September 2009
Crummy worlds of plot holes, spelling errors, and unfinished backgrounds.
Posted on September 30, 2009 by Tim
And we've got 'em all tonight. First up, a couple of new pics from DSS. He got Leela yelling at him for not drawing backgrounds and that's all we need is a pissed off Leela. Quick, go look at his other pic - it's Leelan and Fry in their best clothes admiring each other. Maybe that will settle her down.

Ok, let's follow Fry back to the Infoshpere (the one in The Why Of Fry, not the website). Why he went back I'm not sure, maybe it's one of those funky time paradoxes things. Anyway, Rush poped out of lurker mode for a moment to drop of a copy of his newish Fan Fiction called Fry's Fateful Choice in which he (Fry) does go back to the Infosphere and find out what happenes to him - is he dead or alive? Check out Rush's very possibly invalid, or maybe that's invalid, theory.

Good News Everyone! For the second day in a row, we have more answers to Cubert's Rants. Err, well, make that an answer. Trevin Bernhard came up with a clever one that I'm really surprised no one has thought of yet. Check it out in 1ACV01.

Ok, that concludes this weeks show, 'cause I'm going out of town again for a few days; so like as not things will be a little quiet around here for a bit unless Svip gets his caching mechanism tuned up to 200% efficiency and it can pull in future updates - or, if you want to venture into the realm of total fantasy, one of the other webmasters might even wander by. Seriously though, I should be pretty much caught up with all of your submissions, but because of the F-worded-up way that G-mail (fails) to sort messages, it's really hard to tell without a lot of tedious bookkeeping. Bottom line, if you've sent me something and it isn't up yet and if you haven't got a note from me saying "it'll be next week", please send me a reminder. See ya!
Your full-service Webmaster
Posted on September 29, 2009 by Tim
So I've been doing this webmaster thing now for 1,132 days, which works out to about 3 years, 1 month, and 1 day (but who's counting). And I'm here to tell you there's never a dull moment here in the boiler room of the Madhouse. I've had all kinds of fun and interesting things stumble drunkenly across my desk, many which will never see the light of day. But here's one example I can share. So I live in North America, and today I helped one of our members, in Australia - just about as opposite side of the world as you can get - figure out how to use Australia Post billpay. Show me another Futurama fan site where you get that kind of service.

So back to business. Here's something we haven't had in quite a while, a couple of Cubert's Rants. And since the little twerp is over due for some “para un bending!”, here's a couple three new answers from Jodes. They're in 2ACV04 and 2ACV05.

Also we've got a short Fan Fiction, and we're kind of doing this in reverse order. The fic is by Vytas_Wolf and it's called I Keeping It and it's actually V_W's first fic, preceding the one we just put up a few days ago. It's the one that explains the origins of Fry's pet Milton who appears in the other fic and in some of his fan art. As you read this fic, you'll quickly see that English is not Vytas' first language. Still, there's a really nice little story in there.

And we've heard from the long, lost !iMmOrTaL!. It seems that in the last few months he's moved and received a promotion at work which has been keeping him busy. But he found time to send two new pieces of Fan Art - this one is the man himself and his roomies in his "new life". Why am I suddenly reminded of Fry ... "Come and knock on our door, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh. Uh, Mr. Roper--". The other pic he sent has actual Futurama content. Anyway, !iMmOrTaL! also promises that he will be finishing his epic Fan Comic The Wong Side Of The Law and that he's got ideas for three more comics beyond that. No estimate on when we might see the next installment though.

Hey, I know. Speaking of comics, let's take some bets - who will finish their comic first, !iMmOrTaL! or Futurama_Freak1? Taking all bets! I also offer video poker.
Take your best shot
Posted on September 28, 2009 by Tim
Most guys would be pretty happy if they had two women fighting over them. But in this case, Fry will probably make an exception, seeing as how one of them just shot him. If you've been following Archonix's Parallel Lives Fan Fictions, you know all about “our” Fry and Leela being lost in a maze of paraboxes and of the crazed Evila who is chasing after them, intent on murdering Fry. As we eagerly await the next installment (hint hint wink wink), El-Man did a little What-Ifing and came up with this Fan Art depicting a possible scene from that series. Says he “I have no idea if Archonix will write a scene like this for Parallel Lives, I'm not trying to influence him (heavens, no!), nor is it a super-secret preview that we colluded on. It's just a little speculation by me...

