October 2004

October 31, 2004

Sudden interest in Hallowe'en! Well, you wait for a bus, then three turn up at once! Same here with Hallowe'en themed stuff for Futurama Madhouse. There I was thinking that there was to be no work the celebrate this Hallowe'en, an event that those from the US seem to go crazy for... and a few of us from outside seem to have thrust upon us. Still, it's all good fun, so why complain. Maybe it's not fun at all... maybe it's the work of Kenneth! Yeah, I'm sure that Kenneth has something to do with all this baloney. Oh, don't listen to his complaints about this being an event from the US... I bet he's sitting there right now wearing a witch's hat and brewing budgie and turtle eye soup, while cackling away. Then again, maybe I'm wrong about that and Ken is right now asleep in his New Zealand bed, seeing it's around 2:30 am there right now. Wait, he's a reverse vampire! That explains all! Anyway, getting back on-topic, I have some work from ELF for both our Fan Art and Poetry & Song Parodies sections. The artwork you can see to your right shows the Futurama crew infected by the disease that's Hallowe'en, and if you look closely, you can see Kenneth as a flying cute animal with three eyes. Oh, my mistake, that's Nibbler. No, maybe he's in the ether in this pic. The song is called Mambo No. 5 (Futurama Mix), and is a song that ELF came up with when a tune wouldn't leave her head, so she exorcised it by typing it up and sending it here. Well, some neat stuff from ELF to give a look at. Don't be spooked... reverse vampire Kenneth won't be getting you!

Special Hallowe'en Leela! Next up, I have some work from good ol' Smiley, that certainly contains the Hallowe'en spirit. Now, this one doesn't have Kenneth in it... not that I have noticed. (Kenneth will probably buy a plane ticket to Gatwick airport in order to hunt me down and burn me at the stake if I carry this on for too long.) No, this time it features a spooky Leela expressing her Hallowe'en charms. Careful, boys! Smiley has also come up with eight new Uses for a Hacker for you to muse over. They're titled: Leela Hentai; Strongbad's Torture Victims Who Misspell Repeetedli; Ooy's Evil Twin Brother; Homestar Runner's Evil Twin Dungflare; Soldiers of the Beast!!; Boy George Costume Designer; New New Kids On the Block; and Axel Rose's New Band. So, as you can see, Smiley has also been busy for this Hallowe'en. Maybe he's also a reverse vampire! Oh no... a duo of them!

Perfectly Horrible! Lastly, I have a work from Soulkid2000 that's for our Fan Fiction section. It's a work for Hallowe'en, and is titled Hard Halloween One. This is a fiction with some spooky sub plots for this very day. No, it doesn't have Kenneth in it, but I'm sure that if you rearrange the words of this fiction, Kenneth will be spelt out a few times.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your commercialised spooky day and improve an already terrible economy. Now, best run off before Kenneth wakes up.

Halloween! It's finally here, time for parties and scaring eachother. And that's about the only thing I know about this day. My country have never had a Halloween tradition, so I'm pretty much running on what I've learned from American tv-shows. In fact until a few years ago most people didn't even care about the day. Oh we knew it was something to do with religion and such, we call the day "Allehelgensaften" (All Saints Evening). Today, however, you see pumpkins everywhere, kids are starting to dress up, etc, all thanks to the influence "Beverly Hills 90210", "The Simpsons" and other American tv shows. Same thing happened with Valentine's Day, before we know it we start celebrating Thanksgiving too! Well, enough about me complaining, on to the update. First up we have a new picture for the Fan Art section coming from Leelaholic. Looks like Leela has just stepped out of the shower and are now getting ready for her date. Maybe she's going to a Halloween party.

Hope you read part 5 yesterday, because here comes the next chapter! We already have part 6 of Missy's story History Repeating ready in the Fan Fiction section. Last time the group split up after reaching the Melodious city. Fry and Bender tried to deliver the package, while Leela took an excited Lisa for a stroll through the city. Now, here's the continuation. Enjoy.

And have a frightfull Hallowenn.

Boo! Okay, that was weak... but our Halloween content overall is, so I thought I'd go along with that. So far there's been no Halloween art, and just this new piece of Fan Fiction from Max Bellamy, which is the second piece of his Halloween tale from last year, Resident Leela. So if you want to be scarified tonight, then pick up where the first part did a year ago, and read away.

Who needs Halloween anyway? Just another overly commercialised time of year, and it's really only big in America anyway. Certainly a non-event here... we're more looking forward to Guy Fawkes; a holiday that celebrates the blowing up of parliament in England. That's a far better thing to celebrate as a holiday, as well as giving us an excuse to play with fireworks (even if the selection gets lamer each year, just because some kid sticks one where he shouldn't or something.) Besides, there are scarier things in America at the moment anyway... the thought that George W. Bush may become president again!

* Disclaimer: the thoughts and opinions expressed in this update do not necessarily coincide with those of the webmasters of FM:TLZ... though they probably do. Especially in this case...

October 30, 2004

I could be here for some time thinking up a subject heading, or I could just get on with the update... It's one of those days where I can't think of much to write about. Now, many of you will be cheering this and popping champagne corks, but I do know that one or two of you out there - myself included in that - would feel cheated by this and would riot. I could talk about the update I have, but then again I could just rant on about some rubbish that wouldn't interest any of you. Hmmm... I wonder if President Shrub will still be in office on the 3rd? Time to find things to laugh about President Flip-flop... I mean Kerry. Then again, maybe I'm bored to death about the Presidential race and will shrug whoever gets in. I could also talk about that "hobbit" man that has been discovered in Indonesia, who might have been around only about 12,000 years ago. Could this explain folk tales about elves and such stuff? Anyway, I can see you all ready to pelt me with rotten fruit, so I suppose I better get on with the update. I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from a new guy called Ryan Weatherby, who has created this rough picture of Fry and Leela. He says he can draw way better on paper, so maybe we could see his efforts of that in the future. Let's hope. Well, you can stop pelting me with rotten fruit... Hey! Who threw 60,000 ballot papers at me?

Oh Amy, I'm so happy standing beside you looking at this stinking, rotten, flourescent svamplake and getting eaten by svarms of mosquitoes. I could do this all day. I don't know, usually lines like that don't work witht he ladies. The again Kif is dating Amy so there must be something there, something far better than even Zapp Brannigan's Big Book of Pickup Lines. And Amy looks happy to be there too, maybe I should try a line like that tonight. "Hi, you wanna go to a swamp with me?" 3 years ago I was sure that would result in a drink in my facy, a slap or something a bit more painfull. Pawell Galuzin is the name of the guy responsible for that train of thoughts, so blame him. Anyway, this picture of his now rests comfortably in the Fan Art section for you all to enjoy.

Imagine humorous headline here. Yeah, I ran out of puns for Missy's History Repeating, and my cry for help didn't yield any results, so here we are. Anyway, part 5 have Lisa, Leela, Fry and Bender fighting their way through the dense jungle of Melodious to get to the destination of their delivery. When they arrive Lisa is in for a pleseant surprise. Meanwhile back in the 20th century, Marge is struggling with the loss of Leela, while Homer's nacho cheese is getting cold. Read all about that and much more here or you could take the more scenic route through the Fanfiction indexpage. Enjoy.

October 28, 2004

Fry Will Soon Find Out that the Future is Disgusting... But Tasty! Poor Fry, who might soon be in shock after finding out that the green tasty goo that he's currently eating, and enjoying, is made out of humans. OK, so there are some serial killers out there that have crossed that line, and there are also some primitive tribes who still practice a form of cannibalism in some remote places, but the Future still looks disgusting from here, even if it might well taste nice for unwary Fry. Well, this picture for our Fan Art section that you can see comes from Daran Carlin-Weber, and it looks mighty tasty, too. Just love the look on Fry's face while eating it. Daran has another picture for us, so don't run off. It's a picture of a group photo shot of the Planet Express crew, and looks quite amusing. Actually, there's also an owl in the picture - vermin in the 31st century - as well as the crew. Daran also tells me that he has a website planned for a cartoon of his, so stay tuned about that coming event, which I'll inform you about when Daran opens the site. So, enjoy both these great pictures. Just don't barf and put Fry off his food.

