October 2000

October 30, 2000

More Fan Art... Three new images are now online at Paul A. Metcalfe's section in the Fan Art "gallery". I'm having problems with my email account, so everything you send will be delayed a little. [Leandro]

October 29, 2000

Can't get enough survivor? A Zapp and Leela Romantic submitted the first part of a new Fan Fiction: Survivorama. As its name indicates, is a Survivor crossover/parody. [Leandro]

October 27, 2000

With only NINE DAYS to go until Season 3... Here's a content update: there are four new images in the Fan Art section, all by Paul A. Metcalfe, and seven new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley. Also, thanks to Dave for allowing me to put the good ol' graphic counter in Love Labors Lost in Cyberspace's server! The text version of the counter was boring . [Leandro]

October 25, 2000

Two new images. That's today addition to the Fan Art section (or "gallery" as Smiley called it), currently with 140 images. On a side note about the sudden counter skyrocket, Bush mailed me: "Just to let you know your increase in traffic may be partially due to Futurama starting to air in England about 4 weeks ago". This makes sense, but I'm unable to confirm it as the counter's log has a big gap (because of the server change). Anyway, looks like we'll be hitting the 50K unique visitors just by the time Futurama season 3 begins; Woo! [Leandro]

Who's Walt?!? ...anyway, here's a new layout, of course it won't last (as usual). The countdown to Season 3 has been changed: instead of showing just the days left, now shows... well, everything. And I made some internal changes to the CGI (the Interactive Stories work perfectly now, and the layout won't go "out of sync" in that section anymore); content updates will come later. [Leandro]

October 24, 2000

Oh Our God Of Romantic Fan Fiction... ...all hail Silverwolf. Chapter 5 of the "Fry's Return" Series is now available in the Fan Fiction Section. And Futurama is starting soon uhuuuu I'm so exited! Check out Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace and you'll know why. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT! [Dave]

Please don't kill me! I swear this layout is only for today! It's just a little party for Our Beloved Creator: Mark. I'll put the old one back tomorrow... I think. Maybe it's time to restart the four-layouts-a-month thingie that TLZ had a couple of months ago. Ooooh, I'm happy: the statistics show that the number of visitors has skyrocketed in the last three days, up to a level TLZ had not seen since Futurama was still showing new episodes. Does that mean the season premiere will make those wonderful 350+ visitors-a-day return? That would be wonderful. In the meantime, enjoy five new Uses for a Hacker by Our Number One Contributor, Smiley; and also two new Fan Art images from Paul Metcalfe. And, did you know Leela's gonna get married? Go to Dave's site, Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace for details! Of course, it will probably last as much as her second eye will. [Leandro]

Happy Birthday Mark LeWald! Yep, if my memory doesn't have bad blocks, today is Mark LeWald's 18th birthday! I have a layout change for today (in fact, I had it planned for yesterday, as it was my birthday, but the FTP password was not working). Anyway, happy birthday Mark! I know that if you see this layout, you're going to quote Leela: "Is a hundred times more horrible than anything I could imagine!" comes to mind right away . [Leandro]

October 23, 2000

Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is back! Just wanted to inform you that my site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace walks amongst the living again! The new url is love.killbots.com. Enjoy! [Dave]

October 22, 2000

Crud, not again! My FTP password does no longer work. It worked three days ago, but it didn't yesterday nor the day before, not now. Andie, where are you? I need the freakin' password! I had a layout change planned for tomorrow, but it seems it'll have to wait. [Leandro]

October 21, 2000

Moving mess... Welcome back to the again fully functional TLZ! My site LiC got lost during the move, but we got a full backup waiting on my harddrive and will soon get hosted by killbots.com. Keep Checking here or at PR for the latest on LiC's reallocation. In other news, I have received Silverwolf's Chapter 5 of Fry's Return. It's mighty good as well, as soon as I get the new acess details for TlZ I'll post it here. The Interactive Stories are still not really going well, but with Season 3 FINALLY!!! starting in about two weeks things will probably change. Adios for now [Dave]

October 20, 2000

More CGI stuff fixed: the counter now works again, but in text mode. Turns out this new host (swma or something) doesn't have the module that Perl uses to draw graphics. Oh well, as long as the statistics work I don't mind. The Message Board is also working, I just need to set the freakin' file permissions... [Leandro]

October 19, 2000

Yep, TLZ is almost back. I just uploaded the stuff that got deleted in the move (fortunately I updated my backup when I noticed the site was going to move), and also there are six new Uses for a Hacker, with a double issue, 28 and 29. The Interactive Stories are working again, but I'm having problems with (catch this) the counter. Yep, the counter: the script I assumed was going to work just fine. Oh well, I'll try to put that thing back online. No clue about the Message Board, I'm going to check it next. [Leandro]

TLZ is back...? I just received the info for the new server. And if you can read this, I just fixed NewsPro (have I said already that I hate Unix file permissions? Good, add that I hate when a script can't get the correct URL to the list of weird things that happens with servers and I hate). Looks like the site was reset (again) to September 28. If that's the case (I'm not sure) I'll upload the stuff that got deleted. I also have more Uses for a Hacker to upload, and I think more things (I don't remember), so come back later if you only see this message with no news items above it. [Leandro]

October 11, 2000

Say WHAT?!?!?! I just went to Planet Roadmap, then to Can't Get Enough Futurama for confirmation... turns out the entire Network will be changing servers and I wasn't aware of it. Geez, I should connect to the web more often... Huge thanks for not kicking us out. That might mean more downtime, but since I'm barely connecting lately, it'll be probably over before I notice it. [Leandro]

After almost two weeks... I'm droppin' in to upload a Fan Fiction by Marissa, Untitled Leela Fan Fiction. At least, that is the name I'd read somewhere. By the way, I'd just read A Unicorn's Ponytail (the new Fan Fiction by Brad) and, well, it was weird. Definitely not bad, but certainly not a Futurama-style story. If you like science fiction and fantasy in general, you're going to love it. If you are a Leela Lover that can't think of her in any other way than the one we know and love from the show, better skip it. [Leandro]

October 7, 2000

Brad makes his first debut on TLZ... after being very well known on my other Futurama site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace. Brad's first entry to TLZ is now uploaded in the Fan Fiction Section. In other news, Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is going strong again as I have now much more time as one particulearly difficult piece of work is finally finished, same for TLZ. I will continue my fanfic series "Dark Side of the Doop" (also viewable in the Fan Fiction section) as soon as I have another writer's flash. The Interactive Stories were very, very...no, totally quiet for the last month or so. You might wanna change that. [Dave]