October 2008
Long Live Futurama!
Posted on October 30, 2008 by Tim
That's it in a nutshell. And that's what Joel Brown had to say when he wrote and reminded me about something I'd totally forgotten about. So now that I've got my head out of my shiny metal daffodil, go take a look see at IloveBender.com and see what they're cooking up for the imminent release of Bender's Game. It's definitely not as catchy as it was leading up to BBS and it still says "under construction", so maybe something interesting will pop up in the next few days.

But, before we can get to that, we've got to get past Halloween first. That's right, it's coming up in only a couple of days, and to celebrate, BackToTheFuturama made this Fan Video using the Halloween movie trailer with Futurama vid clips. You can download it from us, or watch it on YouTube.
What If? You grabbed Leela's back side without your body armo(u)r on?
Posted on October 29, 2008 by Tim
You'd probably wake up in the nearest traction ward, that's what. If you woke up at all. But (no pun intended ), then again, maybe not. CosmicF and Rush explore a couple of what-if like scenarios along those very lines in this collaborative Fan Fiction called Fry's Feeling Hand. It asks the question “What if Fry was not so nervous in A Leela of Her Own”?
Putting the Graphical and Novel in Graphical Novel since .. uh .. yesterday?
Posted on October 28, 2008 by Tim
So the other morning I went out to sweep the owl droppings off the front porch of the Madhouse and here's this package sitting there. After a thorough inspection using the probulator (It can do other things, why shouldn't it?) to make sure it wasn't likely to blow up on us, we opened it up and found some Fan Art, four pieces actually. They're from morbo vasques (an interesting combination of names, especially coming from a .ru domain ). This one, and the three others which seem to be from a very well drawn but rather dark comic. And I'm guessing that if we get any more of that comic, we might not be able to run it. Anyway, no explanation was included and it squeaked it's way past the inquisitors on the The Futurama Madhouse Central Committee on Creative Interpretations and Ideological Purity; nevertheless, looker discretion is advised.

I've reported a couple of times on !iMmOrTaL!'s recent battles with dead computers and that he's finally back in production again. For reasons that will become clear later on, !iMmOrTaL! sent us this cover/sneak preview of his next comic (to be done after he finishes Wong Side of the Law he promises). Those that have been following Wong Side will undoubtedly recognize some of the characters pictured here. He says it will be a "Real Life/Surreal/Greatly Exajurated story." And yes, it will have a Futurama connection asterisk.
Time? We don't need no steenkin' time!
Posted on October 27, 2008 by Tim
Hey, Graham, you guys invented time, you should have a simple fix for all this clock changing stuff. Better just ring up those chaps in Green Witch and tell them to get crackin'. Me, I've got a simple fix - I keep my cuckoo clock set for GMT (or UTC, or Zulu, or whatever they're calling it these days) and remember that I'm either minus four or minus five depending on what time of year it it. And Graham's minus 0 or minus one, and Leandro's minus 2 or minus 3. See, simple. The hard part is remembering to wind the thing twice a day. I could get by only winding it once a day, but it's more accurate if I do it twice. I think gravity is greater near the floor or something.

