October 2010
Even Lady Death takes vacations and she allows only the best to stand-in for her.
Posted on October 31, 2010 by Tim
Ok, I figured that this was going to end up dated November 1 (but due to some recent kagiggering I'm not allowed to talk about yet, timezones have shifted). Yes, we here at FM/TLZ have the power to shift the world's timezones. Tremble at our mighty powers puny earthlings! But regardless of all that it's still technically Halloween where I am so I can still technically put a Halloween themed picture up because, as I'm sure we all remember, technically correct is the best kind of correct. So anyway, Ralph Snart calls to our attention this picture of Leela as Lady Death which I discovered with my catlike detective skills we already had in the Fan Art arkive. It's by one Israel Sofero from way back in 1 BT (Before Tim, which would be 2005 on your puny human calendars). Ralph says “I didn't draw it but I've drooled over it”. Todays headline is also something he said which I'm sure was not intended as a commentary on any other recent contributions.

Ok, everyone please scream VIRGIN! at the top of your lungs and/or give a big FM/TLZ welcome to fallouttyrant6 who managed to negotiate the submission obstacle course and submit three new Fan Arts.

And to make our evening of Leelas complete, the only thing better than one Leela is two Leelas, so here's two more. Futurama_Freak1 took two photos of Leela from slightly different angles and merged them into one pic. If you stare at it just right and cross your eyes, they'll merge and form a 3D image, which is why I very cleverly put them in the 3D Art section. Note that you'll need a minimum of two eyes for this to work. Having the requisite two, I still had a hard time bending my eyes like that at first but I finally managed it and it's pretty cool.

So, until next time, it's still technically correct for me to say BOO!
I might be able to do a Halloween update soon... once the zombies have devoured the server
Posted on October 30, 2010 by Tim
And not only do we have Zombies devouring the server, we have them fixing it as well. It's been a very long day for Leandro and when he finally got home there I was, jumping up and down going "Fix it! fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it. fix it! fix it.". And he seems to have fixed it, so Huzzahs for Leandro. And some Huzzahs for Kaspired to, 'cause here, for the very first time (and just in time too ), are three new exclusive Halloween flavored Fan Arts, all themed Lady Death.

Now it's time to play Planet Express vs Yellow Submarine. You see, the newest member on our Message Board goes by the handle of BeatlesNRD_101 and so, assuming that the “NRD” part is shorthand for NERD and that he is not into entomology, here is skler's first Fan Art of the Bender's Game Yellow Submarine.
I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Maraetai...
Posted on October 25, 2010 by Tim
A few days ago we had another Real World Futurama photo and I mentioned that New Zealand seemed to have all of the Turanga Roads. Well, OK, this was a bit of a stretch as we only had one so far, but that's all changed now because that comment reminded El-Man, who just happens to hail from NZ, to send in another Turanga road sign. Just for fun, I asked him for some Google Map links to where these were at. The first Turanga Rd pic is near Whitford, which is east of Auckland, and this new one is near Waitakere which is a ways west of Auckland (I think I got that right - I had to think upside down and backwards from what I'm used to). El-man said “There's also a Turanga Street in Gisborne, and a Turanga Place in Turangi. Lots of Futurama fans on the local planning councils, you ask? No, 'turanga' is actually a noun in the Maori language, meaning stand, position, situation, site, or foundation.”. There ya go, a Geography and Anthropology lesson cleverly disguised as fan contribution. Who says todays edgy TV sitcoms aren't educational.

Good News Everybody ... er wait, I mean Bad News Everybody. This new Fan Art from Rush is called might be the last of the bender is series. Those that have been following Rush's contributions will know a lot of them are Bender in various forms and this might be the very last one. Whatever will we do? Oh well, all good things come to and end, eh? He's also sent along a few other pics and it should be noted is the first fan artist to get to six pages.
A random big wave ...
Posted on October 24, 2010 by Tim
OK so a few days ago I was chillin' in my inner tube with a cold one in hand waiting for the big wave to come in, and it just did. RoboDrug delivered six new bits o' Fan Art like this one called Futurama featuring Robodrug. She says “Most of them are really random... But I was bored so y'know, I just had to draw SOMETHING... Even if that something could never be explained.” Hey, that sounds just like this webmaster job.

