October 2003

October 31, 2003

She's quite the monster... *rowl!* Yes, Leela's been monsterfied in this piece of Halloween Fan Art by Futurama_Hil, which is a remake of a picture by Asylum-Fry. As you can see, Leela is is perfect Halloween form, and what better time to update than when its just starting to get dark here in Middle Earth, where Halloween strikes first.

There's also a second Halloween-themed pic by Hil as well, which features Fry as a wolfman, Bender as Homer and Leela as a demon/devil . Enjoy these pics based on the spooky holiday.

Well, now I'm off to prepare candy for kids and try to avoid any orcs, uruk-hai, trolls and Nazgul for the rest of the night. Ooops! Looks like there's a Balrog on the lawn again... better shoo him off. Later!

October 30, 2003

The sky is the limit... Since I'll be leaving for London first thing tomorrow, and won't be here over the weekeend, I'll wish you all a happy Halloween too.

And I leave you with this piece of fanart that I've been fiddling with over the last month or so. All those who own one of the DVD sets know the front of the individual cases, when lined up properly, form a panorama. I thought why not try and combine those parts to a whole, without the cumbersome cases? I went ahead, not knowing what I had trust myself into, and now it's finished; the front of the season 3 DVD's. Looks pretty darn neat if I have to say so myself (certainly one of my best scans so far), but you can all judge the effort on my gallery. Enjoy, see you all next week.

May I tempt you with a bite or two or three? Yay! I have some more work for our Fan Art section that comes from the talented FemJesse. Not only that, but these ones are truly scary, well-drawn (as ever!) and interesting. The one you can see as a thumbnail can go down as one of my favourite fan art works I've seen. It features a demonic Leela trying to tempt an angelic Fry into doing something or other that will make that halo of his disappear. I just love the artwork and the choice of a sepia look... novel. She's also come up with another picture in a similar style that features a vampire Fry with a post-bitten Leela in his cloaked arms. She seems to have generously given blood to the needy. Her final picture shows FemJesse butchering a pumpkin to make it into the head of Fry, then inserting a candle in it... and voila! When lit, it looks damn good! Well, what can I say but to ask you to go give these a good, long look.

500 and still going and going and going and going... and going! I wasn't a webmaster here when Smiley sent in his first Uses for a Hacker, which shows how long Smiley has been around doing this sort of thing. He started this off when The Leela Zone found itself unfortunately hacked by someone who had a grudge or something (boy, who could have a grudge against us? ). Not happy with sitting on his arse and twiddling his fingers, Smiley decided to deride the hacker with his unique artwork instead. I suppose, back then, the thought was that the Uses would have a bright but short existence... how wrong that turned out to be! No, he's now come up with his 500th work in this series! Well, let's hope there are many more to come. The 500th Uses is titled "Leela Clone"... and is damn funny. Some of his others are: "South Park Satan's New Lover"; "Homsar's Translator"; "Mercurian Gas Station Employee"; and a few others. Enjoy!

Lastly, I won't be updating on Halloween itself, so I'll just say to all: happy Halloween!

October 29, 2003

It's almost Halloween. What's the matter, you scared? Well, no Halloween-related material in this update either, but Asylum-Fry (who have made several Halloween pictures) sent me this wallpaper of Fry discovering who his new cellmate is; Roberto - the mad robot. Then again his former cellmate was no picnic either. Sudden explosions or stabbing-practice, both in a small insane-asylum cell. No wonder Fry lost it. Not even Leela, reminding of him of his humanity "the way only a woman can", could snap him out of it. Anyway, enjoy this brandnew wallpaper.

Decision 3005! In part 12 of Missy's serial fan fiction titled Delicious Surprise election day has arrived. The choice for president of Earth are between Zapp Brannigan and NNY mayor Poopenmeyer. Thinking Zapp's war-plans are bad news for the planet (her general loathing for the Zapper probably didn't play no small part either) Leela naturally join the Poopenmeyer campaign, and drag the rest of the Planet Express crew with her. Who will it be? Brannigan or Poopenmeyer? You can find out by clicking here.

Biker girl gone baaadddd! For today, I haven't got a Halloween inspired work to show off, but instead I have three neat works for our Fan Art section that come from Futurama_Hil. The first of these show a mean-looking Leela alongside some big motorbike... she looks as if she's one of Hell's angels. Hil's other two works show Leela and Leela - you know, Leela and her parallel universe other that was in the episode "The Farnsworth Parabox"; and a picture of Leela nervously pulling at her hair. Go on, give these work the attention they deserve. BTW, a big thanks goes to Futurama_Hil for the kind words expressed about The Leela Zone in the email that was sent with the pictures.