And speaking of time, CosmicF must have a lot of it these days (or else he's running a very profitable side business ), 'cause it seems like hardly a week goes by I don't get a Promo Pic (formerly known as Fan Art) from him. And actually I didn't get this directly one from him, I got it from Singer1108 along with her new Fan Fiction (Cos must still be a little gun-shy since the “stump the webmaster incident ). So anyway, Singer1108 has this new fic called Mindless Attraction and it's the stuff Futurama is made of - Fry has finally succeeded in getting Leela to love him; and then in an ironic twist of fate, Leela gets her head bonked in a crash, causing her to forget who Fry is and that she likes him. Can Fry somehow restore Leela's memories? Can he do it before he wanders into the path of a speeding truck? Does anyone know what time it is?
In the Year 3000, do they still have this nonsense of changing your clock twice a year?
Posted on October 26, 2008 by Graham
Yes, I want to know whether in a thousand years, people have to change their clocks to suit the time of year. OK, I know some clever clogs will say that they'll all be automatically changed, but judging from inventions like the finglonger, I can bet you that even digital watches will be hand wound in the future. It'll be justified as a finger exerciser. Anyway, I've just finished manually adjusting the clocks that are too lazy to change by themselves. OK, this computer is receiving its time from an NTP server somewhere, while my DVD recorder and PVR get their time from the airwaves, and a few other gadgets get off their lazy arses and change themselves, but that wall clock over there just refuses to do anything bar tell the time wrong. Even my watch is on strike and refuses to change itself (not surprising, seeing it's an automatic winder watch...). So, pretty please, does anyone know whether they manually change the clocks in Futurama? In fact, do they have this silly idea that we have to change the time twice a year in the first place? OK, yeah, I know, some places out there don't do this silly practice and have chosen to spend their time wisely. Oh lucky you...

Anyway, talking about the thirty-first century, I have another work from MC for our bursting to the seams Fan Fiction section. Welcome part three of his Ghost of Xmas Past fiction, which is ready for you to all gander at in your leisure time (or work, when your boss isn't watching over your shoulder and you're sure your admin isn't snooping on your computer activities). As per usual, MC has been kind enough to save me having to type out a summary for this part. Over to you, MC. "Leela tells Vyr their story and the surprises just keep coming for Fry, including a few big ones after the ship returns to Earth." Now that MC has saved me some time, I can go and change that central heating clock in the cupboard that I forgot about. Damn you, time!
A whole bunch of random stuff, starting with some WGY news
Posted on October 25, 2008 by Tim
Some interesting and conflicting news is afoot. Previous info had led us to believe that the release of Into the Wild Green Yonder, the 4th, and as far was we currently know, last Futurama movie would be in April of 2009. But this new article at TVshowsonDVD.com quotes an anonymous "industry source" as saying that it will be released on February 24, 2009. Which is right? We don't know. We'll have to wait and see. Big thanks to Angus Brooks for the tip.

Now here's something right up my alley - grab a piece of scrap steel and a picture of your favorite Futurama character, feed 'em into a plasma cutter, and you have - instant Futurama bling (Hey, I said pea berry, not sandalwood! ). This shiny metal Bender was done by Hammer87. Wish I had cool toys like that to play with at my work.

And here's a peice of Fan Art from CosmicF. As you can see its a hand drawn re-imagining of Leela From TDHAIPT and, he says, "that, in and of itself, was reason enough to draw it XD". No way am I gonna argue with that.

I'm trotting out yet another Framegrab of Cubert, so that can only mean one thing - that's right, it's time for some more Cubert's Rants. Or actually, answers to same. And actually, only one this time. Dominique Jaramillo has an answer for the overgrown growth* in 2ACV19. Take that, Cubert!
* tip of the hat to MC for the Cubert allegory.
Wait a sec - something is wrong here
Posted on October 23, 2008 by Tim
December 31, 2999 - The orange haired guy in the cryo tube isn't due to defrost for another month and Turanga Leela is getting ready to go to the Hip Joint to celebrate New Years eve.

December 31, 1999 - Philip J. Fry wonks his head and gets knocked out at Applied Cryogenics, but doesn't fall into the cryo tube. His first problem upon waking up is to find a place to live, since Michelle has thrown him out. And having finally solved that problem, his life takes another sudden and unexpected turn when a beautiful, time traveling cyclops from the future pops out of thin air and practically lands in his lap.