If you've got a couple of minutes to spare and want a good laugh, check out this video that Rush found on YouTube. It's a clip of the original Star Wars, but with Darth Vader's voice overdubbed with Bender.
Number one
Posted on October 22, 2010 by Tim
Moving up from number two to number one in the Fan Art department is Rush who continues to poop them out and sends in a whole shipload of new pics. This particular one is a parody of the character Minsc from the Baldur's Gate series.
Don't make me and Clamps lock you in the closet with the Tickle Me Elmo™ Dolls. Again.
Posted on October 19, 2010 by Tim
See the kinds of threats I get? I should call the cops. Geesh. Anyway, as you might guess from the picture of the twerpy little clone here, Bosda is back with some more answers to Cubert's Rants in 2ACV02, Brannigan Begin Again. And as he seems to have an in with a certain bunch of robot goons and as I don't want to life through that closet nightmare again, here it is.

Over there in the menu on the left side of your screen we have this section called Interactive and one of the most interactive things on there is the Message Board which is where all of the cool aliens hang out. I highly recommend you check it out. One of the things we work very hard to do is keep it spam free. Spammers, as we all know, are the scourge of the Internet and starting a couple of years ago they really started targeting Forums, so we've had to be very vigilant in keeping them out. To that end, we sometimes have to set up bans to keep the worst offenders at bay and sometimes that also catches the legitimate users. So, bottom line, if you're trying to register on FMMB and find that you can't because of a ban, then send me an e-mail and we can fix you up. Unless you're a spammer, then I'll call my pal Bosda and he and Clamps will take care of you.
Introducing Fry ...
Posted on October 18, 2010 by Tim
Hey everyone, meet Philip J. Fry. Oh, wait, you already know this guy. Well, here's someone you don't know. Introducing RoboDrug and schler first Fan Art. Sklee says that as soon as I put this up “there's gonna be a huge wave of fan art rolling in afterward” so here it is, and I'm just gonna sit in my inner tube with a cold Olde Fortran in hand and wait for that wave.

New Zealand may have the Turangas, but the US seems to have the market cornered on Farnsworths. What's this all about you wonder? Many of you may remember a couple of years ago we ran the Real World Futurama Photo contest in which people sent in photos of stuff in the real world with Futurama names on it and we got some real unusual and interesting stuff (like the connection between NZ and Turangas). And since then, every once in a while, another one rolls in, like this highway sign that MC spotted near Aurora, IL. That's north and west of Chicago and as near as I can tell, he was on US88 heading east. When I first saw his pic I said to myself "we've already got that one” but it's a different place by about 900 miles (1450 km).
I like big butts ...
Posted on October 15, 2010 by Tim
And I cannot lie ... I'm sure every Futurama fan worthy of his, her, or it's Slurm will recognize those lines from Sir Mix-a-Lot's hit single Baby Got Back which Fry was listening to in the first season. Hmmm, wait a moment, first season, why does that sound familiar? Perhaps because we issued a challenge a few days ago to figure out what the title of Erik Heltner's recent comic Amy Got Back was based on and we have a winner! Leela+Fry correctly groked the connection and wins the official FM/TLZ Kudos! And maybe a cookie, if I can find where I dropped it.

And speaking of big butts and Fan Comics, what is Zoidberg doing in Leela's apartment? This can't be a good thing. But the good news is you can find out because we have five, count 'em, five more pages of Pieter Antonissen's When Disastrions Strike Back. The new stuff starts on page 27.

And lastly, having absolutely nothing to do with large posteriors, we've got a Fan Art two-fer. First up is two from Rush's Friend, who is - try to stay with me here - a friend of Rush and who is (pick one) lazy/paranoid/shy and lets Rush do his dirty work for him (eg sending in his, her, or it's pics).

