October 2002

October 31, 2002

BOO! It's Christmas! Yeah, it's Xmas, the turkey's getting fat, the snow is coming down... wait, that's not right, it never seems to snow here! Actually, as many of you will know, it's Halloween, the day when people dress up in "spooky" costumes and go knocking on doors asking for treats and stuff. Then, even if they get the said treats, they bombard the house with eggs and tomatoes. However, it seems that OutlawArt has been busier doing other things, hence his new image for our Fan Art section. As you'll notice, OutlawArt has concentrated on the physical aspects of Leela, bringing you the sexy Vampy Leela! Bet he won't be going out tonight doing trick or treat!

Leela takes on all that Halloween can throw at her! Well, the second update I bring to you for this scary day comes from The Drainpipe. His picture for this day features Leela doing battle against many a scary movie character... and doing quite well, it seems. I'll quote from The Drainpipe (it saves me having to type it... kill me, I'm lazy!): "From left to right, you can see Leatherface (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Chucky (Child’s Play) and Michael Myers (Halloween)." There, that saved me... a minute. Well, as always, I love his work and references to great films.

Trick or treat? I've just this minute got a third update for today, this one is again for our Fan Art section, coming from Alexander Gustafsson. This picture features Leela as the Bride of Frankenstein, while Fry appears as Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street fame. The pair look kind of cute, although I'm not sure if that's meant to be the case, seeing I think they're meant to be scaring me. Whatever the case... nice ghoulish pic.

And there's more unrelenting horror! So I was happily finishing adding Alex's picture to our Fan Art section, when David Johnson's latest picture for this spooky day came along to be added too. Boy, isn't it busy today! Anyway, as you'll notice when you view his blood-curdling picture, it features Leela with fangs... big ones, too! Certainly one for Halloween and dentists! Be careful when viewing this image, as it jumps out at you!

Happy, Halloween doesn't have the right ring to it, so I'll bid you a scary Halloween instead!

Ten days to go...! Yep, that's right boys and girls, only ten days before we get to see the season premiere, Crimes of the Hot. Still no promo picture, though TV Guide published an extended synopsis were it turns out Bender is quite involved in the story, too. Well, with a title starting with "crimes", one could have guessed that... anyway, the new synopsis is already at the Upcoming Episodes page, and I'm still huntin' for a promo pic.

Scooby Doo, where the are you? Get the hell outta here! There is a new pic by Daniel Brand, a parody of the Scooby Doo movie poster... real funny, even though I like Scooby Doo about as much as I like The Simpsons (yeah, I know most of you are shouting "Blasphemy!"... still, I think The Simpsons should get dumped into hiatusland instead of Futurama). And there's also a bunch of new Uses for a Hacker! My favorite of this batch is "Snu-Snu Toy" ... [Leandro]

October 28, 2002

OK, who ordered the fried worms, boiled snails, crushed beetles, raw fish heads, and mozzarella cheese pizza? With a pizza like that, it sounds like someone is pregnant! Hmmm... pity there isn't a pregnant smiley that pops out another smiley that I could use. Oh, wait... what about these lot of smilies to tell the story? [OK... enough of that. Ed] BTW, that exploding smiley is from the hand of Leo, so go and buy him a drink. Now, getting back to business, Andrea Huckstep is back with two new pictures for our Fan Art section. Both the Rock-afire Explosion and King Dedede are featured in her pictures. Sorry for grossing out anyone this morning with my graphic descriptions and sick use of smilies. Here, have a sickbag.

October 27, 2002

Unorthodox emergency treatment! On this windy day in the south of England, I bring you an update. Mind you, I can imagine that there are other places in the world that'll scoff at our piddling wind, but here it seems to be getting the news. I love windy weather... trees get animated and the noise is great. Anyway, back to the update, today I have four new pictures for our Fan Art section, coming from the industrious Erdrik. Well, he brings us some humorous and tragic pictures, so there's plenty of stuff for every taste out there. Oh well, back to watching the trees move!

October 26, 2002

Yay! Updates galore! It must be Xmas! No, it isn't Xmas, even though the shops keep on pushing that it is! My, my, either Leo's on viagra, cocaine or some other stimulant (very strong coffee? ), or I haven't been updating as much as I should have done. I mean, two in a row from him. Well, you can't complain, seeing it's all interesting. Now, what have I got to compete with that? Ah, yeah, I did some more framegrabs from the episode When Aliens Attack, which is one of my favourite episodes. These grabs, taken from a high-quality DivX of mine, actually replace some grabs that came from an MPEG, which weren't too bad themselves. Still, the difference in quality really shows! I've also included some non-Leela grabs, too, just to add something different and keep our Leela-haters happy. Why do they come here? Oh well, there's plenty of room for everyone.