A Void For Two Makes the Heart Bleed Longer! Well, that doesn't sound like a happy subject heading. Sure isn't meant to be, because someone is missing from two lives in a work for our Fan Fiction section. Welcome part seventeen of Rye Guy's saga The Other. The one who is missing? Well, it's Fry that's missing. No, he hasn't gone in hiding since discovering that he's eaten human. No, he's been missing for some time, and leaving a big hole in Leela's life, who's also pregnant with his child. So, it's double-trouble. However, despite Leela being determined to find Fry and plug the void in her life, it seems that the rest of the crew feel it's a lost cause. How will they communicate this to her? Gently seems like a good idea. Bring forth Amy. Well, enjoy the latest instalment of Rye Guy's interesting and involving story. Don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom... it has Kif in it.

October 27, 2004

They Want It All, Too! Ah well, all good things come to an end. Yesterday, I heard the news that John Peel had died of a heart attack while on holiday in Peru. Now, you might well be wondering why this 65-year-old bloke from the UK would be this important to get a mention here. Well, not one for celebrity worship myself, I have to say that John Peel has brought a lot of independent, weird, experimental, great and also, it has to be said, crap bands to the attention of audiences of his show on Radio 1, who would never have gotten a hearing otherwise. The point was that he challenged his audience with unusual and non-popular new stuff, letting them make up their mind if what they heard was the next best thing or utter tripe. Always, though, it was eclectic. If it wasn't for John, I wouldn't have bothered to program Radio 1, a dire mainstream radio station at best, on my radio's channel selector. He tended not to chase celebrity and had a down-to-earth feel about him, making him seem more approachable. Anyway, as you can see, John Peel meant a lot to me and a lot of others, not just in the UK, but, it seems, beyond. He'll be missed.

However, this all brings me to the update proper, which has a musical theme itself. Welcome a new artist for our Fan Art section who comes under the name Roddney... yeah, with two Ds. He's created a picture that's a parody of the Queen album cover of The Miracle, where different heads of the band blend together, but in this case it's Bender, Leela, Amy and Fry. Not a fan of Queen myself - though Sofie is... help! - but this picture is certainly imaginative and, to some extent, spooky. Hopefully Roddney will grace our site with some more imaginative stuff like this.

Now, for John Peel, I'll give Mogwai a listen to, then some Napalm Death, then some The Wedding Present (a band commonly heard on his show), and some of The Fall (another band commonly listened to on his show) if I can find where I put that album of theirs. Ah, found it... even if it's a cassette tape. Better clean the tape mechanism first...

More original characters than you can shake a stick at. Though why you would be going around shaking sticks at things is beyond me... As far as I can tell, the only thing you should be shaking towards our Fan Art section is a nice, mould-friendly thumbs up. Especially towards these latest pieces from Daniela Schad that are anything but mouldy. No, these four new submissions of hers are as fresh as a lettuce leaf that suddenly grew two seconds after you read this, or orange juice from fruit you haven't even squeezed yet. Yep... they're damn fresh. She has a picture featuring her original character Isadora, who is apparenly Leela's sister, as well as a picture of Isadora with two other original characters: April (a character created by artist Futurama Freak) and Drew (a character created by spacedal11). And thirdly, there's the lovely pic shown here of Athena, who is actually a character of mine, but I'll talk more about her further down, because her picture appearing here has a double-meaning today.

Now, you may be thinking, "But Kenneth... you said Daniela had four submissions, but that's only three?" Ah, and you'd be right, because she's also provided some lyrics in collaboration with Mario (aka artist GermanFryFan) that now sit in the Poetry and Song Lyrics part of our site. This song is called Bureau-Bells and is a song made for Hermes to the tune of that Xmas favourite Jingle Bells, so check it out.

Now, onto the second reason why that picture of Athena that Daniela drew is here today: New Fan Fiction is really what sums it up, in the form of the third chapter of my own little story-in-progress called A Past With No Future. This latest part features a mix of some flashbacks to the past, along with Athena revealing a little more about herself, and trying to find out more about Fry. I hope you enjoy it

And finally, to cap things off, there's a nice little audio interview between Futurama voice actor Billy West and DJ Nick Digilio located at the WGN Radio Website. Billy discusses his various voice-over work, Ren & Stimpy, his work with Howard Stern, his music, celebrity voice acting in recent animated movies, his upcoming Popeye 75th anniversary special, and, amongst other things, Futurama as well. Don't read too much into it, because we've all had our hopes up before in the past, but I'll give you with this final quote from him after he's asked about how Groening felt about Fox's treatment of Futurama...

"Y'know... he was frustrated, but, um... I think there's going to be something in the works because, I've talked to him. And he said that they're talking about maybe doing some new stuff at Cartoon Network. But they're probably trying to figure out who's going to pay for it."

Overall, Billy seems very keen to get back into Futurama again, speaking very highly of it (he states it as being the best thing he's ever done) and hoping to do more if possible. Here's hoping he's right, but again... let's not read too much into it

October 26, 2004

Prepare to Be Irritated By the Angsty Trio! Ah, it's a Tuesday, and it's five days since Thursday. I seem to come up with SpyOrama related stuff each five days, and today I haven't missed the schedule. I have a SpyOrama related picture for our Fan Art section that's drawn and coloured in by a new artist for Futurama Madhouse, who comes under the moniker Dogdoo8. You'll also find this picture, due to its SpyOrama theme, at Fryfan's SpyOrama page, where you'll find all the other SpyOrama stuff. Anyway, this picture features the Spy Juveniles, who comprise of Cubert (stop hissing), Dwight (stop booing) and Tinny Tim (stop taunting), who you would have found in Fryfan's Mom with a Vengeance SpyOrama fiction, which might be a good thing to read to get a full flavour of this picture. Well, enjoy Dogdoo8's first picture for us. Nice work, too.

John Peel - RIP

October 25, 2004

Leela and the Shampoo Adverts... Yeah, those very shampoo adverts that have some model with wet hair throwing their head backwards, allowing the wet hair to follow in an arc of drips. It seems that Leela's onto the same act in this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Wu Konguk. Yeah, he's back after some time away from this site with a decent picture of Leela taking a dip. I'll let Wu Konguk explain a bit more about this picture, seeing he's provided some extra info about this picture to publish: "While visiting Nippon7, Leela decided to test out the legendary local hot springs. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself while she was there." Bet she sure did enjoy herself. I'd be careful, though, because I think there will be some shampoo advertisers peeking with cameras at the ready. Nice work... go take a peek yourself.

Oh Dear, That's Busted... Lastly for today, I have a work for our Poetry & Song Parodies section that comes from Mz Kroker. The song is titled Year 3000 (I think), which is a parody of Busted's own song called "Year 3000". The song is about Fry's experiences in the year 3000, and despite feeling that others think he's crazy, he's still got a "crush on a one-eyed person". See, being yanked out of your time frame and transported 1,000 years to the future sure can have its benefits... even if you do seem to the locals to be crazy. Enjoy the sing-song.

Oh, one other last thing. Some days ago, I was going on about the coming 200th artist for our Fan Art section. However, it's now got to 203, which means I missed congratulating someone. Going through the records, it seems that a certain Mr X was the one who came in at number 200. So... ummm... maybe he should now be renamed Mr 200. There, that's it for today. Enjoy today's offerings.

October 24, 2004

The Cost of Being Too Cute! What trouble could there be with being too cute? I wonder if you can think of anything that would remotely cause someone to not want to be too cute. I suppose not being taken too seriously would be one problem. But do you think that Amy would really care about that if she could be too cute forever? Well, this is the subject for the second part of Woodbot 2.0's latest serial fiction for our Fan Fiction section that's called Anthology of Interest Zone. As you know, the What-if machine is doing its rounds again, but someone has managed to contaminate it with The Twilight Zone's DVD, causing strange and weird what-ifs for those who use the machine... not that it doesn't do that already, though. This time it's Amy's turn, who wants to know what would happen if she were young and cute forever. Bet it's not what she'd expect.

Millions of pictures, picture for me, millions of pictures, pictures for free. Well, there may not be millions of pictures, but I do have a decent amount for you all, and from varied artists. Well, just a few from each artist, because the Oekaki Board has had another clean-up.

Firstly though, there's some regular Fan Art featuring Fry, Leela and Amy as Zelda characters from Ness. They're a little blurry, but that's because poor Ness has to take them with a digital camera. Good work still, and I'm sure if she gets hold of a scanner some time we'll get some clearer images from her.