October 28, 2003

Let's scare the delivery boy! For today, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Mitch. The fic in question goes under the title Trick or Terror, and is a story that's fitting for the coming Halloween. I'll be lazy and quote the summary so you can get a feel about what it's about: "On Halloween, the crew responds to an invitation to a haunted house. Meanwhile, Amy is left at Planet Express just when strange things begin to happen..." So, go give this a read... from behind that comforting sofa.

October 27, 2003

Countess Leela sends here seasonal greetings! I've got another Halloween special for today. I wonder why that is? Can't be the fact that 31st October is only four days away. Strange. Well, welcome a spooky picture for our Fan Art section that comes from that bloke who's the terror of all hackers, Smiley. Rather than deal a mortal blow towards those who have too much time on their hands when in front of a monitor, he's decided to celebrate Halloween with an image of Leela transformed into some kind of vampire figure. Do I hear Vampira, Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood? No... must be the wind playing games.

October 26, 2003

Psst, Leela! What is it I'm supposed to be doing? Oh, updating The Leela Zone. Okay I can do that, I hope. This picture of the new Spacepope Phillip J Fry and his pious firstlady come from the hands of AsylumFry. She's send us another 4 pictures for the fan art section. You've already seen the first one in the thumbnail. Halloween is only 5 days away and 2 of this pictures are inspired by this annual scare-the-pants-of-your-frinds-day. One is of Fry in an unfortunate condition and the other show Fry waking up a body short, with Leela smilng knowingly at him. Hmm, she must be in one of her impulsive moods. The last one is Bender telling us to cheer up, things aren't as serious as they might look.

I heard you needed cheering up, well Missy'll make you laugh. Missy has send us Part 11 of her story Delicious Surprise and you'll find it, as per our usual arrangement, in the fanfiction section. In this part Leela finally make contact with Bender and Lilah at the head museum. Thiugh they're ashed in, Leela is glad to know they're safe. Meanwhile Zoidberg find himself in a cramped situation, and to make he calm down, Leela tell him about her and Fry's first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. You can hear it too, by clicking here. Enjoy.

Battle Royale! Well, I have a treat for you all today. See, as Kenneth has indicated in his last update, I have some written work to put up on The Leela Zone. What he failed to tell you, for good reason mind you, is that this written work is part seventeen of his own mammoth fan fiction that goes under the title Futurama: Universe of Malice. In this part, the battle is on between the crew and the ex-slave colony against the Delphinians. Thing is, will a bunch of pacifists be able to take to the gun to win freedom against their Delphinian oppressors? You can find out for yourselves by giving this latest part a read. Did I mention the mouning of Bill Raker? I didn't? Oh, then that's in there, too.

October 25, 2003

Hey, what are these rings in Big the Cat's teeth? Well... if he's anything like the common tree, they might just indicate his age.

But these are actually wisdom teeth, which aren't as old as other teeth, as this piece of Fan Art was apparently inspired by the removal of Andrea Huckstep's wisdom teeth yesterday. Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Here's hoping your mouth isn't too sore, Andrea, as it sounds like Halloween horrors came to you early this year. I've heard how nasty a wisdom teeth-pulling can be... so I'm hoping that MY wisdom teeth won't need to be yanked out too

That's all for this update from me. Oh... but Graham should have some interesting written work coming up over the next few days.... oh yes he should.... Later!

Starry, starry night... careful with that axe, Eugene! The stars are out, Fry and Leela are enjoying a moment together... things can't go wrong, can they? But, if you look carefully at this fan art, you'll find that something's not right. Someone is lurking in the background, ready to change the situation from a moment of tender love to a scene of terror. Welcome another work from Tokash, one that's fitting for the coming Halloween. You'll see that the stars are lovely, while Fry and Leela look to be finally enjoying each others' company, but as I mention above... careful with that axe, Eugene! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH! Tokash isn't finished there, he's also come up with another animated GIF file that's taken from - let's get this right this time! - the scene in the episode "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?", where Leela is relaxing in the sauna. As you'll see, she does seem relaxed. Thankfully, for Leela, there is no hint of any danger in this one, so she can continue to sleep. Awww!

