September 2010
Hangover with pictures
Posted on September 29, 2010 by Tim
OK, so we all know that Fry occasionally gets "headaches with pictures", but a Hangover with Pictures? Yup, in a new Fan Fiction by Yubbles. You see, Fry does a bit of binge drinking and ends up with the obvious result - he gets pregnant. Oops, no, wait, that's a different story. No, now he suddenly catches glimpses of the future whenever he looks in a mirror. And if Fry being able to see the future isn't an ominous portent, I don't know what is. This is part 1 of the story, so you'll have to wait a while to see what happens.
Fan Art by Javier Sanchez/The Futurama Point
September Fools
Posted on September 26, 2010 by Tim
I'm back again, baby! Should be the last time for a while, at least until Xmas. And what to my wondering eyes should appear upon my return but ... nothing. Nada. No contributions I could put up. But then, Futurama_Freak1 to the rescue! He spotted this E-bay sale - what purports to be a subscription to Futurama comics, one year for only 28 GBP (approx $44.28 US) plus half again for shipping. The really amusing thing is that comic cover they show - recognize it? You should, 'cause we just featured it here back on April 1. It's actually Fan Art that Futurama_Freak1 on did as an April Fools joke. We guess that the e-bay seller just did a quick web search for a cover and picked that one. Here's a link to the actual E-bay sale so you can see for yourself.
Hi..uh I'm not good with titles
Posted on September 21, 2010 by Tim
I love it when I can let the fans do the work. Todays headline is lifted straight from one of the three e-mails containing the following tasty items. So, to start us off, it's a brand new Fan Comic! Pieter Antonissen is back with another comic called When Disastrions Strike Back and it's the story of mysterious markings that appear on Leela's lower back. Soon however she is not the only one and the Planet Express crew has to investigate but find their actions hindered by an evil alien race. This is only the cover plus the first 14 pages - Pieter promises more real soon now. and I just noticed that I screwed up and made a boo-boo (pronounced bow-bow) - if you 'Next Page' off the end you get to see our really cool custom built 404 page.

Sof is back with seven new pieces of Fan Art! There's a story that goes with each one - space does not permit me to go into detail here but if you mouse over each thumbnail you'll get a snippet of info. I'll let her tell you about this one: “It is a parody of one of my favorite animes called "Umineko no naku koro ni". The main characters, Battler & Beatrice, reminds to me of Fry and Leela”. Make sure you check both her fan art page 2 and page 3 so you don't miss any of her stuff.

And on the Fan Fiction front we have an epic work by soylentOrange called Green Storm Rising. In it, the crew is exploring an abandoned space station on the way home from a delivery, and an accidental explosion causes them to start uncontrollably jumping back and forth between their timeline and a parallel one. Fry and the parallel version of Leela start a relationship, while Leela tries to prevent the city government from expelling the mutants from the sewer. Oh, and you can also download a PDF version of this one too.

Alrighty then, that will have to hold you for a few days 'cause I'm taking off again so unless one of the other webmasters decides to drop in things is likely to be pretty quiet around here. It's just so hard to get good help these days ... oh, wait, I'm the hired help. Well, just slip any new contributions through the mail slot and I'll see ya later!
New menaces and old garbage
Posted on September 19, 2010 by Tim
I'm back baby! So I've been off playing at the other end of the technology spectrum for the last few days and now that I'm back to modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, hot water, an indoor bed, and the Internet; and I'm real excited to see some cool stuff waiting in my inbox. One such leads me to a quote “A good book is the best of friends” which is attributed to someone with the rather unlikely name of Martin Farquhar Tupper, who may have also been the inventory of resealable food storage containers. Or maybe not. But anyway, a really good story in one that you can go back to time and time again and still enjoy. Such stories occasionally pass this way in the form of Fan Fiction, and one such story is Blame it on the Brain by coldangel_1, a story that has been floating around these pages for nigh on three years now and which has been described elsewhere as “freakin' epic”. Well, coldy writes to say that he has had requests for the story in a PDF file, so we here at FM/TLZ have proudly made the whole novel length fic available in a down-loadable PDF file complete with illustrations and maybe even some digital coffee stains and virtual cat hair - there's a link on coldangel's fan fic page or you can grab it right from here.

