October 2001

October 31, 2001

Trick or treat? Happy Halloween everyone! As promised yesterday, I have some Halloween inspired contributions for you to view, which can be found at our Fan Art section. The first comes from Shadowstar, who has produced this spooky image, to your right, along with another, where Leela is battling the Huge Gelatinous Blob, in order to save Fry and Bender.

The second contribution comes from Alexander Gustafsson, where he's produced this vampire depiction of Leela, to your left. Alexander expressed to me that, for him, female vampires are more scarier than their male counterparts. However, I suppose that probably depends on what sex you are... unless... no, better not restart that topic! [Graham]

The truth behind all of TLZ layout changes is revealed... A big bunch of new Uses for a Hacker are on the section, featuring "T.L.Z. Layout Designers". I was hoping that small piece of information about the workplace and conditions of those who come up with a new layout per microsecond would stay hidden from the world, but somebody set us up the bomb... All your hacker are belong to us! [Leandro]

Ich verstehe nicht <jack squat of> das Deutsche! Remember that Mad Magazine's number from which we took a couple of parody pictures, but we didn't upload the parody itself because it was in german, and not Gort nor I understand jack squat of German? Well, good news, everyone! Doomseeker has translated the entire thing just for you Leela Zoners. It's now in the Miscellaneous Pictures section (although, maybe, it should go on the Futurama Published section... bah, I already uploaded it there, let Graham make any relocations if they're needed). In other news, I got a new scanner after the "unfortunate" "demise" of my old one, so I'll be uploading some stuff later. [Leandro]

October 30, 2001

Sweet dreams are made of this.... For you Leela/Fry romantics out there, this picture is dedicated to you. Juliet has come up with this cute contribution, for our Fan Art section. Awww... can't you just feel that love's in the air? Well, this is another original work that's welcome here, and it's certainly got its own charm... and it's cute too!

Tomorrow, I've got some original Halloween stuff to put up at The Leela Zone, so hopefully you can give us a visit before or after trick or treating, or whatever way, or not, as might be the case, that you'll be celebrating 31st October.

Diagnosis: a case of ocean rudeness! Today's update for our Fan Art section is a contribution from Sofie, who has produced another hand-drawn picture for you to enjoy. This image is taken from the episode The Deep South, and is from the scene where Leela is doubting, to put it mildly, Fry's description of his encounter with the mermaid, Umbriel. Well, that's today's update done, time to shoot off and get some sleep! No, that's not ocean rudeness... it's zzzzz!

October 29, 2001

Stylish clothing... yeah, you're meant to use the clothing too! Quick update for today, and this comes courtesy of Jon, from The Futurama Merchandise Page. Blame him, everyone else does!

Well, what can I say, this is some paper doll book thing that comes with Leela and Amy, partly unclothed, but with clothing to add to them. Yes, you are meant to add the clothing... they aren't just there for mere design purposes! *Sigh* They come out on 5th December, will cost about $3.99-$5.99, and you can get them from Things From Another World. So, if you want a paper Leela and a paper Amy to dress up, you now know where to go and how to get them.

October 27, 2001

It's been a long, looong time... Hey people! I'm updating after... hmm... a frikkin' long time, I guess. It's been quite busy in here, and my mother suffered an infarct a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not coming online at all lately. The Leela Zone is very fortunate to have Graham here to keep the site in fine shape. Anyway, before I get sidetracked like I always do, there are two new pics (not lesbian nor subaquatic...), both coming by The Force.

There are also five new promos in the Miscellaneous Pictures section, from several episodes from the first and second seasons. That reminds me that the fourth season will begin in six weeks! Sigh... still a month and a half away... [Leandro]

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.... Well, before going to watch Gladiator, I'll update The Leela Zone; I have to earn my keep! Today's contribution comes from the ever faithful Zapp's Woman, who now has five more pictures for our Fan Art section. One thing about her work is the good use of colours, which bring out the subjects. Keep it up!