Now, onto the Oekaki Board stuff. Aside from one piece of Crap Art our own Leandro featuring Fry (see above), the rest all sits snugly in the Fan Art area. We have old FM:TLZ favourites (old as in regulars, not in age...) like Leela's Twin with a anime Leela and Futurama Freak with two of Leela smiling. And we also have newer artists, such as Mr. X with a Fry headshot, PureMystery with a cycloptic eye, Dyani with an awesome anime Leela (pictured to the left here), and Amy and Leela standing together from asjm90. Phew! That about covers it I think, so check out this moved art, and then go to the Oekaki Board again and start filling it up once more

October 23, 2004

And now, in a rare double-whammy ruling, I give you two stories for the price of one. Both Fan Fictions come from Spacedal11, and are in serial format. The first one is named The Lost Fry and is an alternate version of Spacedal11's previous story Midnight On A Fry-Day, inspired by this picture of vampire Fry biting Leela, made by FemJesse. The first few paragraphs are quite similar to MOAF, but that soon changes, so give it a read. The second story is named Fire jynx and it's a sequel to Jynx. The story is set about a year after the event sin Jynx, and Fry and Leela are a couple by now, while Leela still performs her duties as Jynx. This story also involves the alternate universe from "The Farnsworth Parabox". Well, nothing else to say except here are the quick links (for the lazy people ): The lost Fry and Fire Jynx. Enjoy.

Rage Against the Expresso Machine! Ah October, a month of changing weather. Gone are the sunny days (not that we had much of those here), and in are the days of rain and wind, with leaves falling from trees. Why am I talking about the weather? Well, I'm English... what else do we talk about here. What else could I talk about? I could start talking about some work for our Fan Art that comes from Alexander A Andreev. Yeah, I suppose that would be more interesting than the weather. So, welcome two hand-drawn pictures from Alexander to our site. The one you can see is a parody of the album cover of Rage Against the Machine's "The Battle of Los Angeles", which features a bit of graffiti of an armed Leela upon a brick wall. His other picture shows Leela sleeping in Autumn (Fall for you US folk), awaiting the flowering of Spring again. See, everything revolves around the weather. See why us English talk about it. Unlike Alexander's Leela, though, I do like Autumn and Winter... just wish it would snow for a change in southern England. Grrr... I remember when it used to do so quite frequently. Grrr... I'm still talking about the weather. Grrr... I better shut up and let you view Alexander's pictures. Grrr... I better stop grrr-ing. Grrrr!

October 22, 2004

Argh!!! The zombies will get me! Where did I put those keys...? Okay, so it's technically my fault that I lost the keys to the war bunker. However, having released an horde of Undead in New New York was most definitely NOT my fault! The Scooby Doo gang is fully responsible for that, and their brains were eaten by the Zombies so let's not make a big fuss about it, shall we? They can always get redrawn or recast or something. Anyway, while I run in panic being followed by a dozen zombies trying to eat what little brains I have left after drinking something off that bottle Graham labelled "Rum", I'll pull out this little Advanced PET from my pocket and project holographic framegrabs on the air for you to look at. This time I grabbed nearly 150 frames from the episode I Second That Emotion, first of the second production season and one of my favorites. Look, there's Nibbler being flushed down the toilet! Isn't that cute? And there's Leela looking at her impossible, but hamsome, love. And, aren't those Leela's Parents? Guess we weren't supposed to know at that point. Well, if you want to see more grabs from the episode, just follow the link; I'll now continue running for my life. I think the Zombies just ate Graham's brain and turned him into a Zombie. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! [Leandro]

October 21, 2004

You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't. We all know about the less than perfect security of MicroSoft's programs, but sometimes they're downright illogical. I decided to make a fresh installation of Win98 (too paranoid to use anything newer, know squat about Linux), and as a first step it activated scandisk and checked my secondary partitions. An error came back "Scandisk found an illegal long filename, run Scandisk for Windows to correct it", and then the installation terminated. So I couldn't install Win98 because of an error and I couldn't correct the error before I installed Windows. Only after formating my E-partition (and losing a bit FM:TLZ related stuff in the process (don't worry, our faithful submitters, nothing that haven't already been uploaded)) was I made aware of a shortcut.

Anyway, aftar much struggle I'm ready to give you all this update from Spacedal11. As first step we have 8 new Fanarts from her ranging from good to sickingly cute. The thumbnail show one of the latter. It's named puppylove and show Fry and Leela as puppies (almost as cute as the otters from "Parasites lost"). There are 3 more of Spacedal11's trademark Futurama canines. One showing Fry and Leela caught outside in the rain, one of Zapp and Leela and finally one of a defiant Leela barking a warning to whoever threatens her. The remaning 4 pictures are of human Futurama staffers. One of a girl named Lexi (I assume she's the daughter of Leela and Fry), one of Drew (a character in Spacedal11's stories (but more on that in a moment)), one of a sad Leela and finally one of Drew, Fry and Leela welcoming you to New New York.

*One moment passes*

And we're back. There is more from Spacedal11, this time it's part 4 of her Fan Fiction. As some of you remember this story is named The Fry Identity and is set in an alternate reality (almost like a What-If-story) where Fry and Leela work for Bender as contract killers. After Leela decides to double-cross Bender, the two of them are on the run. Drew joins up with them through some time travel device of Farnsworth's, but that's in the previous 3 parts, this is part 4 where Bender finally catches up with the trio, and then violence happens. Yaaaaaay! Anyway, read more here. See ya'!

Al Pacino would be scarred for life... scared, too! On this damn rainy, windy then sunny for a moment Thursday, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Silvertide. Back to the weather. I can see a nice, big black cloud coming this way. Boy, I bet being outside will be fun. Anyway, back to the update. As I have said previously, I have a picture from Silvertide, which is another one that's based on Fryfan's SpyOrama. This time, though, Silvertide has both drawn and coloured it in, so he gets full credit this time. It features SpyOrama's Ironfinger in a parody of the film poster of Scarface. Sure does look a faithful rendition of it. BTW, this is the picture that Silvertide submitted to a drawing contest we advertised earlier in the month.

Now for some crap love! Yes, you have good love, and you also have crap love... and this time it's the latter that'll concern us. Why, you ask? Because I have three pictures for our Crap Art section that comes from Rye Guy. Yes, this is the part of the show where I can belittle contributions for the crap they really are. I can rail against the artists' supposed worth to be called that. These three are no exceptions. The first piece of rubbish shows Fry and Leela looking into each others' eyes. Boy, don't they look happy. I wouldn't be if I were drawn like that! Next one shows them kissing. Thankfully they have their eyes closed, because they'd notice that they've become utterly crap. The last one is an awful portrait of Leela. She's happy because she hasn't seen herself in a mirror. Mind you, not that that mirror would help, because it'd probably be a crap one that'd distort the view. So, you built statues of Rye Guy a few days ago, but you'll now want to tear them down. Serves you right! Choose your idols carefully in future.

Naked Lunch! The third thing to come this way is a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. The story is called I Dream of Amy, and is a damn good read. Well, at least I thought it was. I'll refer to what I wrote in the introduction for this fiction to save me typing more than I have to: "What happens when you have dreams of having sex with a naked Amy: you scream. Well, that's not what you'd expect to happen, but it seems that this is Fry's reaction to such an event. Thing is, Fry is deeply involved with Leela, so anything that undermines that causes his heart to race in the wrong way. Still, despite his uncomfortable feelings, does he really love Amy instead of Leela? Is his inner consciousness telling him he's with the wrong woman? You'll find out by reading on." There, you'll see it's a good read if you go and read it. So... do that.

Ah, lastly, I notice that we've got 199 artists in our Fan Art section. If you want to be number 200, then submit your work pronto. Offer only applies to those who haven't sent in stuff for that section before. Terms and conditions apply. See back of monitor to get an idea about our excessive interest rates. Fox executives need not apply.

October 20, 2004

This is the look of someone about to get one hell of a beating. Oh, mama! It seems that the war bunker that Leo and myself inhabit is closed for today. So no wacky stories based on utter nonsense for today, which should be a relief for all. Someone lost the keys... it wasn't me. However, when I mention the bunker, you know I'm about to rattle along about framegrabs... new, fresh ones that would impress even your stuck-up aunt. Well, I have some new grabs, that's for sure, and they come from the episode Raging Bender, an episode that has Bender becoming a wrestler, taking on numerous robots... and then having to wear his tutu for his troubles of success. Oh, poor Bender. It can't be too much fun for someone with a face like that. Ouch! Still, what is he complaining about, we have some nice 640x480 grabs that feature the whole Futurama crew. So, stop whingeing and get on with enjoying yourself, Bender. Treat it as an adventure.

