September 2013
Every picture tells a story ...
Posted on September 29, 2013 by Tim
... so 'tis said, and in some cases, especially where Gulliver63 is involved, every story shows a picture (or five). In this case, the story is G63's latest Fan Fiction, a little genre crossing mashup called Futurama Guy in which the Planet Express crew have to travel back to 21st century Quahog, Rhode Island. All madness ensues as the Professor and his gang travel back in time to stop little Stewie's plans for world domination...and hopefully they make a few new friends along the way. And you should also check out Gulliver's Fanart page 'cause he's got some illustrations that go along with the story, which I haven't had time to embed within the story yet.

And for today's second Fan Fiction, there aren't any physical pictures to go with it so you'll have to make do with the traditional mental images a good story imparts. This one is by Zoey Webber and it sets Leela on a Wild West style quest when she and the PE gang are on the planet Mountain Town that's been taken over by savage Amazon Women. The story is called The Cyclopian Ranger. Let's ride, buckaroos.
More comics than ever before!
Posted on September 25, 2013 by Tim
Now, officially the longest Fan Comic on this site (and probably any Futurama fan site), a whole boat load of new pages to Pieter Antonissen's Four Better or For Worse (which I think might have changed title part way through to Four Better or Four Worse ). The new stuff starts on page 131 and I think Pieter is well on his way to outdoing ITWGY for getting every character into the story.
Let's see if I remember how this thing works
Posted on September 23, 2013 by Tim
Surprise! An update! Bet ya didn't see that coming did you? Well, as it turns out I've been on the road for the last couple of weeks, but now I'm out of vacation time and that means it's time to hunker down and save up for next summer. That also means cleaning out the backlog that's accumulated and seeing if I remember how to do this. So let's start with this Fan Art from LadyBender. It's Oktoberfest time and obviously, in the Fry household anyway, time for a family portrait, so here's Fry and Leela with their children, Yancy and Audrey.

And speaking of things displaced in time thing number 2 today is a new Fan Fiction from Zoey Webber. It's called The Sunshine Dumpling Gang which finds the crew dragging Professor Farnsworth back to the Bubbling Geezer spa. Unfortunately for them, their plans go awry when a tidal wave of tar turns Fry, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg into babies. Never one to pass up an opportunity to get out of work and make a fast buck, Bender convinces Leela to let him make a rock group out of them.
Avenge you we shall!
Posted on September 6, 2013 by Tim
A long time ago, in a reality far, far away, another great TV show had just ended. That show was the same one whose passing we mourn today and this site was then known by it's original name The Leela Zone. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to both to quote the words used by then webmaster Teral - “Beautiful last episode, a fitting end to a great show. And that last line, works on so many levels. Great work by Ken Keeler, and the rest of the Futurama staff. Anyway, the final episode might've aired, but Futurama Madhouse/The Leela Zone will still be here, and with that in mind onwards to some fanstuff.“ That was ten years ago. We can only hope that ten years from now, some future webmaster will be lamenting the show's demise once again. And with that in mind, onwards to some fanstuff.

Wallpaper by Leandro Pardini

Let's kick it off with a new Fan Comic! This is a short three pager from Pieter Antonissen. It's based on Leela mistaking a jockstrap for a thong in Murder on the Planet Express. To quote Leela, nice ass, ass.

Another thing that's coming to an end is Dwayne Anderson's many parted Fan Fiction, Matters of Life and Death. Over the course of this series, as I've recently mentioned, he's managed to kill off most of the main and secondary cast members (some of them more than once), often in rather ghastly and grisly ways. Well, tonight, in the concluding part 25, the crew get to cancel those that brought about their demise. But be forewarned - the gloves come off in this one - it's a tad bit grosser than the other segments have been, so like the sign said in the last episode, Please barf with the wind.
Farewell to Futurama (again)
Posted on September 4, 2013 by Tim
In just a few short minutes, as I type this, the final episode of Futurama is set to air. And while we've been here before, this time it seems to have more of a air of finality about it. But we shall keep the faith. In this day and age, anything can happen. When I came here two thousand, five hundred, and sixty five days ago, Futurama was dead and buried three years previously, and yet I was privileged to help preside over it's rebirth, not once but three times. Talk about something beyond your wildest fantasies. Which makes it all the more sad to preside over the end. Futurama will always have it's fans, and through us, we'll keep it alive for future generations to enjoy and expand, which means business as usual here at the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite. In that vein, here's some occasion specific Fan Art from Gulliver63. I'll let him tell it from here: “As I drew a cartoon commemorating the return of the series in 2010, I thought it only right to do one bidding it adieu. And what better theme than Logan's Run and Lastday? I figured that this might be a little something special. The cartoon captures that part of the movie near the end where Logan and Jessica try desperately to convince people not to march off to Carousel. Kind of a sad ending to the series, but I felt that I had to do it to say good-bye.“

Let's not say goodbye, but au revoir.
Life and death among the stars
Posted on September 3, 2013 by Tim
Ok, got a couple of new Fan Arts from CartoonLover27 here (of course, that name could apply to anyone here, which is why it's great that we know schlee is number 27 - no confusion that way ). Fry kinds seems to be looking to the stars as if considering his future, which seem like it's a little in doubt right about now. Do ya' suppose it's possible that after all these years he is thinking about his future? Nah.

But wait! There's more! A couple of new Fan Fics from Dwayne Anderson. The first is the next installment in his Matters of Life and Death. This one is part 24, subtitled Boom-shakalaka. For those that just tuned in, this series is vignettes of various characters meeting their ends in various and imaginative gruesome, graphic, and often quite messy ways, generally thanks to their own hubris. So, if you're bothered by such, you might want to skip it and go directly to his other new one Space Ace Doofus. This begins a story where Fry is doing what he does best in this or any century - loose at video games. But when he's left alone in the professor's lab with a not quite perfected new invention and accidentally flips the wrong switch, well, let's just say that fantasy and reality trade places and a new door opens for Fry.
Lastday aproches
Posted on September 1, 2013 by Tim
More on that in a moment - but first, some new and wildly different Fan Art! Undoubtedly motivated by the impending demise of our beloved show, kaspired decided to experiment a little. Fortunately for us (and himself) this turned out to be with artistic medium. The pic you see here started with a 24x26x1/8 inch (610x915x3 mm) sheet of Aluminum which was sanded, then attacked with eleven sharpie colored markers, white acrylic paint, and, oh yes, a grinder. Some might be tempted ask why. Kaspired has anticipated that question, and his answer is “I wanted to try some different things.”

Next up on today's FM/TLZ hit parade is some new pages to Inquisitor Hein's Fan Comic 30. The new stuff starts on page 32.

Canceled - this is what it feels likeIt has been said that all good things must come to an end, and just a few short days from now, next Wednesday, September 4, 2013, will see the final episode of Futurama aired. I was reminded of that when I received a piece of fan art marking the occasion. I'm going to hold that piece until then, and it it got me to thinking that we ought to mark the day with something more than one item, however nice it might be. So if anyone is inspired to come up with something fitting the end of the greatest TV series of all time, you've got about 48 hours to get it sent in.

Fan art by kaspired