October 26, 2001

Tight fit! Today's contribution to the Fan Art section doesn't involve lesbian activities between Amy and Leela... but rather Our Favourite Cyclops deep sea diving. No, come back... it's still interesting! This picture comes from OutlawArt, and is the second of his lobby cards for Bride of Lagoona. Just love this guy's work; it's all original stuff, with no tracing, etc. He's certainly an artist of some worth. Enjoy the pic! [Graham]

October 25, 2001

Alright, I'll take back what I said at THJ. Alright, at The Hip Joint I said that there were hardly any Leela and Amy lesbian pictures and fics, and that someone was exaggerating when they said that there were "lots", but it seems that I am the one that's wrong!

Anyway, whether I'm right or wrong, this pic is still a good one, deserving its place amongst the others at our Fan Art section. So, if you don't like it... tough! This hand-drawn picture, and another one based in the "past", with Leela and Fry as lovers (see he can do Leela/Fry romanticism!), comes from Daniel Schad. Enjoy the pic! Ruben... don't enjoy it too much! [Graham]

October 24, 2001

Bad influence.... Today's contribution comes from myself, where I've made some high-quality grabs from the episode I Second That Emotion. Quite like this episode, it had some good parts featuring Leela and Bender. The only problem was the part where they find that rat Nibbler... *grumble* best thing Bender has ever done in the show was flush him down the loo! Alright, I'm not too keen on that little fellow... even if he's apparently "soooo cute"! [Graham]

October 23, 2001

So, that's where NBN has gone! Sorry Nibbler fans and Scotty, I just had to say that remark... it was just crying out to be said. Actually, where is NBN? Anyway, I have made two video clips from the episode I Second That Emotion. The one that the link image is based on is when Bender has flushed Nibbler down the toilet, and the aftermath. The second clip is near the end, where Bender teaches Leela not to give a rat's ass about anyone else, in order to really save Nibbler's hide. Ah, Toblerone... yummy! [Graham]

October 22, 2001

Friends or foes.... The update for today comes from the Fan Fiction section where BumblebeeTheta shows off her latest serial fic, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding. This serial fic is based on the popular TV sitcom Friends, which apparently BumblebeeTheta is a fan of. Anyway, the fic starts with Leela handing over chaperone duties to Fry, which involve taking out the daughter of an alien to the cinema, as compensation for a delivery blunder. However, when Fry doesn't return for work the next day, she has doubts about what she's done. Well, to go directly to the fic, click here. [Graham]

October 20, 2001

Something to hide.... OK, people have been asking when her next picture was coming up, so after a break, Sofie has come up with another contribution to our Fan Art section. This picture comes from the episode War is the H-Word, featuring the scene in the shower room, where Leela has to quickly hide her identity from Zapp, Nixon and Kif, when a horse kicks down the shower cubicles. Aren't towels handy! Enjoy the picture. [Graham]

October 19, 2001

Will the real Leela Lover please stand up.... GASP! Two updates for the Fan Art section for today. The first one comes from Daniel Schad, who has a controversial pic to show, and four other ones too. Well, this is bound to upset the Fry/Leela and Fry/Amy romantics out there, because you're both wrong! It's really Amy/Leela romanticism that's the true relationship... I bet you didn't see that coming! Alright, it's just in the imagination, but there you go. His other four pics are also very good, so give them a look too.

The second update comes from the prolific Zapp's Woman, who presents five more pictures for your viewing pleasure. She's now up to 290 pictures, and is streets ahead of second-place Paul Metcalfe... soon she'll require her own section at The Leela Zone.

October 18, 2001

Errr... we were practicing Greek wrestling... really! I was in a bad mood a couple of days ago, then I received an email from Juliet Adeoye, opened it up and saw this picture... which made me chuckle and smile! See, just one picture can make your worries go away... well, maybe not, but it helps all the same. Anyway, this goes quite merrily into our Fan Art section, with Juliet's other contributions. [Graham]

October 17, 2001

We can't, you bastard! Oooh... language! Well, I had to do this video clip, because some people were surprised that Leela actually had called Fry that in A Clone of my Own. Well, those who were surprised were from the UK, where this clip had been cut, not just from Channel Four's showings, but from Sky One's too. Stupid TV channels! I've also got another video clip from Fear of a Bot Planet, where Leela shows Fry how to act like a robot.