October 19, 2004

Amy fights off the fans! Well, I have something different for today: a thumbnail that hasn't got Leela in it. No, we haven't got a cute Leela, we haven't got an obese Leela, and we certainly don't have a seductive Leela. No, you'll have to do with Amy instead. Actually, Ooy has come up with five other pictures for our Fan Art section, four of which do have Leela in them, so there shouldn't be any complaints. Anyway, the picture you can see to your right shows Amy being harrassed by Strong Bad, a character that I belive is from Homestar Runner. The other five pictures are: a picture of Jennifer Farnsworth, which was a character originally created by Jennifer Morton; Leela sighing; and three pictures of Leela pregnant with other characters enjoying her maternal glow. See, plenty of stuff there to enjoy. All flavours catered for. Even the mums-to-be will be happy, if there are any out there reading this.

More pictures from Deutschland. That's where the "Dutch" come from, right? Nope, it's from Germany. Fan Art from Germany that is, with six new pieces from Daniela Schad again to add to those from just yesterday. She seems to have welcomed being back at FM:TLZ very well, and aside from this picture of her and Leela in a different style, we also have Leela with Kif and Amy all in 1980's get-up (with shading by Paul Metcalfe) and one of Leela's mother; Turanga Munda. We also have somewhat of a promo image for the Fan Fiction here by Sophie Fenwick, Leela's Affair, Leela dressed in and dancing 1960's style, and one of Leela as a 90's teenager ( a co-effort with another artist, Y_L_B). So check them all out... they're fab

October 18, 2004

So, you all insist on sending us Leela stuff rather than stuff about other characters. Right, that's it! Feast your eyes on THIS! Anyway, I decided to step aside for this update and allow someone else to write it. So, if you find it that much more interesting what's written for the update, don't blame me, blame Rye Guy. That's right, blame him for raising the bar. You'll soon be begging for him to continue. I don't want to hear you cry when I return tomorrow... or after he speaks. Anyway, without further ado, here's something different (BTW, he writes in US English; I would never spell colour as "color" ). "What if Leela were to suddenly and uncontrollably begin to gain massive amounts of weight in a very short time? Wait, this isn't a movie shown by the What If Machine! This is a promo pic for a new one-offer fic coming soon from Rye Guy entitled 'The Heavy About Love'. The picture to your right was yet another joint work by TLZ's latest dynamic duo Extwist (who drew the pic) and Rye Guy (who colored it). Now, many of you may be looking at the thumbnail of the pic and thinking to yourself 'Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?' Well, if you think you're seeing an extremely obese Leela then you'd be correct. That's right, Rye Guy's upcoming short fic deals with Leela gaining an extraordinary amount of weight in just a few days time due to some scientific mumbo jumbo involving a cake from another planet that Leela eats and starts this whole mess. But don't be fooled, Rye Guy has assured me [Rye Guy thought I'd write this as my own... how mistaken and foolish he looks now ] that this isn't just a nonsense fic to gross people out with an overweight Leela. No, according to Rye Guy, this fic is indeed a romance story with a good moral about love at the end. But, we'll find out how truthful he's being when the story come sometime within the next week. So, unless you're grossed out by seeing your favorite sci-fi heroine turned into a heavyweight, then click the image to see it full size. Get it, full size? Hahaha......where'd everybody go?" There, I'm back again. See what you could all have if I weren't writing updates. See how much better life would be if Rye Guy wrote them instead. Hey, don't run off and build statues of Rye Guy! I want the glory/infamy... me... me... ME! Oh, alright, go and worship your new hero...

Yowza indeed. Valentine's Day is almost 4 months away, but from the looks of it Leela decided to start preparations early this year. How else are you going to interpret this new peice of from the hands of Leelaholic? What with her being naked, in a cute, innocent yet sexfully pose and a heartshaped ... something (could be chocolate or a cake) and all? The only question is: who is this picture for? Fry or Zapp? Taking all bets, I'm giving 9:2 on Zoidberg. Okay, better stop there.

Another history lesson. Those who don't know history are forced to repeat it, a wise man once said. I'm sure I could Google up who said it in a matter of seconds, but I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment. Much easier to just read the new part 4 of Missy's story History Repeating. Lisa and the Planet Express crew is in route for planet Melodious. While getting there Lisa strike up a conversation with Fry and learn they have something in common, short off. Anyway read more be either going through the Fan Fiction section or by clicking here.

She's back, and she's better than ever. And she's got Galaretka! And, no Galaretka isn't the name of a lizard, disease or a girl created by Pygmalion as a statue and then brought to life by Aphrodite in Greek legends. It's apparently a Polish sweet pudding, and Leela can be seen holding a box of it in this Fan Art piece from Daniela Schad (aka TheLesbianLeela), who not only has three brand new pictures, but has revamped her art section to celebrate a return to FM:TLZ after a long absense. She's got rid of some old art, replaced some with cleaned up versions and has submitted new material, with even more to come on the horizon. So check out her pictures, her new ones including Leela with her mother and some of the crew as Leela's Hermits (a parody of band Herman's Hermits), and keep an eye out for more artistic works of hers in the future. Welcome back, Daniela

Leela... Futurama Freak style! Isn't it great when an artist draws a Futurama character in their own style? And that's exactly what Futurama Freak has done in this picture here, which sits with another four newcomers in our Fan Art section. Not only that, but there's Leela pictured with three annoying jerks... Zapp Brannigan in one, shapeshifting Alkazar in another, and Nibbler in the third (okau, she doesn't find Nibbler an annoying jerk, but... well... FM:TLZ webmasters in some cases do, so it counts right? ) And finally, there's also a picture of Leela wearing a t-shirt with the letter ߠon it. Yes, a ߮ That's not to be confused with the Greek letter for beta, which is easy to do. No, apparently it's a different letter completely. Anyway... if you like pictures of Leela, and pictures of t-shirts with ߠon them, you'll check out these pictures

October 17, 2004

The sun has got its hat on, hip-hip-hip hooray! Ah, a busy Sunday to be had. Let's start with a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Emily Ema. This is her second picture for our site, and this one is as carefree and cheerful as the last one. This one, however, doesn't involve Leela walking around on an atmosphere-free planet with space in all its glory to be seen, but her walking around on a lush green grass surface with a beautiful sky to ponder about. Again, Leela looks happy and cute. Awwww! Beauty can be had in the night sky, that's for sure, but there is also pleasing things to enjoy on the planet's surface, too. Seems that someone is doing just that. Well, enjoy Emily's latest work... sure makes the sun come out.

The Phnogging just doesn't stop! Oh dear, seems that there are more Phnogs to see, as if Leela hasn't had enough of them. Welcome a joint work for our Fan Art section that comes from Zmithy, who drew it, and Fryfan, who coloured it in. As usual, simply due to my laziness and convenience, I'll let Fryfan explain all (he'll do a better job at it, too): "This is Numa, Phnog's mother from 'You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only'. She was based on all wise old martial arts characters. Yoda, Morpheus, Mr. Miyagi were inspirations, only thing was that they were all male. I felt having Numa be a female would be more interesting. The Oracle from The Matrix was a good example of that. Originally, I was going to have Numa be Phnog's older sister, but I felt the sibling thing wasn't good enough. Zmithy came up with the writing on Numa's gi. It is of an old ancient Chinese language, so I don't know what it means." Also, and this seems to happen a lot, Fryfan isn't finished there, for he has a work for our Fan Fiction section. This story is titled The Stepford Leela, and deals with Leela getting a severe blow on her head and becoming an amnesiac. Bender and Amy soon realise that they can get Leela to do their chores for them, because she's become naive and suggestible. Fry, although initially appalled, soon changes his mind when Leela becomes more "loving" towards him, so plays along with the scam despite the ethics posed. How long this state of affairs can last, though, is another thing to worry about. The story is a parody of a Married with Children episode that was called "The Stepford Peg".

Oh my, what's all this then? A delicate flower or my dinner? I better find my reading goggles. And once he does old man Farnsworth will find out why that was such a good thing, seeing as this is a jombonium atom. I don't know about you, but I think biting into an atom wont result in anything good, plus it's gotta be murder ont he ol' dental work. But his dentist is going to be happy, then again how much can a set of dentures cost in the distant future? What, with replicators and all. I mean you just go to the wall, ask for "dentures, white, new" and pling there they are. Just as easy as saying "tea, Earl Grey, hot", and then you turn around and find Kirk making out with Troi in your captain's chair , and there are no restrooms on this damned starship, and why does the bartender wear such ludicrous hats , and why are there no seatbelts in this chair , and why do they use 50000 volts, uninsulated wires to run the consoles , and why.... [We interupt this rant to give you todays update, the previous author have in the meantime been commited to a nitpickers board] This picture for the Fan Art section comes from Milld86 and show, as mentioned, Farnsworth with a jombonium atom. There's another picture by Milld86 ready, this show Beelzebot in Robot Hell.