Gettin' a li'l hot... There's a new Wallpaper by Weissbrot. And that's my content update for today! Great, uh? I could've waited until I had some more content and make a bigger update, but I'm really really bored: trying to download a 70MB file through a 33.6k modem will quickly show how boring the web is. By the way, if someone in the US has the latest issue of Starlog and a scanner, could that person send the pic of Leela in one of the cartoons in back our way, so we can add it to the promo pics section? Same thing if someone happens to find a promo pic for the season premiere in TV Guide or something. With the season premiere just around the corner, there should be some new promos getting published soon... after all, all the other shows already got their promos published when their seasons started in September, while Futurama is still waiting for the premiere, and is likely to get one episode per month or so ... yikes, now I'm in MUST-KILL-FOX homicidal mode again. I guess I'll go watch that download progress bar again... [Leandro]

October 25, 2002

Fox's execs are beasts! I just finished reading this interview with Patric Verrone (Futurama's supervising producer and writer), and the last sentence, though not talking about Futurama's hiatus, is quite relevant: "Animation simply isn't produced on the same kind of schedule as other prime time network shows: it has a much longer lead time and that extra time conflicts with the snap judgments that executives are forced to make when they order, air, and cancel shows. It would take a daring and patient network executive to order a new prime time animated show nowadays and I just don't believe such a beast exists". Wise words... Fox's execs are other kind of beasts ... we're nearly in November, and they still haven't ordered a new block of episodes; they have to order them quickly so the episodes will be ready for the 2003-2004 season...

Nope, this isn't just an "informative" update... This site's specialty is content! Well, that, and layouts and drunk webmasters. But content is the priority! And so, there are some new Cards by Sebastian Chan; in the last cards update, I noticed Leela and Amy were the queens of hearts and diamons, and wondered who would get to be the queen of spades and that other thingy that I don't know what to call besides ASCII 5. Well, Hermes and LaBarbara are the king and queen of spades, so now only the queen of ASCII 5 remains a mystery! Maybe it'll be Mom...

Yay! The counter hit 350K! Not that it has anything to do with this paragraph, mind you. The Links Zone has got some new additions, once again thanks to Teral, including a new german site, a new english site, a dead spanish site and a dead french site. That section will be the next to be Perlfected... currently I'm using Microsoft Excel for it . And to close this update, if you missed my birthday's layout, I just archived it in the dark depths of the Layout Museum, where it shall remain 'til somebody tortures me slowly to take it down and then blows my head off with a bazooka... [Leandro]

October 24, 2002

There, all back to normal! Well, everything is back to normal now. Yep, after a monumental battle with the layout trolls that exists in the depths of our FTP, several bribes to the login border police, and dealings with our version of a treacherous Peter Lorre, I've managed to return the layout back to its former glory. Now, all we need are some aspirin for Leo's coming hangover headache, and some congratulations to Corrupt for her humorous layout. Good work, Kristen!

Now, onto today's layout. The Voice of the Many is now back with another work for our Fan Art section. This one is probably best explained using his own words: "This picture, which I have called 'Coming into the Light', shows Leela facing downwards, away from the parts of her psyche which she knows she feels for (i.e. Fry) with her eye tightly shut. And as the pictures progress, she becomes more and more comfortable and less resistant to the rays of inevitability. Until, in the next to final one, she is reaching into the light." The thumbnail only shows one part of the whole picture, because a thumbnail that showed all the parts would look like an incomprehensible mess, which wouldn't do it justice. Touching work.

October 23, 2002

Weeee! A updaty time is this! Me birthday today! Weee! Horray! Booze! Booze again! Thanky to all who mailed me for my birthdee today! Let's drink to that! Now I can put money in a bank! Wait... Argentina's banks suck! Well, I can leave the country now! Wait... I don't have money for that! Awww... Oh well, it's a nice number 21 it is yes sir. Let's drink to the glory of 21! I got three picsy pics by Erdrik, with a drunk Leela... fitting me! Yay! And there's another picsy by Pablo Rodrigo, with Kenny killing Fry! Oh, and there's a new layout, but it's not my fault! I didn't do it! You got nothing on me! It's all the so called "Corrupt" Kristen's fault, yessir! Awww, thanks Kris, it was a niiice surprise the layout! Well, time goes by and we all grow old :sniff:... ohhhh the memories... sooo many layouts... sooo many things destroyed by my nephews... sooo many hours of listening to Roxette! And here I am, eating a slice of cake especially decorated for me with a drawing of a computer!