What's going on here? That's not how it goes! It is in a new Fan Fiction by Corvus called The First Day, so read on and find out.
The usual stuff - missions, deliveries, stealing organs...
Posted on October 22, 2008 by Tim
Some of us can write (more or less, after a fashion) and some of us can draw, and some of us can't do either (or at least know better than to try). Lucky are those that can do both, and extremely fortunate are those that can do them both well, for they can do their own promotional art for their Fan Fictions. Which is exactly what we have today - the Fan Art you see here is Graham Dawson's promo pic for his fic Parallel Lives - A Road Not Taken. For those than haven't been following this on the Madhouse Forum, Morbo demands you read it now! Because, you see, a mishap in the store room where Professor Farnsworth keeps the paraboxes sends Fry and Leela tumbling into a parallel universe where they must find a way to get home. Meanwhile, they encounter their parallel selves and their "slight" differences and an insane, evil Leela who is hell bent for leather to kill every Philip J. Fry she can find.
Perhaps this is an awkward time ...
Posted on October 21, 2008 by Tim
Ten! Count 'em - Ten new pics in the Fan Art section! They're from MissusPatches and the Robot Devil is featured prominently - a character we don't see that often (maybe that's a good thing ). And there's a really funny one of Zapp Brannigan that's a crossover with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. You can also check out her deviantArt page to see more of her works.

And over in Fan Fiction there's the next part to Hammer87's Phil. In something that sounds like it's straight out of James Bond ('cause it is ) evil forces are at work, endangering Leela and the whole Universe, and it's up to Fry and Bender to save them. So shinny down the nearest ventilation duct and check it out.
Timing is everything
Posted on October 19, 2008 by Tim
So I'm sitting here with a largish collection of contributions to get put up and a fubared weekend schedule that leaves me very little time to work on it. Then along comes one single, solitary tidbit of Fan Art, and I thinks "Hey, I gots five minutes", so here it is: From first time contributor Ryno is this pic of Leela. Ryno said "I can't wait to see it". Well Huzzah! Here it is, probably even before you get the e-mail saying "I got it, thanks.".

Speaking of timing, my handy (not Futurama) calendar shows me (and I didn't say "tells me" or "says" lest some smarty (and by smarty I mean the generic term for a smart ass, not the author and artist by the same name) "I didn't know your calendar could talk" ) that Halloween is coming up here at the end of next week and if that's something you do in your part of the world, it's not to soon to start thinking about a Futurama costume like this one here. If you root around in the Fan Photos section, you'll find at least a couple more (my five minutes is almost up, so I don't have time to double check the whole section and see for sure) but I know there's a really good Zoidberg one in there and a Robot Devil. So with inspiration like that, what are you waiting for? Do yourself up a Futurama Halloween getup and send us pictures already why not?
Get a room you two ...
Posted on October 18, 2008 by Tim
A parallel universe ... a few weeks after the Opera ... Fry and Leela are in a loving relationship and are very happy together. But that's not really all that important as far as this story goes because it's the movie they're going to see and how it will affect Bender that this Fan Fiction really revolves around. It's called Scare The Brick Out Of Bender and it's by Rush. And with all the bricks Bender keeps leaving around, it's a wonder he doesn't end up with a serious calcium silicate deficiency. And with all the antics Fry and Leela are up to it's a wonder this story got past my Censormatic 9000.

Good News Everyone! We have some news about !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side of the Law. No, we don't have any new pages yet, but hopefully real soon now. For those tuning in late, !iMmOrTaL! has spent the last two months off exploring new Vistas in computing. Ha ha, get it ... Vistas ... he's been dead in the water. Fortunately, he's finally found a version of PaintShop that will run under said “OS”. He says "I'M BACK BABY! I am happy to say that The Wong Side of the Law will CONTINUE! I am still in the process of getting some more pages done, I will need a little more time.". Woo Hoo! We can't wait!
You will all be trapped in this dense, symbolist tome forever!
Posted on October 16, 2008 by Tim
I know I am! So anyway, I gotta keep it short and sweet tonight 'cause here in my part of the world the presidential "debates" start in less than an hour and by then I plan on being in a bar enjoying an icy cold Olde Fortran and watching Futurama on Comedy Central. So here's some Fan Art from fry+leela4eva - she calls it her "Fry and Leela symbol".

