September 2011
How to win friends and suck up to webmasters
Posted on September 30, 2011 by Tim
And one of the best ways to do that is to say something like “I'd like to have at least one of my pictures on your cool website.”. That's what we like to hear and Ben Cain said it, so here is some new Fan Art he just happened send along. It's called Cool Leela by car. Sounds like something you'd find at your local art gallery, or maybe tattooed on a fat guy, doesn't it?

We have, at current count, six thousand, three hundred and forty six (yes, that's right, 6,346) pieces of Fan Art on this site. Do you think that in there SOMEWHERE this might be one, just one, picture of Fry with wings? Nope. Nada. Quite a few with Leela of course, but that's to be expected since we did start life as The Leela Zone. So you're probably wondering, like Fry here, why the sudden concern about wings? Well, to find that out, you have to go read this new Fan Fiction. It's by Sam, it's called Avenging Angel (part 1), and it's the story of what might happen if Fry suddenly grew a set of wings.
Fan art by The Futurama Point
In the blink of a frame
Posted on September 28, 2011 by Tim
Alright already, I'm back. I still need to catch up on my sleep, but hey, that's how fun is supposed to be. Anyway, lets get back to work. First thing is this new Animated GIF from Jenny Ngo which she describes thusly “Fry adores his BFF while talking with him, just before a girl appeared with her Pikachu!”. For the back story on that you are referred to Jenny's fan fiction and fan art. Oh, and the kinda color negative black frames - those are an artifact of resizing the gif and aren't in the full size version, so it's not some kind of attempt send at us alien your mind money control. Really.

Over in Comic Transcript land we have two new ones. Umbreon scribed out number 27 Rotten to the Core and, despite a flaky computer, dinkdrinker managed to get #28 Let's Twist Again finished and sent. A huge pile of kudos goes out to Unbry and dink for almost single handedly (or maybe it's double handedly 'cause typing with only one hand would be really slow) cranking out all of our transcripts to date.
Hope for the Futurama
Posted on September 20, 2011 by Tim
That's something of a pun on the title of this new Fan Art, which is called Hope for the Future. It's one of four new ones from !iMmOrTaL!. This one is obviously based on the closing scene from Overclockwise. He's also got one from Reincarnation and two others that Amy fans are sure to like.

Now, take an unusual spa, a couple of Amazonians, and three hard core nerdlingers and what do you get? Well, if you're lucky, you get a few new pages to Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better of For Worse. The new stuff starts on page 16.

And for our grande finale here's an edited frame grab. What was originally Fry trying to untangle his Yo-Yo from the episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love is now Fry with a scrambled Rubik's Cube. The pic is by BackToTheFuturama who says he did a pic of Fry trying to solve a Rubik's Cube because he (B2TF, not Fry) has learned to solve one in just over 50 seconds. I'm kind of thinking that Fry, with his stupid fingers that have trouble mastering a belt buckle, is in for a long, frustrating time.

Oh look, a Framegrab featuring rain. That's what they are predicting all the rest of the week around here and so, naturally, I'm off to camp in it which means another quiet stretch for a few days. Feel free to fill up my mail box while I'm gone.
Fry's girls
Posted on September 19, 2011 by Tim
Hello and Good News Everybody - I'm back from time off for good behavior part 1 and so while I have a couple of days back in the land of central heat, flush toilets, and internet connectivity I thought I'd drop in to toss a few steaming balls of dark matter on the fire as it were. So to start off, welcome back to the wonderful world of Fry as a woman. Inspired by Neutopia, here is a new Fan Fiction and related Fan Art of not only Fry in a gender switched role, but everyone else too. Gulliver63 wrote the fic called While You Were Gone wherein we find out what happens when Fry gets switched with his female counterpart from a universe called the “Switchverse”. And to go with that, over on his fanart page the big G has this pic of Phyllis Fry as a singer, along with some really neato cover art and one other.

On the Comic Transcript front Umbreon and dinkdrinker have been busy again as they have completed, respectively, #25 Robot Robin Hood and #26 A Whole Lotta Leela!.

And lastly tonight, I have been asked to put out an appeal to any Futurama fan who is an auto body person located in the US Pacific northwest, the closer to Eugene, Or. the better. This is your chance to get involved with a Futurama related secret project and also get your fifteen minutes of fame on this page when and if the project comes to fruition. If you meet the above criteria, contact me and I'll put you in touch with the right people.
A moon is a space thing, right?
Posted on September 12, 2011 by Tim
So I got this new Fan Photo from Martin Bay Pedersen and .... well ... I think I'll just let him tell it from here - there's no way I can do any better. He sez “I am the one with the tattoo, and my friend (Dan Bak-Kristensen (he's the one with the beard, on the left - Tim)) is the one who made it. My sister owns her own tattoo equipment, so when she let us play with it, it didn't take long to find a suitable Futurama image online.”. Gee, my sisters never had neat toys like that.

