October 2005
When you need cheering up and things are going really bad, there's always somewhere to go where you'll be appreciated...
Posted on October 29, 2005 by Graham
Ah, don't you just love morbidity. OK, it's not for everyone, but nothing beats the sweet smell of despair in the morning. Mmm... you can just breathe it in. Yummy! OK, stop making the nooses and standing on those chairs, do something more constructive with your lives, sit in front of this monitor and gawp at some works that I have for our Fan Art section. Now, this morning I woke up, had breakfast (no, not a slice of toast), shaved and washed (yes, webmasters don't always live in their own filth), then decided to switch on the computer. Lo and behold, Leandro is on ICQ thrusting four pictures in my direction and gabbing on about his latest monster script that's about to take over the world while making life here on this site easier. I made my excuses of just having woken up, so declined his offer of the pictures. Now, after taking a walk outside (yes, I did go out and see that big yellow ball in the sky... it certainly does exist), I decided that the world was so nice and pretty (despite the grey skies that's usual in this country), that I would actually do the pictures after all. So, behold the picture to your right, which sums up what's good about life. This happy picture comes from The Futurama Point, which shows off one of the great inventions of the future: the suicide booth. Yes, for a measily 25 cents, you can end your miserable life and give the machine some purpose in its own miserable life (hmm... Spurs have just scored against Arsenal, so maybe this picture is quite apt right now). No, don't go ahead and put that noose around your necks, because The Futurama Point have three other pictures to show off: the Crushinator, a bottle of Olde Fortran beer, and a Slurm delivery truck. There, ain't life great... it's all worth living. You can also do The Futurama Point a favour by visiting it. Maybe by doing so, your day will lighten up.

So, how can we continue from the above. Ah, I know, a Sin City parody. Welcome a new contributor to our Fan Art section, who goes under the name Big Red. He's come up with a picture that's parodying Sin City, a picture that really shows some anger. Oh no, you can feel Fry's anger. I think it's time for some anger management for Fry. Maybe he could have a date with the Crushinator that featured above, which might just crush his spirit. OK, that's gross... I know. I mean, what has the Crushinator done to deserve that. Anyway, as you can see, it's an interesting first picture by Big Red, and let's hope there are more to come. Now, back to feeling that the day is going to be a good one. Come on, Arsenal!
Testing? Debugging? Nah, I'll just run this thing straight in the server and see what happens...
Posted on October 29, 2005 by Leandro
The scripting odyssey continues, and today I screwed up a little and ended up with some duplicated thumbnails here and there... so there's about five or six images in our gallery of 4,285 images that aren't displaying the proper thumbnail. Meh, I'll fix it later. I'm not done screwing up with our files (just wait until my AntiLeeching script goes live) so I'll just let that be and concentrate on fixing more urgent things. Like rebuilding the index files to include new artists.

New artists like Mike Orr, creator of the image to the right featuring Fry and Bender, fifty years later. And also JT Smythe, who's drawn three pictures "expanding" the Leela and Amy fight from Jurassic Bark (that seems to be a very popular fight sequence). Go check out their pages from my newspost (because the Fan Art index is on the fritz) and then maybe go to the Message Boards to comment on them... no more ArtistRank for you!
Oh no, not us again!
Posted on October 28, 2005 by Graham
Sorry about this. You thought we'd be gone forever, parties were organised to celebrate our demise, effigies of Leandro and Germaine Greer were being burnt at parties organised by the Worcestershire Women's Guild (they have eclectic distastes), banners were being erected down Oxford Street hailing the New World Order where society will be protected from looney webmasters who just don't know when to shut up. So, to all of you I say, up yours! You still have us to cause you suffering. Long may it continue. Long may your suffering bring us happiness. Oh joy. Anyway, to spare you any more torment, I have some works to show off to you. The first one comes from Leila, who has come up with a new picture for our Fan Art section. The picture she's come up with shows Leela in her long worn out green jacket. You'd have thought that a ship's captain's wages would have allowed her to buy a blue coat... or, heaven forbid, a red one. Still, whatever tatty thing Leela is wearing, it's good to see Leila is back doing her art.