Space wampires? You know wampirers, but in space! And that's what part 5 of Raziel's Fan Fiction story Fry's Destiny is about. After vanquishing his last foe a new threat emerges, this time Space Wampires trying to take over part of the planet. Can Fry once again overcome the odds and emerge victorious? Find out by clicking here.

October 16, 2004

Leela in a quagmire! Oh dear, it seems that Leela has gotten the attention of Family Guy's Glen Quagmire. Hope she can run fast... which she seems to be able to do. Anyway, the picture to your right which shows him thinking that Leela loves him, with Leela expressing the obvious that he's deluded or something, goes to our Fan Art section and comes from Fry's Lady. Family Guy is a programme that I should pay a little bit more attention to, tending to overlook it. When I watch it, it is amusing, but something is lacking. Not saying it's bad, because it certainly isn't, but I tend to get distracted onto other things. Anyway, the important thing is that there are many fans of this show, and it's another show that has been treated with disdain by Fox. Like the picture, we should unite and defeat the common enemy: the Judea People's Front... I mean Fox. Ah, a Life of Brian reference... sweet.

Fry does a Shatner... Hmmm... that subject heading sounds disgusting for some reason. Anyway, not to worry, because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Woodbot 2.0. The fiction is titled Anthology of Interest Zone, and deals with the the What-if machine getting fixed and ready for use, but some moron (no prizes guessing who it is) has ripped a The Twilight Zone DVD onto the machine's hard drive. So, future uses for the machine will have a Rod Sterling Flavour. In the first part (I believe this fic is multipart... we'll soon see), Fry asks what would happen if he saw a creature outside the PE ship, but nobody believed him. Bring on Kirk!

October 15, 2004

Hippie vans careening down wavey hills? You bet! At least now there is, since we've got these examples of both Wallpaper and Fan Art from our good friend here at FM:TLZ, Skajme. He's been kind enough to reproduce this scene from Bendin' in the Wind for your desktops, so if you like pictures of vans from the past in locales of the future, plant her on there behind your icons. Though those who have hover-desktops may like to reconsider...

This is an outrage! I demand more fan art! And you shall get it, because FM:TLZ has a new friend with pictures, though he's by no mean new to drawing them. Please welcome GermanFryFan from GermanFryFan's Picture Webspace who has allowed me to upload some of his pictures here too. There's two of the red, Bender-like Nurdy (of PEEL fame) like pictured here, plus four more other pictures of his as well. Check them all out.

And speaking of PEEL, I'm thinking of actually revamping my old Futurama Graphic Guides , but I need to know if enough people are interested, so please check out this thread at the aforementioned message board and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance, and catch you tomorrow for another update

October 14, 2004

Girls just wanna have fun! Well, I've got some good work from a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse who comes under the name of Ness. I have a picture for our Fan Art section that you can see to your right, which shows Leela and Amy seemingly enjoying themselves, possibly on a girls' night out. Well, they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves whatever it is. Ness has also been kind enough to send in three poems for our Poetry & Song Parodies section. The first poem is called Every Time, which deals with Fry's love being spurned by Leela. The second poem is called Foolish, which deals with Leela realising that Fry's love is true and she's been a fool in rejecting it. The last poem is called Dear Brother, which has Yancy, Fry's brother from the 20th century, expressing his appreciation for his lost brother. Awwww! Peace at last. Well, let's hope for some more work from Ness coming this way soon.

Lost in Space... again! Well, I've got some more stuff for today, so sit back down and cross your legs if you have to go to the toilet or whatever. Welcome another picture for our Fan Art section, one that comes from Mz Kroker. This picture features Leela, but she seems lost, judging from the words that she's uttering. Where can she be? Does that look like the sky above Eastbourne? Could it be that she's lost in music and caught in a trap? Maybe she's just woken up from a night full of binge drinking and other activities that would render one forgetful and in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, let's just hope that she can find her way back to civilisation. Mz Kroker also informs me to expect some more works for our Poetry & Songs Parodies section, which should be something else to look forward to.

Zapp and Fry are really athletes that calories forgot! Just sit right there, toilet can wait! Stop whingeing, I have another thing to show you that's on this site. Welcome a new work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. His latest work is titled Synchronized Olympic Dorks, which has as a storyline the battle between Fry and Zapp in a decathlon. Yeah, that's right, they compete in a decathlon. I'm being serious. No, they won't be doing sumo. Anyway, it seems that Zapp Brannigan is the champion of the DOOP Decathlon, a yearly event in which Zapp does battle against a contender. However, this year Fry takes up the challenge. So, let's see if Fry can win gold. Let the blubbathon begin!

OK, now you can run off to the loo.

You don't have to be drunk to get an upload here, but it helps. Especially if it's also Futurama related, as these newest submissions in our Fan Art section are. We have four new pictures from Futurama Freak for you all, including this one pictured of Fry being drunk, with Leela on one side and the artist's Groening-ized self on the other. Looks like Leela isn't too pleased with Fry's antics, but then again, she rarely is. Who knows what Fry is saying after all. Could be something incredibly sexist, something disgusting or just something idiotic. Maybe all three. There's also another pic of Futurama Freak by herself, one featuring Leela in dark surroundings and one with Leela and Fry together, with Leela looking rather serious. Just click on the thumbnail to check those out, and expect more art from me quite soon.

October 13, 2004

Mmmm... more sensual framegrabs to slobber over! Still stuck in that war bunker with Leandro and the Scooby Doo team. The Scooby Doo team are currently feasting on Bugs Bunny's roasted corpse, while Leandro and myself enjoy some cup cakes and vodka. "Those grabs you did were great, Graham, but we need more and more and more and more... we have to conquer the Universe and take it from those evil Clangers," Leandro spoke while balancing a glass of vodka on his nose. I pondered his new intent at universal domination, wondering if I was in the wrong business. "You mean those cloth creatures who live on the Moon with the Soup Dragon?" I asked while putting on my war paint. "No, not those Clangers, I mean those morons on Beadle's About," Leo said wearily "You know, that irritating bearded bloke on British TV, the one who's the Master of the Universe. Well, he's really controlled by the Clangers who live on the Moon." I jumped up, ready to say that those Clangers were the ones I was referring to, when I startled the Scooby Doo team, who began to growl. "Ummm... Leo, why have we got these morons in here... they're not even amusing?" Leo drank his vodka down and chucked the glass to the wall, causing more growls from the gang of five. "Because you're writing this damn update! Can't we get onto the real business or do you just love the sound of your own voice?" I was taken aback... he was right, I do type too much... but I don't speak when I type. What can I do about this? Maybe I should write to an agony aunt. Then again, maybe the Soup Dragon will reply. Oh dear, life is just too complicated. "Why not create a site about us lot?" said Fred, with the rest of his gang nodding in enthusiasm. "Yeah, and you could have wallpapers featuring sexy me," chirped Daphne. Velma rolled her eyes and added, "Yeah, and get written about by DaphneLoverMatt..." I released the safety catch of my automatic and finished them all off there and then. "Too much work for too little pleasure." Leandro laughed out loud, and band music could be heard from outside. "Now, Graham, the update..." Anyway, so I turned on the computer and... Well, I suppose you have guessed what I have for today, some more framegrabs for you all, this time from the episode Put Your Head On My Shoulder. As like the last lot, they're done at 640x480 and are quite clean looking. And, yes, they feature all the characters. As you'll notice over time, we'll be doing grabs not just about Leela but about the whole of the show. Eventually, we will have replaced all the grabs, and you'll be hearing less complaints about not finding grabs about Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, Dr Zoidberg, Fry, Bender, Amy, Phnog... etc. Anyway, Leandro has promised to come up with some grabs himself, and maybe some lunacy to outdo my feeble attempt at crazy talk. I'm probably going to have to take one hell of a beating. Fwibble... fwobble... flubble... time for the medication!

Jack Straw stole my brain! Well, after that nonsense, I have something interesting to say. Yeah, really, do come back. Anyway, welcome four new works for our Fan Art section that comes from Mike Wilkins. The picture to your left shows Fry parodying the Strawman of Wizard of Oz in the Wizzin' segment of Anthology of Interest II. Apt character for Fry, that. His other pictures show: the head of George Washington; Bender counting some money with Farnsworth's head on it; and a black-and-white picture of the crew sitting around the PE table, which also advertises the fan made game, Fryscape: Episode 1, which you'll find details of on our site... if you click those highlighted words you just passed saying "Fryscape: Episode 1". You could also use this last picture as a wallpaper, although whether you want an advertisement as a wallpaper is really up to you.