The second update comes from Shadowstar, where he presents one of his cute pictures for our Fan Art section. You'll find a new head-in-the-jar for the Head Museum: Mike Amato. Yes, that's Shadowstar himself! In the picture, as you can see, Leela, Fry, Bender and Dr Zoidberg certainly seem interested in Mike... pity he can't give them an autograph! [Graham]

October 16, 2001

Club Leela.... I've got a treat for you today, a new contributor's work for our Fan Art section. This great work comes from a fan calling himself DB. He's informed me that, "The drawing was inspired by someone I saw at a club wearing pretty much the same thing." Well, if it was fitting for the clubber, it's fitting for Leela. Enjoy! [Graham]

October 15, 2001

Three wise monkeys.... Two updates coming from the same Futurama fan, Juliet Adeoye, who also runs the Bender website, One and Only Bender. The first is for our Fan Art section, featuring a picture of the three main characters: Leela, Bender and Fry. This image was taken from the start of the episode The Problem With Popplers.

The next update from Juliet is for our Miscellaneous Pictures section. She has scanned three pages from an entertainment magazine called Starlog, which has an interview with Katey Sagal, the actress who does Leela's voice (as if you didn't know that!). Interesting read for those who are new to the show, as well as the rest of us. Many thanks Juliet!

Lastly, and this is myself abusing my position a bit, so address all complaints to myself, not Leandro. Kenneth White, a friend of mine from SNPP's Simpsons-L mailing list, has put up The Leela Zone's buddy button on his small fan-site, Kenneth's Simpsons Page. Many thanks for the gesture. Now I better shut up, as Leandro hates The Simpsons, and will probably be coming for me with a machette! [Graham]

October 13, 2001

Friendship in a bottle.... Here are four pictures for our Fan Art section, coming from Daniel Schad. The link image shows Leela drunk as a skunk; another shows Leela with a notepad; then there is a pic with Leela and Fry as soldiers, with Amy and child awaiting Fry's return (should keep the Amy/Fry romantics happy!), at the end of World War II; and finally, there is an image where Leela, Amy, Fry and Daniel himself (the one to our right of Leela, so now you know what he looks like) are watching TV. All original pictures... all good quality. Enjoy! [Graham]

October 12, 2001

Don't tell Amy, but.... Here are five pictures for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, coming from Zapp's Woman. Actually, that's not quite true, as one of them, the one as Leela as a nurse, comes from her mother, given to Zapp's Woman to wish her luck at nursing school. Hope I haven't embarrassed Zapp's Woman by mentioning that, but it's cute, nonetheless! [Graham]

October 11, 2001

Seymour, do you like the new me? Alexander Gustafsson has provided, for our Fan Art section, this Simpsons/Futurama crossover, featuring Leela as Edna Krabappel. Won't Bart get a surprise when he comes in to school! Mind you... what would Skinner's reaction be: maybe he'll notice the new hair colour! Well, we can only use our imagination... like Alexander managed to.

The second update is an addition to the Fan Fiction section, featuring a story by Allen Tanner, called The Day the Future Stood in Doubt. This, according to Allen, was his first attempt at a fan fic, but he failed to send it in, for reasons unknown. Anyway, it involves Fry finding out that Leela and himself will, in the future, be instrumental in creating a utopia, by having a child that will lead society in that direction. But, there are others who are bent on making sure this doesn't happen! Well, to find out more, you can click here to go directly to it. [Graham]

October 10, 2001

Look in the mirror, what do you see? Juliet provides today's update, which is a picture for our Fan Art section. She has produced an original work, using her computer's graphics program by hand, not a scan art, which is traced from a framegrab. And, I have to say, that it looks endearing, in its own way. Keep it up, Juliet! [Graham]

October 9, 2001

At least someone loves The Leela Zone.... Two nice hand drawn pictures for our Fan Art section, coming from Daniel Schad. The link image shows Leela writing and/or doodling notes in praise of the site in her name... quite cute! His other image has Leela, LaBarbara and Amy as a trio of singing girls, with Fry backing them up on the piano... yet again, very nice and also original!