Ok, so much for the symbolist part, now for the tome - it's by that cranker outter of tomes Frosty and it's called Fry's Secret. In it, when Leela becomes suspicious as to why Fry no longer has an interest in her, she discovers the terrible secret that Fry has been hiding from her, and everyone else, for two years. I suggest you keep your tissues handy, it's a bit of a tear jerker. And did you ever stop to think was a weird word "tome" is?
Only this, and nothing more
Posted on October 15, 2008 by Tim
It's a bigger picture so it must be Wallpaper time. Why wallpapers get bigger thumbnails than everything else I don't know, but who cares. The important thing is we have this new one from Cx. It's Amy in the role of (and I STILL have no idea if this is spelled right - I suppose I could go get the BWABB DVD, turn subtitles on, and watch the trailer, but that's way too much effort. ) Gynecaladriel, the third wallpaper that Cx has done to celebrate the third Futurama movie, Bender's Game, due out in just three weeks!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten space lore, I nodded, almost napping. Then, without warning, there was a tapping at the door as if rapping at my Cabin door ... oh, wait, that was just someone upstairs flushing. If that bit sounds familiar (except maybe for the last part), it should - it's a 31st century parody of Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem The Raven. And this is relevant becauseeee .... I can almost hear you saying. Has Tim finally gone off the rails? Not, I assure you, anymore than I was two years ago when I took this job anyway. No, the whole point is a new bit of space lore, which we call Fan Fiction. This one's by DSS and it's called The Leelaven, which is one of those whatchacallits ... a complex conjugate or something, of Leela and Raven. And I bet you guessed it - it's a Futurama parody of EAP's The Raven, with Leela as the Raven.
HTML nightmares and other dreams
Posted on October 14, 2008 by Tim
No, I haven't run out of Fan Fiction yet, but I'm starting to dream in HTML again so I'm taking the night off from serving up epic tales of daring do in the 31st century to take care of a few odds and ends that have accumulated here in the boiler room of the Madhouse.

Once upon a time it seems, every Futurama character had at least one web site devoted to them. Look at us, we were The Leela Zone for a lot of years (we got first pick apparently). Sadly, most of them have turned to cobwebs or died off altogether. But now a new one has sprung up featuring everyone's favorite crustacean quack - it's Zoidberg's Dumpster. It's run by Smarty who has contributed both Fan Art and Fan Fiction to this site. Check it out.

And speaking of once upon a time, one of the classic sites has come back to life lately. Space Station Futurama has started updating again. I received a very nice e-mail from Nick over there who said in part "thank you for regularly updating and taking care of TLZ (or Futurama Madhouse if you prefer). I greatly appreciate the effort you guys have given to make that site as great as it is." You know it's a great site if the head honcho can kiss up like that. Seriously though, thanks Nick.

Back about three weeks ago or so, we featured a couple of photos that Flounder took while wandering around a community celebration in Eugene, Oregon where he stumbled across a banner featuring the likeness of Bender. You can go re-read the 16 September, 2008 update in the News Archive for all of the gory details if you want; this pic is a scan of a brochure they were handing out there.

Lastly tonight, let me just climb up here on my soapbox and pontificate for a moment. Every once in a while, in amongst all of the great fan contributions and accolades, I get a question that runs something like "Do you know where I can download all of the Futurama episodes?". Here's a tip - don't even bother asking, 'cause if I did know (and I don't) I certainly wouldn't tell. Futurama is, in the opinion of many, myself included, the best thing that's ever appeared on television - Ever. It had a sadly short life and we are truly blessed to be getting more of it. But in seven short months, it might be gone again, and this time it might be forever. The only way we'll get more Futurama is if the DVDs sell really, really well. So every pirated episode is potentially a lost sale and is against everything we stand for.
Now, where was I???
Posted on October 13, 2008 by Tim
The hard part about being gone is remembering where you left off. Fortunately I left myself good notes. So until I can figure out what it says on this napkin, complete with the requisite coffee stain, olive pit, and cigar burn I'll just wing off a couple of Fan Fictions.