Ok, that was the new menaces part - you can figure that out for yourself from the description of the fic. Now for the old garbage part, here' another Fan Fiction and this one is an alternate universe take on A Big Piece Of Garbage. It's called Rubbish Ball by Rush.
Tales of Interest ...
Posted on September 13, 2010 by Tim
Today is a day for headaches with pictures 'cause we don't have any pretty pictures so you'll have to make up your own. To stimulate your creative juices, we have not one, not two, but three - count 'em - three Fan Fictions!

So first up is Eye Problem by Rush. It's a short little work that's set a day after the events of In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela and Fry is siting in the ship's basement watching TV. He really should be up on the flight deck, watching for billboards though.

Rush also has a second fic called Going On A Bender. This is a rather clever double meaning in the best Futurama tradition, 'cause it's a few months after the Opera (ah ha! another ATO fic - don't see many of those these days) and while on their way home from a delivery on a Friday evening, Fry asks Leela out. She says no, so Bender steps in to help the only way Bender knows how - by taking Fry out on a bender. This is never a good thing. Or is it?

And lastly, a part two from that artist with their very own Fan fic index all to themselves, Yubbles, with the concluding part of Planet Express: Return of the Dreaded Ex, part 2. You may recall when last we left our intrepid crew, the PE ship has regained it's AI and was after Bender to keep his promise to merge their programming. Now, stuck in space inside one very unhappy ex-robogirlfriend, it's up to Fry to try to save Bender, Leela, and himself. Now, if only he'd paid attention and stayed conscious last time ...
There's nothing like a little trilogy
Posted on September 10, 2010 by Tim
As promised, here is Erik Heltner's latest Fan Comic called Housewife At Play 3. It's the third installment in his Housewife At Play series and in this one there's no Leela-slash-Amy and, even more amazing, Amy doesn't get spanked! Not even once. Go figure. Maybe this time I won't have angry hordes with pitchforks and torches at the gates. Erik says “This story was written over 2 years ago, while I was working on Housewife at Play 2. It is as controversial as always, but perhaps a bit more serious than my previous Housewife at Play-comics (at least the topic it deals with is more serious). I originally wanted this to be the third and last part of the Housewife At Play series, but while working on this one, I actually came up with an idea for a fourth Housewife at Play-comic. I don't know if I want to make it, though: It's not only longer than this one, but also wilder, more controversial, and even more focused on sex than any of my previous fan comics! But even so, I'd like to keep my options open - you know, just in case ”. Hey, we like open options.

Bad news everyone, with that the old inbox is once again empty, nothing in here but tangled-up Xmas lights, unlabeled booze (wide-mouth too!) and a few moldy old shreds of robot pornography. How all that ended up in my inbox is anyones guess - must be a windoze thing. Anyway, I've got that to keep me busy 'till something else comes along. So if you're sitting on a cool stuff you've created just waiting for the right moment to send it in, now's the right moment.
Time out
Posted on September 8, 2010 by Tim
... from all that spanking. You may recall that a few days ago the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite (that's us) carried some Fan Art from Erik Heltner that involved Amy getting a spanking, and we also mentioned Erik's Fan Comics that deal with the same subject. Well say hello to Pieter Antonissen who says “I would like to give my response to the spanking art work of Erik Heltner (great work on his part though). I felt a little bit sorry for poor Amy getting spanked all over the place.

Now let's pop over to the Fan Art section again 'cause there's three new ones from Shiny Metal Girl (that's her with Fry). Of the other two, one shows Leela standing on the bridge from The Late Philip J. Fry (I'm sure I don't know why she calls it Crime Scene ) and the last is the dynamic trio and alcohol (you KNOW this can't end up well).