Ok, name two tings that are better than the quadratic equation and the Pythagorean Theorem. I'm sure most could name many things, but for our purposes here today let's just say it's Fry and Tribbles, and I suggest that 'cause that's the subject of this Fan Art, about which Leela+Fry says “my math teacher was awesome and gave us time to draw in class”. That explains the lined paper and the faint derivations of Einstein's mass–energy equivalence equation. Also check out her other new pic called "College Fry!". Rah team!

Lastly but by no means leastly comes another Real World Futurama photo (for those that just tuned in, see the July 1 and August 5, 2008 news updates for the back story). This one, as you can plainly see, is Bender Road. Marloc Clownface ran across it while he was out digging holes in the greater Chicago area (which is what he does for a living). He says it's in Des Plaines, IL, right off of the Tri-State Tollway (I-294). And he goes on to say “When there are so many Fry things, it's nice to see a Bender thing now and then.”
Firsts and foremosts
Posted on September 27, 2009 by Tim
A “first time drawing Leela” is how PhantomGirl19911 describes this Fan Art picture. And Leela is much happier looking that she was yesterday. So right after I finish this I'd better go see if I can spot any bodies on the grounds.

Yesterday, we didn't even have any V's in our Fan Fiction lists, and now we have two of them 'cause today we welcome ~vicky~ to the FMTLZ fan fic hall of fame with part one of her first ever fic, My Life vs Futurama. It actually stars her (under the cleverly misleading character name of Victoria) and her best friend Chloe. Set before Into The Wild Green Yonder, Fry has been trying to win Leela's heart for a long time and having his usual luck; and so Bender went looking in the year 2009 and found two girls that can help him. ~vicky~ says it's just her way of getting F&L together.
It's Friday, It's late, and I'm tired, so if any of this makes sense it's more of a miracle than usual
Posted on September 26, 2009 by Tim
Thank goodness for cut and past 'cause this is another name that my stupid fingers would never be able to type correctly: Imilianikus. Anyway, he who cannot be typed has sent in two Fan Arts. This one is Leela with a blernsball bat and she doesn't look too happy. Imk didn't say why, but all I know is I don't want to get in the middle of whatever disagreement they're having. He also sent another drawing celebrating a thousand hits on his DA account. Wooo Hooo! If he'd a supplied a link to said DA account I bet we could a got him to two thousand pretty quickly.

OK, show of hands - how many of you have more than one OS on your computer? Given that Futurama fandom tends to be a home for geeks and nerds I'll bet it's a lot more than most other web sites. So anyway, those of you that do dual boot (or triple boot, or dodecatupple boot), many of you probably use Grub. And if you do, you're in luck 'cause Daniel Alston has created this Futurama Splash Screen for Grub (legacy). It's a .gz file so windoze people, you can skip to the next bit right now. Don't akx me how to install it 'cause I don't run Grub at the moment, so I don't know. Might have to find an excuse to install it now though. You'll find it the Desktop Themes section of the Madhouse which is a great place to check out right now since I just finished dusting it (it's been quite a while since anyone was in there apparently).

OK, we got us a two-fer today. Yvtas_Wolf sends both this Fan Art which illustrates his Fan Fiction. The fic is called Ghost From The Past, and in it, the PE crew gets sent on to week long unpaid seminar. While there, they meet another, similar delivery crew whose members are Wolfgan, Engar, and Leina (pictured). It turns out that Leina is Leela's long lost little sister. This is actually Vytas' second fic, except we don't seem to have his first one in the archive yet. So while you're reading that I'll go charge up my official FM/TLZ submission prod.
Looks like Leela and Mike are no fans of the "Monsters vs. Aliens" movie
Posted on September 25, 2009 by Leandro
Taffy Cat spotted a comic in today's newspaper that seems to validate Leela and Pixar's Mike are more into the "Monsters snuggle with Aliens" kind of movie:

"Leela, Bender and Fry have made an appearance today in a one-panel newspaper comic created by Mark Parisi called Off The Mark, along with what I believe are Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc., the latter of whom seems to have taken a bit of a shine to Leela...so to speak."

The picture is available for posterity (or until its copyright owner threatens to go RIAA on our butts) in our Miscellaneous Pictures section.
So he's got a little ink. Big whoop.
Posted on September 24, 2009 by Tim
Said Farnsworth of Fry's little butt cheek tattoo in BBS. Only at the time he didn't realize just what a Big Whoop it would turn out to be. Well, along those same lines, here's another Big Whoop - N. Farro sent us this photo of his Bender tattoo saying “I wanted to share my immortalization of the best cartoon character ever”. And what in immortalization it is too, Bender at his finest.