October 24, 2003

Rising from the grave.... No, it's not me waking up Monday morning for a new day of work (although the description fits). Halloween is just around the corner, and The Leela Zone fanartists seemed to have found inspiration in this, as this update will show. AsylumFry have sent us 3 new handdrawn pictures for the fanart section, all inspired by scary stuff/Halloween. The thumbnail show Leela coming back as a zombie, and she already found her first victim. The other two show Fry as a werewolf and Leela and Fry battling the spirit of the Pumpkin Man, I think. It might also just be a big mutant pumpkin who like hanging around cemetaries. Check them out, if you have the courage.

Just another slow day at Planet Express. Turning our attention to other, more peacefull, news we find 2 new pictures from Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger. Looks like business is slow at Planet Express at the moment, and Amy, Fry and Leela are bored out of their mind. With nothing better to do than sit on the couch drinking beer and eating pizza all day, they clearly longs for the exciting dangers involved with package delivery. I'm sure old man Farnsworth will find some incredible dangerous mission for them soon enough. Did I say this was a peaceful entry? Hmm, looks like I was wrong, as the second picture show Leela ready for battle, and this time she means business. Judging from the way she looks I'd say she already had one batle. Maybe she's looking for more. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

October 23, 2003

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... It's coming nearer and nearer to Halloween, the celebration of the ghouly and scary. So, in order to ease you into this period, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from the mistress of fear, FemJesse. This one features Fry, Leela and Bender walking on sunshine. However, it seems that they're in the process of a delivery of sorts... and I'll let you find out what exactly that is. So, put on your scary glasses and give it a timid look... then scream. BTW, more demon art is coming from FemJesse for Halloween... so watch out, literally.

October 22, 2003

I Love Rock 'n' Roll! Today, we have some work from a new fan artist for The Leela Zone. Who is this new artist? Why, it's no other than Futurama_Hil, who isn't new to this site, seeing that we have some work of Hil's in our Fan Fiction section. Anyway, Futurama_Hil has created three works for all to view. The one you can see to your right shows Leela playing drums for a band called The Chumps. Hil's other two feature Fry dancing away with Leela, and one that shows Fry crying over what appears to be an injured Leela. Well, all pictures are original and worth a good look.

If you think this subject line is long, you wait for what Smiley's got for you! Smiley's back with seven new Uses for a Hacker. There are some great ones here, as well as one that has a very long title. Let's mention a few of them, the long one first: The Money Hungry, Well-to-do, Corporate and "Royal" Human Filth Who Abuse Power and Position over Fellow Mankind (see, very long); Leela Naked (wonder what that is about? ); Amy and Kif's Mistake (don't ask for Titan's); as well as a few others that are worth a long look. Well, what are you waiting for... go and watch the hacker abuse.

October 21, 2003

Peek-a-boo! Here's a picture of Leela... or is it? Yes, it must be, seeing that that's her trademark hair. Well, it seems to me that Leela's shy about having her picture taken. How do I know that? Well, the creator of this fan art told me so. Welcome a picture by Leila that shows Leela being bashful in front of the camera. I wonder who was taking the picture? Bet it's Fry or Bender... especially Bender with his camera three. Oh well, seeing this picture isn't based on an episode, it means that I won't be confusing episode titles.

October 20, 2003

Sweet justice, sweet juicy justice. Man, my headlines suck. One of these days I might get the hang of them, but clearly not today. Maybe there's some kind of course I could attend? Anyway, moving right along. We have a new fanfiction from the hands of Rudriguez. This one is titled Miscarriage of Justice, and is a sequel to Love in The Times Of Slurm. Fry and Leela are on their honeymoon at the planet Starova. Leela is feeling a bit uncomfortable when they arrive, but are better the next day and ready to tour the island. Fry is more interested in taking it slowly and stay at the beach. Leela is disappointed, and they spend they day seperate from each other. When Fry come back to the hotel he's told Leela have been taken to the hospital. Will she be allright or is it something serious? Well, I allready know, and you can find out by clicking here.

I just wanna dance! Today I have another dancing Leela picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Tokash. This picture is like the last one, an animated GIF file, but it's also fairly large in file size and needs to be fully downloaded for it to animate at its proper speed (should take a modem user about a minute to download). Anyway, after it's fully downloaded, you'll see that Leela has the moves. The dance is taken from the episode "Fear of a Bot Planet", in which Leela shows Fry how to dance like a robot. This is an episode that has grown on me over time. When I first watched it, it didn't click with me, but the more I watched it the more I realised that it was a top-notch episode. I suppose it came after "Love's Labours Lost in Space", which is still one of my favourites, so it had a lot to prove coming after that for me. Anyway, enough of boring, little me, go and watch her dance, and thank your lucky stars it's her and not me dancing.