And then there's a bunch more from Rush himself, mostly featuring Bender in various alternate occupations and/or assemblies.
Fox has really streamlined the process ...
Posted on October 11, 2010 by Tim
Good news everyone! The Season 6 DVDs have been announced, and just in time for Xmas. The picture is apparently the cover art, and the DVD set supposedly contains all kinds of goodies. Here's the text of the e-mail I received today about it:



To: Planet Express Staff

From: Professor Hubert Farnsworth

Re: Grand Re-Opening of Planet Express

Attention Planet Express staff,

We're back in business! Planet Express is now delivering "Futurama" Volume 5 to terrestrial locations beginning December 21, 2010 just in time for the holidays! The Simpsons genius, Matt Groening, placed a large order of these shiny discs featuring the animated series truly light-years-ahead-of-its-time! Join my friends Fry, Bender, Leela and the rest of the gang for 13 hilarious new episodes that tackle some of the most controversial subjects in the galaxy...including evolution, mind exchange, feline intelligence and even robosexual marriage. Bender believes it can happen!

Planet Express will deliver "Blu-ray" for the first time and both sets contain hours of exclusive features such as deleted and extended scenes; audio commentaries; featurettes including "Bend it Like Bender", "Previously On...", "Fry's Crudely-Drawn Comic Book - The Crudely Animated Edition", "Behind the Fungus: Makin' a Hit Song"; and more. It also features voice talents of famous people from centuries ago such as Coolio, Chris Elliott, Craig Ferguson, Al Gore, Matt Groening and George Takei.

Pricing for the 2-disc DVD set is $39.98 SRP ($54.98 SRP in Canada) and the 2-disc Blu-ray version is $49.99 SRP ($69.99 SRP in Canada) and each arrives in very stylish packaging. Cigar not included.”

This has also been announced at tvshowsondvd.com.
This update has nothing to do with Amy's tuckus
Posted on October 10, 2010 by Tim
I mention that to allay the suggestions that are being made of late that we change our name to The Amy's Butt Zone. Obviously that ain't gonna happen - TABZ just doesn't flow well, plus that domain name is already taken. So instead, let's just go with some Fan Art. Gulliver63 sends in two new pics - this one is Toy Story, Futurama style. The other one is of Amy but her recently featured anatomy is covered and sporting a forked tail in this one. It still rocks though.

What's that you say, Cubert? You wish to be beaten? With a heavy, jagged object? Well, never let it be said that I'm not obliging. Sometimes, you just gotta take direct action. Yes, after a long dry spell we have some new answers to Cubert's Rants. Bosda gives the little runt what for in 2ACV10, A Clone of My Own.
Since the gloves and Amy's pants are off anyway ...
Posted on October 9, 2010 by Tim
That might explain why Fry suddenly has this "Say What?" look. Or maybe it's the topless Amazonian mud wrestling. Whichever it is, Pieter Antonissen is working on eight more pages of his Fan Comic When Disastrions Strike Back. He was going to wait until all eight were done, but recent events (as in Erik Heltner's recent comic) caused him to decide to send the next three right away. Those of you that are into comics about Amazons might be interested in the venue where the topless Amazonian mud wrestling is being held. The new stuff starts on page 24.

And speaking of Erik Heltner's recent comic, we've had one guess as to what title Amy Got Back is in reference to (hint: first season). C. E. Holliday (a name that might be familiar to you fans of topless Amazonian mud wrestling) wrote to ask if it had something to do with what Amy said to Leela in When Aliens Attack during the Single female Lawyer scene. Sadly, no, it doesn't so there'll be no kudos in the Hollidome today. So any more guesses? It's really easy (once you know it).