I must say that Leandro has yet again excelled! I really do like this design, where there's a mixture of simplicity and space, making it less cramped. Some people have complained to me about the blue colouring... bah, it's different... the good different! [Graham]

Only two months until season 4! I guess that's a good reason as any to change the layout, right? I mixed everything around this time, I was getting bored of 'skinning' the same layout over and over again. In other news, there are two new Uses for a Hacker in that section. [Leandro]

October 8, 2001

A flight to... forget! Two more updates for today. The first is for our Miscellaneous Pictures section, where we have yet another promotional picture of the show, supplied by Jon of The Futurama Merchandise Page. The image comes from the Titanic based episode, A Flight to Remember, where Leela fends off Zapp's stalking by using a delivery boy to deflect him, and Bender finds robot love. This picture does have Leela, but you'll need to look at the enlarged image to see her properly.

The other update is for our Fan Fiction section, and comes from Juliet. The fic is the second instalment of Juliet Meets Leela, Bender and Fry, in which Leela finds happiness with Fry, while Zapp finds interest in another woman... guess who! To go directly to this fic, click here.

October 6, 2001

It stinks! It stinks! It stinks! Two fan art contributions for today. The first one comes from Shadowstar, and this one is a beauty! It's based on Leela travelling back in time to meet Jay Sherman, of the animated show The Critic... when are they ever going to reshow that programme on these shores.

The second update comes from the ever industrious Zapps Woman, who presents four more pics for your pleasure. Two of the pics come from episodes: the one to your left comes from Love's Labors Lost in Space, while the other comes from A Bicyclops Built for Two. The two other pictures are her own original ideas... always a good indicator of an artistic mind. [Graham]

October 5, 2001

Scan Fiction.... Two updates for the Fan Fiction section. The first comes from someone who usually does another form of artwork... scan art. Yeah, this is Paul Metcalfe's first fic, which is called Destiny's Child. It's about Fry having some strange dream, where his destiny is brought into question. So, with Leela concerned for him, and the help of the professor's new invention, he goes on a self-discovery tour. Quite a few of the Futurama chatroom regulars get a mention in this fic. Sofie and myself are also included, in quite a touching way. To go directly to the fic, click here.

The second fic is from someone who has produced some nice work before, and this one is no exception. BumbleBeeTheta has produced the third, and final, part of her serial fic, A helping Hand. Fry, doubting himself, decides that the only way to win Leela is to help with her child, Nova... which is actually, without her knowledge, his. However, after putting off telling her the truth for so long, how can he break it to her. To go directly to this concluding part, click here.

October 4, 2001

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.... Today's contribution for our Fan Art section comes from the ever faithful OutlawArt, who's still rolling in the original, and good looking, artwork. This is the first (from a set of eight) lobby card based on his Bride of Lagoona film parody. I'll leave this update with some dialogue he's given for the contribution.

Bender: "Danger, Fry, danger!!!"

Leela: "Be quiet, you mass of bolts... right here, I think..."

Bender: "Bite my butt, missy! You know it all, I guess!"

Dr Norberg: "Look, look, I see a monster in the depths. It will be the 'Norberg Behemoth'! I will be a scientific and biological appendage! Hurrah!"

October 3, 2001

I'm not speaking to you until you give me back my boots! Today I've got a nice treat for you, coming from our Miscellaneous Pictures section: four Futurama promotional pictures, which are handed out to the media, in order to promote the show. These great pictures were given to us by Jon, from The Futurama Merchandise Page... thank you!

October 2, 2001

Someone's being mopey! Got a contribution from Paul Metcalfe, webmaster from FSAC, for our Wallpapers section. This 'paper's image comes from the episode I Second That Emotion, just after Bender has flushed Nibbler down the toilet, and has gotten his empathy chip installed, so that he can feel Leela's pain. Ouch!

October 1, 2001

Jessica Leela! Today's art for our Fan Art section comes from Juliet. This piece of work is based on the really good 'toon film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with Leela as the seductress, Jessica Rabbit. I really liked this film when it was shown, I initially had doubts about Bob Hoskins in the leading role, but he did a good job, nonetheless.

Well, we now have less than ten weeks before the start of season four, naturally depending on the whims of Fox. Can't wait for it to start, but still angry about the treatment that the show has received from the overlords in chief, in the past. I guess, being cynical, that this won't be the end of their meddling... let's just hope that I'm wrong. Hey there, cheer up!