*EDIT* Yeah, I'm a moron. Seriously, I am! I, for some reason or other, decided to confuse the episode title of "Hell is Other Robots" with "Fear of a Bot Planet" when talking about the picture above. Yeah, go on, wonder why I'm webmastering The Leela Zone when I'm confusing episode titles. I blame a lack of coffee this morning... or stupidity. Take your pick. Thanks goes to the following for correcting me: Emmaluvsfuturama, Allen, Scott and Nick Murdoch.

October 19, 2003

Bitter with a twist of lemon murder! Damn, wouldn't want to meet these two on a dark night! Seems that someone forgot to pay them this week! This scary picture for our Fan Art section comes from The Voices, who seems to be in frighten them silly mode. The Voices has come up with a line drawing of this same picture, so if you like your pictures that way, then he's catered for you, too. What else can I say? Better not say much, Fry seems to be twitching with that gun. Off I run... fast!

October 18, 2003

It came from the past! Here's a big welcome for John Smith, who submitted a fanfic for our... Fan Fiction section (what a surprise). It begins with Fry sitting in the gunners chair, trying to fade into his own memories... unaware that a space cow is attacking them at the very moment! Will our heroes survive? Why is Fry trying to remember the past? And why is Bender suggesting that he could install a mini-bar in Leela's chest?! Find out by reading the fist part of "From the past". [Sebastian]

Oooh-hoo, witchy woman... Oooh-hoo, you have to look at this picture dedicated to the upcoming Halloween! Cute, scary, humorous, well-drawn... it's got it all! Nah, seriously, the thumbnail to your left doesn't do it justice, so go and take a good, long look at the proper work. Well, this picture from our Fan Art section comes from the man who's always 10 metres under water, Jesse Barboza. Yep, he seems to be able to run a computer and scanner in the sea, yet keeps his paper and pencils free from moisture. How the hell does he do that? Anyway, the picture features Leela as a witch who turns poor Fry into a fish, while Bender looks on worried that he might be next and turned into an anchor or something. Well, lovely picture, Jesse. Make sure your computer doesn't rust down there.

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... Next up is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. In this picture, Tiff is trying to help Leela mend Falco Lombardi's heart with a defibrillator. Will they succeed and save the day... and Falco? Will Falco Lombardi be able to do what he does best? Will he star in future pictures by Andrea? Stay tuned and find out! [Graham]

October 17, 2003

This Update Presented in Glorious 2D! No Glasses Needed! (unless you need glasses) Two things for you all today. Firstly, a piece of new Fan Fiction. The second part of an existing one to be precise, as Chapter 2 of Christina Nordlander's fantastic new saga Son of the Ashes is brought to you. This continues on from where the former ended, and contains some more brilliant flashbacks into Fry's past. Check it out. Also, this story wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a site called The Groening Fanworks Central, where Simpsons and Futurama writers and artists can post their stuff and get helpful advice on it. But it really needs some more Futurama fans there, so please, head over there if you've got some upcoming work in progress

Secondly, I've read and reviewed Futurama Comics #7 now, and that review sits in the Comic Review section of TLZ. To go there, either click on the link or thon this large picture of the cover.

That's all from me for now. Later!

October 16, 2003

She can dance! I got a wonderful email from Tokash, who is a recent convert to Futurama, and apparently found this site to be quite entertaining. I wonder why that is? We usually go out of our way to bore you all to death. Unfortunately, people keep sending us interesting stuff to put up... but we sure try to put the dampeners on them by ranting away with boring nonsense. We try, that's all I can say... we try. Anyway, in order to thwart our mighty efforts to bore you all to submission, Tokash has sent us a fan art. This isn't an ordinary fan art, it actually moves. No, I haven't been on any substances... the picture dances! OK, it's an animated GIF file of Leela dancing away at the end of the episode "Mars University". See, go and take a look at the image, then you'll see for yourself that I haven't gone mad... yet. Anyway, nice email and picture, Tokash.