Shifting gears totally here now, I've got this Fan Fiction that's been waiting patiently for a few days that we'd better deal with. Sadly, we don't yet have any Framegrabs from Attack of the Killer App, so you'll just have use those headaches with pictures and imagine it. This one wins this weeks Most Improved from First Draft award; it's by Rush and it's called Killer Eye-Phone. It's a little AU take on Killer App.
Dueling comics
Posted on October 6, 2010 by Tim
Ok, the gloves are off and the contestants are in the ring. In this corner, weighing in at 100 frames of art, the champion, Erik Heltner. And in the other corner, the contender, at 25 frames, Pieter Antonissen. So it's like this - a while back, Erik did some fan art of Leela, in a DOOP uniform, spanking Amy. So Pieter Antonissen, in a bout of sympathy for Amy, produce a little comic called Time Out and then his more recent epic When Disastrions Strike Back, both featuring, rather prominently, Amy's rear end. And proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished, now Erik is back with a new Fan Comic in response to that. It's called Amy Got Back. I'll let him tell it from here: “As you may recall, Pieter Antonissen recently made a little comic as a response to some of my fanart. I don't know why, but for some reason I felt obliged to return the favor. Ever since I saw Pieter's first comic, I've noticed that he has a tendency to drawing Amy's butt very big. Since Amy is very sensitive, insecure, and concerned about her looks, I don't think she would approve of that. So this comic is more or less about how I think she would react if she ever saw Pieter's comic. I hope it isn't too cruel - that certainly wasn't my intention - but you know how Amy is: she can be quite brutal sometimes.
Erik goes on to say that the title, “Amy Got Back” is a reference to something from the show. He sends one clue: it has something to do with the first season of Futurama... I haven't figured it out yet myself but if you think you know, e-mail me and if you get it right we'll mention your name right here and ship you a whole crate of slightly used official FM/TLZ kudos. Now, let the games begin.
I never did care for the sewer storyline
Posted on October 4, 2010 by Tim
And what do we fans do if we don't like a canon story line? Why, we grab our quill pens and inkwells and write Fan Fiction. In this particular case, we welcome the utterer of the above statement, Gulliver63, with his first FM/TLZ submission, The Last Turanga. It's a Leela back-story tale where she actually does find her cyclops planet. But is finding your home world isn't the same thing as finding your home? That's what Leela has to figure out. And as you can see, Gulliver63 has made a nice cover art picture for his story done with acrylics. And if you take a gander at his fan art page you'll find three more sketches of scenes from the fic. And last but not least, you can check out some of his other works of art on his deviant art page.
My Spidy-sense is tingling ...
Posted on October 2, 2010 by Tim
Ok, it's Saturday night when all good nerdlingers are sitting in front of their computers partying on the Internet. So let's party on tonight with a Fan Comic. A few days ago we featured the first 14 pages of Pieter Antonissen's new comic When Disastrions Strike Back. As you might recall, it's the story of mysterious markings that appear on Leela's lower back and some other stuff involving an evil alien race, Amy's butt, and stuff. Well today we have nine more pages. You can catch the new stuff starting on page 15.
We'll have to use Math!
Posted on October 1, 2010 by Tim
“I have a drawing you might like. Well, okay there's five...” is how the e-mail started out. I quickly saw that this was another of those ideas with pain kinds of things and decided to let kaspired explain his latest batch of Fan Art hizself: “Let me write this in the form of a simple math question. When does two plus two plus two plus one equal one? Two figure sketches of Leela and Amy as Na'vi, plus two figure sketches of Na'vi Amy and Kiff, plus two color drawings of Na'vi Amy and Kiff, plus one background photo equals one finished drawing. I have a headache now...”. And they said pure math had no real world application.

Here's a short and fun little Fan Fiction from Rush. It's called Wingus' And Dingus' Fun, and as you probably have already guessed, Wingus and Dingus are Fry and Bender, not necessarily, but very probably, in that order. It's set the evening after the events of How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back (although you could change one line and it could be set any time). Wingus and Dingus are watching TV in their apartment when Bender gets an idea ...

Wallpaper by SethSDB

Lastly, it has come to my attention that some people have been having difficulty e-mailing me (and presumably any of the other FM/TLZ webmasters) using the (at) futurama-madhouse (dot) com (dot) ar address. The usual symptom is a bounced e-mail with the subject “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” and a line in the body of the message that says “all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts or (invalidly) to IP addresses”. This is caused by your e-mail service objecting to the way mail is configured on futurama-madhouse (dot) com (dot) ar. There are two fixes - one: write your provider and try to convince them that we are good guys and should be white-listed or two: use an alternate e-mail address. For me (Tim) those would be “redline2180 (at) gmail (dot) com” or “red_line (at) sbcglobal (dot) net”.