I hope everyone's up on their Leela triva, 'cause if you aren't Leela will be speaking to you about it. And also you'll miss out on a lot in part 4 of James Prospect's Leela's Story. He describes it thusly: "Coming face-to-face with their first ever cliffhanger, our heroes head off on a journey that’s more dangerous than any of them realize. As they slide through the sewage of New New York, they prepare themselves to face a challenge that will leave them scarred for the rest of their lives. And then things will get bad."

So the whole idea that Fry could be a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge is a bit of a stretch, almost as much as the idea of Leela going out on a date with him. Well, get ready to get stretched in part II of Hammer87's fic Phil. As you might recall from part I, DOOP intelligence entrusts Planet Express with the delivery of a super secret device that contains all known spook data. On the way, the data gets implanted in Fry's head and erased from the device, placing Fry squarely in the middle of some deep, moist doo-doo. But, it's not without it's compensations. Promo pic by CosmicF.
There's another dry spell commin'
Posted on October 9, 2008 by Tim
'cause I'm goin' away again for a few days, so unless another webmaster gets on the wrong bus and accidentally ends up here, things is gonna be kinda quiet around the Madhouse. The means we better get a bunch of stuff taken care of to tide us over, and how about starting out with another two-fer! This bit of Fan Art from Joey is an illustration from her first Fan Fiction which we also have. It's called The Loss. It's a sad and shippy little tale of Fry trying to carry on the Professor's work after he dies, except there's this one experiment that could cost everyone on Earth their lives if it doesn't go just right ...

Next up, also another Fan Fiction, the final chapter in that time bending romp Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender by Rush. And this part has some unique things you don't often find in a fan fic - deleted scenes and bleeped words. The deleted scenes were Rush's idea, the bleeped words were my idea.

And finally, I am pleased to announce that 5ACV08, the fourth and final part of The Beast With A Billion Backs has been put up in our Episode Transcripts section. This give us the complete transcript of BWABB. Yeay. I still have to get the credits on the end and clean up some minor formatting incontinence, but I'll do that next week. Now I have a whole month to rest before I can do it all over again.

Ok, that's it for today. See you in a few days. Those of you that have sent me stuff, look for it next week. Those of you that haven't sent me stuff, the mail box will remain open.
1 0000 0000
Posted on October 7, 2008 by Tim
Because of a minor software bug, I got hosed out of the opportunity to celebrate 200 updates last July. So being the patient soul that I am I plodded along until tonight when I can make a big whoop-de-do out of my 0x100th update. Now for the non-computer geeks out there (and for the so-called computer geeks that don't know what something like LD A,(0x100) means), I should explain that 0x100 is a short hand for the binary that is today's headline, which works out to be 256, something of a magic number amongst the Robo-American population. Plus if I were to write it like this: 100000000 some might assume I'd been here a really long time. A really, really long time. Like since about 273,776 years BFE (Before Futurama Era), and that's just silly - we all know that a certain Futurama guest star didn't invent the Internet until 8 BFE. The Madhouse may be the Oldest Living Futurama Fan Site, but it's not THAT old.

So, anyway, leading off update number 100000000 is this sweet Wallpaper from Cx. And it'll only be another month until Bender's Game comes out and we can find out what that's all about.

And what would an update be without some Fan Fiction? It would be a really unusual one, that's for sure. So just to make sure that update number 100000000 isn't a really unusual one, here's the long awaited part 3 of Deja Vu from fry+leela4eva. Since it's been so long awaited, let me refresh your memory - remember when Fry and Leela were briefly married during the times slips? Well in part 1 we found out that there had been a little ... um ... fallout from that marriage, and in this, the concluding part of the story, we find out how Fry and Leela are going to finally deal with the problem.
No Shirt?
Posted on October 6, 2008 by Tim
Looking for that perfect give for your personal Leela or Fry? Or maybe you're the worlds #1 Futurama collector. Or whatever. In any case, here's some rare and unique Futurama items up for grabs on Ebay. There's a PE bowling shirt signed by the cast, as well as some autographed comics and other stuff. And it's all to benefit a charity called McIntyre House. Check out www.ebay.com/mcintyrehouse for details. And if you score any swag, send us a picture.