October 15, 2003

Deleted scene or what? Looks like there's a deleted scene or a grab from a lost episode, because I'm sure this scene wasn't seen on the show proper. I wonder how we got this? Oh well, better come clean, because it's actually a neat fan art from an artist called FFP. See, he thought it would be a good idea to make what appears to be a vid cap of a scene from a supposed "lost episode". Anyway, it actually looks quite realistic... so who knows. Maybe he knows something we don't. Anyway, a neat picture and idea all around.

Virtual date! Next up is a work for our Fan Fiction section, which comes from Wonderbee31. He's come up with part three of his serial fic No More Fun and Games 2. In this part, Fry can at last meet Leela... virtually! What will their virtual date be like? Virtual bliss? You can find out by giving Wonderbee31's fic a good read.

October 14, 2003

What day is today? It's Luis' birthday. That's right. Today is Luis Gonzales' (author of The Fry-borg and The Problem With Bender) birthday, and in that occasion I got an email from Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger, with this picture (which is now added to our fanart section) attached. It shows Alexei and Luis celebrating, surrounded by the PE crew and another wellknown Futurama fanartist, FemJesse.

Alexei also asked me to post this message from him: "I spent quite some time on this. I felt bad when Luis told me he hasn't been celebrating his birthday for years. So, for his coming of age, a small token of my gratitude to him. Happy birthday, Luis, and remember: the day one is born is special. I hope you have a wonderful day and- HEY! DON'T TOUCH THOSE CIGARETTES!!! Oh, kudos and respect to FemJesse as well. And to all you Futurama addicts- uh, fans!"

Happy birthday, Luis.

Glam metal-rama! Oh well, it seems that glam metal is back to haunt us all. Since the eighties, glam metal has been consigned to the dustbin of history, where, thankfully, it always belonged. However, it seems to be making a comeback in the year 3000, in the form of our favourite crew deciding to don the make-up and leather gear. Boy, and there I was thinking that that sad moment in history where hair metal was king were finally over... stupid me! Then again, it's coming up to Halloween, so maybe the crew are simply joking about... yeah, that's it. Whew! Oh, anyway, best say who created this monstrosity for our Fan Art section. Yes, it was the one called FemJesse, the one who creates neat pictures. Oh, if you're not into hair/glam metal, then you can always see another picture of FemJesse's that's a sketch of Leela with her gun. BTW, FemJesse has some more Halloween-styled images coming up... so stay tuned.

Uses for a Bonehead! Well, it had to happen, California elects a block of granite for governor, so Smiley decides to make his own take of this situation by creating some more Uses for a Hacker, one of which features a famous Austrian leader... no, not the monster on the History Channel, but the one who seems to admire certain aspects of that monster. Well, if that wasn't enough, Smiley has some more Uses to share: Prison Officer; David Beckham FANatic; Cheese Grator; and a few others to savour. I'll be back.

October 12, 2003

If you can read this, then you're super duper special! Well, currently our hosts have decided to change the IP addresses for the servers, so that means that we're having some problems. Still, if you're here, then it's either some hours after I've typed this or you know how to mess with your hosts file and know the IPs of the server we're on. Anyway, hopefully we'll be back to normality soon. In the meantime, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. Hmmm... this picture features Leela and Fox McCloud, with a character from the past called Dangermouse. Heh, I actually have a DVD of Dangermouse, which brings me back to the '80s. If you don't know what or who Dangermouse is, then you can go to a site called Dangermouse to find out. Anyway, in Andrea's pic, it seems that Dangermouse has decided to deface Fox McCloud's wall, and seemingly is in trouble. Then again, maybe it's Fox that's in trouble once Penfold turns up.

Watch out, chemical abuse can damage your brain! No, this isn't one of those lame "just say no" campaigns, this is just me introducing a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Max Bellamy. He's come up with a new fic titled Resident Leela, which deals with a situation where Leela finds herself awaking from a mysterious sleep and not knowing where or who she is or who the crew, who have also awoken from this sleep, are. Well, to enjoy this fic, you can click here.

October 10, 2003

I don't need to drink, I can quit any time I want to. But if there's something I can't quit, it's Futurama fanfictions. You just have to read them all, it's an addiction. And to start of the weekend, here's a brandnew one, called Dandelion Wine. It's a collaborative work by Mad Archane, Green Gesus and Ripshaw. In this part 1 Farnsworth is pleased with the crew for working overtime during various holidays, and he has a special surprise for them. Some of them overdo it a bit. As always you can click here to go directly to this story. Enjoy.

