September 2012
Watching where I step
Posted on September 30, 2012 by Tim
Hey guess what? Stuff's been piling up and it's starting to look like the floor of Fry's apartment around here so maybe it's time for me to get off of my lazy shiny metal and do something. So first up, here's a new bit 'o Fan Art that comes from Awalex - it's a parody of a classic Star Wars scene, although maybe they're just sparring for the fun of it.

And a couple of Fan Fictions. First, in the “it's mean to be badly written” department is Rush with Bender's Epic Adventure To Save The Universe. I can't tell you what it's about, only that it's badly written, but it was meant to be that way, so I didn't correct all of the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors (and boy, were there a lot of 'em); not that I do anyway, one or two perhaps, but I ain't your editor.

The other fic is called You See The Circle from Zoey Webber in which the PE crew, just back from Oktoberfest, all decide to watch a DVD. The DVD they watch has a weird occurance when it opens a portal into another dimension! It's just a DVD . . . . . Isn't it?
The seventh inning what?
Posted on September 26, 2012 by Tim
All righty, we've got a lot of ground to cover here. Frosty sends a bunch of Fan Art, and as luck would have it, it splits across two different pages. There's a pic of Leela and Fry as Catwoman and Batman at the end of the first page, and the rest are on the second page; which include a couple of Fry, Leela, and Bender in Les MisÚrables inspired pics, and this one of Leela as a Detroit Tigers player with the number 3/5 for her favorite pitcher Justin Verlander.
Something old, something new
Posted on September 23, 2012 by Tim
Ok, for about the fifth time in the last six or seven weeks, I'm back baby! And I promise that this will be that last time I fall off the face of the internet for a while. So now to get caught up on the backlog that's developed after too much (well, ok, it wasn't really too much ) play time at the opposite end of the technology spectrum, here's something we haven't had much of lately - Fan Art! This pic from Kaspired is a play on an album cover - for those of you younger than about thirty, it's Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune, and I'm guessing that Leela is finding out that it's hard to hold four tarot cards with only three fingers.

And a couple of new Fan Fictions. Lauren Smiles has a new chapter in her fic Futuresmiles which brings home the old saying “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to conceive”. And Rush holds forth with some tasty madness and other strange happenings in Farnsworth Wants Fry's Blood On Pancakes.
'De rocket ship, boss! 'De rocket ship
Posted on September 17, 2012 by Tim
So I'm actually home and on-line for a couple of days so I thought it would be nice to drop into the old Madhouse, collect the mail, dust the spitoons, and see if the mold in the coffee pot has become sentient yet. And as long as I'm here, I might as well put a couple of things up, so the first item of business is some new pages to Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better of Four Worse. Now it is axiomatic that people will send in the most stuff while I'm off line and so it is with Pieter, tossing three different batches my way for a total of twenty new pages! The new stuff starts on page 90.

Suppose that Professor Farnsworth has a teleporter system. We all know that bad stuff would happen the moment he tried to us it, right? That's exactly what happens in Gulliver63's new Fan Fiction. It's called Come Together and it's the story of what happens when Leela and Amy are turned into one person after a transporter mishap. In order to undue what Farnsworth did, this new person will have to win a basketball championship to get the book he needs. Gulliver63 bsent two pics, the cover you see here, and located here and a picture of the composite person Amelia which can be found here.
Welcome to the World of Sorrow
Posted on September 10, 2012 by Tim
Allrighty then, it's been a long time coming but finally the first installment is here! It's !iMmOrTaL!'s long promised Fan ComicWelcome To The World of Sorrow”. The price of admission gets you a nifty cover (seen here in slightly reduced size) and ten yummy pages of actual content. Enjoy.
Raunch. Filth. Perversion... Don't ya just love it?
Posted on September 9, 2012 by Tim
Ok, so maybe from that headline you're expecting another Rush MLP fic. Sorry. No, today we have to turn to Dinkdrinker for that level of inspiration because his latest Fan Fiction is called Fifty Shades of Foghat Grey. If that name rings a bell then I need say no more. If that name doesn't ring a bell then the best advise I can give is run, run away now! Interesting fun fact though, did you know that the average late twentieth century human had about 23 feet (~7M) of intestine? I didn't either until I read this story and got to wondering exactly what might have happened to that 50 feet (~15.25M) of chain ...

Speaking of Dinkdrinker and Fan Fiction, did you ever say to yourself “Self, I think I would like to try and write fan fiction... but I'm afraid it would suck rotten eggs.”? Or possibly: “I would like to write, but I bet people would think my story is the worst ever seen”?... Well FEAR NOT! For BEHOLD, dink never asked those questions and now we have FRY'S FAN-FIC in which Fry writes a Everybody Loves Hypnotoad fan fic and asks Leela to be his beta reader.

And lastly, a new Comic Transcript. Huzzah! What we've got here is the transcript of Futurama Returns, the comic was given to attendees at the Futurama pannel at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con when the return of Futurama was officially announced. Thanks to dink for this one also.
A whole steaming pile of fanfic
Posted on September 7, 2012 by Tim
And the hits just keep on coming. LIke the man sez, we've got a whole steaming batch of Fan Fiction so let's get down to it. First, in the gruesome death awaits us all department is the next installment of Dwayne Anderson's fic Matters of Life and Death. In part 16 - Explo-dead we follow Bender through a routine day of stealing, drinking, whore-mongering, and exploding.

And then, in a new area that I have christened the MLP Madhouse section, is some more works from Rush. The are:
  • Bender Wants Bender Waffles where in Bender wants Bender Waffles along with some weird stuff happening at Planet Express.
  • Bending The Bank which has Bender robbing a bank with a very powerful weapon
  • The Day Equestria Was Bent shere we see Bender Bending Rodriguez getting sucked into a vortex sending him to Equestria.
  • Farnybrations with the Planet Express staff waiting for Farnsworth to announce his latest invention,
  • Important Meeting in which the Planet Express staff have an important meeting about who is best Pony.
  • Ponyrama where Pinkie Pie the Pony enters the Futuramaverse and messes with one of Farnsworth's Doomsday Devices,
  • and lastly, my favorite, featuring a cameo by Universe Jumping Bender (whom I am entirely in agreement with), is U-J-Bender Vs Ponies. This has U-J-Bender confronting his creator about all this Pony stff in his fan fictions.
What's yer Rush?
Posted on September 4, 2012 by Tim
Just a quick one tonight to let you know that I'm still alive and that this site is not quite ready to become a cobweb just yet. That dreaded Real Life stuff has been keeping me busy lately, what with moving and holidays that require excessive eating and drinking and dieing computers and the like. So I'm gonna try to dig out some of the back log, starting right now with three new Fan Fictions from Rush, but then, you already guessed that from the headline, didn't you? The three new stories are:
  • Bender's Yonder Logic in which Bender finds something a little illogical in the year one billion during The Late Philip J. Fry,
  • My Little Rama: Science Fiction Is Magic where weird stuff happens, even by Futurama and Ponies standards;
  • and Rainbow Dash Fires Lightning At Bender where in Bender does something that annoys a certain rainbow Pegasus so much she fires lightning at him. Unfortunately that lightning didn't seem to hurt Bender in any way at all .... In fact Bender seemed to enjoy it.