Oh, you think we're done, do you. Heck, we've only just started. You've still got me for a few more sentences. Back to your chairs you go, for I have some more stuff to show to you. In fact, if you don't sit down, I'll make it that that creature in that fan art picture that is chasing Leela, Fry and Bender actually catches up with them. Good, that's got you behaving. Anyway, the picture you can see to your left comes from Robert Hawks, a long time submitter to this site. He's like been here forever... before I turned up, actually. I'm sure when they excavate some Roman temple, they'll find some frescoes done by Robert there... well, a certain Roberto Hawkus. The picture shows Leela, Fry and Bender running from some scary alien thing. My bet is that Fry or Bender caused this problem to happen. I mean, come on, when was the last time that Leela messed up like this? Yeah, as I said, it's likely to be Bender or Fry. Next time, gal, go by yourself.

There, now you can rest. Elvis has ate the building.
It's alive! It's alive, I tell you!
Posted on October 28, 2005 by Leandro
The image to the right is the first thing to get uploaded to the server with my new Update Center, the result of two years of thinking "those scripts really suck, I should make new ones". Since the server change kinda forced me to either fix the old scripts or write new ones, and fixing them proved extremely difficult since I couldn't understand my own code from four years ago (who knows what was I on when I wrote those ), the Update Center finally got some significant programming done after years of slacking off. This image of Bender comes from Nick Murdoch and I very much can picture it as an official poster for the series, once properly coloured and shaded. Any takers for that?

I also uploaded two new images by MrEdwo. You will notice once you click that link that a lot of things are missing from the Fan Art pages now. Some are intentional, some are not. The ArtistRank thingies are gone, on purpose: there was a history on cheating with those things and some artists were pulling art in protest; though they didn't tell me they were doing it for that, or I would have taken them the Rank system down sooner! However, the lack of artist data in the gallery pages is completely unintentional; I need to finish the Artist Editor for the new Update Center, and until it's done, the newly generated art pages won't have any data on who they belong to. Ooops.

Finally, there's a bunch of new images (thirteen in total) by Cherokee. I have images from new artists to put up, but the part of the script that adds new artists is not working yet. But it will soon, I promise! The only reason this all looks so incomplete now is because I was rushing to put new stuff up as fast as possible, and I went with the most critical code first. So now you can go and enjoy some nice Fan Art... while I go back to coding so I get the rest of the Update Center working nicely. Pass me some coffee...
We're back... and so are all new Futurama Graphic Guides
Posted on October 26, 2005 by Kenneth
Yep, that's right. As I promised at the Futurama Message board formerly (and currently...) known as PEEL, I'd have brand spanking new updated Futurama Graphic Guides as soon as we had our brand spanking new updated location. And here they are.

As you may recall, a long, long time ago I began to remake my guide pages, in a more-detailled, page-numbered, DVD framegrabbed, crystal clear PNG kind of way. Well, I got to the second episode and then much time passed. Now, both I, Roommate and Love's Labours Lost in Space are up here at FM:TLZ. So click on the link, read away, and if you have a colour printer, go nuts!

Until next time
We're back!
Posted on October 25, 2005 by Leandro
That's right folks, TLZ is now in the new server and now begins the process of fixing everything that got broken in the move... again! If you can read this, it means NewsPro is working again; something that even I won't know until I press the 'Sumbit' button down there. The comments system is on the fritz, but shouldn't be too hard to put back together. Scotty wrote it, after all, and Neanderthals had very simple minds; can't be too complicated to figure it out.