* Leandro heads for the Chaos Lounge to party 'til he wins consciousness.

Happy Easter, Everyone! [Leandro]

In space, no one will hear you scream! Wait... what's happened here? ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Well... seems someone has forgotten to lock the door at night and let in the owls! Either that, or Leandro has a crush on Leela, but has to blame it on Corrupt. Hmmm... but it's more likely that the site has been "corrupted"... run for the hills! I'll let Leo fix this layout... although I think he'll be doing that tomorrow. Why not immediately? Because, as Corrupt has said, it's his birthday, so work isn't exactly going to be on his mind. So, happy birthday, Leo! Have a drink for me... a big one!

Well, there is an update for today, and, judging by the picture, it's a painful one. Ouch! That's really gotta hurt! Yeah, Zoidberg may be hungry and like wriggling worms... but this is ridiculous! The Drainpipe is back with another film-related picture for our Fan Art section. This picture parodies the scene in the film Alien, where the character played by John Hurt discovers that he'll be having his last supper when the alien being pops out of his stomach to say "hi". The Drainpipe has also pointed out to me that it was "tremendous fun drawing Amy getting splattered with copious amounts of blood". He's lucky this isn't The Amy Zone.

Don't adjust your set! Greetings all ye webmasters, regulars, and guests! As today marks the 21st birthday of one of The Leela Zone's long-time webmasters, Leandro, I have taken the liberty of making something special for you all today... a new layout! Yes folks, that's right: a one-of-a-kind layout from someone besides Leandro! (Don't faint on me now, folks. Let me finish first.)

And besides, Leo, it's not like anyone can tell the difference between my layout and yours. (Please don't kill me!) I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you in a very big way with this little practical joke of mine... so your site's gone corrupted for the day. But don't worry, you can fix it, right? Boy, I sure hope so. Hmm, maybe I should've taken that little detail into account... oh well, too late now!

Anyway, I'll make way for the people who actually do work on this site to blunder in and wonder what the heck's happened to TLZ, and for poor Leo to try to make out which end is up. Kudos!

October 22, 2002

More Kirby madness ensues! So, what have I got today? Ah, another picture for our Fan Art section from Andrea Huckstep, featuring another Kirby character called King Dedede. I did a look-up on the Net to make sure it was one of those characters of a show I know nothing about, and found out that there are even video games featuring Kirby! Hmmm... seems that a part of the world has passed me by without me knowing. Anyway, today's picture features, other than King Dedede, Leela and Zoidberg, who are busy explaining to the king why his head hurts.

Slave to the rhythm! Well, I was busy yesterday making framegrabs AND sound clips, but decided to leave the latter for today. So, what episode do these clips come from? Hmmm... can't remember... nope... seems to have missed me. Ah, yeah, I remember, A Pharaoh to Remember, the episode where Bender is trying to be remembered as someone great. I would have done these clips before, but the quality of the sound off the MPEG I got wasn't too good, so I waited for a new one to arrive, but that didn't come about. However, they aren't too bad... I've heard worse.

October 21, 2002

And you think I look silly in a top hat! Well, guess what? Yeah, I've made some stuff for the Framegrabs section. Well, why did I do this? Because the grabs for the episode A Fishfull of Dollars were utter crap. Yeah, they were done some time ago using a badly created DivX file, but now I've recreated them from a DivX file of mine that's of much higher quality. Also, I've included a lot of non-Leela grabs, too, so that should satisfy our Leela-hating audience as well. Why such people are visiting our site, don't ask me, we get all sorts here.

Make love, not war! Well, I have more stuff for today. Ain't you lucky! Wu Konguk has given me part five of his serial fiction, Falling Away from the World, which sits snugly in our Fan Fiction section. In this part, Fry tries to explain to Leela why Amy and himself were caught in a romantic embrace when Leela went to check up on them in the last part of this story. However, maybe it's not the best time for explanations when you have the "Zapper" coming after you, with all guns blazing! BTW, Wu Konguk isn't going to apologise anymore for anything "controversial" in his fics, and why should he have to in the first place? Sounds good to me. Oh, and congratulations must go to Leo for modifying, then fixing, his fan fiction Perl script to be less fussy. Leo just loves scripts, so much so, that I bet you could just feed him with Perl and forget about giving him actual food.

Back tomorrow with some more stuff and ravings.

October 20, 2002

Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more! Just had to get a Nirvana line in somewhere. Anyway, welcome some work that's come from the hands of Impossible. First, is a wallpaper showing Leela as some sex goddess, or something, in an alluring pose. So, if you like to have a desktop with a cartoon babe posing before your eyes in the near-buff, then you can't go wrong picking Impossible's latest wallpaper. Not only has Impossible done a wallpaper, she's also created seven new pictures for her page in our Fan Art section. These are all original works that range from Leela and Fry in that memorable The Graduate scene, Leela doing a "Matrix", a parody of Eyes Wide Shut, to Leela as a Goth. There are some others, which you can find out about by going to her fan art page. All nice work, I have to say.