Speaking of ink, here's another kind - Fan Fiction. You may recall some few moons ago that DSS cranked out fic called Jurassic Planet, which took the PE Crew to a vacation paradise where their DNA got crossed with that of dinosaurs. Well, he's got a new one called Turangaraptor Chronicles that's set on Jurassic Planet and it follows Leela, a female Turangaraptor, and her pack on as they struggle for survival.
On competitions for the arts and minds ...
Posted on September 23, 2009 by Tim
OK, let's start out tonight with a very special bit of Fan Art from Futurama_Freak1. This parabox pic of an upside down world where heads are on the wrong end and boxes sit on the ceiling was the Freako's entry in the recent Art Competition over at TSFFC. Well, Good News Everyone. After what I understand was a real knock down, drag out brawl by the judges, it took first place! Congrats to FF1. May I recommend popping over to TSFFC and checking out the other entries, as they are quite good also.

So we all know Bender steals, right? That is his shtick after all. So MissusPatches whipped up this Fan Comic in which the metal man lifts Leela's wallet (where exactly Leela might keep that wallet is the obvious question but we'll let that pass for now), except his motivation might not be quite so pure. Read it and see why.
Arrrggghhh! My Eyes! That's just sooooooo wrong ...
Posted on September 22, 2009 by Tim
Nothing like coming back from a few days off that BAM! the first thing out of your mail box is a little Fry and Zapp action. I know, I can hear it now - "What's wrong with a little good, clean slash?" some of you are asking. But this is Fry and Zapp! And it's the fault creation of MissusPatches with an assist by Sofia. It's seem the latter "wanted something Zapp/Fry" and so MP delivered. So this is but one of her latest Fan Artz, along with two more new ones - one of which is more or less conventional anyway.

So if you need to fight giant monsters that are destroying the city, the first thing the PE crew always turns to is Dr. Zoidberg. And that's just what happens in Trenton Sands' latest Fan Fiction called Bender Meets Wernzilla. Now I know the title says "Bender" and so you're probably wondering if I'm still hungover with African hydraulic fever, and there is that too, but trust me on this, it'll make sense when you read it. The basic idea - Wernstrom wants revenge on Farnsworth once and for all, so he unleashes his pet alligator 'Wernzilla' by growing him to gigantic proportions and wreak havoc on New New York and Planet Express. Uh oh indeed.
A blank wall! Fame is mine!
Posted on September 16, 2009 by Tim
Someone who is SUPPOSED to be working on a comic has been deviating from their promised path and dabbling in Fan Art and video games. I'm not gonna mention any names but his initials are Futurama_Freak1. He does say that his comic script is on the “edge of completion” so maybe we'll forgive him just this once. So what this is is Leela grafitti from a game he making called PedRising. It's for Gta Vice City and is inspired by the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising. Needless to say, it will have many subtle and blatant references to Futurama. Also Zombies.

This is the other pic that FF1 sent in (you might notice some small similarity).

And with that I am out of material and out of here again for a few days. Sees youse laters.
Oodles of doodles
Posted on September 15, 2009 by Tim
“A silly doodle I did while I was supposed to be doing homework.” - that's what Leela+Fry calls her latest Fan Art. And I think we can all relate to that. I can't imagine that Leela would get on very well as a head in a jar, she's more the ass kicking action oriented type.

And speaking of an ass kicking, one, or something equally amazing, must be going on just out of frame in this pic by DSS. He seems to do his Fan Art in threes so there's two more on his page.
Hey, I remember this place
Posted on September 14, 2009 by Tim
I'm back baby! So I'm home for a few days and thought I'd drop in and chase the owls out of the Madhouse. And there's been a few things slipped in through the slot while I was away, so let's get to it. There are lots of ways to say thanks - and this is one. The Fan Art is by DSS and it's himself, Leela, Fry, and his three favorite fan artists, Futurama_Freak1, FemJesse, and Leelaholic. DSS says this pic is just his way of saying “You three have the best of the best fan arts I've ever seen! You rock!”. DSS also sends in a couple of other pics - one of Leela as P!nk as she appeared in the Get This Party Started music video; and the other is based on a scene in Beast with a Billion Backs because he liked how casual and cool she looked blowing out the cutting torch.