Depriving me of the fun of playing my favorite game, confuse the snot out of the webmaster, CosmicF went to great pains to explain exactly what the Fan Art he sent is was for. This one's a promo pic for Hammer87's newest fic, Phil. This is a parody of the NBC television show Chuck. After the opera, Leela has finally decided to give Fry a chance and they are now dating. The Professor gets a contract from the DOOP Intelligence Agency to construct a device to store all of their sensitive data as images. While delivering the device, Fry starts messing around with it and inadvertently ends up with the information in his head and completely erasing the machines memory.

And in another "after the opera" encounter, Fry, Leela, and Bender get arrested by Zapp and held on the Nimbus where they have to figure out how to escape. But at the same time, Leela has to come to terms with her feelings for Fry before it's too late. It's all in Savin' Me, a new Fan Fiction by Frosty.
How about a Bender's Game wallpaper for your desktop?
Posted on October 5, 2008 by Tim
So there's just about one month to go before the third Futurama movie, Bender's Game, comes out ... wait a sec, has it really been *counts on fingers* five months since BWABB was released? Man, time flies when you're having fun. Anyway, it'll be out soon, so to get in the mood let's do some Bender's Game Wallpaper. Cx whipped this up, and he says he'll have two more - Leela as a centaur and Amy as Gynecaladriel - real soon now.

And speaking of the movies, we now have the transcript for 5ACV07, also known as part 3 of The Beast With A Billion Backs, courtesy of moi and my lunch hours all last week.

And according to my Futurama zodiac, it's the year of the Fan Fiction so of course we have to have at least one in every update, so today we'll feature the sixth and final segment of xKathyx07x's fic The Fry Family in which everyone lives happily ever after, except for the tragic accident.
The torrent of fan fiction just won't stop...
Posted on October 3, 2008 by Graham
Not that we're complaining, nor are you... I hope. In fact, I can categorically claim that we've not had an email asking us for less fan fiction, even by those who don't read such works. So, until we get some complaints, the fan fiction torrent will have to continue. It sure does continue, because I, quite obviously, have something for our Fan Fiction section. All hush for the second part of MC's intriguing fiction, Ghost of Xmas Past. Helpfully, MC has come up with a summary for the second part: "After Fry's revelation, things start to go further awry in his personal life and he tells Leela where he's been and what he's been doing there during the last 8 years." Hopefully, those eight years will be more interesting than the thousand years he went missing in the cryogenic tube. Best read the fic to find out.
Lost in strange lands
Posted on October 2, 2008 by Tim
Oh! Oh! Fan Art! It's been so long that section of the Madhouse almost seems like a strange land. It's also been a while since Joey has been about, but now schlee* is back with this pic called Lost. It's based on a Fan Fiction the schlim is working on and I'm told we'll see more real soon now.

* One of the good things to come out of The Beast With a Billion Backs is that we now have some Futurama specific words for ambiguous gender situations and that saves me an awful lot of work tap dancing around the nomenclature.

And speaking of Fan Fiction, which I've been doing an awful lot of lately, we've got two more.

First off is La Belle Leela's Stranger In A Strange Land Part XIII (I put that in Roman numerals for the superstitious). Anyway, it's the conclusion to Zapp Brannigan's court-martial. It gets a little sad, and a little shippy, but ends with a high-action twist!

Und dann there is the final and concluding part of Back To The Galaxy Of Terror from that cranker outer of time bending crossover fics, Hammer87. And I want you to know I didn't mis-spell those two words as the beginning of this section, I was just brushing up on my German - I though I might need it for this segment.
Bender Shreds
Posted on October 1, 2008 by Tim
Brettbear, who hails from Sydney, Australia, bashed this Bender Futurecaster guitar and sent in a couple of photos of it. And to go with it he supplied a narrative worthy of a small Fan Fiction, so I'll just let him tell the story:

Originally, this was a Squire Strat. I also have a Roland G-707 that I never play because the shape is not conducive to playing sitting down and I really don't like the guitar that much. I removed the MIDI electronics from the G-707 and put them in the Strat.
This required that a large section of wood be routed out, and a custom pick guard was required to cover the cavity, mount the extra pots and the MIDI Hex pickup. Being lazy, I just wanted someone to make the guard for me. I stumbled across Aurora Project and they do custom metal guards, which just so happen to have LEDs in them and glow. It runs from a 9V battery, but as I had power going there from the Roland GR-700 Midi controller I thought I could power the guard from that.
WRONG! The anodes from the LEDs connect to one of the metal sides of the guard, and of course the metal is grounded via the pots. I found this out the easy way (checked first) before I tried it, otherwise some irreplaceable Roland MIDI electronics would have been fried. Oh well, more routing and put a 9V battery in the guitar.
They usually supply a switch to turn the LEDs on and off, but I didn't have much space left in the guitar for a toggle switch (not only that, leave the switch on and battery goes flat rather quickly, the LEDs reportedly draw 300mA). I couldn't think what to do about it, so I'd come back to it.
The GR-707 has a massive 24 pin connector, and this was mounted at the base of the body with the 1/4" jack socket. Lot's of drilling and chiseling to get that bugger to fit. It sits a little proud of the body, but the effort required to get it to fit flush was too much for my lazy ass; I'm happy enough with the result though.
The neck on the original Strat was rubbish, so I got a new 70's style maple neck from All Parts; much better. Also got some locking machine heads from them to keep the guitar in tune as best we could.
A mate of mine had some Tex Mex pickups which he gave me for the project, and they sound awesome! (Big up to Julius Chan for the PUPs). I simply can't explain how fantastic they sound on this guitar.
Of course as it was quickly becoming a new guitar, and it needed to be setup (and have a nut installed). I took it to Sydney Guitar Setups as they have a Plek machine and as you can tell, I like geeky stuff like that. It played nicely, but the action was a little high and I wasn't happy with the neck/body angle so I adjusted it a little. Must say, though, I love the neck, and once the neck is plek'd it probably won't have to be done again for 5-10 years depending on how the maple settles as it continues to dry out.
The only thing I wasn't happy about was the blank headstock, it looked naked. I found decals on the web for a 70s Strat and ordered them. I couldn't bring myself to put these decals on, it wasn't a Fender, it was more of a Bender (hmmm, I have an idea!). I love Futurama, so the connection wasn't that much of a stretch, and everything seemed to fit.
1) Shiny Metal Ass Scratch plate
2) 70s retro neck, 80s MIDI electronics, 2k body and high tech scratch guard
3) Matt Groening is a Zappa fan (so am I)
Yep, Bender it was going to be; Bender, Bender, Bender... how am I going to turn the glow plate on and off... AH HA!
I went to Jaycar and picked up a small momentary switch, put some surgical tubing on the end of it (about 20mm) and mounted the switch so when you use the tremolo it activates the glow guard. The surgical tubing is strong enough to activate the switch, and flexible enough so that if you dive bomb the tremolo the switch doesn't cause the tremolo to bottom out first.
Finally, the guitar really earns its name 'Bender'.
I downloaded the Fender and Futurama fonts from the Internet, did some mock ups and supplied them to Signwave at Artarmon . They did a great job, and the decal went on really easily.
BTW; the whole reason for doing the project in the first place for the MIDI side of things. I'm happy to say that the Bender Futurecaster plays better than the G-700 ever did and tracks better (well, as good as it can, the GR-707 is well known for finicky tracking). The reason I still persist with it is I adore the old Roland analog synth sounds.
All up, Bender probably took me 4 months to complete in my spare time, and about AU$1500 (including the original G-700/GR-707). Worth it, maybe not; though I have probably saved that amount by staying sober and working on the project. The unique factor is through the roof, I love playing the guitar and that's something that's priceless.

And there you have it - how to build your own Futurama inspired guitar in one easy lesson. Isn't it amazing what you can learn from Futurama and The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite? Hey, Brett, send us a recording of you playing the Futurama theme on it!