Well, back to listening to Sonic Youth's mid-eighties album, "Evol".

October 19, 2002

New Powerpuff Girl in town! Today I welcome two new pictures for our Fan Art section, coming from Juliet Adeoye. Done in a minimalist style, she's created a picture of Leela as a Powerpuff Girl, which would be topical, seeing that here in the UK their film has just come out. Not a fan of the show myself, but it seems to have a cult following, and probably Juliet is one of their many members. Her other picture shows Leela and Mike, the round monster from the film Monsters Inc. Now, I did enjoy this film, it showed some good wit and also some great animation. Well, enough from me for today, enjoy Juliet's work.

October 18, 2002

Smitty! I've been calling him Randy, oh I'm such an idiot! Hey all, two things today.

First of all, I came to realise that in the Graphic Guide for Bender Gets Made, Smitty was improperly named as 'Randy' in several places. This has been fixed, so just click on the link above and you'll be taken to the fixed guide page. Apologies to those who have already printed the original.

Secondly, a review for Futurama Comics #3 is now available in the Comic Reviews section. Just click on the image of the cover here to be taken there.

Finally, the amount of guides over the next month will be slightly less. In fact, I may not make any at all. Times are getting busy for me with several assignments, projects and exams coming up on my IT course, so I won't have much time to make the guides. It'll be more than made up for, because after that month I'll have a whopping 10 weeks away from class. I may just be able to finish Seasons 3 and 4 in that time.

Oh well, until next time.

October 17, 2002

What no fan has heard before! Well, yesterday, I was looking through my computer and found some stuff that I had forgotten to put up on The Leela Zone some months ago. Actually, I had put this stuff up, but I had forgotten to complete the job. What's this stuff that I'm referring to? Well, it's the sound clips for the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before. So, today, I completed the job by transcribing the Leela-related sounds I had created from this episode. Now you can have some fun listening to them. Well, at least I had fun, seeing I really enjoyed this episode. Enjoy!

October 16, 2002

How the "mighty" have fallen! Well, after watching England get a fantastic result against the mighty Macedonia in football (2-2 at home), I suppose I have to find something else to laugh at. Thankfully, for you and for me, Kenneth White has asked me to introduce his fourth part of his serial fic, Futurama: Universe of Malice, which sits in our Fan Fiction section. Now, I have to say that I've really enjoyed this part, with Kenneth showing a great flair for writing stories that keep you gripped and also make you laugh, because this part shows exactly that. This has to be the most funny fic I've read for ages, if not ever. Oh, and why am I giving this fanfare when Kenneth should be blowing his own trumpet? Well, he's so modest... awww! In this part, Kif finds that there is life after Zapp; the Planet Express crew have to get used to a new regime; while on a distant planet, a superhero takes on a mighty task. No, he's not tackling the country of eleven Peles, Macedonia, but something celestrial. Anyway, go give Ken's fic a go and have a laugh at the same time... you too, Sven!

October 15, 2002

What the hell is Fox up to? OK, Leandro has passed this information to me, which he got from AskFox. Well, the information is about what is to be the first episode shown on the coming "fifth" season of Futurama. Now, you'd have thought it would have been The Route of All Evil (3ACV12), considering that that episode is actually a third season episode that needs airing... fast! I mean, come on, we have seen Hermes' son in Anthology of Interest II, yet we haven't really been introduced to him, which is meant to be done in The Route of All Evil! No, instead we get to see Crimes of the Hot (4ACV08), which isn't even in order of the 4ACV* production block! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! OK, I'm pleased that we'll be seeing unseen episodes, but Fox isn't exactly making it easier by showing them in a somewhat random order. Anyway, if you want to know more about this coming episode, then you'll find out in our Episode Guide.

Now, to get back to the update. Andrea Huckstep has come up with another of her works for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela and Fry talking to a character from Kirby called Tuff, who seems to have fallen in some boiling orange juice. Oh well, I still haven't seen this show, but obviously Andrea has.