Okay... here you all go then. Just remember though, just because there is no spoon, doesn't mean knives and forks don't exist either. Though it does mean a spork can only half exist perhaps? Yes, as promised I have five new Fan Fiction entries for fans of The Matrix and this collections predecessors. Five, count 'em, five new entries for The Fry-trix Still Has You. The team of Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000 and Rye Guy have returned for this sequel all in one go. I must apologise too... the one chapter that was up as Part 1 was really Part 2, but that's been fixed up now. And of course, there's also Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 there for you to read. Enjoy!

Love and friendship... you can find it right here, but that doesn't mean it's amongst the people that run the site Not that I have anything against anybody here at all, they're all a great bunch of people. And you can see more friendship in the Fan Art section, as pictured here in this picture from Skajme that highlights when Fry first met Seymour and gave him the pizza he had. I tell you what, I'd be Fry's friend too if I got free pizza... it's got to be the best food ever, and contains a major dietary item that should be a major food group: cheese!

After you've checked that out, head on over to our Fan Fiction and discover what happens when, after getting rejected by Leela time and time again, Fry finds a girl that is willing to love him far more. Leela's eyes might turn a little green from this, but to find out you'll have to check out this new story from new author Gorky titled The Dating Game. It's a one-off too, which I thought I'd better note considering the amount of multi-part additions we've been getting lately.

That's all, and... yes... I know I promised some Fry-trix related update, but that'll be waiting until tomorrow now. There were delays on that matter, but it will go up soon, all going well.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a intergalactic spaceship piloted by a senile crackpot inventor? No, it's Fry-man! Cue theme song: Fry-man, Fry-man, does whatever a Fry can... Calvin was right, while girls (in this case Leela) dreams of family, boys dream of cool stuff. Like being a superhero, having your own private continent or having a gajillion dollar (note: these are the opinions of a hyperactive, 6 year old boy with a semi-live tiger as best friend, any resemblence with actual webmasters of FM:TLZ would be a coincidence ... and pretty cool!). Fry-man, Fry-man, does what.... Oh crap, now I have to pay royalties to Billy West for using his song. Still, it's a pretty neat song, it'll be worth the $1.50. Fry-man, Fry-man, does whatever... Eh, right, updating. This picture of young Fry and Leela dreaming seperated by 1000 years come from a new submitter to FM:TLZ named Becky. She have sent us 6 pictures for the Fan art section. You've already seen the first one, the other 5 are: Leela with her hair down, Fry staring at something in the sky, the PE crew as a metal band, Zoidberg as a metal band player and finally Leela regretting making a change in her apartment. Enjoy. And now... it's... Fry-man, Fry-man, does whatever a Fry can....

History repeating... History repeating... History repeating... History repeating... Why, yes, we do have a new chapter of Missy's Fan Fiction story History Repeating. How did you guess? Nevermind, that's not important now. The important thing is this is part 3 of the story. In the last chapter Lise was brought to the year 3000 by Fry, Leela and Bender. When they got back to Planet Express farnsworth became enraged. He had asked them to get Lisa Marie Presley, not Lisa Marie Simpson, and went to get his gun. Will Lisa survive an encounter with Mad Old Farnsworth? Find out by clicking here. Missy told me to tell you that this is revamped version of History Repeating hot of the press with a re-structured plot, etc. So go enjoy it already.

October 12, 2004

There won't be any phnogging going on at the back of the cinema now! Ewwww! Don't even imagine it... otherwise you'll never eat again and die of starvation. Well, I have some work from one new contributor to this site and from one who's well-known here. The work in question goes to our Fan Art section and comes from both Zmithy, a new artist here, and Fryfan, an old hand, so to speak. Actually, Fryfan's page is really called Fryfan's SpyOrama, which will include all the works based on his SpyOrama fan fictions series. As Fryfan colours in the pictures that others draw, each of the artists who help create the SpyOrama artworks will have their own page, too. It's only fair to credit both parties. Anyway, getting to business, the picture features Phnog's son, Julius, who you'll find in Fryfan's You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once. Fryfan gives us some more info about Julius: "Julius's name came from actor Julius Carry who played Sho'nuff, in the cult 80's movie, Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon. One of the inspirations for given Phnog a son like Julius was based on the father/son villain team from Bruce Lee's first film, Fist Of Fury. So, I decided why can't Phnog have an evil son just as well?" So, you're now enlightened. Well, enjoy the joint-work from Zmithy and Fryfan. However, I'm still not finished with Fryfan, because he also has another work for our Fan Fiction section, with a new story called Anthology of Bender. The what-if machine is broken, but not to worry, because Bender can provide the service himself, but at a financial cost to the askers... naturally. Fry asks what if he were artistic; Amy asks what would happen if she were married to Kif; Leela asks what would it be like if mutants were allowed on the surface. There, now we're finished, and you can now enjoy the latest works on offer.

Jenny Farnsworth is in da house! Mental note: whatever Graham's been drinking recently, gimme some of that! Now, onto the update: Jennifer Morton is back! Yep, one of the first artists that had Futurama art on this site just sent me some new pictures! Her birthday was one week ago, too, so happy belated birthday! The first pic is titled Furry Futurama (shown right) and shows Panda Jenn as Leela with other two furry characters dressed as Fry and Bender. So cute! Then we have a picture of Jenny Farnsworth, Jennifer's Futurama character that has been portrayed in other pictures already, even a couple from other fan artists (go hunt for them in our gallery! ) and finally, the third picture is of Jenny snuggling up with Fry. Hmmm, better turn off the lights and give those two some privacy Thanks Jenn, and it's good to have you back! Make sure you visit Jennifer's Studio for more of her pics. [Leandro]

Feast your eyes on this... and this... and this... and this... and this... and this... ad infinitum! Some days ago in a deep, dark bunker, sheltering from the dogs of war, Leandro and myself started to talk about what we could do to improve the site. Leo turned to me and said, "Graham, those grabs you did some years ago, they look like crap now. I mean, they're small, full of artefacts, concentrate on one character, and they smell of rancid butter. So, I'm going to delve into my DVD collection and spruce them up. After that, I'll go and get mighty drunk and visit the whorehouses of the Czech Republic to play chess with the hookers." I looked at him in confusion, wondering why he had a pineapple on his head, but decided that maybe that was due to the several glasses of vodka and rum that I had consumed earlier. "You're telling me that my grabs smell of washing powder? I'll kill you!" After 30 minutes of killing each other with strawberries and cream, I realised that Leo was right, that my grabs did smell of cat food. So I said to him that I'd help him in his cause for cleaner streets and free nudity for all, and make some good grabs. "That's the spirit, Graham," Leo said. He then looked at me funnily, asking, "Why have you got a beachball on your back?" I turned around, only to find the Scooby Doo team eating termites. Anyway, to get back to the point, I'm saying that today's update concerns our Framegrabs section, where I have some clean 640x480 images from the episode Lesser of Two Evils that I cooked up myself. The grabs aren't Leela centred like the others were; they do contain her, but they also deal with other characters, too. Now, you might end up flooding the server that they're on, so please be patient if they don't immediately show up. We're looking at other venues where to host these, so things might improve in future. Well, I hope you appreciate and enjoy these new grabs. Expect more soon. Now, back to wondering why the Scooby Doo team are playing cricket with the head of Alfredo Garcia as the ball.

October 11, 2004

Fry flu's and Fry files. Yes, it's time for another one of those Futurama Comic Reviews that I do every so often, and as pictured to the right here, you may be able to pick out that this is Futurama Comics #11 that is being featured. To read the review, just click on the cover image, and I have to say in advance though that I really did enjoy this issue a lot. Proably helps that it was written by Emmy Nominated Patric M. "The Sting" Verrone too actually, but in either case a really funny publication from Bongo. For those unaware of the premise, Fry gets a nasty flu... and things get worse for NNYC when it spreads.

Secondly, Slikdude has sent in another additon of Fan Fiction for us, which is actually part 4 of his established to-be five part series known as The Fry Files. So if you've been reading it, the next part is now ready to be... uh... read. Just click away to go there. It has kidnapping, violence and romance in it... I won't specify how though, you'll have to read it to find out.