OK, some Fan Fiction! Leela+Fry is back with part two of Attack Of The Fangirls. In part one, some fangirls from the stupid ages find themselves in the 31st century and set out to stalk the object of their desire - one Philip J. Fry. When he gets away from their first attempt in part one, the fangirls have to resort to more devious approaches and we get to venture deep inside their super secret hideout to watch the plan hatch.
It's a bird, it's fan art, I am so outta here.
Posted on September 9, 2009 by Tim
Woo Hoo! We've got some Fan Art! Jodes sends a couple of new pics. This one's of she (she was careful to tell me that she was a she 'cause I think she thought I called her a he last time, but if you look carefully you see I used the gender neutral BWABB nomenclature "schlee" ) and Fry. The other one she sent is of Fry enjoying his favorite cookies. My alien one is a little rusty (but not all that rusty) but I think there's a typo on that sign. Check it out and see what you think.

So I found this picture called “Leela's Stash”. I am instructed to say that I did not get it from Futurama_Freak1. However, that's where I stashed it for now 'cause it does look an awful lot like his. If you look at the big version, you can make out what it is Leela has a stash of. You can take it from there ....

Just an update on the Art Competition over at TSFFC - the submission deadline has been extended one week, so you've got until the 12th of September, which is next Saturday, to get that creation finished and submitted. There's only two entries at the moment which is gonna make it way too easy on the judges, and we can't have that.

Once again, things are gonna be a little quiet around the ole' Madhouse for a while 'cause I'm gonna be off catastrophising some other venue for a few days. So I'll expect my mail box to be full when I get back. And this time it better not be from Zoidberg's salt water stomach.
"I just bit my ulcer"
Posted on September 8, 2009 by Tim
I'm no doctor but that sounds painful. Thank you, Dr. Z. That was actually a line that Futurama_Freak1 used, but it seemed to fit - also I thought it was funny. So today I'm gonna start out by climbing up on my soapbox and pontificate a bit here because, you see, a bad thing has been happening. And that bad thing is plagiarism - "the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work". Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases of it in the last year. Here's a tip folks - you can't take someone else's Fan Fiction or Fan Art or other creation and call it your own unless you get the creator's permission. And that applies even if you change it or only use a piece of it. To quote the FMMB rules: “It's far better to show something that's your own, even if it's deemed by yourself to be not that good in quality, than claim that you did someone else's work. There's far more respect in showing what you actually did rather than what someone else did.”

Speaking of Futurama_Freak1, he has been working on a comic to be called The Surrogate Mutant and he's composted a little article about it over on The Infoshpere that gives a bit of a sneak peak about it - mostly this tentative cover, which contains a few amusing things in and of itself. No word on when the comic might actually be done however, but FF1 hints that it might be early in TBA.
I get mail, therefore I am maybe why not?
Posted on September 7, 2009 by Tim
It's been kind of a slow day here in the boiler room of the Madhouse with only a few things plopping in through the mail slot. And since I don't need any cheap meds, and I don't want to help anyone get their family fortune out of Nigeria, and I know I didn't enter the Spanish National Lottery, that only left my new Bulk Underpants Outlet catalog and three fan submissions. Two of them I had to send back for some clarification, leaving just one little Fan Fiction. Hardly worth doing an update, but then I thought of something amazing that I should say. But then I forgot what that was. So, as long as I'm here I might as well take care of business, such as it is. So the fic is Izziee, part 5 by Fry's Baby Girl. Izziee, another defrostee from the stupid ages, has been seeing Fry, and despite her stated feelings on the matter, Leela finds herself chafing at the situation and decides to do something about it.
"Two more rubbish fan arts"
Posted on September 6, 2009 by Tim
That's what the e-mail from Jodes called these two pics. It did include a smiley -> so I have to believe that schlee doesn't really think they're rubbish. Plus if they were rubbish they'd have come in a big metal can along with coffee grounds and decaying banana peels and stuff. Oh, and flies - lots and lots of flies. But there weren't any flies, and I put them in Fan Art, not crap art, so they can't be rubbish. Anyway, like I said, there's two and they're different versions of the same picture - this one, which is the “normal” version, and the other one that Jodes calls the Cannibalon version. Woo Hoo! That's two days in a row that I've got to used the word Cannibalon, anyone want to make a go for three? Oh, and by the way, you know the real reason I knew they weren't rubbish? They're based on a sketch by Erdrik and used with permission.