Speaking of time outs, time sure flies. In fact, I've heard that time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana). Well, anyway, I just had to do a little horn tooting 'cause I just realized that I just passed my four year mark here at the Madhouse. This is a real milestone (or kmrock for most of you) 'cause at 5 years they start allowing bathroom breaks. I also had to trot out this picture again 'cause it's one that Graham put up right after my very first update and he commented “that scary picture to the right represents what Tim will be doing once he realises what mess he's got himself into ...”. Yeah, he pretty much nailed it. But it's been fun. Here's to four more years (why do I sound like a US President?). Futurama forever!
A long time ago, in a reality far, far away ...
Posted on September 7, 2010 by Tim
It's crossover night here at FM/TLZ! Woo Hoo! So for our first reality bending experience, set the bendback machine to 1971, or 1962, whichever you prefer, and see if you can recognize this new Fan Art from Aidan Daniels. Got it yet? I'll give you a hint - it's the opening scene from A Clockwork Orange.

Ok, now let's bend time some other direction. Suppose if you will the Professor has built some sort of simulater about which Leela said “Professor told me it’s perfectly safe, so you’d most probably die if you tried to use it”. Well, that's exactly what happens in this new Fan Fiction that Poulsen wrote. It's called Futurama/Star Wars Crossover and when Fry's imagination and love of ancient sci-fi and the simulator meet up, He, Bender, and Leela suddenly find themselves in the Star Wars universe in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Will they survive in the most wretched hive of scum and villainy they'll ever find? Read on and find out.
Built like a brick Bender
Posted on September 6, 2010 by Tim
I know it's hard to tell what that is * but it's a Brick Bender. It also looks like it's from Rush, doesn't it? Guess what? It's not! At least, that's what Rush told me. This pic, and the three others that came with it, were drawn by Rush's Friend. Rush's Friend allegedly told him “I'm not as big a nerd as you” and didn't want his name or e-mail used but he gets his own page anyway and his official FM/TLZ name is now and forever (until we change it) Rush's Friend. I stuck Rush's e-mail address on there so if you want to contact Rush's Friend, Rush will have to forward them for you. * note to Fan Artists everywhere - these lightly drawn black and white pen and pencil sketches really make terrible thumbnails in most cases.

I didn't have a promo pic and I couldn't think of a Framegrab that would work with this Fan Fiction so I did the next best thing - a self-portrait of the authoress' head in a jar (I wonder if her hair is really that shade of red?). It's Go-a-green-a and she's delivered the last chapter in her fic It Never Lasts. When this fic started, Fry finally had a date with Leela, but at the theater who should they run in to but Leela's ex-boyfriend Sean. Ohhh, great moments in bad timing. Anyway, there are still bumps in the road for Philip J. Fry and in this concluding (and very long) chapter, some of those bumps get pretty big, like Michelle appearing on the scene, a delivery to the Nimbus, Michelle, war with the Omicroanians, Michelle, Fry getting killed, Michelle, Bender blowing up Madison Cube Garden, Michelle, Fry getting killed again, and stuff like that.

Did I mention Rush? Seems I recall some discussion of him recently. Well, anyway, here's a whole pile of new Fan Art from him with new versions of Bender, imaginative things that can be made with bricks, and all sorts of other out of this world stuff. Anyway, if you want to give Rush some feedback on his art you can e-mail him from the link on his fan art page or comment in the Rush's crude art thread (he named it, not me) on our Message Board.
Posted on September 3, 2010 by Tim
That's kind of what it looks like “Leela” is thinking, isn't it? From the looks of things also she must have been swimming in a vat of acid or gotten a little too close to one of Bender's burps. Graham Dawson (alias archonix) drew this pic. He doesn't recall just quite why, but thinks it was either a week of binge drinking or seeing the robot Leela in Rebirth.