Final update for today goes to Smiley, with more of his Uses for a Hacker. Here he has five new ones, and one of them features something I enjoy... football. Now, don't blame me, blame Smiley for bringing it up, but I do like my football (real football, not that pansy, faux-rugby that some US folk play when they're not staring at cheerleaders). Yeah, I like football, and the team I follow is Arsenal, who's currently the top team in the English division... BANG! OK, OK, Leo, I'll get on with the update! Anyway, he's made a Uses just for me... which is damn cool! Thanks Smiley! There are others too: Norbita's Sensei; and Russian Carrier Propulsion, being amongst them. So, go there and have a laugh... otherwise I'll talk more about football... and you know what happens then... you fall asleep!

October 14, 2002

Now, THIS is self-deprecating! Now, this is funny! Also, many of you budding/established Leela, Amy, Scruffy, Mel Gibson lovers should take a look at this and see how it's meant to be done... with good humour! Well, that's what The Drainpipe has done with his latest picture for our Fan Art section. In this picture, he's displayed his infatuation for Leela for all to laugh at. Now, there's nothing much better in a person's character than realising their own faults and laughing about it... it's a strength! So kudos goes to The Drainpipe for being brave enough to make us laugh about his foibles and exposing himself to death threats from other competing Leela lovers! Hmmm... BTW, I like subtitled films, too. Ummm!

How Cubert Requisitioned His Rants Back Yep, Plasma has been a good boy and come up with another of his Cubert's Rants. These rants come from the episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back, in which many inconsistencies have been found by picky Plasma. I just love these rants he creates. I mean, the show is a sci-fi-based programme, so it's only natural that nerdish nitpicks would come from some of its fans. Anyway, even if you're not a nerdy nitpicker like a few of us are, you'll still enjoy these. Feel free to send Plasma any corrections or additional contributions for these rants, I expect he'd be happy to add them.

Well, that's enough from me, time to listen to some Nirvana and wonder if Kurt Cobain would, if he was still alive, do a duet with Elton John! *shudder*

October 13, 2002

Just another fine night at The Leela Zone... A terribly hot night, may I add. We're not even in summer and it's already like 30°C, lots of humidity. I'm sitting here with a fan on my face and I already ate a full kilo of ice cream. Don't you envy me? I bring thee some stuff for you to enjoy, be it spring or fall wherever it is that you live. First, there's four new pics by Fanartist Extraordinarie Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, who's once again sent me some great Star Wars & Russian pics; thanks Zed! There is also several new Cards for the episode I, Roommate and the poker set, who shows Amy as the Queen of Diamonds. Now, I wonder: if Leela's the Queen of Hearts and Amy's the Queen of Diamonds... who's left to be the Queen of Spades and the other thing I forgot? Hattie? Mom? Place your bets!

Enough for the visual greatness! Go read something! And I have some great things for you to read! First, there's a new Episode Transcript being linked from our Episode Guide, this one for the Titanic episode A Flight to Remember. And also, there's a special return of Brad Rousse's Fan Fiction, by popular request and demand! Especially for the LeelaFry 'shippers. If you like hurt/comfort fics, or metamorphosis and transmutations, he's your man. Cool stuff there, guys! Go read some or all of them, and don't forget to rate them! Come on, after all the time I spent carefully crafting those Perl regular expressions, I want to see some votes there, people! Well, some little people has just got home (namely, my nephew and niece), so for the sake of my computer, I better go offline now. Read you later! [Leandro]

More than just fanfics! Sunday brings two contributions for our Fan Fiction section; let's start with the first. Nasteve has produced part four of his serial fan fiction, More Than Us, this being the final part. In this last part, Leela really wants to make a stand to win Fry away from Sian, but how will this affect the poor delivery boy now that he has found love already? You want to know, then go and read... and vote.

The second fic comes from Wu Konguk, which is a continuation of his Falling Away from the World. This contribution is also a part four, although it's not the end part yet. Not that I want it to be ending, I don't... just stating it's at part four, like the previous fic. Bah, you know what I mean! Anyway, in this part, Leela is desperate to save her parents from the cowardly hand of Zapp Brannigan, who's kidnapped them and holding them ransom in his quest to continue the oppression of a planet's inhabitants. Not only that, she's desperate to find love with Fry... even if he does repulse her some of the time. Anyway, this part will certainly give you a surprise.

Enjoy Fan Fiction Sunday. And don't forget to vote!

October 12, 2002

Life catching up with you! Today, for our Fan Art section, we have a really emotional picture of Leela facing her problems in life, which comes from Otis P Jivefunk. He's created this sad picture of Leela sitting on the kerb crying her eye out, while shadows of the characters that have caused her grief gather up before her, menacingly. I suppose those shadows aren't actually the characters themselves but representations of them... but you make up your own minds about that. Yeah, this picture certainly does convey dark, emotional turmoil, which is what Otis wanted, quite naturally. Good picture, too, might I add. I do hope I don't upset Otis by saying that I had to give a double-take on the water that was going down the drain, even if it was the colour of water, but maybe that's just stupid me! Anyway, thanks, Otis, for your latest addition to The Leela Zone.