We're not, as I had written before, hosted in Jaguar; reason being, I applied for the hosting service and they never replied, even after sending them another mail asking what the status of the application was. So, if a hosting's going to be that supportive when you're trying to buy stuff from them, I don't really want to deal with them when we have a problem. Graham found another webhost called Omnis with 2GB of space and 200GB of transfer, and a few days later, here we are again. The only thing that worries me about this new server is that it doesn't seem to have a bandwidth monitor; we have no way of knowing how close or far are we from filling those 200GB. But, we kinda know how big of a spender this site is, so if by the end of this month they tell us we used more than 200GB, we know they're BS'ing us and it's time to get a new one.

Anyway, hats off to Graham please: he put up the whole site again with his DSL connection, which meant over a day of slaving his computer uploading the site again. That guy deserves a keg of beer; we're taking donations for that, now

With the new server, old content that didn't fit in SmooveNet is back: that means the Sound Clips and Framegrabs sections are back! And the Video Clips will be back shortly too, with the files no longer split in parts; now you'll be able to get the video files directly from our HTTP server! Graham is working in that now, so it should be up shortly.

In fact, Graham's been so hard at work on the site, that he doesn't even have time to type up a news update But please direct praise, glory and beer at him. He's made this server move a lot less stressful... for me, anyway

New content will follow once we get the scripts working. The site's email addresses were down for a few days, so if you sent something and it bounced, please send it over again. We're here to stay, people
New Server Donation Extravaganza!
Posted on October 19, 2005 by Leandro
Well, this morning I received this friendly email from our server: "This is an automated message notifying User madhouse that 81.162% of his/her bandwidth and 89.0118% of his/her allocated disk space has been used up. It is estimated, at the current rate of use, that the account bandwidth will be used up in 4.41 days, at which time the account will be suspended for the remainder of the month. The User should contact Support if this is an issue."

So, I just sent in an application for hosting in Jaguar PC. It has to be accepted and cleared and all that jazz, but hopefully it'll be done before the 23rd and we'll have no downtime. If you see the site go down again the 23rd, don't panic; it will be back up as soon as the new server kicks in.

I want to give a huge public thanks to David, Graham, Richard, Mark, Dan, Haydn, Michael, Thomas, Howard, Nick and John; their donations raised the whole amount for this new server, and it's nice to know that, even if we didn't get the truckload of small donations I expected, TLZ has a few very dedicated fans who're willing to give serious money to keep the site alive. I would have preferred to have many small donations to be able to refund some of the bigger ones, but it simply didn't happen. So all I can say is thank you, a lot, for keeping the site alive.
This is just sad...
Posted on October 11, 2005 by Leandro
For a site that prided itself of updating once a day, we just went a whole month without updates There's two reasons for this: first, the new server we reside into appears to be a bit incompatible with the code of my old update scripts, which reduces us to uploading stuff via FTP, so nobody wants to update by hand. Which is kinda funny considering that originally there was high resistance to my CGI scripts taking over to automatically update sections of the site. Second, this new server has a 20GB monthly transfer limit; in the old server we were using over 60GB monthly. So, around September 15th, the site exceeded its bandwidth, died, and stayed dead until the new bandwidth cycle started in October. I implemented a simple way to block offsite links, so if you were used to displaying images from this site I'm afraid you can't do that anymore. It may cause some users to be unable to view the site itself (those who block referrals from their browsers being misled into thinking a referral is a privacy threat) but it was a necessary step.

What's the future for the site? As of now, it's looking rather bleak. For those who've been fans of Futurama for long enough, you may remember a server crash that costed The Futurama Outlet most of its content, and the site never recovered and closed after a while. This server move has costed us some content as well (we're limited to 800MB of disk space), but the main problem we face is that we are simply unable to expand at the moment. Even if my scripts were working, with the disk space limitation we'd have to delete old stuff to make room for the new, something we find extremely unappealing.

I'm just posting this to give everybody an update and a heads up on what may come. I was the one who insisted to reopen the site five years ago, I'm now the one that's bringing you the bad news that we might have to close again unless we find a solution to our server problems. Hopefully this won't be the last you hear from us.