So remember the AI that the PE ship got in Love and Rocket? Remember how Bender managed to louse that up big time? Well look out, sheeee's back, and sheee's not real happy in Yubbles latest Fan Fiction. It's called Planet Express: Return of the Dreaded Ex.
One Hundred episodes! and DXC speaks!
Posted on September 1, 2010 by Tim
Ha! The joke is on Svip - I don't have any “humour”. I've got a humerus, two of 'em actually ... what? Oh, right, those are bones. I meant humor. Yeah, lots of that. But enough about me, 'cause tonight marks the broadcast of the magic 100th episode of Futurama. Woo Hoo. Who'd a ever thought we'd get here? So number 100 is 6ACV12, The Mutants are Revolting and as usual that has a double meaning, in that there is a revolt by the mutants, and Fry get mutated and is quite revolting. You can read all of the gory details over on The Infosphere. And that we're told is the end of season 6 and we'll have to wait 'till November for the special holiday episode, and sometime next year for the next season ... and then the year after that for the next season ... and the year after that ... Life is good.

One other thing about the 100th episode I just gotta mention, about a year and half ago DSS did this Fan Art celebrating the event. Now there's planning ahead. Let's see, what would the next big milestone be? 500 episodes? Even that other Groening show hasn't quite made it there yet, so who's going to be be brave and do a pic for that?

And another tip of the hat to Svip for this pointer - an interview with DXC in which he talks about the season finale, the move to Comedy Central, the forthcoming 'holiday' episode and his thoughts on a Futurama feature film. Alas, no word on the rumored three year renewal, but he does say they'd need a year to get ramped up so the timing is good. Keep your fingers, toes, and tentacles crossed or whatever your species does for good luck.
Analysis: There will be more Futurama - there has to be
Posted on September 1, 2010 by Svip
We interrupt your regular programming of fan art and Tim's humour, with some Futurama related news.

On 26 August, Jackie Martling, former writer for The Howard Stern Show, on the radio show Opie and Anthony Show, was asked a question about the current happenings on Billy West by a caller. In his response, Jackie Martling said the following:

Billy West is the king of the voice-over guys. He does many of the voices on Futurama, that was just renewed for three years and i was with that pr..k when he got the call. We're sitting there eating dinner in Los Angeles and he takes a phone call and goes 'Oh good' 'What was that?' 'We just got renewed for three years' and it was what's-his-name calling him personally, you know the creator.

After some debate on PEEL, I have to conclude that there is no reason for this information not to be true.

There are two possible liars in this scenario (the radio show is authentic, I have heard a copy myself, you can hear it here (the interesting part is at the 3hour 10minute 40second mark)); Jackie Martling and Billy West. However, there is no decent reason for either of these men to be lying about this statement.

Jackie Martling mentions this news in passing, as if he doesn't realise the impact this information carries. Had he purposefully been making it up, he would have emphasised it more. He may be exaggerating or perhaps confusing it for something else (that is plausible), but I don't think in his position would be prune to making such rookie mistakes.

He also states that information was revealed to Billy West during a dinner they had together, where Billy West - I assume to avoid being rude - told him what was happening. Here we find the next possible suspect; Billy West telling Martling incorrect information, purposefully. But when you think about it, that is both out of character for Billy West and no real gain to him.

Billy West really care about the Futurama fans, and he would love to give them some information. But after having jumped the gun about the news of the 4 DVD films, David X. Cohen, Matt Groening and Fox have put a 'gag order' on him, so all information about Futurama needs to be confirmed from above.

However, with that in mind, could it not be that Billy West assumed that he would be able to pass this information secretly through Martling, and explain himself later that it was a mistake and assumed Martling would have kept it to himself.

In short, I cannot - for the life of me - think of any good enough reason for this information to false. The only question is when this will be announced. Officially, that is.

In closing, the cast will appear at Dragon*Con this September, where we have gotten the moderator to see if he can slip the question about this to Billy West. So we should stay tuned for that.