October 10, 2002

Two updates in one day from Graham! Is it the end of the world already? No, it's not the end of the world, but it's the beginning of good ol' Leo's CGI uploading script for our Fan Fiction section. Poor Leo has been slaving away trying to perfect it, and it seems that he finally has. The contributor who has the honour of having the first fic put up via this method is a new writer for this section, who comes under the moniker of Fatso Huuskonen (yeah, he called himself Fatso, so don't blame me!). Anyway, his fic is titled Whatever Happened to Aurora Fry?, and is one of those Shipper-styled fics. Mind you, this one has a dramatic ending, which I won't be spoiling for you, but let's say that Zapp Brannigan is inevitably involved. So, if you want spoiling, then you can click here to be taken directly to the said fic. So, congratulations are in order to both Leo, for his handy scripting, and Fatso, for his first fic for The Leela Zone.

Roll up! Roll up! Leela bares all! Woof! Woof! Sofie's back to show off two more hand-drawn pictures for our Fan Art section. Well, I was talking to her one night (no, that's a figure of speech, we don't have a once weekly talk, with the rest of the week in silence... come on, we're not monks!) and mentioned the fact that many a Leela fan seems to have some sexual attraction towards the cyclops (well duh... that's a very new topic indeed!), so why not do a picture that caters to their needs. So, she got out her sketch pad and went to draw Leela totally bare. Well, don't all flock there at once, our hosts might not be able to take the bandwidth surge! However, she didn't just stop there, she also decided that after seeing Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the remake with Donald Sutherland), she wanted to see Leela as that character who becomes a dog with a human's head. So, we now have a picture of Leela with a dog's body, too. Go figure! Well, back sooner or later with more stuff.

October 9, 2002

Twenty-Four Hour Party People! OK, it's Wednesday, it's early morning for me (near dawn ), and it's The Leela Zone's update time. Woo hoo! Anyway, let's proceed with the said updates. First one comes from good girl Impossible, where she displays some more of her fine artwork for our Fan Art section. Five pictures winged their way to my email account from hers: the link image of Leela, with Fry and Bender, all dressed up for a night out; an affectionate moment between Leela with Fry; Leela in a wedding dress (awww!); Leela dancing the night away; and finally, Leela as a GI (that haircut... ouch! ). Well, enjoy the pics.

Oh, while I'm here, Leandro has just informed me that Kryten, the famous "Amyholic" (don't all get jealous, there's plenty of Amy to go around for everyone ), has been kind enough to give us some more of his fan fiction work. Thanks, Kryten. Unfortunately, you'll have to spot what's new, because I've yet to visit that section today to find out what's what, and I'm currently too lazy. Anyway, this'll force you to read them all! Oh, and while you're there, could you vote for them, too. Cheers! Oh, and could you go out and buy me some groceries. Oh, and while there, get me a newspaper. Oh, and could you also change the channel on my TV. Oh, and a coffee would be nice... white with one sugar....

October 8, 2002

For the last time, Amy, stop bringing your lecherous dates to work! Hey, guess who's done this image? Yes, The Drainpipe has created two different versions of a new picture for our Fan Art section. This picture is based on the Alien Vs Predator theme, a battle that's usually posed in a computer game, but is now brought to you here. However, in this one, Leela is the one doing battle against the frightening Predator. Not only that, she's fighting in black-and-white as well as in colour. Another neat pair of pictures from The Drainpipe, I tells yer! Doesn't the Predator look like something that Zoidberg coughed up?

October 7, 2002

Howdy cowboy! We have eight more pictures coming from the great OutlawArt, which sits in our Fan Art section. Boy, this lot are a bit risque! He seems to have excelled this time in bringing an X-certificate to this site. However, if it was only smut, then it would be a bit lame, in my opinion, but it's not just that, there is some great humour there, too. So, if you like your Leela medium-rare with some relish, and you like to have a good laugh too, then pop along to OutlawArt's page (now two pages!) and be amazed, humoured or even errm... relieved.