Now here's some Fan Art from someone we haven't heard from much lately. He's got three new ones and this one is obviously Leela from Möbius Dick and I'll bet you've guessed from the style that it was drawn by Futurama_Freak1. Freako also sent two other pics, framegrabs from a video game mod he started and never got very far with (and not the GTA Vice City on her was doing previously). I thought the one called Oops was very funny and very Fry.

So you might recall that a few days ago .. err ... ok, maybe a week or so, iGideon sent in an easter egg he found in Beast with a Billion Backs, and today he sends a pic of how to find it. Hovering your mouse over the thumbnail should reveal the secret.

This is one of those times when I would normally trot out my favorite Framegrab of Fry or one of the other PE crew on the beach, 'cause I'm taking off again to go play at the other end of the technology spectrum and things are going to be a little quiet around these parts for a few days. But I selected this picture instead 'cause the weather report for my first night out is calling for 31F/0C. There may be a moon out that night, but I can guarantee it won't be one with a Bender tattoo.
Second Thoughts, and then some
Posted on September 10, 2011 by Tim
Ever have second thoughts? You know, you've decided to do something, and then you find yourself rethinking that, like should I really be doing this? Well, that seems to be what Leela is doing in this new Fan Art from Lord Nibbler. It seems she's tried on some Women's Lightspeeds and is wondering if sitting on a bed with Fry in her best underwear is really a good idea. Fry obviously thinks so.

Over in Comic Transcript land we have #24, Twice Told Tales of Interest, which Umbreon was up late with her quill pen and candle transcribing. In this one, Leela takes Bender to task for playing poker with Fry while he's asleep and so he (Bender, not Fry 'cause he (Fry, not Bender) is asleep) mods the What If machine into a poker playing robot. But then when Fry asks a what if question, things start to get ... interesting.

And lastly today, we have five new Fan Fictions that are best described as “some weird creepy fan fiction written by some guy who needs to outlet their sexual frustrations and whatever else, and who hasn't moved out of their parents home yet and maybe never will, and has way to much time on their hands.“ and ”cheesy fake and gay, lame ass fan fiction”. Now lest you think I'm being harsh, I'm not editorializing, I just cut and pasted lines from the fic themselves. You've probably guessed by now that they're by Rush, and they are A Little Discussion, Bender's Good Food, Nosy U-J-Bender, Ramaing Down The O-Rama, and Sleeping Drinky. They mostly all involve Universe Jumping Bender wanting to make porn videos and Leela's “Girls”, but they are also short.
I think we've got a Monopoly on this one
Posted on September 9, 2011 by Tim
Planet Express actually showed up at my house yesterday! It is true that to avoid attracting undue attention (space ships landing in my driveway are not a common occurrence around here and we don't want to go into what happened the last time ) they were cleverly disguised as FedEx and the delivery guy was definitely not Philip J. Fry (musta been his stunt double or something), but to prove it I present herewith the box they delivered (Hey, Flounder, I think I've got a good sample of Electric Mucous).

So inside was a buch of stuff, like a sheet of uncut $500 bills, featuring the likeness of Al Gore's head in a jar; a sample of the resi-dome and people hives that substitute for houses and hotels in the future; and a little red box (pictured) containing the golden (and very difficult to photograph) Bender head token.

And lastly there's this neat little miniature game box. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a miniature game board inside, but there is a picture on the back. The properties have all been replaced by places in the show - Baltic Ave, the lowest of the low rent is now the Sewers. I can't quite tell what Boardwalk is. Farnsworth and Morbo replace Chance and Community Chest and the railroads become spaceships. The four corners, GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go To Jail, they remain unchanged from the original game and they look a little out of place. Go is fine as is, but I would have at least put the PE ship in Free Parking and Smitty and/or URL on Go To Jail.

You can pre-order your copy of Futurama monopoly now at the USAopoly site, and if you dig around enough, you can also find a better (but still not great) pic of the game board.

Note that, other than a pretty green box with some trinkets in it, neither I nor Futurama Madhouse are receiving any kind of incentive for promoting this game. We're just nerlingers that like cool Futurama stuff and we know other nerdlingers do too. We're also easily motivated by free pretty green boxes.
Up against the fourth wall
Posted on September 6, 2011 by Tim
So if you've been following the new episodes this season and the fan discussion there of, one thing you'll notice is that Leela has been accused of acting a little Bender-like, or maybe a lot Bender-like, depending on who is talking. Some have even suggested that this is a ploy to get Fry's attention. Whatever your opinion on that is, Pieter Antonissen has decided to play on that in a big way in the latest addition to his Fan Comic Four Better or For Worse, which we just happen to have ten more pages of, starting on page 5.