Jodes also noticed that we have a lot of “random Futurama stuff” on this site and decided we needed some more. We can always use more stuff, but it's not as random as it looks - it's been properly stamped, collated, and filed by Hermes. Anyway, schlim sent in a photo of a Futurama DS case that he 'made' today.

Many moons ago, I got off my lazy shiny metal and started cranking out some Framegrabs from the DVD movies. Halfway through Beast With A Billion Backs a bad thing happened - our web hosting service choked. So we found a new home and moved the site yadda yadda and to make a long story short, now that we have unlimited storage and infinite bandwidth I'm back to trying to choke this server catch up on framegrabs. So, over in ye olde Framegrabs section is the rest of Beast With A Billion Backs.
Ohhh, bad move ...
Posted on September 5, 2009 by Tim
“I'll leave what's going on here to your interpretation.” That's what Leela+Fry said about her latest Fan Art, shown here. Ok, you asked for it, interpret I shall. Let's see - Another delivery to Cannibalon? A food spill and Zoidberg? A date with Fry? Zombies? Maybe Fry turned into a Zombie.

Ok, let's take a break from pondering such a major philosophical question before our brains short circuit. So with the above contribution, I have completely run out of stuff for the moment and had to go rooting around to see if there was anything I'd overlooked. Well there sorta was, but not really. You see, many moons ago Soylentorange sent a bunch of sound files and I discovered that there's still a few I hadn't done yet. So here's one of 'em - over in Sounds Clips in the Music section is the beat box remix theme from 4acv06 Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV.

Which also means that if you've sent me something recently (or not so recently) and it's not up yet, please let me know. Also, send more stuff or else. Or else what, you say? Uhh ... I'll get back to you on that.
More or Less
Posted on September 3, 2009 by Tim
Timing is everything they say, and PhantomGirl19911 had everything going for her today 'cause she just sent me this Fan Art an hour or two ago. She says that she started watching the show around the time it first came out but didn't really become obsessed with it 'till the movies came out. Hey, better late than never, eh?

Ok, tonight we'll stick with the classic fan art and Fan Fiction formula, so here is a fic by Steve Gurman. It's called More Less Than A Hero in which The New Justice Team finds more miracle cream from an unlikely source and along the way the discover just where that stuff comes from.
Trainz and things
Posted on September 2, 2009 by Tim
We'll start with the things first. DSS has a new Fan Video and I think it's his best yet. It's called The Girl, Leela. It's a bunch of shippesque Fry and Leela moments set to The Rose from (of all places) Family Guy. It sounds a little weird, and Peter Griffin is no Bette Midler, but still, he and family do a decent job with the song and it makes a funny counterpoint to a touching video.
DSS also mentioned that he just passed his one year mark in Futurama fandom, and considering all of the stuff he's cranked out in that time it makes him one of the more prolific contributors in recent memory.

How about a Futurama train set? At least a virtual one anyway. Hammer87 picked up a copy of Trainz Simulator 2009 and found that it had the tools so you could create your own trains, so he did. He's got an F7 locomotive in FMTLZ colors, a Mom's Robot Oil tank car, this Planet Express box car (personally, I would have made it Electric Mucous ), and a couple of Slurm tank cars. And he's got plans for more. Now, where'd I leave my Engineer's hat? Woo Wooo!
See Fry run. Run, Fry, run.
Posted on September 1, 2009 by Tim
So what's Fry done now? Frankly, I don't know. And neither does Imilianikus, creator of this fine Fan Art, who said of it “don't ask me why, I have no idea ^^”. He's also got another one of Leela as a soldier - I think her personality, in it's own special way, is a good fit for it, don't you?

Over in Fan Fiction land, DSS sent in his long in coming third part of his Terminator Mutant Quadrilogy. This ones called (and here I am so glad for cut and paste) Terminator Mutant 3: Takeover of Mutant Machines. And maybe Imilianikus up there was on to something about Leela being a soldier, because when when End-Point Day is postponed from 2951 to 3000, Fry has no idea that his journey isn't over. Even worse, a Terminator Mutant, deadlier than the TM-120, has come to kill he and Michelle (his 20th century girlfriend). It's time for the TM-101 (aka Leela) to come back into action once again. Which all begets the question - is Quadrilogy really a word?

Doh! I almost forgot - I promised Archonix I'd mention this - just a reminder that the 2009 Art Competition over at TSFFC is still running and you have a few days left to enter, so get out those crayons and get busy.