It's amazing what information you can find on the Net! Here's the second contribution today for our Fan Art section, this time coming from Andrea Huckstep. As usual, she's confused poor me by referencing some strange stuff that I knew nothing about; which is probably my fault, but do you expect me to admit that? Anyway, after some searching on the Net - well, not much searching, as I got the info straight away, but let's be dramatic! - I find out that the Rock-afire was some group of animatronic animals in some pizza restaurant that played music for their customers (boy, wouldn't I have hated working there!). To quote a site I visited about this matter (go here to view this site called Rock-afire Explosion Page, that's if you're interested): "The Rock-afire Explosion was the Animatronic animal band that entertained customers at ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurants from 1981-1991." There, see what informative stuff I can find on the Net! Well, as you'll see, Leela, Fry and friends are listening to this "band", not caring a bit that I had no clue about this kind of stuff. But don't blame me, I'm from the UK and never saw this kind of stuff, thankfully! Anyway, I'd rather be listening to The Charlatans first album, "Some Friendly" (which I'm currently listening to), than listen to some mechanical boy band, even if they'd beat the socks off N'Sync or whoever!

October 6, 2002

Yeeeaaaarrrrrgh! Stupid UPS! I had just finished typing my lenghty news update, I was about to press "Submit", and BAM! My computer shuts down, and the stupid UPS starts beeping. Arrrrgh! I am not even sure if there was an actual power failure or if it was just my stupid UPS, the damn thing's been acting up for a week now, giving me no protection at all and ocasionally doing THIS! Well, to hell with it! Let's see who can it try to screw up inside the garbage can! Sheesh! I hate when my hardware does that. Tripp-Lite, you suck!

Anyway, the update. There's six new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley, including José Aznar's headsitter, Fox Plaza's Terrorist and Tripp-Lite's Product Designer Who Greets Leandro. Also, there's ten new Cards by S-Chan, from the episode I, Roommate. And the big news: all of the old Fan Fiction is back! I converted all the fics to the new format, and also gave the section a new Fan Fiction List, where you can see all the fics (currently 67 of 'em) in a table format, sortable by title, author, or rating. The rating system for the multipart fics has been modified by request of Graham, so now you can vote for each part separately; each part will show it's own score on its page, and the average rating will be displayed in the index and list. Well, there was a lot more I had said in the news update that got wiped, but I can't remember it now. Until next time! [Leandro]

October 5, 2002

I ain't reading all that! Sum it up in one word! The episode Bendless Love is the subject of the latest Graphic Guide page at TLZ, and you can view it by simply clicking on the picture beside this update. Hope you enjoy it.

On some related news, some of you may wonder why none of the main gang have featured in any of the character side-bars. For those of you that came to the conclusion that I'd be making stand alone character bios, you'd be correct. Yes, Fry, Leela, Bender, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Hermes, Amy and Nibbler will all have their own bio pages once the guides are finished.
The reason I am waiting rather than starting with them is because by the time the series is over, there'll be a lot more information for each character. Simple as that.

But that's not all. Other pages in the works will include a title page, a contents page, a list of billboard cartoons, a 'Who Does What Voice?' double page, a "Good News Everyone!" double page, and an index to go at the back of it all, along with any thing else I can think of. If any of you have requests, please send me an email.

Well, that's all for now. Until next time

The Mr Men! Now, here's a great piece of work for our Fan Art section that's come from The Drainpipe. Boy, this geezer does some good work! I like his parodies of albums and films, and this one is no exception. His latest picture parodies one of my favourite films, Reservoir Dogs. Hmmm... I can see that Fry's to be the police insider, Mr Orange, played in the film by Tim Roth, a really good actor; Zoidberg is Nice Guy Eddie, played in the film by Sean Penn's brother, Chris Penn; Leela is Mr White, played in the film by that great actor, Harvey Keitel; Bender is the brutal Mr Blonde; Hermes is Mr Brown, played in the film by Quentin Tarantino; Amy is Mr Pink, played in the film by another great actor, Steve Buscemi; and, unsurprisingly, the old Mr Blue is Professor Farnsworth. Well, I'll leave you all to go to work.

October 4, 2002

Look what I picked up on my rounds! Well, it had to come, the last page of Charles Delnegro's comic, Double Trouble, has arrived. I've really enjoyed his work for our Fans' Comics section, and hope that he comes up with some more stuff. So, maybe we could start a campaign asking for more Futurama-related work from him. We'll need some placards, a megaphone, some banners, catchy slogans, a map of the US to find where he lives, some participants and a beat-up Volkswagen camper van. Nah, best not do that, we'd end up only causing grief between him and his neighbours. So, in this part we get to the final part of the mystery, which I won't spoil for you, but let's say that it involves Aleel. BTW, you can find more of Charles' work with WOS Simpsons figures at A Hitchhiker's Guide to Springfield. Go there and get your fix.

Fairytale revisited! David Johnson is back with another of his work for our Fan Art section. This picture is a parody of the Repunzel story where a princess is trapped in a tall tower by some wicked witch, but the only way for a "Prince Charming" to reach her is through her long hair, or something like that (it's been so long since I read that fairytale... a long, long time). Anyway, David shows us another twist to the oft-told story. Well, enjoy David's work and then get a haircut, you damn hippies!