October 9, 2003

Let's play angels and demons! Weeee! The Voices is back at The Leela Zone with a stunning picture for our Fan Art section. Today's offering from The Voices to Satan... I mean our site's art section... shows a demon Leela, along with bat-like wings, horns and pointed tail, trying to entice an angelic Fry, who also sports wings (albeit bird-like), wrap-around clothing - soon to be removed, I bet - and halo. I can't imagine Fry being an angel for too long. Welcome to the darkside.

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! I have a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futuregirl234. This picture shows Fry, who seems to be in a reflective mood of some sort, Leela, who's looking towards Bender, who seems to be making a point of some kind. See, I don't know what scene this picture comes from, hence the waffle above. Anyway, whatever scene it comes from, it's well worth a look. So, why not do that, and give Futuregirl234's work a good stare. Enjoy!

October 8, 2003

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Today I have a nice drawing for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. He's been kind enough to send us this hand-drawn picture of Leela trying to hitch a ride on the open road. He's certainly got Leela into the hippie feel of things, considering the style of clothing, headband and the type of hair that she's wearing. Hopefully she won't be selling out like the original hippies did. Don't worry, that's just the cynical side of me talking. Anyway, enjoy Alexander's new picture.

BTW, today it seems that California is under the jackboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I suppose we ought to feel sorry for them... then again, they elected a bonehead to lead them, so let them suffer the consequences. Oh wait, poor Kristen lives there. I'll take that back. Mind you, with Arnold in control, the Dead Kennedys song title "California Uber Alles" seems more apt than ever.

October 7, 2003

The Aliens strike back. This should have been uploaded a long time ago... How long? Don't ask. What? Comments regarding the Alien Signs section, sent to me by Jose. Long story short: Sebastian thought that he knows French, but Jose came, saw what Seb wrote and... (a moment of tension) said that it's wrong. You can see what Jose pointed out right here. [Sebastian]

Someone's going to get hit soon! Yeah, and it's not going to be me this time. Welcome a picture from Leila that's for our Fan Art section. This picture seems to be based on the scene in the episode "Space Pilot 3000", where Leela is lungeing towards Fry, determinded to implant his career chip. Mind you, it seems to me that Leela's dropped the implanter... or this is another scene that I've misplaced. Doesn't matter either way, it's still a nice picture of Leela by Leila. Heh, I first wrote those names the other way round. Stop confusing me!

And now the confusion begins! Next up, I have part two of Lee Robert's Changing Places, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. In this part, the crew find themselves in each others' bodies, and the confusion and mirth just keeps on going. To get further confused, go and give it a read.

October 6, 2003

Sweet Zombie Fry!! Well, the weather finally changed into traditionally autumn weather around here. Rainstorms, lots of wind, pitchblack at night, in other words perfect weather for telling ghost stories. Seems like AsylumFry agrees, or maybe she's just getting a headstart for Halloween, as she has sent us 2 new pictures for the fanart section, both with horror movie settings. The one shown in the thumbnail feature Fry in a less-than-fresh condition. He has returned from the grave as ZombieFry, telling us not to worry, it'll only hurt for a second. That's all fine and well, but I'm getting my silver bullets nonetheless. The second picture show a mean looking Fry, with a knife in his hand, clearly up to no good. Go take a look if you have the courage.

Time to relax After that, we certainly need something to calm our nerves down, and what better therapy could there be than reading part 10 of Missy's Delicious Surprise? None you say? I'll agree to that. Well, this part 10 focus a bit more on Amy & Kif. We're still with Lilah and Bender in the Head Museum. They're now joined by Lilah's half-sister Dania. Wanting to spend some quality time with Angleyne, Bender tell the girls another story from the past, hoping it'll get them to fall asleep. In the story, Amy is about to graduate from Mars U, and at the same time Leela moves in with Fry (and Bender). Enough spoilage, click here to go directly to this chapter.

And here's the lovey dovey part... sickbags to the ready! Nah, don't do that, it's not that sickly-sweet. Anyway, this is a wallpaper done by good ol' Beamer. As you can see, it shows both Fry and Leela holding hands, and with them staring into each other's eyes, totally fixated with each other. AWWWW! OK, now get the sickbags to the ready! Boy, don't I feel better now. Heh, I jest.... I do.... Stop the building of that wicker man.... Damn Shippers! OK... here, take Edward Woodward instead. Whew! Anyway, if you're into the Fry/Leela love scene, then this wallpaper is for you. However, Beamer isn't just into making sickly-sweet wallpapers, he's also into making ones that are Shipper neutral. He's also created another wallpaper that shows a multitude of Futurama characters, a la a promo picture... and not one of them expressing their undying love to each other. See, how considerate Beamer is, there's something for all.