That's all for now, but fans of The Fry-trix series should keep an eye out very soon for my next update. Just a heads up

Picking the wrong door? More like picking the right door. Leelaholic have kept up his industrious production of Futurama Fan Art and sent us two more pictures. The first show Leela getting dressed, probably after taking a shower. From the looks of it someone (most likely Fry) walked through the door to the room she's in just as she's about to put on her tanktop. Now I know a good portion of our visitors would head straight for Leelaholic's gallery to see this picture. To avoid this I decided to put it in the thumbnail on the right. There that should keep people from skipping the rest of this update, don't say we don't aim to please here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. The second picture is a Bender diagram, just like the Leela and Fry ones Leelaholic previous. It includes both Grabby, Squeezy and a shiny metal ass.

Coming it #1: Pawell Galuzin. Yep, you read correct (and no it's no typo ): Pawell Galuzin is the new top-rated ist here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, edging out our second Russian ist SPb_Petr by .03 points. Hmmm, this is starting to feel like a womens tennis tournament with Russians dominating everything. This new picture from Pawell show Leela and Chaz, the mayor's aide, making out. It's good to be the mayor's aide.

Anyway, if you're interested in more of Pawell's work, try visitng his website Something About Leela. Enjoy.

Destiny has cheated me, by forcing me.... A new chapter of Raziel's Fry's Destiny is ready in the Fan Fiction section. In part 4 Fry have defeated the daughter of Dark Fry; Dakrea. Now he is traveling to Leela's homeworld, Tigoria prime, with their daughter Bira. More to read by clicking here. Oh and if anyone have some good headlines based on the word destiny let me know, as you can see from this one I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

October 10, 2004

A site isn't just for Xmas, it's for life! It's always good to have new contributors sending in their works to Futurama Madhouse to be shown off to Futurama fans worldwide, and today I have one such submitter. Welcome Mz Kroker, who has come up with the picture you can see to your right for our Fan Art section. The picture shows Leela's head with words that declare that she'll be a fan of TLZ for life. Is this a challenge to our new site name, I ask? Anyway, it's good to know that there'll be fans of this site still around in the latter-half of the 21st century when this site is long gone (unless we can get crazy robots to continue when us webmasters leave for other things). BTW, this is Mz Kroker's first artwork, so be gentle. Actually, Mz Kroker hasn't finished with just a picture, for we have a work for our Poetry & Song Parodies section, too. The addition to this section is a song called Slavery Rock, which is a parody of the song Crocodile Rock, which was written by Bernie Taupin and performed by Elton John (ewwww... I can't stand that prat). The song is based on the episode A Pharaoh to Remember, as you'll see when you read it.

More wings than a Claire Rayner advert! Next up, I have a joint work of two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from both Rye Guy and ExTwist. As last time, ExTwist draws them and Rye Guy colours them in and adds the backgrounds. The pictures feature a character called Bereave, who's from Rye Guy's work in our Fan Fiction section that's titled The Other. I'll let Rye Guy continue with words from his email: "You remember in chapter 8 of my fic 'The Other' where Fry, Leela, and Bereave have been sent to an almost Purgatory like realm? Fry and Leela have angel wings while Bereave has wings similar to that of a bat? Well, here's a picture based on Bereave." BTW, Rye Guy also informs me that part 17 of his The Other will be coming soon, along with a promo pic. So, for all of you out there who were contacting him whether he'll be continuing with his fiction, you can sigh in relief that the story will continue.

October 9, 2004

Weeeeeeeee! Booooom! Craaaaassshhhh! Ptow! Ptow! Thunderbirds are go! When I was a child, which was a long, long, long, long, long, long, long... time ago, I used to have a Thunderbird 2 toy. I did exactly what Fry was doing in the picture to the right with that toy. Actually, the Planet Express ship looks like Thunderbird 2 in some ways, hence the memories of my childhood and that toy (hmmm... maybe it's still around at my mum's). Anyway, getting back on track, I have eleven - yes, eleven! - new pictures from Kyle M that go neatly to our Fan Art section. In this bumper feast, we have the picture of Fry playing around with a model of the Planet Express ship; Amy in underwear playing pool; Farnsworth young with fuzzy hair (the seventies and disco were dire...); Farnsworth giving a rousing speech; plus quite a few other pictures that you'll see when you go to his page on this site. So, don't be a square, go over there, to Kyle M's lair, to see fuzzy hair. OK, I'll stop that.

Professor Bighead strikes again! Not finished yet, so sit right down. I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from FurY. Yes, the busy Estonian (forgot to mention that when I first introduced him some days ago... not that it really matters, seeing we're all humans... I think) has come up with seven new pictures for our site to show off to you. The picture you can see shows Professor Farnsworth with a big head. The other pictures are: Professor Farnsworth after doing a reverse Michael Jackson (no, not having sleepovers with an old person... nothing like that); Fry being left behind by the crew on some deserted planet; Fry playing his holophonor and producing a crude image of Leela's head; Leela as a gardener; Leela after sleeping with Zapp... ouch; and a simple picture of Leela. There, that should keep you occupied on this busy day. Enjoy!

October 8, 2004

And zat, mon amis, is 'ow Leela turned into un gargoyle. Now bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all. I never took any French lessons in elementary school, but that's pretty good attempt, don't you think? No? Hmmm, maybe if you imagined it spoken with a fake French accent? Still no? Well, what if I placed it in front of a picture of the Notre Dame, with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Fine, I didn't come here to speak about my French skills anyway, but rather to welcome a new Fan Art submitter here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. This picture is sent to us from Jennifer MacDonald, and show Leela as a gargoyle, wearing very skimpy clothes I might add. A very good picture, with a nifty background and some neat shading work. Jennifer is definetely off to a good start, let's hope we see more of her work in the future.

Diagram of a delivery boy. How to build a delivery boy: you take a nose (dime inside is optional), M-shpaed hair, jacket (red or green, green means he'll get lucky (in the dirty sense )), hands (grafted, metal or original), and pants. Blend it all with a mild dose of intelligence, a dash of cuteness and a potbelly and what do you got? A new piece of Fan Art from Leelaholic, that's what. This is the Fry-version of the Leela-diagram from his last update, good picture. He sent us a second picture this one is of Leela in her underpants (20% funnier than the word underwear!) and a black semi-transparent neglige ala "Parasites Lost". Or maybe it's the same neglige, only in black and white. Study it closely and tell me the result. Enjoy, I know I did.

Destiny, schmestiny! Your life is what you make of it! Wise words. Sadly Fry can't escape his destiny in Raziel's Fan Fiction story Fry's Destiny (in case you couldn't tell from the title ). In part 3 Fry is having a brief conversation with the queen, and she offer him an opportunity to end the lin of Dark Fry. Will Fry accept? Find out here.

October 7, 2004

A flock of birds, a pod of whales, a pride of lions, a pack of dogs, a herd of cows, a shallow of Amys! Ah well, all good things come to an end. It seems that the Silvertide and Fryfan partnership for SpyOrama work for our Fan Art section is to come to an untimely end. Silvertide will do some more artwork, but he feels the need to colour them in by himself in order to go out in a "blaze of glory", according to an email from Fryfan, which came with this artwork you can see to your right. Don't worry, there's no animosity between them, just a change of direction. Anyway, as you can see, the picture, which was drawn by Silvertide and coloured in by Fryfan, is based on the SpyOrama story Ironfinger Reloaded. According to Fryfan, "The inspiration of this picture was from Futurama Comics Issue 14, and the Matrix DVD covers". As you can see, it's a damn good job. Also, Fryfan has another story for our Fan Fiction section. The story is titled NNYPD No Clue, which starts with Amy coming into Planet Express to inform the crew that she's been mugged. Fry, Bender and Leela decide to go to the police station to report the crime. While outside, Leela deals with a vicious punk who's about to attack Fry (nice coincidence that Ken's update below this has a picture of Leela dealing with some punks). The police are so impressed that they make Fry, Leela and Bender cops. Now it's up to the new officers to catch Amy's mugger. Lastly, Fryfan is on the lookout for any fan artist who'll be willing to draw his SpyOrama series. He wishes that the artist to draw the picture while he can colour it in. In order to find out more about this request, you can visit this thread at the PEEL message board, which should help explain more. Well, enjoy both Silvertide and Fryfan's works. Let's hope for some more great work from both of them in the future.

Leandro did the Oekaki Board... That's my job! I'll kill you! Yes... seeing how Leandro has decided to take one of my occupations here for himself, I'll just have to put up some more traditional Fan Art that doesn't come from there. Two pictures for you loyal fans out there, the first one coming from popular artist Skajme. He's drawn this fantastic picture pictured of Leela beating the crap out of some punks, with Fry coming up to join her, while the city seems to be in less than stellar shape behind them. The drawing itself is certainly stellar even if city isn't.

