's tyranical dictator, Mom! The new stuff starts on page 31.

Some of you might have noticed that FM/TLZ and FMMB were off line yesterday for a few hours. It turns out that a denial of service attack was launched against a site that was on the same server as we are and it took a few hours before it was noticed and blocked by our hosting service. Kudos to them. Since then we've had a couple of reports, and I've noticed it too, of the site running slower. We'd like to know what you all are experiencing so if you're a FMMB member, please post a comment in the Report a problem thread, and if you aren't please drop me (Tim) an e-mail.