Whither Canada? Wither men! Yep, find out what happens to a Canada run by Mary Atwood's head. Marvel as our favourite crew do battle against her and her cronies. Thrill at the excitement of having your gonads crushed by the iron fist of... ouch! Boy, better not go too far with the descriptions! Anyway, Dwayne Anderson is back with the concluding part of his fan fiction that's titled Man's Worst Nightmare. In this part, the crew find themselves under the mercy of Mary Atwood's head, who's bent on destroying half of the world. Will they be able to save mankind? Well, you can find out what happens by clicking here.

October 5, 2003

Born to be WIIIIILLLLLLLLDDDDDDD! Today I have a neat picture from Blackhawk that goes into our Fan Art section (like all the fan art does). This picture shows Leela and Fry sitting upon a motorcycle, riding on the edge of the sea. As you can see, both Fry and Leela are dressed for the beach, and they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. Weeeeeeee! BTW, modem users should be patient viewing this picture, as it's quite large in its file size. So, why not take that time to make some coffee or, if you're into it, tea.

October 4, 2003

Round 1..... Fight!!!

Hi everybody. I've got a couple of new things for you all that aren't guide related at all for once, both of which are Fan Fiction related.

The first Fan Fiction thing is a piece of Fan Fiction actually. It's the first part of a brand new story by Christina Nordlander titled Son of the Ashes, which I highly, highly recommend, as it's a really great piece of literary work. You can go to the first part directly, which consists of some nice opening flashbacks and the Nimbus vs. an evil empire, by clicking the words that say Chapter 1 in this link.

Secondly, the next Fan Fiction thing isn't Fan Fiction at all, but Fan Art instead. Art by me actually, which consists of a set of character images related to my Futurama Fan Fiction saga Universe of Malice. So if you're following the story, and want to see some character images, click on the ladies in red above to be taken there. Hope you enjoy them.

That's all from me for this weekend. Later

Promotional offer! Today I have some fan art that comes from Bender-"Yes, I'm still alive"-1729. Yeah, he's back and, as you can see, still alive. Not only that, Bender-1729 has decided that his latest fan art should be some promotional pictures for his site, Bender-1729. Hmmm... no, it's not a site about the life and times of Bender-1729, it's a German language Futurama site. Anyway, after viewing his neat promo pictures, which are well worth a look, go and give his site a gander. Even if you can't read German, it's still worth taking a peek.

October 3, 2003

Two Benders into one won't go! Well, after some time being AWOL from The Leela Zone, Andrea Huckstep is back sending a picture for our Fan Art section. OK, she didn't go AWOL... it's just that we missed her. Awww! There's something wrong with a week if it hasn't got one of Andrea's works sometime through it. Anyway, to the point, she's come up with a picture of Leela looking on as Fox McCloud explains to Bender that his new child, James "Bender" McCloud II, isn't actually called Bender. Maybe Bender was trying to sue for copyright infringement or something. Hmmm... do I hear a Fox coming?

October 2, 2003

What day is today? It's Kristen's Birthday! / What a day for a Birthday! / Let's all have some cake!
Happy Birthday, Kristen! [Sebastian]

October 1, 2003

Zapp Brannigan's last use of his X-ray specs yields mixed results! Looks like Leela reaching for her gun while losing some clothes seems to be in vogue today. Well, the latest example of this is a wallpaper that has been created by Beamer. As you can see, his wallpaper features Leela on a beach - probably some nudist beach or something - and reaching for her gun, probably because someone's been looking at her for too long. OK, Zapp Brannigan, it seems that you have a few seconds of your life left to enjoy the view. Anyway, I suppose a few of you out there will want something like this for your desktop. Beamer has obliged those of you who enjoy this type of thing. Enjoy... but not too much.

Fry's quest for a purple heaven! I have a poem for our Poem & Song Parodies section that comes from Missy. The poem is titled Etoille En Violette (Stars In Violet), and is a heartfelt poem about why Fry is so determined to win Leela's love, why he's so driven and besotted. It's in the stars... purple and all.