Secondly, I've drawn the next Final Fantasy X character crossover picture, which features two characters: Zapp as Seymour and Kif as Tromell. So those of you who have enjoyed this series may want to check that out too.

And finally, I have to say farewell to Futurama site The Futurama Scanart Central which breathed it's final breath (or whatever the website equivalent is... bitted it's last byte? Pinged it's last ping? Whatever...) just a few days ago. It was popular amongst the fan artist community out there for sure, so will be missed. And with that, I leave as well... well, leave this current update anyway. Later

October 6, 2004

And yet a longer good reason to make some art! Well, I've got a joint-work for our Fan Art section that comes from both Batman and Robin... I mean The Dynamic Duo... I mean ExTwist and Rye Guy. There, got there at last. The former drew the picture, while the latter coloured it in, which is all fair and good in this little world of ours. Now, this picture is based on two of Rye Guy's works for our Fan Fiction section: A Long Night and its sequel An Even Longer
. As you can see, both Leela and Fry eye each other up quite well. Surely you can see that? Come on, it's plain to see. Now, let's hope that this update doesn't break the news page like yesterday's did. Here goes...

Today's update is brought to you by our Oekaki Board! Yep, today we have two pieces of art from FemJesse, that were created using only the most basic tools of our Oekaki Board. Darn, that girl's got talent coming out of her ears! We've got a drawing of Leela crying (Jesse was sad when she did it... aww... any volunteers to send her a kilo of chocolate ice cream? ) and one of Nibbler staring at us with the clear intention of eating us. Eep! Better run to safer places... right after saying Good Job, Jesse! You Da Man! Er, Girl!

After presenting The Best of the Oekaki, it's time to present the worst. A definitely pathetic piece o' junk. Something that'll burn your eyes if you do as much as look at it. A new piece of crap by Shippinator Mandy (aka. Leela's Twin) in the section where all the worthless trash goes, Crap Art! A drawing so worthless that it's only purpose on Earth is wasting server space and bandwidth. So sickeningly horrible that it could be sent to Fox to create a mass-suicide against its executives. And you can create more like that in our Oekaki Board! Whadaya waiting for? Get drawing! [Leandro]

October 5, 2004

Everything's so black-and-white nowadays! Today I have some work from a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Welcome FurY to our site, who has come up with five pictures to show off. The picture you can see shows a scene in the episode Future Stock, and has been changed into a black-and-white distorted effect. The other four pictures are: Leela and the Robot Devil in a coloured distorted effect; Leela visiting a stripjoint (this one's for the ladies in the house ); Leela ready to fire her gun in a flower garden; and a posterised portrait of Leela. Well, that's five new pictures for our site. If you want your work put up for all to see, don't hesitate to send it to us, where it'll find a nice, warm home. Awww... that sounded so corny. Actually, it was corny! Grrr... I hate corned beef!

The FryScape demo is ready! After a couple of months of hard work, The Fighting Mongooses (aka. a bunch of really insane fans of the series) have released the first demo of FryScape, the Futurama Fan Game! This demo shows only the first room of the adventure, but it should give you a taste of things to come. Congrats goes to Idan, Ex-Tee, Mercapto, Alexei, and all the other guys I forget the name of. Download it, play it, then visit their forums and give some feedback! And if you think you can lend a hand with graphics, sound or programming... well, what are you waiting for?


A goodnight story. Once there was young man from the 20th century. Not sure of what his part in the great play of life was he toured the Universe. After crashing on a planet, he finally started to find his true calling, his destiny. The end. Yeah, that sucked, I know. Good thing i have something better, part 2 of Raziel's Fan Fic story Fry's Destiny. The queen asks her daughter to find Fry and bring him to the her, since she has something important to ask him. Enjoy it here. [Teral]

October 4, 2004

Historical things that happened on October 4th: 1853, the Crimean War begins when Turkey declares war on Russia. 1924, Charlton Heston born. 1957, Russia launches first satellite, Sputnik. And now, 2004, 10 pieces of Fan Art go up from one person at once. It's true, and that very Fan Art comes from recent submitter Linda Velasco. Yep, that sure is a lot of art, with various pictures. There's Leela in bed, Leela getting a tan, Leela and Fry hugging, Leela as a punk, Fry as a skater, a Nightmare Before Christmas parody picture, a picture showing distaste for homework on weekends, Leela in an evening dress (pictured), a picture of what Fry and Leela's daughter may look like and even a Groening-ized version of Linda herself. Just click away to view the pictures on the thumbnail above, and apologies to Linda for getting this up late... I had some recent network issues over the weekend. Curse you, Microsoft!

Oh, and one last thing... if you're an Oekaki Board submitter, please remember to put a name along with your pictures if you want them to appear in our art sections when things get cleaned up... else your work'll disappear entirely. Keep that in mind. Also, all non-Futurama related entries will also disappear after time. Thanks. [Kenneth]

Firefox users, please watch the lower-right corner of your window... See that cute RSS icon in your status bar? That means you can now add Futurama Madhouse as a Live Bookmark! If you can't see that icon, either you're not using Firefox, or you got an old version (update now!). With the live bookmark in your folder, you can see the last ten TLZ updates right there in your Bookmarks menu, to check if there's something new and and browse through 'em. It was a little complicated to implement correctly, but it works fine now, so if anyone else is looking for an RSS Addon for NewsPro 3.8 (which I doubt, but you never know), mail me.

Anyway, onto the update, I've uploaded four new pics by Javier from The Futurama Point into the fifth page of his gallery, so go and take a look! Javier also did some neat new buttons for the site that you can grab at The Links Zone. Make sure to change your links to the new domain! Just click on a button for easy cut-and-paste code if you're unfamiliar with HTML. [Leandro]

October 3, 2004

When two tribes go to war! Ooh, this looks like an angry picture. Seems that Fry and Amy want to tear each others' heads off. Mind you, in the year 3000, that's not such a big deal as it would be today, seeing that heads can be preserved in jars, although there's the chance that your head could find itself in a cobwebbed cupboard. Anyway, I have three pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Ooy. The picture that you can see is very angry. His other two pictures feature Leela, with Leela apparently suffering from a cold in one of them, while the other has Leela naked, showing off her posterior. These pictures are based on events that you'll find in Futurama Comics #11. Ooy isn't finished with artwork, for he has some work for our Fan Fiction section. I have part one and also part two of his Evil Fry story. Actually, those two parts are the completion of the story, so it's all complete. Anyway, the story has Fry taking the ship on a jaunt for fun, where he spots and lands on a planet he's never seen before. Bad move, for he's soon captured and turned into Evil Fry. And you just know that Evil Fry won't stop there, he'll want to spread his evil to the Earth and beyond. Well, enjoy this evil story by Evil Ooy for our evil site.

October 2, 2004

What's the Use? What, no thumbnail? Does this mean there's nothing today for our Fan Art section? It sure does. However, in order to fill in this vacuum, we have some more of Smiley's great Uses for a Hacker to show you. Yeah, we have nine new ones of gore and blood to show you... with some humour added, too. Let's see, we have: "Thriller" Music Video Zombie; Maximillian Pegasus's Last Butler; The Posses of Vanilla Ice, Gerardo and MC Hammer; Motley Crew "Roadies"; One of The Purple One's "Harem"; Steve Perry Replacement for Journey; Devo Video Extra; The New Brundlefly; and Wong Family Servant Applicants. As you can see, there's a variety of subjects to deal with. Oh, wait, I must laugh about something. Vanilla Ice? Hehehehehehehe! No, wait. Hohohohohoh. No, wait. *falls off chair* Bwahahahahaha! Somebody kill me!

Texarama! Yee-haw! No, President Shrub isn't coming to Futurama! However, it does seem that some of the characters of King of the Hill are. Yeah, in Fryfan's latest work for our Fan Fiction section, that's what exactly happens. His story, titled I Wish I Were In Arlen, Professor Farnsworth has invented a time machine, and lets Fry test drive it. However, as usual, Fry does one of his Fryish blunders, which ends up transplanting him, Amy, Bender and Zoidberg to Arlen, while Luanne, Peggy, Cotton and Boomhauer find themselves in New New York. What a Texan mess, and I'm not talking about a presidential speech. Anyway, can this Texan mess be repaired? Can you read? There, answered a question with a question.