And your Futurama Madhouse trivia factoid of the week, on this date in 1927, Philo T. Farnsworth fired up the first fully functional and complete all-electronic television system, the end result being that we're here today and it's entirely fitting that we note the achievements of Dr. Hubert's great ancestor 'cause other wise I'd probably be mimeographing a fanzine.
We love you too, Fry
Posted on September 5, 2011 by Tim
They look like frame grabs, but they taste like Fan Art. Yummy, yummy, fan art. And if you've been paying attention this season, !iMmOrTaL! has been coming out periodically with a pic from each of the new episodes, and here's his latest three. This one, of course, is from Cold Warriors, and there's one each from Fry am the Egg Man and Tip of the Zoidberg.

And now for two Fan Fictions. These are by a new contributor, Onuki. The fics are called Jerkey Beef, part 2 and Bender Meets Wernzilla, part 2. The astute amongst you will no doubt recognize those as based on fics of the same names by Hailey and Trenton Sands respectively. Trenton sent me a note back in June saying he was departing the fandom and attempts to reach him failed, so Trenton, if you're out there and have a concern about these fics, contact me and we'll figure it out. Meanwhile, you can read them, descriptions of each are on Onuki's author page.
Tijd blijft slippen.
Posted on September 4, 2011 by Tim
So the first thing I have to do tonight is say thanks to iGideon for {a} sending in these frame grabs, and {b} for being so patient. He sent them just before I left town for two weeks in the land the internet forgot and they took a little more work than usual to deal with, so finally, a month later, here they are. Like I said, they're framegrabs so I stuck 'em in that section where they belong. They are the menus from the Dutch version of Beast with a Billion Backs DVD so if you want to practice your Dutch, here you go. He also sent a pic of an Easter Egg he found.

Uh oh! A picture of Cubert. Could it be? Good News Everyone, yes it could, it's some new answers to Cubert's Rants. And from someone we haven't heard from in a while (much longer than a month). DSS takes a few pot shots at the boy genius in 1ACV04, 1ACV11, 1ACV12, and 3ACV02.

Note: today's subject line is supposed to be “Time keep on slipping” in Dutch, as translated (or mangled) by Google Translate. If it comes out as something like “your bending unit wears army boots” it's not my fault.
Go to Robot Hell, do not pass Go ...
Posted on September 2, 2011 by Tim
Summer (or winter, depending on what part of the world you're in) sure had gone by fast and September 1 sure snuck up on us fast and that's significant for two reasons. One, the latest new episode, Overclockwise, was the last "canon" episode of the season (next week's epp, the season finale, is an AOI style three parter using different animation styles ) and was originally intended to be the last episode ever (again). Those that have seen it will know what I mean by that.

And the other thing that September 1 represents is that the Futurama Monopoly game is available for pre-order. And to celebrate my Sal-like laziness, I hereby cut and paste the press release I receiveds on it: “September 1st, 2011 - You win again, gravity! The Planet Express ship has just crash-landed into USAopoly HQ and the crew has demanded the making of Monopoly Futurama Collector’s Edition effective immediately! In this edition of America’s favorite board game, players will get the chance to own the most iconic worlds and locations in the Futurama Universe while following the rules -- unlike our robot friend Bender! The game is licensed by Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and all artwork is customized and designed by USAopoly and Futurama to make this game feel as if it just jumped out of the TV screen and onto the game board.

The standard 20th century game Philip J. Fry grew up on has metamorphosized into something more, well, futuristic. Traditional Monopoly properties like Boardwalk and Park Place have been transformed to represent New New York. This collector’s game features coveted real estate such as Elzar’s Fine Cuisine, Robot Hell and Madison Cube Garden to name a few. The traditional Monopoly money has been modified to fit the important leaders of New New York in the 31st Century including Benjamin Franklin and Richard Nixon. Al Gore on the $500 bill? Oh Your God, he is! The Monopoly railroads of yesteryear have been replaced by state-of-the-art ships including the Travel Tube, Robo Santa Sleigh, Space Rail: Rath of Conrail and Werecar.

The object of the game remains the same – bankrupt your opponents and own it all! Landing Pads and Space Stations instead of traditional houses and hotels will raise rents significantly while Community Chest and Chance cards (now ‘Bureaucrat’ and ‘Brought To You By’ cards, respectively) will help your cause or thwart your opponents. Prepare yourself for the Planet Express ship landing because when it arrives, the past, present and future will be altered and changed forever!

As an added bonus for fans, USAopoly asked Futurama die-hards to vote for the creation of their own “Golden Token”. After 14,000 votes, Bender came out on top and will be available in a limited golden styling during pre-sale only starting September 1st. Other tokens in the pre-sale game will include:

  • Hypnotoad

  • Planet Express Ship

  • Brain Slug

  • Seymour

  • Leela’s Boot (During Pre-sale ONLY)

  • What if Machine

  • Gold Bender (During Pre-sale ONLY)

The game is available online and its suggested retail is $39.95.”