I have to say that Leandro has been busy with the Fan Fiction section, and has fixed its voting form. It's good how a threat to go on and on about Arsenal's progress in the European Champions Cup can make some people work that much harder! So, why not do as he says and give the fan fiction work there a vote of approval or disapproval. Also, give some a read, too.

Finally, how about coming along to our humble message board, Treehouse of the Future, and saying some words? Come on, there is a big world out there beyond the usual message boards! Anyway, if you're interested in visiting our nuthouse... I mean message board... then come along. There is discussion about Futurama, The Simpsons and other stuff... even nerdy crap is catered for!

There, hope you have a great Friday. Hmmm... and enjoy the new emoticons.

October 3, 2002

Congrats to somedude at carolina.rr.com for being the first to rate Fics with the new script! Well, the Fan Fiction script already got three bugfixes after I detected things that weren't working quite like they were supposed to (I have no doubts that more finetuning will be needed before the thing works fine; fortunately you don't get to see my messy code, even I get lost when trying to fix that thing... but I guess every homemade programmer can relate to that ). Anyway, I had forgotten that I actually have new stuff to upload! The Fan Art section is proud to present three new pics by Teral! He has also told me about a few new sites for The Links Zone, so check that too if you're Russian or German. There is also another new pic in the Fan Art section coming from Sebastian Chan, who has also come up with three cool playing cards, featuring Bender, Fry and Leela as the Jack, King and Queen of hearts (and he says more playing cards are on the way!). Also, before I forget: the Futurama Stock Exchange (yes, I know it was renamed to XMoo nearly a year ago, but I still prefer to call it FSE!) is having a Futurama comic "auction" (you get to "bid" for it with "credit" you get for playing the Exchange game), only for newbies. So go join, and read Will's description, which will surely be better than mine. [Leandro]

The latest in messing around with Perl! So there I was, minding my own business, when I get an email from Gort telling me, "Leandro, get off your lazy ass and fix the Fan Fiction section ratings, or so help me, I'll start Uses for a Lazy Webmaster!"... and so, it happened: there's some new CGI at The Leela Zone! The Fan Fiction section has got a new Perl script that will collect ratings, generate the index, and other thingies. Go there now! Let me clarify that the section is missing several files, because I have to convert them from the old format to the new one, and that takes time and is boring. I converted around half the files, the other half will be up soon. I didn't wait until I had all the files because I wanted you to start submitting your ratings for the fics, so I could check that everything was working. So go and vote! The rest of the fics are coming back soon... [Leandro]

October 2, 2002

It figures, who else but Zapp Brannigan would be judging the most chauvinistic, degrading, dehumanising... Alright, no Zapp Brannigan, but this picture reminded me of that scene in Lesser of Two Evils where Leela is having a go at Zapp Brannigan for announcing at a sexist contest that's Miss Universe, only for herself to be smitten to this cause due to being chosen, albeit mistakenly, for Miss Universe. Awww... she felt like a princess! Anyway, Impossible has created this wallpaper of Leela as a Playboy bunny girl, which might interest many of the Leela fans out there who need an engaging desktop wallpaper. It's quite colourful, actually. So, if you're one of those who enjoys colourful wallpapers, then this one is probably for you. Enjoy!

Just one other thing. That snail-like creature in Andrea Huckstep's last picture (which you can view here) is called Escargoon, and is featured in the Kirby show. Many thanks to Andrea for enlightening me about that.

October 1, 2002

Back from Death's door! Well, it seems that Wu Konguk is still alive, which is a relief. I mean, I didn't really want Futurama fans going around the world to hunt him down and stuff. It was a joke, you know. However, it seems some heartless virus took my words to heart and laid Wu Konguk low for some time. Poor lad! He seems fighting fit now, mind you. Anyway, after he defeated the said virus in a mighty battle to the death, he had time to make two new pictures for our Fan Art section and the continuation of his serial fic, Falling Away From the World, which you'll find, quite naturally, in our Fan Fiction section. In part three of his fic, the crew discover that DOOP isn't as just as they thought it was. In fact, they discover that there is a hidden imperialistic brutality within the organisation... not least that fact that a certain Zapp Brannigan seems to excel in barbarity! Ouch! Actually, I like the way this story is panning out, Wu Konguk isn't pulling any punches, which is something I admire.

Don't forget about Wu Konguk's pictures, both of which may appear simplistic, but really convey much more than that. It's an artistic thing, I suppose. Anyway, enjoy Wu Konguk Day.